Praise for the Progressive Calisthenics Certification (PCC) — Dundalk, Ireland, May 2014

Patrick Sweeney, Derry, N-Ireland, Sports therapist

Athletic Achievements Northern Ireland karate champion –1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992 European kickboxing champion 1992

This was by far the most positive and extensive course certification I have ever undertaken. Was just incredible, from the moment I arrived the energy from Al and Danny was so inspiring. I was very honored to be apart of it! Thank you all at Dragon Door.

The quality and knowledge of bodyweight training was just superior to anything I have ever done. The things I have learned and practiced made me so humble I will have this experience for the rest of my life. (Simply was a Master Class PCC). Thank you so much.

Outstanding knowledge of bodyweight exercise stood alone. Attempting things never though I could ever do, loved every minute. Thank you so much Al, Danny and Lyall for making me feel special. A Masterpiece.

Tim Osborn-Jenkins, Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements N.A.S.M Certified Personal Trainer, Precision Nutrition Certified Coach, I.H.P. MMA Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, Extreme Kettlebell Instructor, 3rd Dan Black Belt - Chinese Kickboxing, 1st Dan Black Belt - ZDL Kung Fu, 4 x World Forms Champion

When surrounded by a group of like-minded people with the love, enthusiasm and energy that I experienced at the PCC Ireland Certification I felt more sure that the personal quest I am on is an incredible journey that others too are taking. PCC Ireland is to me the fantastic world through a door I had noticed before but never opened. I hope many others find this door.

Priceless. Al, Danny and the team have so much to give but also are so open to learn from others as well. It’s a rare thing in this industry to see that. Easily the best and most fun course I have been on in my career as a fitness professional.

Tanner Hubscher, Alberta, Canada, Senior Fitness Consultant

Athletic Achievements Gymnastics, Cheerleading, Power Tumbling

This certification is hands down the most inspiring, touching and incredible course I have ever seen or taken in my entire life. I will never forget this and will continue to inspire and preach my passion for calisthenics to everyone and anyone willing to learn.

The Kavadlos are mind-blowing and fascinating individuals. This is what I have been waiting for my entire life and I am overwhelmed and speechless. “Priceless”. Thank you. Love you guys and John with Dragon Door, such an incredible course outline and sponsor. I could go on forever.

Steven Hope, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom, Gym owner

Athletic Achievements Crossfit level 1, Chek golf biomechanic, Poliquin level 1 and 2, NMT level 1 and 2 plus numerous others

I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the course, its layout and organization, the passion and the enthusiasm of the coaches = totally amazing. I would highly recommend anyone interested in fitness to do this course :)

Absolutely brilliant and could not rate this highly enough but I will give it 10/10. One of the best certs that I have ever attended. Very well organized – especially the exercise segments.

Grainne Kelly, Draperstown, Co.Derry, Ireland, Full Time Mum, Company Director, Part Time Exercise Instructor

Athletic Achievements Certificate In Health & Leisure Management, National Cert In Exercise Instruction, Aerobics, Step Circuits & Pilates, Special Populations Exercise Instruction Incl Post/Ante Natal & Elderly. Completed Barcelona Half Marathon & Various 10k Runs.

An amazing experience, energizing from start to finish, not once during the entire weekend did I think “I wish this was over early”. The friendliness in the room from the Dragon Door staff and all the participants was refreshing.

Top quality, I thought the YouTube videos were impressive but to see the boys in action before my very eyes was mind-blowing. I could only think of one word to describe the quality of training and knowledge and that would be “outstanding” and both Al and Danny are two of the most “humble” people I have had the pleasure of meeting. John Du Cane too of course!! :)

Practical use was brilliant, too often in other courses the practical use is neglected.

The Strong Room to me was an ideal location for the workshop.

Keith Earle, Kilkenny, Ireland, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements Pro Diving Instructor, Gym Instructor, Personal Trainer

It was an amazing experience. A lot better then I expected. I would recommend anybody to experience PCC. I think it’s the best type of fitness out there. The knowledge shared by Al, Danny and Team was unreal as for training and demonstrating 100%.

No other physical exercise course comes near PCC, PCC is in a different league.

Lena Kummer, Neuchâtel, Switzerland, IT Consultant

Athletic Achievements 2 years different group courses and bodyweight training by myself, last 8 months - Crossfit. I run regularly and participate in running events of 8, 10, 18, 20 km runs starting this year. Crossfit Level 1 Certificate

It was a very entertaining and educative experience, and also very effective. I could expand my knowledge and get an external expertise opinion on my techniques, as well as technique of other students. I found Al and Danny and the whole PCC staff, very open and supportive.

I found the whole team brilliant, listening, and very supportive.

Ivo Oppliger, Nottwil, Switzerland, Sports instructor Police School

Athletic Achievements Bachelor Sports and Science, RKC Kettlebell Instructor, Officer Swiss Military

There has been a really comfortable atmosphere in this workshop, with two amazing instructors. They really inspired me in going further and leading me on the way with “possible” exercises.

They actually master to teach movements to people, without having to be the best in every exercise. Even they are big time, they stayed back on the ground. I rather stick with an Al Kavadlo than a Pavel type of trainer.

I like the method, which I seen training with Max Shank before. Trainers like Max, Al and Danny should be seen more often.

Thanks for a great course, that will change my coaching in some or the other way. I’m not the person that runs for famous people but it was really an honor to meet you guys.

Miles Kroeker, Calgary, Canada, Personal Chef & Trainer

Athletic Achievements Can fit pro, PTS Certified, Yogafit Certification, Basketball, Volleyball and Badminton MVP, Numerous workshops based around mobility, strength, postural assessment, energy systems and yoga.

The Progressive Calisthenics Certification contributed to my understanding and practice of bodyweight training in the following five ways:

  1. Affirmation of what I have been using as personal training tools to be true!
  2. Providing an extremely positive work environment and learning space.
  3. Listing appropriate progression and being open to suggestions from attending students as well.
  4. Re-inspiring me to continue working hard and dedicating myself to helping others achieve success!
  5. Reconnecting me to my internal belief of body weight training and exercise, instead of focusing on certain set standards in the fitness industry.

An amazing certification that has something to offer to every unique individual. Fun, educational and engaging! Exactly what I was looking for and plan to encompassing in my teaching/training style.

Top level training style, the kind I like to install with my own clients. Being friendly and open in his teaching but also maintaining a strong level of professionalism is the key to successfully being a great teacher and effectively getting a message across.

Definitely within the top five courses I’ve taken. Any course I have attended that has dedicated and passionate professionals who both attend and teach with a positive learning environment is going to be amazing!

Solid week all around, I look forward to staying in touch and hope to learn and achieve more in life alongside Dragon Door and the individuals involved!

Jeanne Le Bailly, Dublin, Ireland, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements Reached Regional Level in Tennis (single and double) back in France when I was younger, played for Paris region. National level in cross country (junior level 13-15yo).


Al and Danny including the two assistants were very, very helpful and knowledgeable and approachable. Been following Al And Danny over the net and meeting and learning from them in person is a DREAM come true. Lots of knowledge sharing techniques to take in. TOP NOTCH QUALITY from the instructors and Dragon Door as usual :)! A very enjoyable experience to learn, to be in, to participate in.

Very comprehensive and excellent quality materials and instructors.

Fionnuala Kirby, Dublin, Ireland, Massage therapist and teacher

Athletic Achievements Various bits and bobs

The best way I’ve ever experienced to achieve so much positivity, self-belief and FUN while earning a fitter body!

World Class but not intimidating user-friendly crew :) . All of the instructors were knowledgeable, approachable, encouraging and helpful!

The content was delivered in such a way that it can be understood and applied immediately. Concepts, practices are explained simply and main points drilled into participants. Therefore we were all able to participate in a safe, fun environment. Most enjoyable and useable workshop I’ve ever done.

Hannah Mirwald, Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom, Gym Owner/ Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements NASM CPT, NMT level 1&2, Aikido 2nd Kyu

An awesome course. Al and Danny are seriously knowledgeable as trainers and inspiring as athletes yet they remain totally humble in their approach. They created an upbeat and supportive group in which we all were encouraged and celebrated to progress whatever our level. The course is well structured and professionally run and the support material fantastically well written and thought through.

First Class! Al And Danny are a great team. Their own training and experiences are truly inspiring yet they actively encourage others to share their knowledge and skills to offer even more learning opportunities. For me it was great to have a woman on the coaching team to show and role model how capable women can also be in this arena – great job Chu.

Excellent, this course is thorough, extensive and professionally managed to ensure participants learn and understand key concepts in a practical and fun environment. The content is inspiring for the way forward for my own training, as well as reinforcing/clarifying key principles for train clients.

Patrick Mackeogh, Blackrock, Dublin, Ireland

The PCC is a real eye-opener. In a world of heavy weights it brings you back down to earth and humbles you by how versatile a training tool your own body can be. A friendly and exciting course fantastically run.

Great instruction, very hands-on. The guys made everyone feel really comfortable and aware of their limitations and comfortable with that too. They helped lift a veil of BS supplied by the rest of the industry that is really refreshing.

Really good course, very well run by Al and Danny and the other instructors. Looking forward to future Dragon Door Workshops! :)

Ann Gales, Stansted, Essex, Recruitment Consultant

Athletic Achievements Kayak 4 star leader and coach, run few half marathons and triathlon, Serious weight training including bodyweight training for last 18 months

Quite simply three of the happiest days of my life. Training and learning has never been more enjoyable! (Wish Danny and Al had been my Phy Ed teachers at school!)

This course is expensive but felt to be good value for money because of the individual attention.

Just thanks to everyone involved in organizing it. I had been looking forward to this for months and my expectations were exceeded. I had worried the course would be too demanding for me but although I was not one of the advanced practitioners I did not feel out of place. I feel very privileged to have been able to take part.

Jarlath Hynes, Kildare, Ireland, Fitness Instructor

Athletic Achievements NCEF

It reinforced my belief that exercises/fitness can and should be an enjoyable pastime. The lifestyle element is a fundamental part of achieving long-term commitment and success.

As expected the quality of training and knowledge provided by Al and Danny was fantastic.  Lyall and Chu were also very helpful and knowledgeable, and gave very discreet support and help in a very low-key manner.

Sim Starkl, Switzerland, Sports Instruktor Police School

Athletic Achievements Master in Sports and Science, Officer Swiss Military, Skydive Instructor, RKC

High quality instructions in an enthusiastic atmosphere.

Al and Danny really know what they are talking about. They actually master teaching other people! Keep going on like this!!!

This was the best workshop I’ve ever been to! The location “The Strong Room” was the perfect location for this workshop!

Great People, Great teachers, great training, great location, great learning and great FUN!

Alan Wilson, Milngavie, United Kingdom, Self Employed

Athletic Achievements Runner, completed 50 half marathons, 4 ultra marathons and many trail and mountain races. Yoga, been practicing on and off for 20 years. Kettlebell training and general weight training. Recently due to injury I have developed an interest in Calisthenics.

I had a very positive experience at the PCC, the energy and camaraderie of the group was particularly high. The Kavadlo bros were fantastic teachers and it was great to see them “in the flesh” after viewing them many times on the internet. I have come away from the PCC with increased expectations of myself in being able to perform the harder moves like the front/back levers.

After seeing Al and Danny on the internet so many times it was a bit like meeting a “celebrity” figure. When you get to know them a bit better you realized that they are very approachable individuals who were willing to share info or just pass the time of day by making small talk. They had no “airs and graces”. The other two instructors were very handy too in passing on tips and nuggets of knowledge. All in all I thought the quality and pace of the instruction was perfect!

After attending the PCC I am now considering Personal training as a secondary career!

Pascal Sime, West Linton, United Kingdom, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements YMCA Personal Trainer Award, YMCA Level 3 Advanced Gym Instructor, YMCA Lifestyle & Fitness Assessment, YMCA Nutrition, YMCA Training in Different Environments, YMCA Running, YMCA Business & Marketing, YMCA Client Retention, YMCA Strike! (Advanced pad work), IKFF Certified Kettlebell Instructor, Certified MMA Strength and Conditioning Coach, Premier Pre and post natal client, Trigger Point Therapy Certificate (Advanced Foam Rolling), TFW Instructor, Full First Aid Certificate.

Quality weekend giving up an all-round experience. Not just learning, but also having fun, getting stronger and making friends.

This was one of the best parts about the course for me, the quality of teaching, friendliness, non-intimidation, the visual teaching, the emphasis on certain words adds a thick layer of quality to the teaching.

Some courses train you too hard I feel, the PCC was just right. I’m leaving this course with a thorough and perhaps world class knowledge, unlike some courses I leave a little confused.

Gregoire Vionnet, Chambesy, Switzerland, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements Certified Personal Trainer

I would strongly recommend this certification to everybody who is passionate about discovering a way of training, which should be the foundation of every training modality, as it places the body in face of itself. You can cheat with weights but not with yourself.

The quality was outstanding from multiple points of view.

1 – The communication and pedagogy was really impressive as they are able to put themselves at the level of the participant in teams of knowledge and exercises.

2 – They leave plenty of space to interact, which encourage people to participant and to feel at ease.

3 – Their mastery of their craft. When you look at them you realize all the path you have to achieve before not to get even close to their level.

I always see the bright side in each workshop I attend. All I can say is that it is amongst the best I have attended so far in terms of quality, scope of material and practical use. I am looking forward to implementing what I have learned during this workshop as it gives you the tools to do it!

Tony Bargh, Chester, United Kingdom, Personal Trainer & Massage Therapist

Athletic Achievements Varied training background, Qualifications: CHEK Exercise Coach, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist

Great to meet a diverse group of people (age, country, experience) all with the same learning objective. Very well organized both from Dragon Door and the Strong Room Staff (Great Facility!)

It is rare to find instructors of the caliber of Al and Danny, who not only show a great deal of humility but also have total respect for every person that they are instructing.

The thing that stood out for me was that the quality of training was first class and was not compromised in any way by the fact that everyone was encouraged to have fun.

Peter Brady, Greater London, United Kingdom, Draughtsman

Athletic Achievements Always been fit and active, Football, Rugby and Basketball in my youth along with 400m. Muay Thai and boxing for keeping fit in my early 20s and kettlebells, calisthenics and crossfit mid to late 20's now in my 30's it's mainly kettlebells and calisthenics.

A thoroughly enjoyable weekend, jammed with fun, tips, progressions and subtleties that albeit slight, really bridge the gap between being able to perform the higher end skills.

Al and Danny are great presenters and people who instantly connect with the audience and also personally with individuals during the practical sessions. Great speakers and teachers. Chunhua and Lyall are excellent in their own right, popping up and dropping little nuggets of wonder. They personally helped me excel in a few of the skills.

It is up there with all the top courses I have attended.

Owen Hedicker, Hampshire, United Kingdom, Muscle Activation Specialist

Athletic Achievements General Exercise - Currently based toward corrective end of the scale

An enjoyable and fun course. Taught by passionate and experienced instructors who make the time to tailor advice and instruction to your level. In our course there was a big variety of levels of ability but no egos and everyone contributed to pushing each other on and recognizing individual achievements.

Quality and experience of his/their field was excellent. Them and pacing of instruction was spot on. Tips were great and the shared experience of their journey with calisthenics was very useful.

Have thoroughly enjoyed the course. Being instructed by and working out with a passionate group of like-minded people.

Joseph Pay , United Kingdom, Land Based Service Engineer

Great atmosphere, great knowledge, great people.

Al and Danny are masters of their trade but are still willing to listen and learn. The other two co-instructors had great knowledge and again a great attitude.