Praise for the Progressive Calisthenics Certification (PCC) — Alexandria, VA, July 2014

George Corso, New York, NY, Business Owner/Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements Certifications: CSCS, NCSA-CPT, I360, RKC, WKC. Martial Arts: Jeet Kune Do. division 1aa college football, Played in 4 all star games

The perfect certification for anyone who is or is thinking about becoming a personal trainer. It’s one that NO one should pass up.

The training is one of a kind. I have never received better coaching or instruction from anyone, and I have been a trainer for 15 years. From the NSCA all the way to IMG this was the best. Their knowledge and passion for the PCC is inspiring!

The quality is up with the best of the best. I have my CSCS, NSCA-CPT, I360, RKC; this was my all time favorite. The information learned was priceless.

David Colon Lopez, Gurabo, Puerto Rico, Certified Trainer and Conditioning Coach

Athletic Achievements 4 times player representing P.R. in Volleyball Junior Olympics, non professional Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu, Certified Trainer, Certified TRX group suspension trainer, Currently the Conditioning Coach of Puerto Rico Junior Beach Volleyball National Team

First of all this certification has opened my mind a lot more than other type of training modalities. PCC is not only about working out and sweating, is fun, friendship and these two brothers are willing to give you all their knowledge with no regrets.

I would need like a 200 page to write all my thoughts. All I can say is that as now they have been the realest, most passionate, extreme knowledge, best teachers, best motivators, the best in real clean executioners on calisthenics techniques and the less or no jealousy trainers I’ve ever stepped in front of. Everybody got stuff they never thought they would get on. Over all best teachers I’ve ever had. It’s been a pleasure.

There is no comparison, not even near. And I’ve been in front of many instructors but nothing like this.

I found it amazing.. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone and Dragon Door may be the end of your comfort zone.

Don Bahneman, Arlington, VA, Fitness Director

Athletic Achievements M.S. Human Performance – University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse, B.A. Athletic Training – Saint Cloud State University, B.A. Sports Management – Saint Cloud State University, NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist, NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist, USAW Club Coach, RKC Russian Kettlebell Instructor Level I & II, Functional Movement Screen Practitioner, Schwinn Indoor Cycling

Al and Danny’s generosity in providing information was incredibly refreshing. Another A+++ Dragon Door!

Similar to RKC II I attended in the intimacy, the commitment level (teachers + students), and expectations.

I love that you must “earn it” understand it, apply it, teaching it, and do it.

Name Withheld, Washington, DC, Federal Law Enforcement

Athletic Achievements Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner, Kettlebell user

Eye opening, humbling, challenging, rewarding, frustrating (in a good way) and addicting!!

Much more challenging then any other form, for me a least, due to the need to recruit so many muscle groups and have them act in unison. Amazing how self connecting these are without the greater risk of injury.

Practical Use is awesome!! They can be alone anywhere and the carry over to other methods if exercises and “real life” is so beneficial.

Scope of material was just right. I didn’t feel rushed nor overwhelmed and there was always some form of progression everyone can do. Which isn’t always the case à helps the confidence.

Keep up the awesome work with top notch instructors!!

Mike Krivka, Gaithersburg, MD, Senior RKC

Athletic Achievements Lifetime student of martial arts and strength training. Full instructor in JKD, Filipino Martial Arts, Maphilindo Silat, and student of other combat oriented martial arts.

The PCC is an incredible experience and definitely on par with the HKC and RKC. The level of expertise of the teaching staff, as well as the participants, is unparalleled. The depth of information that is presented is incredible and allows for the most experienced and inexperience attendee. If you are interested in getting a masters degree in calisthenics then you need to attend the PCC.

Instruction was great and Al & Danny’s knowledge of the subject is obviously encyclopedic. They are both excellent presenters and know how to match their message to their audience.

Maria Kyong, Santa Clara, CA, Trainer

Athletic Achievements Trainer, massage therapist

It was unique in that we were presented with rigorous training and technical information in an open, creative and fun way. We were given permission to play with purpose.

What five aspects of the certification did you find most useful and why?

  1. The ability to apply skills with support was critically important. Having access to Danny and Al was significant. I don’t think I would have been as successful in a venue where the instructors we inaccessible.
  2. The atmosphere created by the entire DD team was defining. The genuine, humble, supportive, collaborative nature of instructor elevated the integrity of the certification.
  3. The diversity of the participants was outstanding seeing people from all backgrounds approach PCC was so helpful in preparing me to implement PCC when I return home.
  4. The intimate nature of the group – whether this was intentional or not. How the group was led from the beginning, the dinner, and every aspect of how it was run made me feel as if this was more than an educational event.
  5. Being able to meet and get to know John DuCane. What a rare opportunity to be able to get to know such a prominent figure in our industry and get a chance to hear his views on so many things inside and outside of ‘fitness’.

PCC and kettlebells are by far two of the most personally rewarding experiences in my 15 years a health and fitness professional. Both have given me avenues to exceed thresholds physically and mentally that I never imagined I would meet!

Wonderful Thank you!!!

Eric Buratty, Washington, DC, Holistic Health/Fitness Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements 4.5 years experience in health/fitness industry working with others toward preventing health problems instead of curing them, NCCPT Personal Trainer, NESTA Fitness Nutrition Certified (FNC), NESTA Sports Injury Specialist (SIS), Certified Seal Holding Member American Institute of Stress (AIS), CEO/Owner iFlexTheStress, LLC & Subsidiary/Brand Eric Buratty Fitness

*Very humbling, down-to-earth dudes who have a great way of relaying information onto others that provide a reality check without offending them.

*Excellent trainers, mentors and friends

Rekha Ayalur, Alexandria, VA, Trainer

Athletic Achievements Div I Cross Country/Track, kettlebell and TRX trainer

A lot of fun. I really enjoyed the entire session, from the instruction to the helpfulness and motivation by the other participants.

Awesome. I loved that all of the instructors taught to every skill level, and also encouraged every skill level. No one was made to feel inadequate. Everyone was encouraged to test their limits. Such great tips to help with technique and form.

In comparison to other instructed activities, it was far superior. The information provided prior to each movement, assistance and modification provided during, and highlights/tips after were really helpful.

Owen Johnston, Lake City, SC, Strength and Conditioning Coach

Athletic Achievements 4 of the 6 master steps of Convict Conditioning, Actively training in martial arts since 2002, Black belt in Heiwado karate, Experience in boxing and Brazilian Jiujitsu, Some training in various other styles, Certified fitness trainer through ISSA

The instructors demonstrated how artistic strength skills can be with practice and technique, which inspires me to train for higher levels. Also, I learned a lot of useful connections between exercises as well as how to express them to others in a safe manner.

They all provided a wealth of troubleshooting knowledge for different builds, which was very helpful in learning new skills. Their openness to different disciplines was reassuring and helped accommodate the variety of background. I love it that they all consider themselves students and that they continue learning.

This was the highest level of practical knowledge I’ve ever learned in one week. The attention to detail and individual movements contributed to it being the highest quality course I’ve taken in years. The sheer breadth of material is amazing and will give me a lot to work on with my athletes at the gymnastics studio I teach at.

Lindsey Dunn, Baltimore, MD, RKC Instructor

Athletic Achievements Russian Kettlebell Certified

This weekend absolutely exceeded my (very high!) expectations in every conceivable way. The subject matter was incredibly versatile and can most definitely be applied to virtually every single person in the world. Whether you’re a trainer or just a laymen looking for some fun new tricks, you will leave this course with a deeper understanding of the way the human body moves, so grateful to have been apart of this.

Al & Danny are two people I have wanted to meet for a long time. They’re both very different individuals, but their passion for calisthenics is infectious. They are so positive and motivational and truly embody the type of person I strive to be. Al is such a Zen person and his naturally calm nature serve to keep his students focused and immediately nix any frustration. Danny is clearly more outwardly energetic, is incredible at pumping everyone up and getting us excited at our achievements even if they are a regression J Both very inspirational as far as their back stories truly hope I can work with them again someday.

Beth Andrews was also an incredible instructor. She is the personification of strength combined with grace. She is very open and relatable in regards to her personal experience with the material. Very happy to have had the chance to work with her – FINALLY.

Chris Garay was as always a solid instructor. He is incredibly skilled with the material and I trust him implicitly regarding the advice and help he contributed. Super nice guy.

I’ve only participated in other Dragon Door course and have consistently been impressed by the quality, However, the PCC was much more laid back and the instructors took more informal approach to sharing the subject matter.

Dragon Door has always impressed me as far as their workshops (logistics, content, instruction quality).

This was honestly the best weekend of my life and I am so happy to have been a part of it.

Rosalia Chann, New York, NY, Movement Practitioner/Health Coach

Athletic Achievements Professional Dancer, NASM - CPT, CAFS, RKC level 1, CK-FMS

It was an amazing experience working with Al & Danny. They helped bring my skills and understanding of calisthenics to the next level. I will continue to utilize this knowledge with myself and my clients. This workshop has ‘raised the bar’ in regards to the service that I am able to provide as a professional.

Al & Danny are an amazing tag team. The delivery of their knowledge is easy to understand and relatable to real life instances with clients.

This is my 5th Dragon Door event and clearly I keep coming back. I respect the professionalism at each seminar. E.g. - Everything running on time – delivery on expectations.

I really like how Al and Danny stick to a curriculum but let the workshop organically flow.

It’s always awesome and an honor to attend :)

Robert Serich, Youngtown, OH, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements NSCA-CPT, TPI-FP3

Very simple: great instructors with great knowledge and passion plus great students equals an awesome weekend that I am so thankful that I was here.

Top notch in every aspect. I thought the program flowed perfectly.

Everything was outstanding. I think everyone should attend this program. I have nothing bad to say about this weekend. I can’t wait to get home and start practicing.

Jeff Wood, Olney, MD, Commercial Real Estate Lender

Athletic Achievements TFT Instructor, Combat Ju-Jitsu Black Belt, Tough Mudder Finisher. Kettlebell & Bodyweight Training.

Great group of instructors. Instructors made it easy to step outside your comfort zone. Instructors and students all every supportive of everyone.

Outstanding. I expected the best and my expectations were exceeded.

Right up there with the best, if not the best. Very high quality and the material was extremely practical. Learn today – use today.

Ryan Williams, Pittsburch, PA, Engineer

Athletic Achievements 2 time marathon finisher, track & field background, 15+ years of traditional weight training

Better than I could have imagined. The energy, the knowledge, the atmosphere was first class.

Top notch. Al, Danny, Beth and Chris all provided very useful info that was helpful. They all do a great job of making an overlooked idea, very helpful and useful.

Very well and thought out course. While also maintaining a fluid format. Although my other training like this is limited, I feel this was an excellent course.

Such a great experience. Inspired me not to “waste” such a valuable educational certification.

Ted Michalek, New Carrollton, MD, Personal Trainer/Guitar Teacher

Athletic Achievements 10 years martial arts experience, second degree blackbelt earned. 3+ years calisthenics and weight training, completed a non-certification workshop with Al and Danny Kavadlo and worked privately with Al on several occasions. ACE-Certified Personal Trainer.

The experience and knowledge shared by the instructors was fantastic, and an added bonus was the general positivity among the group. Lots of friendly people willing to share.

Al shares his knowledge in a non-dogmatic way, and delivers great content, making for a very positive and informative workshop. As usual, the quality was excellent.

It provided a much more open-minded approach to fitness than most instruction. It was not presented as the best or only way, but another option.

Frank Bohne, LaPlata, MD

It was a great experience. I loved meeting all of these great people who care about fitness and wellness. You learn a lot from the instructor and also the students on how to improve our level of fitness and create a more positive way of living. The Kavadlo Brothers keep things simple for everyone to understand.

Very similar and effective in the use for martial arts.

Anthony Briese, Dayton, OH, Occupational Therapy Assistant

Athletic Achievements Served 5 years in the US Air Force.

It's one thing to read books or watch videos but the PCC offered guidance from gifted instructors as well as input from passionate participants that I could not have experienced otherwise.

Very humble and knowledgeable group who provided instruction as well as inspiration and encouragement.

Angelo Grinceri, Hammonton, NJ, Movement Practitioner

Athletic Achievements CAFS

Emily Ledford, Purcellville, VA, Trainer

Athletic Achievements RKC-II Instructor

Learning of regressions/progressions was taken to the next level. Excellent instructors who are heavily skilled in calisthenics.

The quality of the training was the best I have seen. There was always an answer for our questions. The brothers were very approachable with any questions and help was available if there were struggles – without even asking.

I will use this with many of my own clients. The bodyweight exercises are useful from clients that are beginner to advanced.