Praise for the Progressive Calisthenics Certification (PCC) — Minneapolis, MN, April 2014

Anthony Moro, Milwaukee, WI, Strength & Conditioning Coach

Athletic Achievements OEF combat veteran and Force Recon Marine for 8 years, collegiate football player, strength & conditioning coach for the Milwaukee Bucks Dancers, Owner of Moro Performance is Milwaukee WI.

This course ranks at the top of the list of training events and courses I have ever been apart of.

This was a very powerful weekend. I accomplished many first time milestones and witnessed the rest of our class do the same. The Instruction was awesome. The staff helped me accomplish goals I’ve had for sometime as well as other participants too.

Adam Von Rothfelder, Milwaukee, WI, Trainer/gym owner

Athletic Achievements TRX certified, ISSA CSCS, Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, Retired Professional MMA fighter

This is by far the most extensive certification process that I have been apart of. The PCC was an incredible course that is extremely well planned. The Kavadlo Bros along with Dragon Door staff provide a positive and ENERGETIC atmosphere that really pushes your limits.

From pull up to dragon flag and everything in between I learned something new and insightful from each member/educator.

Al created an awesome atmosphere that immediately made myself and the group feel completely welcomed. Danny was a huge help with his additions to Al’s thoughts. Together with Laura and Adrienne it was a vast amount of experience and energy for all participants.

You Rock!

Josh Flemembaum, Baltimore, MD, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements Powerlifting Teenage World Record Holder, Iaido Practitioner, Yoga Instructor (in progress)

Informative, empowering, and fun. I feel like I am kicking ass and having fun like a child all at the same time!

Everyone was highly skilled and knowledgeable. All teachers gave amazing insight to help us. They showed us great things that were inspiring and made sure it was fun as well. I feel like we are all good friends now.

The PCC is extremely unique to other training certs... but that’s why I’m here. The course book is exceptional. You leave with a lot more experience and knowledge than when you came.

Alex Dutchak, Oakton, VA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements Background in calisthenics and gymnastics training over the last 4 years. New to Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Strongman, Track & Field, and Kettlebells.

In PCC I learned more about fitness and personal training than I have from any of my previous certifications. Working with and learning from the Kavadlo brothers and Dragon Door has taught me so much and I now have a wealth of knowledge to take home and apply to my career.

What five aspects of the certification did you find most useful and why?

  1. The seminars given by Al and Danny provided me with a lot of insight into the world of fitness.
  2. The in depth analysis and work with the more complex movements helped me achieve new levels with my own training.
  3. The PCC helped me make new friends and connections in the world of fitness.
  4. Other people watching my form and offering helpful tips was extremely useful
  5. The experience on new apparatus was useful for expanding my experience.

Al and his instructors provided me with new ideas that I never would have dreamed of. I now have a new and improved perspective on personal training.

All of the exercises we learned about were very practical and functional in their application. I feel stronger physically and mentally after just 3 days.

I had a blast! Keep up this awesome event!

Grace Menendez, Los Angeles, CA, Massage Therapist

Athletic Achievements Hardstyle Kettlebell Certified, 200-Hr Certified Yoga Teacher, 744-hour certified Massage Therapist

Surreal! I still can’t believe it has to end!!

The Progressive Calisthenics Certification contributed to my understanding and practice of bodyweight training in the following five ways:

  1. Deepened my knowledge of regressions and inspired me by watching others practice and seeing their interpretation of expressing a movement.
  2. Gave me the chance to practice movements that I don’t have access to proper equipment at home otherwise.
  3. Allowed me to network and connect with like minded individuals that are just as crazy about calisthenics as I am.
  4. Al and Danny and Adrienne are extremely accessible for any inquiry and have such vast amounts of knowledge on the topic.
  5. Great environment and energy and thought put into the program and so much fun!

There’s a reason I was drawn to Al, Danny and Adrienne – their look, style, way of teaching is so unique and they always are having FUN doing it which is wonderful in engaging your attention and get you enthusiastic about practicing these movements. Their depth of knowledge on everything from nutrition, to calisthenics, and still being open to talking about other methodologies without insulting or judging! Amazing group! I aspire to one day be top level like these guys and gals.

They are really good at not only giving you the tools to teach but also different hypothetical situations that could arise in certain clients and help you apply this knowledge to almost all real world applications that may arise. I feel confident that I can teach almost any level of fitness from beginner to badass now.

Jen Kalmes, Eagan, MN, RKC Instructor

Mind blowing. Inspired. I always walk away from these DD events not just with new technique skills but with the drive to be the best I can and share that with my clients, friends and family. I can’t wait to get back to the gym and start practicing what I learned.

Outstanding! Everything was so organized and broken down to the simplest of terms. I attempted things that I never thought about. I felt so comfortable being out of my comfort zone! Al and his team are very humble and knowledgeable. I really appreciated the kindness and honesty from Al, Danny, Adrienne and Laura.

Outstanding! I took a bodyweight user course and I would recommend this hands down. Both great experience but this was more in depth, very practical applications. A lot of take aways for me personally and for my clients.

I loved every minute of it! Thank you so much for making me feel comfortable in an environment that could be very intimidating!

Matt Begansky, Silver Spring, MD, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements RKC, -Total weight loss 90lbs

PCC was a very large piece of humble pie. It has given me some great confidence on some movements that I was shaky on and has created plenty of new and exciting goals to work towards in the future.

The PCC is taught by the best of the best. PCC has personally emphasized the term function training and has broadened my perspective on what the definition of fitness really is.

Chris Garay, Alexandria, VA

Athletic Achievements Precision Nutrition Level 1 (in progress), OPT’s CCP Program Design/Assessment, Tim Anderson’s Original Strength, Christopher Sommer’s Gymnastic Bodies, Yuri Marmerstein’s Handbalancing (2), Martin Rooney’s TFW Levels 1 and 2, Russian Kettlebell Certification Level 1, Charles Poliquin’s PICP Levels 1 and 2, Tom Myers’s Anatomy Trains, Mental Meatheads Symposium, Justin Lascek’s 70’s Big Seminar, Paleo FX Conference 2012 and 2013, Central VA Sports Performance Seminar, Jim Bathurst’s Beast Skills Seminar (2), Exuberant Animal Trainer Jam, Carl Paoli’s Freestyle Connections (2), Clifton Harski’s MovNat Workshop, CrossFit Endurance (2010), CrossFit Level 1 (2010), Remo Health Rhythms

As with the RKC, the PCC is in my top 5 of certifications and events I have attended (out of at least 20). Quality: top-notch in relation to the fitness world.

I can’t say enough positive things about Al and Danny Kavadlo. Their enthusiasm, demeanor and positivity are infectious in the best way possible.

The Progressive Calisthenics Certification contributed to my understanding and practice of bodyweight training in the following five ways:

  1. The field of bodyweight training is very positive and inclusive, and the Kavadlo’s exemplify those qualities.
  2. I learned many new regressions and progressions for bodyweight movements.
  3. I gained confidence in my own ability to perform and teach these movements.
  4. I learned how to be more creative with the equipment you have.
  5. I (think that I) now know that Paul Wade is actually a real person. J

The PCC was very positive and informative. I enjoyed learning new movements with other motivated, like-minded people.

What five aspects of the certification did you find most useful and why?

  1. Having spotters on certain movements.
  2. Watching the instructors demonstrate the movements.
  3. Learning tips and tricks from the other attendees.
  4. Receiving the PCC manual!
  5. Practicing these movements for 6+ hours each day.

Craig Bishop, Suwanee, GA, High Tech Sales and Part-time Trainer

Athletic Achievements HKC Certified

One of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had in my fitness journey. Instruction was top notch and Al & Danny teach with passion and humility. The group was friendly and supportive and some of the best people I’ve ever had the honor to work, train, and become friends with in my life. Top-notch event!

Dustin King, Lawrence, KS, Student

Athletic Achievements Trained almost exclusively using bodyweight exercises for the last two and a half years. Elite Calisthenics Specialist. Currently taking classes for NASM CPT and CES at Wellspring School of Allied Health in Lawrence, KS.

All of the instructors were supportive and as excited about each participant’s progress and understanding as we were ourselves. The camaraderie amongst everyone here was amazing and made for a pleasant experience that I looked forward to each day and continue to look forward to in the future. Everyone made strides in their practice and picked up ideas un-thought of before that will help us and our clients reach their potential.

The quality of training and knowledge shared by Al and the other instructors was fantastic. The points shared during the demonstrations and during practice really helped to get the most out of each series of exercises. Their responses to questions were also insightful and they provide applicable information for my own training, and for clients I will have in the future.

The quality of the instruction was far superior to what is provided exercise wise at the school I am attending. They do well there, but his was outstanding.  I was left with no questions as to my understanding of the material.

Coming into this with what I felt was a pretty good understanding of most of these movements and their progression, I was really happy with the amount of things I learned. All of the instructors were very friendly and easy to approach with questions. They were also eager to learn from us, making it very fun to exchange ideas. I look forward to further level of PCC training and am excited to continue my own progression and eager to see what the future has in store!

Lisa Wishmann, Milwaukee, WI, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements 2 Year Division III Track & Field Athlete; 3 years as a personal trainer, training general populations

It was above and beyond any other certification I’ve attended. It’s apparent Dragon Door puts on challenging yet inspiring certifications and workshops. Having instructors that are very skillful, but can make every skill practicable is very refreshing.

I initially came to PCC to learn about calisthenics to better train myself, but I quickly found how everything that was taught is applicable to training others. I achieved a lot of firsts from the instructors  and great breakdowns of each skill.

Al and the rest of the instructors are really great at providing positive feedback to all of us to encourage us to try a new progression or exercise that we haven’t before. It was a relief to come to a seminar with instructors that are extremely knowledgeable and have a high level of skill, but at that same time are also very laid back and respect different skill levels.

Everything was great and I want to thank you for opening my eyes to a set of skills I didn’t know I had! You are all very inspiring and this won’t be the last Dragon Door workshop I attend.

Reid Peterson, Rosemount, MN, Fitness and Nutrition Coach

Athletic Achievements Founder of Primal Athlete, -Training for Warriors Level 2, -Precision Nutrition Level 1, -NASM-CPT

The PCC was a truly rewarding experience, not only for the different movements, but also for re-emphasizing that we are in the people business. My mind was stretched to the limits on what really is possible with laser-sharp focus and hard work. I crushed some moves I’d never even tried before, and it was amazing. The PCC really taught me that the journey is the reward.

What five aspects of the certification did you find most useful and why?

  1. Neurological connection – I used to think I just wasn’t “strong” enough but now I realize it’s much deeper in some instances.
  2. Pull-up progressions – fresh ideas because I typically plateau quicker with pull-ups.
  3. The very first move we did on day one (lay on ground keeping lower back planted). Total body tension.
  4. Endless progressions (hand placement, leverage, angels) – eliminates boredom!
  5. Working with partners – more tendency to try harder and encourage others to try harder!

Everybody from the top down was fabulous. They were authentic and enjoyable to be around. Intimidation factor was zero!

Very high quality material which will definitely be applied in my practice and business.

Derek Spoden, Sauk Rapids, MN, Writing Tutor, PCA

Athletic Achievements CPT through NCCPT, working on 'Weight Management Specialist' cert from same; training background-street workout/extreme calisthenics, mostly bodyweight training, some Olympic/powerlifting; I ran a ton (10+) 5ks last year, mostly obstacle courses...those were my favorite!

Quite simply, above and beyond any prior instruction I’ve ever had.

The Progressive Calisthenics Certification contributed to my understanding and practice of bodyweight training in the following three ways:

  1. The hands on aspect of the PCC really helped solidify my understanding of the theoretical material; this type of interaction and instruction is far above any previous certs, workshops, etc.
  2. Although I was able to perform many levels of the respective progression seeing other attendees demonstrate skills both about and below my level really helped me understand the concepts of progressions and regression that I will us while training.
  3. I got the meet one of my “internet Idols” (Al and his brother, too), so that was awesome! J

I learned about a vast spectrum of bodyweight moves and was taught how to instruct clients form a wide variety of abilities safely.

The best part: being surrounded by like-mined people from all over the country (and world)!

What four aspects of the certification did you find most useful and why?

  1. The very, very comprehensive manual.
  2. Being instructed by a world-renowned bodyweight athlete and a highly respected highly skilled team.
  3. Very able and personable peers
  4. Performing hard drills and receiving honest feedback and compliments was great for my understanding and personal confidence.

Ryan "Bear" Golke, Waupaca, WI, Steel Roofer

Athletic Achievements 3 seasons playing men's roller derby, 1 year dedicated calisthenics training

As probably the only serious practitioner of PCs in my home town it was amazing to spend a weekend not only with the Kavadlos learning from their vast experience but getting to work with and spend time with a group of people who share my passion for PC.

What four aspects of the certification did you find most useful and why?

  1. Having the opportunity to try new things in a safe supportive environment
  2. As an aspiring personal trainer it was invaluable to see how not only the instructors but all the experienced PT students worked with us and each other.
  3. Getting insight into how the Kavadlos approach training and programming.
  4. I found the fact that although the workshop is a specialist workshop I enjoyed the fact that it is completely non dogmatic and open minded towards other forms of training.

They were even more helpful, insightful, amazing to work with than I expected. Even though the Kavadlos are in the spotlight both Adrienne and Laura were awesome to work with and had a lot to contribute as well. I would gladly jump at any opportunity to train with them again.

Wayne Salter, Greenville, NC, Police Officer

Athletic Achievements 4 years military; current law enforcement; studied Wing Chun for 3 years; was ACE-certified and currently studying to get certified again.

Being able to connect with like-minded people who have the goals of getting the most out of themselves; learning as much as possible and teaching others how to do the same – all in a non–competitive, friendly environment is really an awesome, inspiring thing. Al, Danny and the other instructors were friendly, very helpful and very down to earth and approachable.

This was my first Dragon Door class – it was very comprehensive and in depth and useful in scope and practicality. It is very adaptive and free in form. I’m very excited to help “spread the word” of PCC by including in my website and possibly conducting workshops and seminars. Any additional help with that would be greatly appreciated!

TJ Sawyer, Seattle, WA, Cardiologist

Athletic Achievements Bodyweight training background

Great weekend full of knowledgeable, talented and committed people. The progress over a three day period was amazing.

Incredibly talented, knowledgeable, and approachable. They have a unique talent for breaking down even the most complex move and making it approachable by anyone.

Kyle Grover, Pleasant Prairie, WI, Firefighter/Paramedic

Athletic Achievements Played Hockey in high school. I have no certifications for fitness. I am just starting out learning about calisthenics.

The seminar was perfect and organized. I had enough hands on experience, but also got great information from the Q&A among the group.

They were all amazing and humble. All the instructors were approachable and fun.

Mark Gonzalez, Duluth, MN, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements NSCA-CPT, NSCA-TSAC-F, CrossFit L-1, AKC L-1, Fascial Stretch Therapist L-1, USAW Level -1, United States Air Force 1994-2000, TFW level 1 & 2

With a combination of these basic movement patterns and concepts, you can achieve a great and effective workout for your clients.

Al, Danny and the rest of the team are true professionals. They have very positive attitudes and a true sense of motivational skills.

Progressive Calisthenics took such a basic concept and gave it a very broad and important purpose. We always talk about the paradigms of fitness and body weight training should be the foundation of it all.

Stefan Astrup Madsen, Copenhagen, Denmark, Physiotherapist

Athletic Achievements Amatuer soccer player. Osteopathy student, RKC I (and previously II), Z-health RIST & 9S trainer.

High level teaching from persons who all know their stuff and have worked their own way to excellence. All 4 instructors provided excellent information, at appropriate time. Sometimes you see instructors talking, just because somebody listens to the, that did not happen here. All instructors added sufficient knowledge and experience.

Practical: instant use is possible, either to myself or clients.

Beata Cole, Port Angeles, WA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements Education: Bachelor of Science in Nursing, BSN, RN Certifications: RKC Russian Kettlebell Certified Instructor, Crossfit Level I Certified Trainer, CrossFit Kids Certified Trainer, CrossFit Coach's Prep Certified, CrossFit Endurance Certified, CrossFit Movement and Mobility Certified, CrossFit Gymnastics Certified, CrossFit Rowing Certified, TRX Certified, TRX Sports Medicine Certified, ISSA International Sports Sciences Assoc. Certified Fitness Trainer

Great atmosphere set-up. Educational and fun. Great instructors. Superb quality of training and instruction. Very user friendly. Complimentary for each fitness level.

Like any Dragon Door certification = Excellent! I loved every minute of it.

Kevin Dixon, Waukon, IA, Engineer

This is a must certification for trainers looking to teach cardio and weight training. I work with kettlebells and feel Progressive Calisthenics will compliment one another.

Kyle O’Brien, Lititz, PA, CrossFit Coach

Athletic Achievements CF-L1, USAW-Sport performance certified, NPTI-personal trainer certified

It was enjoyable and informative throughout and here was great energy the whole weekend. The hands-on nature of the course was very helpful.