Praise for the Progressive Calisthenics Certification (PCC) — Melbourne, Australia, February 2014

Darren Manser, Meridian Plains, Queensland, Naturopath

Athletic Achievements Naturopathic sports medicine, Acupuncture, Neural organisational therapy, Hyperton-x

After 20 years in the health and fitness world, as a Naturopath, Acupuncturist and Kinesiologist, I can say this is /was “The Best” course I have ever done. So much fun, so much information. All can be applied straight away. Thank you so much.

Al: was brilliant, very informative, practical expertise and so very approachable. Danny: Brilliant, fun, knowledgeable with ALL movements. N.B.: This certification was just as much about Al And Danny’s brilliance as it was about the contents of the PCC’s Brilliance.

David Mace, Surry Hills, NSW, IT

Athletic Achievements Sub 94 half marathon runner, been training calisthenics for over 2 years now, teach calisthenics to work colleagues and friends as a hobby

The whole certification really was well instructed and a great experience.

Watching Al and Danny perform some of the more advanced exercises was truly inspiring. Getting the one-arm pull-up with Al and the other instructors watching was an incredible experience.

It was great to see just how humble Al and Danny are about their calisthenics they have a great attitude towards wanting to continually improve.

Kylie Pethybridge, Padthaway, South Australia

Athletic Achievements HKC, RKC

Seeing the progressions demonstrated by experts, but also seeing the spectrum of abilities by the group (and learning from other peoples’ “A-ha!” moments, even if I’m not there yet).

Amazing weekend. I now have ideas and inspiration to carry me through an exploration of bodyweight that will last a lifetime.

Un-freakin-believable. Al and Danny clearly know not only the end-point, but also the process involved in mastering the movements. Assistance from Andrew, Shannon, Matt, Alby and James over the weekend re-enforced the main points but also minor tweaks.

I have loved all my previous Dragon Door certs/workshops – but this one has blown them all away. Possibly because I’ve had less time on the more advanced moves, but the learning curve has been huge this weekend. And I will be referring back to the amazing manual for many, many years to come.

Tim Glico, Melbourne, Victoria, Remedial Massage Therapist/Myotherapist

Athletic Achievements Bodyweight Exercises, Remedial Massage Therapist, Myotherapist

I had an amazing time at the PCC in Melbourne. Both Al and Danny are great teachers, humble, down to earth and are very motivating and inspiring.  I learnt a lot this weekend and look forward to integrating these teachings into my practice.

What five aspects of the certification did you find most useful and why?

  1. Technical skills to perform the exercises.
  2. Technical cues to teach others.
  3. Fresh new ideas, concepts and exercises I can integrate into my current bodyweight routine.
  4. How to program for myself and clients.
  5. Coaching to assist myself personally with my form in the body weight exercises.

Best physical exercise course I have ever done.

Patrick Hammes, Toorak, Victoria, Student

Athletic Achievements Certificate 3, Fitness Instructor, Certificate 4, Personal Trainer

The Progressive Calisthenics Certification contributed to my understanding and practice of bodyweight training in the following five ways:

  1. Allowed me to understand how to progress through exercises.
  2. Expanded my knowledge of programming.
  3. Levers and leverage.
  4. How to be totally badass.
  5. Understand the importance of mobility.

The PCC course was a fantastic and insightful experience. Both Danny and Al are incredibly knowledgeable in their field and are excellent at conveying this knowledge across to those wishing to apply it in a practical setting.

All the instructors had a great deal of knowledge in both the theory side of things as well as the practical application.

I am currently studying to be a PT at the Australian Institute of Fitness. The PCC course destroys the shit out the AIF in all areas.

Katherine Mott, Windsor, Victoria, Administration

Athletic Achievements I am RKC I certified and have been training with kettlebells and body-weight for the last three years under the expert guidance of personal trainer Andrew Read at ReadPT.

The Progressive Calisthenics Certification contributed to my understanding and practice of bodyweight training in the following four ways:

  1. Learning from masterful practitioners in the field of body weight training.
  2. Breaking each move/exercise down into progressions to really understand the mechanics.
  3. Seeing first hand how each exercise is performed and working with a trainer to refine my capability.
  4. Different variations of each exercise depending on mobility and strength.

I’ve had a truly amazing experience learning and applying more about body weight training, that I can incorporate into my arsenal in my life quest to be healthy and strong.

What five aspects of the certification did you find most useful and why?

  1. Progressions and regressions – so if I couldn’t achieve a move, I could practice the regression.
  2. Learning from experienced practitioners.
  3. Learning from the other participants with all their various skills. (others PT’s or medical practitioners).
  4. Quality venue with great equipment for bodyweight training.
  5. Quality assistants helping every step of the way.

I found the quality and knowledge provided by Al and Danny Kavadlo to be second to none. I really appreciated hearing and learning from their individual experiences in mastering particular moves in body weight training.

PCC was of an extremely high standard – up there with the RKC. The material provided was extensive and far greater than any other course I’ve attended. The manual will be a great resource to refer to in the future.

Big thanks to Al and Danny for making the trip to AUS to deliver this course. And many thanks to the assistants (Shannon, Alby, Matt and James), and Andrew at RPT for hosting the course in a great facility.

Keith-Adam Fraser, Gold Coast, Australia, Student acupuncturist, PT and Group trainer, Martial arts instructor

Athletic Achievements Certificate 4 Kung Fu instruction 2006, Level 1 Wing Chun Practitioner, Cert 4 Fitness instruction 2005 (group/personal Strength and conditioning coach), Surfer and Skateboarder, Basic gymnastic skills (not currently training) PCC and fettle bell enthusiast. Qi gong Practitioner and Tui NA massage therapist

Awesome! Progressive and achievable steps to get ever closer to body weight performance.

Al And Danny present awesome material in a well communicated and captivating way.

What five aspects of the certification did you find most useful and why?

  1. PNF for bridge work.
  2. Tips for 1 arm handstand.
  3. Swing skill for muscle up.
  4. Open flow of information.
  5. Al And Danny are calisthenics rock stars, I am in awe and inspired.
  6. All skills help and will continue to help in regards to training plateaus.

Al and Danny take it to the next level of instructional aptitudeà inspiring.

Al; funny, enjoyable.

Danny; not so scary, awesome bloke!

A lot of punch or bang for a 3 day seminar.

Luke Tan, Melbourne, Victoria, Strength/ Mindset Coach

Athletic Achievements Poliquin International Certification Program (PICP Level 2 Strength Coach), Crossfit Level 1 Trainer, Ex Natural Bodybuilding competitor, Served as a Military Policeman during late teens (19-22yrs)

What five aspects of the certification did you find most useful and why?

  1. The extensive content = broad scope to work on.
  2. Knowledge and demeanor of Danny and Al, made the whole course/instruction seem fun and all about giving it ago.
  3. Learning about progression. For myself and clients.
  4. Learning about levers.
  5. That mindset is just as important as physical prowess.

Really knowledgeable and approachable.

Quality practical content that is immediately applicable for taking training (for client and myself) to a whole new level.

Julien Moniez, Melbourne, Victoria, Chef

Athletic Achievements Training to be a PT.

It reminded me of the excitement and fun I used to have as a kid jumping and rolling around at gymnastics. The coaching staff were very friendly and supportive and a real inspiration to all the participants. I’ve never learnt so much and been so sore after one weekend as I have with the PCC.

What five aspects of the certification did you find most useful and why?

  1. Coaching – very humble and open – easy to listen to and follow along.
  2. Movement breakdown – easy to follow.
  3. A relaxed and fun environment – easy to learn from.
  4. Everyone is a different level with all the movements. It catered for everyone without excluding anyone.
  5. The structure of the program – upper body – lower body and core – adequate recovery over the entire weekend.

The humility and passion showed by all the instructors was inspiring in itself but also made it easy for me to give my best and not be afraid to fail.

Excellent overall and a great solid foundation to start the rest of my life training for.

Lyndon Green, Melbourne, Victoria, Student

Athletic Achievements 2 years training in Convict Conditioning: Pushups S6, Squats S7, Pullup S4, Leg Raises S5, Bridging S3, HSPU S4.

The Progressive Calisthenics Certification contributed to my understanding and practice of bodyweight training in the following four ways:

  1. Perfection of technique à very thorough.
  2. Broadening my perspective on approaches to advanced moves.
  3. Same thing won’t work for everyone, it’s individuals.
  4. Given me the wisdom I need to be a great trainer, as well as an athlete.

Worth every cent. Extremely valuable information.

All instructors, Al included, were extremely generous with their information. More importantly, Al and Danny are both excellent teachers and it is quite evident that they enjoy doing it. They have tons of training wisdom and experience.

Anybody with the right mindset can achieve mind-blowing things when armed with the knowledge of PCC. It’s an extremely effective yet convenient way to train.

Jason Ahipene, Perth, Western Australia, Senior Document Controller, Student

Athletic Achievements Cert III In Fitness - Fitness Instructor, Currently Studying Cert IV - Personal Trainer, Founder of Bar life Perth - Calisthenics Training Group, Specialise in training in Calisthenics but enjoy any sort of functional fitness, previously played club Rugby, competed in 1 Marathon and several Half Marathons. Trained in Kempo Karate & Gung Fu when I was younger, received my Black belt at the age of 13.

  1. Provided variations and filled in steps for progressions from more basic exercises to advanced ones.
  2. Provided some great philosophy or mindsets/modes of thinking in relation to exercises and assistance with programming.
  3. A greater focus on total body control and contraction in every exercises.
  4. Great tips in specific exercises relating to hip or spine alignment, hand placing positioning etc.
  5. Placed a good emphasis on flexibility and strength inflexibility an relating specifically to different exercises.

A fantastic experience that provided something for all from the most advanced practitioners to the new, everybody can benefit.  An extremely engaged experience, the Kavadlo brothers were informative, warm, knowledgeable and down to earth. RPT were also fantastic hosts.

What five aspects of the certification did you find most useful and why?

  1. Technique cues.
  2. Alignments of the hips and spine in skills based exercises like handstands, levers etc.
  3. Flexibility and stretches after sessions, some new stretches for me and also some technique queues on stretches I have previously done.
  4. Validation of some of my own training techniques and methods of teaching others as I have taught myself.
  5. Confirmation of ideas and techniques for programming.

First Class! I hope to get the opportunity to meet and train with ya all sometime in the future, the course and instructors were all very inspiring.

I find this training enabled a far more practical experience than what I have encountered elsewhere.

Pierre Le Count Ballina, New South Wales, NSW, Analyst programmer / part time Strength Trainer

Athletic Achievements Training since 1976. First Running, then martial arts, strength, flexibility, last 5 years rock climbing and gymnastics

The Progressive Calisthenics Certification contributed to my understanding and practice of bodyweight training in the following six ways:

  1. More insights into some bodyweight progressions
  2. It was fabulous to see exercises like the one arm chin up that I have been working towards demonstrated and explained.
  3. All instructors and participants were at all times constructive and informative.
  4. Great balance between exercises and instruction.
  5. Great explanations from Al.
  6. Overall all format – great.

Provided some great insights. Al and Danny’s comments on getting the exercises and then improving mirrors what I thought. “Fabulous”

How did the Progressive Calisthenics Certification compare with any other training you have taken in physical exercise—in terms of quality, scope of material, and practical use?

Incredibly favorably.  I have done a fair number of workshops/seminars – the PCC was up there in my top 3 (and have probably done about 20).

Mick Murray, Brisbane, Queensland, Carpenter

Athletic Achievements Completing the Kokoda Track.

The training and knowledge is 1st class, without a doubt. It is shared in such an easy format to understand and more importantly to be able to be put in to action. Al and the team are all very grounded, helpful, genuine people who made the cert so much fun. Al and Danny said that they wanted to be “Rock Stars” well they are “Rock Stars” of the Calisthenics World. Keep up the World Changing Work and inspiration.

Trent Adamson, Gold Coast, Queensland, Gym Owner/Manager

Athletic Achievements Certificate 3&4 in Fitness, Ironedge Level 1&2 Kettle bell Instructor, Punchfit Instructor, Bodyweight training student!

The Progressive Calisthenics Certification contributed to my understanding and practice of bodyweight training in the following five ways:

  1. Learned progressions (and regressions) that I can use to train clients of different skill level.
  2. Learned how to increase the difficulty of exercises once the base skill has been mastered.
  3. Came to appreciate the different balance of strength, skill and alignment required by different skills.
  4. Learned to be more playful with the skills – don’t need to rep it out!
  5. Learned when to back off a skill (when neuro-muscular system is fried!)

A great hands-on course that covered a broad spectrum of bodyweight skills, and broke them down into subs-skills and drills appropriate for beginners through to advanced athletes.

What five aspects of the certification did you find most useful and why?

  1. Back and front lever module as I am personally working on these skills at the moment
  2. One-arm pull up progressions as I’d started with this skill à inspired me to work on it again.
  3. Discussion of how to progress/regress various skills and make them easier/harder using leverage straddle etc (general rules that I can apply to other bodyweight skills)
  4. Humble approach to training à no ego and very supportive  environment so I felt like I could play with skills.
  5. Crossover between material from different bodies and where Al and Danny’s personal views differ.

Great knowledge and fun, relaxed attitude really de-mystified many skills that I’d tried unsuccessfully before.

Kyle Behrend, Kilmore, Victoria, Financial Manager

Athletic Achievements JKA Karate Black Belt. Certified Pilates and Spinning Instructor. Studied Human Movement Science. Currently train BJJ and started basic Calisthenics.

Fantastic experience, met lots of fellow enthusiasts. Very fun! Danny and Al were great! So energetic and exciting. What five aspects of the certification did you find most useful and why?

  1. Love how Al and Danny work together, often demonstrating moves front and side at once.
  2. Al personally checking every persons push-up, pull up, squat is very personal and great!
  3. Progression and regression of moves so everyone can always participate no matter their level.
  4. 600 page manual! !Love! ☺
  5. Staff helping with technique and position

Lisa Emery, McCrae, Victoria, Student

Athletic Achievements No athletic achievements have a cert III in personal training. have lots of injuries that have been addressed and are being addressed. (as a result of BAD trainers) Currently working closely with Shannon. Would greatly love to learn how to advance in strength and functional movement properly! I'm doing this for myself.

The workshop was very informative fun and technically challenging. I will have walked away hopefully (if I don’t forget it) with a wealth of knowledge. Lots of opportunity to practice.

What five aspects of the certification did you find most useful and why?

  1. The push up – how to execute properly and how to progress to harder techniques.
  2. Mini progressions – within all exercises.
  3. Regressions – when progressions are not always possible or even the basic exercise is out of reach.
  4. Perfecting the squat and then progressing to the pistol-squat eventually without support. (yeah)
  5. The handstand because I’d never done one. And I don’t like upside down.

Both Al and Danny were very approachable and helpful in every aspect. Always there to guide and help in anyway they possibly could. Their knowledge is second to none. Absolutely awesome. Our host Andrew and his team their knowledge and helpfulness were also excellent.

Sarah Xuereb, Melbourne, Victoria, Group fitness instructor

Athletic Achievements Studying personal training,

Money well spent.

The knowledge of Al from not only his personal experience but through the knowledge he has acquired training others is vast and impossible to replicate. His enthusiasm and passion was infectious and made both the participants and other instructors step up their game.

I have completed other courses in the past that have provided me with excellent information but this course is particularly well structured and the instructors are of a higher caliber.

Thank you to all the instructors for an amazing and inspirational 3 days!

Justin Foo, Moonee Ponds, Victoria, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements Rock climber

Definitely a great course to attend if you want to delve head first into the world of calisthenics. It is one thing to read a book, but it is a completely different experience when the moves are taught to you right before your eyes.

What five aspects of the certification did you find most useful and why?

  1. Camaraderie. The fact that everyone is always helpful gives everyone the inspiration to try new things.
  2. Instructions were clear.
  3. Manual is very in-depth.
  4. Having multiple instructors and facilitators definitely helps everyone get equal attention.
  5. Very supportive of people with different levels of competency.

PCC and my other rehab certification course blows everything else out of the water.

Graham Beet, Bendigo, Victoria, Business Owner

As I train by myself, it was great to get tweaks and pointers on how to get better form/technique.

Excellent, great encouragement, positive feedback.

George Iacono, Pascoe Vale South, Victoria, Strength and Conditioning Coach

Athletic Achievements CrossFit Level 1 Coach, RKC, Primal Move Instructor, FMS

The PCC has been one of the best bodyweight certifications I have attended. The information presented was immediately useful for my own training and also expanded on what I can use with clients.

The Kavadlo Brothers were knowledgeable and charismatic presenters. Both are extremely capable athletes but they are humble and approachable, without coming across as arrogant.

Other body weight certifications have included too much material, with not enough time to practice. The PCC has got the balance just right.

Richard Sanders, Kingsgrove, NSW, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements Cert 3 & 4 Fitness, Thump level 1 boxing. SmartShape nutrition

Very educational, well rounded and professional. Great support from all trainers and coaches. I particularly like the double demos by both brothers, one would face forward, the other side on.

Very detailed, involved demos, explained finer points really clearly.

Mick Britt, Central Coast, NSW, Regional Manager

Athletic Achievements Bachelor of Science degree, Cert 4 Personal Trainer, 10 years martial arts experience ( Karate, Aikido ), 20 years weight training experience - strength and bodybuilding

Learning the most effective ways to train and strengthen the body from two of the best in the business.

Could not be more impressed, best instructors I’ve seen.

Top of the shelf workshop.

Mark Roxby, Coolum Beach, Queensland, Electrician

Athletic Achievements Gym, Kettlebells

Very enjoyable weekend. Delivering everything I had hoped for with a great group of people.

Excellent knowledge and progressive training methods demonstrated by Al, Danny and the team.

Training was delivered at a good pace with plenty of time for practice and recovery.

Iker Zabarte, Sydney, NSW, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements 1/2 marathon sub 85, First kyu karate kyokushinkai, Triathlon competitor, Personal Training Certificate, FMS and SFMA

Great team with Al and Danny with awesome personalities.

Very challenging and inspiring to achieve harder moves/skill set.

As they said they are students of a long journey still to come but they are really good encouraging teachers.

Szilard Balogh, Clovelly, NSW, Too long of a list here

Athletic Achievements -RKCI, -Primal Move Instructor, -Krav Maga practitioner for 2.5 years

One of the best courses I’ve ever attended. Just the right about of information and practice. Simply awesome.

Simply one of the best, just as great as RKC was.

You guys Rock. Thank you!

Claude Castro, Mill Park, Victoria, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements RKC2, Primal move instructor, Boxing, Martial arts, ASCA2, WeightliftingL2, 25 years of practical training background.

Excellent introduction for those new to calisthenics and great content and progressions for the more skilled participants.

Collectively the team as a whole worked well together and provided me with the attention I was after with great results.

I would say it’s on the same level as RKC I and RKC II. Awesome.

Martin Vanco, Meadowbank, NSW, Personal trainer/ Massage Therapist

Athletic Achievements Background in Fitness, weight training and martial arts. Diploma Fitness, Diploma Remedial Massage, Primal Move, Boot camp 1,2 level

It was a great event, very inspirational and filled with knowledge and experience and great cheering atmosphere.  The instructors and teachers were great and very passionate about all they did and taught us.

What five aspects of the certification did you find most useful and why?

  1. Learning progressions and regressions of body weight training – important in training clients and adjusting for clients needs.
  2. Technical and skill explanation – the right ways of doing exercises and movements.
  3. Deep explanation of movements and time to practice in a very supportive environment.
  4. Be part of the great community.
  5. Explore my own limits and discover new ways.

Just great. I was very impressed after first day and it lasted for all 3 days. They are very passionate and supportive – great instructors.

Material – fantastic, never got anything like that.

Practical use – fantastic better than I have ever done.

Quality – exceptional.

Murray Smith, Drouin, Victoria, School Bus Driver

Athletic Achievements Extreme Close Quarter Combatives and Gymnasium Instructor

A great weekend, learnt so much, anybody into calisthenics should go. Danny and Al are 2 of the best instructors.

Top quality, covered everything. Sad it’s over, great weekend.

Sigrun Bishop, Rockhampton, Queensland, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements Les Mills Body Balance Instructor, Cert IV in fitness, RKC, FMS, RKCII, Childhood gymnastics (10 yrs)

Awesome, very inspiring to see so many people reach out to get their firsts, and having been shown some very high level skills by instructors and participants. Great group dynamic.

Extremely knowledgeable. It is obvious they speak from personal experience, and they are still training people (clients) to stay in touch with the “ground level” in training others. You can tell this is the real deal, and they are the real deal.

When the teachers/presenters walk their talk, and experience oozes out of everything they talk about, you know that the course is of the highest quality.  The humility and “realness” of the presenters is outstanding.

Like any other Dragon Door sponsored event this was again outstanding. Well organized, well presented, well run.

Tess Hunt, Perth, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements I do BJJ

Thoroughly enjoyed it. Out of all the courses that I have done through Dragon Door and other certs this one would have to be my favorite.

Al and Danny are amazing guys.  Humble, Passionate, Enthusiastic, Encouraging, Inspiring, and Knowledgeable are just a few words to describe them.  They explained everything so clearly and so well. Two awesome guys!!

This course I can relate to the most. It suits my BJJ training plus I can use a lot of it with my clients. Like I said before this course I enjoyed more than any course I have done in the past 10 years of being in the fitness industry. It was right up my alley. Al and Danny played a huge part in that as well as the rest of the assist teams.

John Negoescu, Perth, Western Australia, Student

Athletic Achievements 3 - 4 YEARS TRAINING HISTORY

All of the instructors were very knowledgeable, very easy to approach and extremely helpful with their practical instruction.

The PCC was in comparison to other training courses a very fun relaxed 3 days. The quality of the training and information was extremely high and extremely applicable to all levels.

Luke Wilson, Sydney, NSW, Physiotherapist, Strength & Conditioning Coach

Athletic Achievements BExSc, GDip Rehab, MPT

Al and Danny were exceptional. Very passionate, open to questions and desperate for us to learn.

The most practical course I have done.

Justin Larkin, Woonona, NSW, Scaffolder

Athletic Achievements Amateur boxing

It was amazing to see just what the body is capable of.

Everything was Awesome.

Eden Lee, Gold Coast, Queensland, Pilates Professional

Athletic Achievements Ex professional dancer, Black Belt Tae Know Do, Arakan Yellow belt, BJJ experience, Pilates Instructor 15 years experience

Informative weekend with informative presenters and support staff. Friendly atmosphere.

Good quality. Great practical application.

Steve Ng, Cranbourne, Victoria, Gym owner

Athletic Achievements Martial Arts Instructor, Personal Trainer

Very informative and hands on. Al and Danny are awesome in their approach and explanation.

Grant Lofthouse, Melbourne, Victoria, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements RKC-II

Great fun, great energy, great people.

Great, energy was awesome. Super nice guy and it’s great to see he’s open minded to suggestions.

Steven Tarrant, Munruben, Queensland, PT

Athletic Achievements Cert 4 in fitness, HKC, CHEK exercise coach

It was definitely worth doing. These guys really know their shit. Comparable to the RKC.

Rex Kanis, Canberra, ACT, Trainer

Athletic Achievements Olympic lifting, p.e teacher

A great intro in bodyweight training. Thanks to you guys, I now know how much I suck at bodyweight training. Thanks!