Praise for the Progressive Calisthenics Certification (PCC) — New York, NY, June 2014

Jack Arnow, Brooklyn, New York, Retired College Teacher

Athletic Achievements Bodyweight training from the age of 15. Did one arm chins from 16 until 65 years of age. Specialty was alternate one arm chins, a beautiful exercise done by Jasper Benincasa. My PR was 22. Became a practicing and certified yoga teacher 5 years ago.

The best 3-day experience of learning and sharing the joys of bodyweight training I ever had. A lot of consciousness was used to create the PCC event. WONDERFUL. The instruction was beyond the expectations that I had, and I had high expectations. Deep knowledge shared by Al, Danny and Adrienne and the other instructors too. But it was beyond training! A powerful and empowering philosophy of life was being shard with all the participants. An empowering, joyful, inspiring, education experience for me!

The only other formal training I had was yoga certification. This certification was deeper, both physically and philosophically. Note: I thought the yoga certification was terrific.

The teachers gave tremendous respect to all the participants. I certainly enjoyed the respect that I received from the teachers and all attendees. Thank you! Thank you!

Ezra Taylor, Brisbane, Australia, Fitness Professional

Athletic Achievements Professional Athlete for over 10 years, including Rugby World Cup

Inspirational 3 days highlighting the history and ongoing b/w movement and its benefits. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Very worth traveling such a long distance for and hope to carry on the relationship with the team. Fantastic practical aspects and hands on approach. This is evident in the PRs participants had achieved

Stephanie Abrusia, Basking Ridge, New Jersey, Fitness Trainer/ Connective Tissue Therapist

Athletic Achievements NESTA, ABMP

I am approaching 20 years as a professional fitness trainer and have obtained certifications from major certifying bodies over that time however (foolishly) let many of them go. I didn’t feel the benefit of those certifications like I do with PCC. I feel like I have waited many years for a certification I can be truly proud to have obtained, and PCC has filled that space.


Al, Danny, Adrienne and the PCC team are terrific leaders who represent the growing Calisthenics community in such a positive way.


Clearly the PCC team shares a vast knowledge base, a passion for Calisthenics and most importantly a desire to share that knowledge base with students. A victory for a student is very visibly a victory for the instructors at PCC.

Matt Maher, Aberdeen, New Jersey, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements RKC Team Leader, 10 years as a full time trainer, Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, and Grappling competitor.

Awesome. PCC was the most fun I’ve had at a certification, and left me with as much material for myself and my clients as my original RKC. I was impressed by their ability to simplify advanced concepts and how they were able to communicate them so well to such a varied group of people.


What five aspects of the certification did you find most useful and why?

  1. Fundamental details and regressions that can be used for any of my clients right away.
  2. Al and Danny’s approach and philosophy on what training can and should be.
  3. Inspiration from seeing others accomplish things that they didn’t think they could do.
  4. Inspiration from seeing others (women!) with better control of their bodies than I have.
  5. Al and Danny’s overall attitude and the vibe they create.

Marco Guanilo, New York, New York, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements Personal Trainer (NASM, RKC, USAW, FMS) for 13 years, opened my own studio 5 years ago.

I have taken several certifications in my 15 years as a trainer (RKC, RKC 2, USAW, TACFIT) but this was, by far, the most effective and functional course I have taken to date!

The Kavadlo brothers along with Adrienne Harvey were a phenomenal team! They filled us with a great deal of knowledge while still keeping it all fun and exciting for all of us and I certainly look forward to seeing what they come up with for PCC 2!

PCC taught me the importance of body weight training in order to better your body awareness and how it all translates into every day life and more conventional training.

Piya Tony Vacharasanee, New York, New York, Coach at Body Space Fitness

Athletic Achievements -National Academy of Sports Medicine - Certified Personal Trainer, -Training For Warriors - Levels 1 & 2, -Kettlebell Athletics - Level 1, -American College of Sports Medicine - Cancer Exercise Trainer, -Functional Movement Systems - Level 1

The PCC is a great learning experience for both trainers and fitness enthusiasts alike. The exercises and information presented are done in a deliberate and friendly manner. The whole weekend proved to be educational, intense and a lot of fun.

The quality of training and knowledge of the instructors was top notch. Every break and correction helped immensely and really helped put me at ease while trying new technique.

The PCC is a great certification and is in the top 2 along with DVRT. The practical use is obvious and easy to convey to clients. The scope of material is expansive and sometimes felt never ending (in a good way). The quality is superb and presented in a very authentic way.

The fact that Adrienne was here helped a few of the women get over their fear, which was awesome to see.

Justin Termini, Lawrence, Massachusetts, Librarian

Athletic Achievements HKC, Asst instructor at Krav Maga Yashir in Boston, MA

It is absolutely shocking how much material was covered in 3 short days! As an information professional, I value proper organization of knowledge. The trainers at this certification were able to fill our minds with lots of information, while at the same time being mindful of referring back to what was previously covered, making connections between elements of the materials that may not have been evident. I feel confident in my ability to use these concepts/connections with my own students.


The instructors were excellent! Al and his team were all personable and friendly and eager to help everyone. I like the way that they were all able to add different pieces of knowledge to the material being taught. There was a level of enthusiasm and genuine care that was expressed when any one of the attendees accomplished a new/difficult skill, which helped to foster a supportive learning environment.


The depth of the material presented was beyond anything I’ve experienced before I’ve done other 3-day workshops where I’ve felt mentally and physically burnt out by day 3. I didn’t feel that here. By day 3 I was still as excited by the material as on day 1.


I’m so thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this event. After doing a one-day workshop with Al and Danny last year I knew that I had to learn more from them. This weekend has given me the confidence and skills I need to advance my own training and those of my students.

David Rosenberg, New York, New York, Statistician

Athletic Achievements College fencer; strength training since I was 10; in the last 5 years I've done Power Training (Dos Remedios), Convict Conditioning, Crossfit, Starting Strength, and now I get programming from Alex Zinchenko with an eventual goal of a freestanding HSPU and a one-armed chinup.

Encouraging, Motivating, Supportive, Fun, Friendly, Inviting, Low-pressure, Well-paced. Loved the course and I will certainly recommend it.

Matthew Kasumovic, Burlington, Ontario, Canada, Account Manager

Athletic Achievements Weight training 8+ years, calisthenics 2+ years, 2 half marathons, 10k run, 3 - 5k runs, 1 tough mudder, 2 years Capoeira training.

An empowering experience with a good mix of instruction, activity fun and inspiration. Very well explained and demonstrated. There was never a point where credibility was questioned. Learning from everyone was very easy and I never felt judged or uncomfortable.


The scope has never been matched in my experience and the quality level was high. In my opinion, calisthenics is already practical and highly functional. To delve deeper into it only helps and emphasizes its practical usage. Everyone was fantastic and this was truly a great experience. Thank you!

Laurel Blackburn, Tallahassee, Florida, Owner of Tallahassee Kettlebells and Boot Camp Fitness and Training

Athletic Achievements RKC Team Leader, ISSA Strength and Conditioning Specialist, CK-FMS

The most fun you could have at a cert. Danny and All are amazing athletes with great presence, personality and energy. Adrienne was great. Love having a strong female in leadership.


Most everything I’ve done has been a Dragon Door cert. I am blown away by having the privilege to learn from the cream of the crop. Dragon Door excels in providing the best quality certifications, led by the best people in their field.

Daniel Pereira, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, Boilermaker

Athletic Achievements Certificate 3 Fitness Instructing

This leadership was an amazing and humbling experience. It was awesome to meet the Kavadlo Bros and Co., and also the classmates who showed me so much knowledge and inspiration. The quality in my thoughts was top standard as they were able to help me improve on an exercise that I struggled with.

Kerry King-Rahn, Baltimore, Maryland, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements NASM Certified personal trainer. Weight lifting and bodyweight training enthusiast.

An extremely awesome learning experience with like-minded bodyweight enthusiasts, where I was able to learn how to regress and progress for training myself and my clients all while having fun and setting some PRs!


I thought it was a great team of instructors. Everyone had different ideas to add to the table, and they all were very helpful with hands on coaching.


I haven’t taken any other certs like this, but in terms of fitness conferences, this was way better. The small group and the fact that it was 3 solid days of learning was great. I know I will take a ton of info from this and apply it to my own training and my clients.


Loved it! Everyone was so nice and it was such a great experience. Thank you!

Rachel Ali, Jersey City, New Jersey, PTA

The PCC course is one of the best courses I have attended. It has humbled me but also inspired me to keep on pushing, as far as physical training is concerned. I am 51 years old, and I am blessed with physical strength and mental strength. I thank God for it! I thank God for people like Al, Danny and Jack who share all their knowledge unselfishly.


It was such a pleasure to spend my weekend with Al and Danny, who were so professional and humble, at the same time. I didn’t get intimidated or threatened; they were very friendly and helpful and encouraging. I am also very thankful to Adrienne, with whom I did my first handstand ever. She released my fear and I am so appreciative!


Quality – professional, accessible (not too scientific), easy to understand.

Scope of Material – comprehensive.

Practical Use – Applicable to my daily living.

Chaz Reuben, New York, New York, Trainer

Athletic Achievements Triathlete

This is a great way to learn and to coach someone in the various ways of strength training, condition, and working with mobility and flexibility, all the while using one’s own physical body.


I found the entire group of instructors to be amazing. They all listened to and attended to each of our individual needs despite the largeness of the group. They were very attentive to our individual capabilities and very encouraging and thorough in helping us to achieve our exercises.


I felt the overall experience was great. The workshop was informative and challenging. Everyone progressed on their own terms with no pressure from others in the group or from the instructors. The overall atmosphere was very encouraging and supportive, much the way a trainer would want to make his/her client(s) feel.

Jennifer Lopez, Wallington, New Jersey, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements MMA Fighter

Great experience, I used my body in ways I didn’t know was possible. Can’t wait to share what I have learned with others.


Seminar was great. All instructors were informative, professional and fun to work with. Inspired me to become better at body weight exercises.


This seminar was more hands on and was fun. It did not feel like an actual seminar, but just a group of people, learning, experiencing new exercise and having fun. Overall, great experience.

Pierre Vivarais, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Business Owner

Athletic Achievements Muay Thai, Boxing, Calisthenics and Weights

Al and Danny were amazing people to learn from. Their knowledge was amazing and very happy to have attended this class.

Lance Dreher, Lyndhurst, New Jersey

It’s a great way to meet new people into the same thing as you. Lots of fun bouncing ideas of progressions and regression with one another. I would totally go to the next workshop nearby.


This weekend couldn’t have gone any better. It was nice for once to be surrounded by individuals who are into calisthenics as much as I am of all different levels. All the instructors gave great examples and thorough explanations of all exercises.


Excellent quality. Broad range of material, all muscles were focused on. The practical use of all I have learned can be used for trainers, athletes and for injury prevention.


Most motivating and inspiring group of individuals I’ve been a part of.

Nigel Stewart, Devonshire, Bermuda, Retired

Athletic Achievements Weight training in its many forms since age 16. lots of surfing and swimming. Running (8 marathons + many 10 K's and half marathons etc.) Now I train (or try to!) PCC style and long distance swimming (I live on the ocean) + a daily 5 mile walk which is not exercise but relaxation, also I have to as I have a large dog who demands it.

1st Rate! Awesome! Amazing! Although these guys are “Super Stars” they are also the most humble and approachable people around.


There is no comparison. PCC wants you to succeed and works with you to that end. Other organizations take your money and that’s it!


It’s like I found a MAP showing me the way. I am taking home a new set of skills to work on which will keep me going for a long time. Thank you!

Kris Kennington, New York, New York, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements Personal Trainer, NASM-CPT, CES, PES, WFS, MET, USA Track and Field coach, FMS, ViPR, Kettlebell Athletics, Trigger Point, Precision Nutrition. I have a Taekwondo background but I'm a bit rusty.

Great instruction, instant and on point feedback and amazing energy has led to many breakthroughs for me this weekend.

I could genuinely tell that they cared about my success and that they are also students and therefore humble. I love the fact that its acknowledged that there is no right way to do any of these things.


PCC is set apart by the quality of instruction, the community that forms, and by having the benefit of many different points of view.

Cecilia Tom, San Francisco, California, Business Development + Trainer

Athletic Achievements RKC2, CK-FMS, CICS, Z Health RIST + 8/9 S's, Tai Chi, Pilates, Yoga, Dance, Acrobatics, etc.

I enjoyed having the space, time, and support from the instructors to try out new movements in a safe and sane way. I had fun.


They definitely know their stuff and I was impressed by how articulate and passionate the brothers were. The assistant instructors were also top-notch and offered their own spin and observations on different skills. They were actively circulating the room, checking in with the students – contrast that with a bunch of instructors standing around and talking amongst themselves as I’ve experienced in other certs.


The manual is impressive and I’ll have to go home and study it. I think I will enjoy teaching myself in the next few months and I’m grateful for this booster shot to get me going. I’m inspired to achieve. smiley