Praise for the Progressive Calisthenics Certification (PCC) — Encinitas, CA, January 2015

Michael Latch, Los Angeles, CA, Trainer

Athletic Achievements Former owner of Valley CrossFit

I thought it was great, I would recommend it to everyone. Al and Danny were great - the tone of their coaching was much more nurturing than I have experienced in other seminars, and has influenced me to be less intimidated to practice new moves. Beyond my expectations which were already high.

Tito Rogers, Oceanside, CA, US Marine

Athletic Achievements Female MAIT (Martial Arts Instructor Trainer) for US Marines (not civilian qualified), -Hasher

This weekend was by far the most inspirational, motivational, magical weekend. I was nervous coming to this workshop, but the instructors were top notch in their instruction and the team/peers were just motivating and inspiring.

Being able to learn from the best PCC instructors as well as other professional trainers or those who do it for fun. We were able to push each other and build that camaraderie that you don’t get in many other places.

Holy Cow! This team was motivational! The quality and quantity of knowledge was phenomenal. Everyone had tweaks/variations for each technique that while practicing made it easier to visualize and then perform.

By far this has been the best training. A ton of information given in a short amount of time with practical application performed immediately afterwards.

Forest Vance, Sacramento, CA, Trainer / Coach

Athletic Achievements Former pro football player, Masters Degree - Human Movement, Certified Personal Trainer, RKC II

The best, most extensive training in body weight training I have ever taken by far. I have a Masters Degree in Human Movement, over 10 different “certifications” and have been in the industry for over 10 years full time… and I take general in person /courses events every year. This is one of the best courses I have one by far.

Amazing, mind-expanding, and fun training covered. Given me literally years of exercises and progressions to work towards – in my own training, but more importantly with my training clients and training staff at my gym. Also a great encouraging environment and positive experience that I will not forget.

Awesome. Very impressed by the knowledge of the PCC team … and the best part is that they present everything in very practical terms that we can use in every day instruction with our clients.

Great experience with this Dragon Door workshop and love the positive, encouraging coaching direction that you are taking. Top-notch experience class act. Keep it up!

Isaac Hoffman, San Diego, CA, Research Scientist

Athletic Achievements RYT200 Yoga Teacher

Had a fantastic, exhausting weekend connecting with a tremendous group of instructors and burgeoning practitioners of calisthenics. Really enjoyed the camaraderie and relatively free-form approach to picking up, and helping others pickup, so many new moves.

Super high quality, we all come together because of their wealth of experience and skill, and what I experienced was beyond my expectations.

David Rodriquez, Corona, CA, Fire Service

Athletic Achievements Served in the United States Air Force

It was a great experience. Very friendly, and encouraging. The coaches, including Max and John Du Cane were very encouraging, had great advice, lots of knowledge.

Coaches Al Kavadlo and his brother Danny brought a wealth of knowledge but were very humble in providing that knowledge. Not once did I feel like they were showing off; they genuinely want to help people learn about calisthenics. David, Grace and Adrienne were wonderful coaches that offered their own advice and insights. Overall, their energy was contagious and it helped fuel the class.

As a person with a significant disability; I am very cautious about my physical activities. Although I participate in numerous disciplines of fitness, I am very deliberate about what I choose to do as my physical activities. The trust needed to put into coaches and curriculum is extremely high for me, and I felt very comfortable giving myself to this workshop and trusting the coaches and the training. Very grateful that I took the certification workshop and definitely something I will promote to other people with disabilities out there.

Larry Froley, Roseville, CA, Personal Trainer, et al

Athletic Achievements Retired Law Enforcement, but still current peace officer as retired annuitant (40 years total). Personal Trainer (ACE - 10 years), Sports Nutritionist (ISSN - 10 years), FMS Level I, Paddleboard Instructor (WPA, PSUPA, WSUPA) and Instructor Trainer. Special interest in nutrition (working toward MS in nutrition)

Provided me with a tremendous amount of information/understanding of the physical benefits of bodyweight work. Additionally, greatly added to my understanding of the culture of bodyweight work as opposed to the more common contemporary "gym" culture.

Al and Danny are truly a dynamic duo and great personality blend and outstanding knowledge!!! The rest of the team was an outstanding complement to Al and Danny. I can't imagine a better instructional team!

Everything about the PCC workshop was top notch. Probably the best organized and orchestrated training I've ever attended. The quality of instruction was the best ever; what a team!! Loved the training and really loved the staff instructors!!!

Kelly Mack, San Diego, CA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements NASM certified (2013); background training in bodybuilding, circuit and endurance sport. M.A. in Communication Sciences & Disorder (2006).

Great energy from the instructors, assistants and John Du Cane that encourages camaraderie between all participants! Such a supportive environment! All experiences, whether triumphant or unsuccessful were celebrated.

Steve "Sgt Steve" Rosen, Prescott, AZ, Fitness Coach/Trainer

Athletic Achievements Retired Army Veteran (20 year career), Personal Trainer, HKC, Wellness Coach

It was amazing to be around so many talented and caring instructors. I felt each of them wanted me to learn, grow and succeed as much as I do.

Al, Danny and the Team were incredible. Each brought unique talents, skills and methods to the class. Each took the time to help out the students. Each one was approachable and generous with their time and wisdom. Top notch Team!!

I love that they kept it simple and straightforward. I also enjoyed the times we got to work on the moves. Best Fitness Cert I have taken! Well worth the time and money I invested in it!!

John Fletcher, Bali, Indonesia, Health and Fitness Researcher, Next Generational Health Expert

Athletic Achievements Lifetime health and fitness advocate.

Eclectic, high energy, camaraderie environment. Totally living to progress in movement, easy to hard. Invaluable experience. First class training, Super friendly and approachable. Humble – no dumb questions. Simplicity not complex. Encouraging. One word says it all Awesome.

One of the best I have attended. Hands on…I will always recommend Dragon Door, class act. Will attend future certifications.

Gustavo Marquez, Fajarjo, Puerto Rico

It was a great overall experience. Al and Danny have such great insight when it comes to being healthy and truly strong. Their knowledge on the matter was amazing. All the other coaches (instructors) such as Grace, Adrienne and David were great too. This workshop was extremely worth it. I loved it. It was big help to me as a trainer and a calisthenics enthusiast. If I could grade it for me would be an A++

Al’s knowledge goes beyond anything I’ve ever experience before, his way of simplifying explanations and making it easier for everyone to understand was great. I really loved the whole team. Their energy was incredible. They really made me feel really conformable to ask anything without feeling anything negative whatsoever. This whole experience was totally worth it I loved it. I really hope one day I could be as good as Al and his team when it comes to being a trainer.

My experience was so personal. I really felt like they cared about whatever it was I brought to the table. Unlike any other training I’ve done before. Trainers most of the time are demanding teachers and it’s “what they say goes”, not here I loved the group dynamic everybody had something to offer not just the instructors.

I’m really looking forward to anything Dragon Door is going to do in the future.

Graham Calladine, Kirkland, WA, Computer Stuff

Highly valuable experience, not just from the excellent instructors but also from the community of like-minded people attending.

Doug Fioranelli, Belmont, CA, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Gym Owner

Athletic Achievements MA, RKC, RKC II, CSCS, various martial arts

Dragon Door has done it again, taking cutting edge training, organizing it, getting proficient and well organized instructors to package another great training weekend. I refined some skills I previously knew and gained some new skills in how to progress and get better through calisthenics.

Dragon Door ranks the highest, in my mind, for quality workshops. Beyond the impeccable organization the reason is the quality of the instructors. Al was great; he stayed on track and presented the material in a clear and manageable fashion. All of the assistant instructors were really helpful and positive.

Ranks as one of the best in my book. Even with a different training modality other then kettlebells, the same quality and attention to detail were there.

Thank you for another wonderful weekend of learning and improving.

Lynda Swenson, Sacramento, CA, Retired

Athletic Achievements Retired from a law enforcement career with State of CA.

This workshop is an amazing experience! The instructors are skilled listeners and insightful observers. Within a few minutes they can assess an individual and tailor comments and suggestions specific for that person, which can enable them to be successful in a movement or exercises. The instructor team was consistently positive and maintained a class atmosphere geared for acceptance and success of all participants. The skill of the instructors is phenomenal and inspirational.

Beyond comparison! Non-judgmental, invigorating, mentoring.

I believe “teachers” who give to their students are so influential in our lives. It is a gift to teach and give to others your knowledge, your caring and to effect their lives. Al and his teachers take that responsibility seriously and I believe I will feel the impact of their gift the rest of my life.

This was an excellent class and as good as any other course I have taken. I had several “firsts” and break through moments. I have confidence I can still progress in my skills even though my body is aging. I set a simple goal for the class and achieved that goal on day #1. I think this is a phenomenal class. I believe it will be life-changing particularly as I reassess a sustainable exercise program into my 60s and 70s.

Bernardo Dias, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, teacher and personal trainer

Athletic Achievements I’m purple belt jiu jitsu, I made universitybos physical education!! CFL1!!

Progressive Calisthenics experiences was the best workshop that I did. I had a really good time with everyone in this course.

The PCC instructors were really helpful because they have a lot of knowledge in calisthenics moves, and they are so friendly, so I got really helped.

Progressive Calisthenics Certification make easy my work with my clients, because I don’t need anything to work, I just need to use the bodyweight.

I’m really happy right now.

Vernon Douglas, Surrey, BC, Canada, musician, contractor

Athletic Achievements Years of soccer and training by myself.

A very exciting weekend of instruction, sharing, camaraderie and bonding. It was great being in a room full of people that have the same passion for calisthenics as the energy was truly amazing. I can’t wait to put some of the tactics and techniques to use!

I think Al and the team was absolutely amazing. The carful and thoughtful explanation of the techniques did not leave much to question. When questions were raised they were respectfully and thoroughly answered. I also like the reverence they showed towards Coach Wade. It really felt like they were passing on the Coach’s teachings and wisdom. I feel that I was in the right place with the right people.

Russ Demczak, Pittsburgh, PA, Coach

Athletic Achievements CSCS, HKC

A fantastic experience that fostered a positive and high-energy atmosphere that allowed everyone to “raise the bar”! Max Shank was a wonderful, accommodating, and extremely knowledgeable host that really gave PCC Encinitas a very unique and valuable insight or edge, well worth the price of admission. Fun!

Unparalleled. They all bring something unique and valuable based on their personal experiences and those of their clients. Extremely positive and empowering. Lack of ego is refreshing.

With the exception of the other Dragon Door workshops I’ve attended, there is no comparison. The quality of the instructors, the thoroughness of the manuals, and the environment that is fostered are second to none.

Richy Rodriguez, Orange, CA, Installation and Construction

Athletic Achievements Progressive Calisthenics training background

It has been the best certification program that I’ve ever attended. Great instructors = great experience. They presented very practical ways to engage clients and keep their interest.

It was very congruent with my “backyard”-originated routine. I am very pleased with the attention to detail, as I find this to be the absolute most important part I include when training a couple of my friends.

It is as good as it can get (in my eyes). If it keeps progressing I believe it can be the most well-know form of art in the world.

As of now, it is the best program I’ve seen and I’m very lucky to be a part of this movement.

Matt Zaborowski, Scottsdale, AZ, Coach/Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements CSCS, SFG II, FMS, USAW, USATF, CNT, PICP

Exciting, informative, inspirational, and fun weekend learning from some of the best of the best in the world of bodyweight exercises. If you’re new to calisthenics or looking to sharpen your skills, this course is worth the money.

Dynamic, engaging, personable all the way around. No big ego to deal with and never felt discouraged or embarrassed. Quality of knowledge was top notch and all instructors were clearly very experienced yet transparent with their challenges/struggles as well as their success.

Quality of course was great, the layout of the material, scheduling, location, instructors very solid, as good or better than any bodyweight cert or seminar I’ve done.

Scope of material very in-depth, lowest regressions to highest progressions covered as well as where you or clients may fit on that scale.

Practical use very high as most clients I work with can barely do a squat or push up let alone very intense resistance training.

Jerry Madson, Orangevale, CA

First off the PCC confirmed many things that I have learned or experienced myself. I was immediately struck with how seasoned and professional Al and Danny and staff were – established immediate trust.

There was almost too much to absorb, I am so glad I have the manual! There really was an abundance of plethora of information. The experience was absolutely exhilarating and absolutely humbling. I am more challenged leaving then I was when I arrived.

I know Al and Danny have been successful and will continue to be successful because they have the ability to read the energy on each person individually. They have no ego or don’t convey it – non-judging ~ a lot of heart and love.

Scott Cardiff, Antelope, CA, Retired Firefighter

Athletic Achievements Retired Firefighter of 30 plus yrs.

This was a very eye-opening, rewarding experience. Anyone that enjoys working out should take this course.

THIS TEAM IS LEGIT!! Al and Danny have a wonderful philosophy and share it in a way that is awe-inspiring. They enjoy seeing participants reach new bests almost more than the participants themselves. All of the instructors could help you get past sticking points to achieve success.  Ego was never involved with any of the instructors as you might get from so many others.

Lachlan Dee, Maryville, TN, Construction

Athletic Achievements Parkour, climbing

Amazing experience and group atmosphere! Top-notch instructors that are fun and personable! A must for any serious fitness enthusiast or trainer!

Their knowledge was super in depth, yet they didn’t act like know it all’s or rudely at all!

This was by far the most fun and hands on, of any course I’ve taken.

Thanks to all for an epic fitness experience and a bunch of new friends!

Mike Escobar, Sparks, NV, Teacher

Athletic Achievements US Marine 2002-2006, Second degree black belt in a mixed martial arts system, Blue belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu, Certificate in Personal Training received (2014) via ACTION

It was a very fun, information experience. I learned a ton of material in a short amount of time and was guided though the process by some extremely capable, friendly and engaging instructors. The enthusiasm and abilities of everyone at PCC was incredible!

A+. All the instructors are incredibly accessible, down-to-earth individuals. They are passionate about what they do and always eager to help candidates succeed.

Far better. My only other training certification has been an online personal training certification program, and PCC blew it out of the water in terms of how engaged I was and how practical the information we learned was.

Keep up the good work/spreading the word about the value of bodyweight strength training.

Mike Galan, Osaka-shi, Osaka-fu, Japan, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements Pilates Full Certification, DVRT Level 2, Kettlebell instructor

The PCC was an encouraging and nurturing experience. I felt compelled to absorb all feedback from instructors and participants, which in turn pushed me to contribute in kind.

I can’t say enough about how insightful the PCC instructors were. Everyone made themselves available for help and were so encouraging. Never felt a moment of failure even through I was not able to hit every goal I set. Such a foundation on positive attitudes.

The approach to learning and teaching was the greatest thing I got from this seminar hands down felt like a kid the whole time.

In comparison to other training workshops, the PCC set no clear or rigid goals that we had to meet. (Century test aside) the info was abundant, yet very retainable due to the framing.

Alexander Martinez, Carlsbad, CA, Businessman/Attorney

Athletic Achievements FII Level 2 Freediver, Former collegiate varsity athlete

It allowed me to further develop my body weight strength in no other way possible. The combination of instructors and student support and energy allowed me to achieve new personal bests and set a foundation for future advances in my skills.

I thought the quality of training and knowledge was superb. Their passion was infections and the positive environment contributed directly to my many personal best achievements.

The PCC compared favorably with the Freediving Instructors International (FII) training I have received which I hold in very high regard.