Praise for the Progressive Calisthenics Certification (PCC) — Alessandria, , April 2015

Giancarlo Fambrini, Livorno

Incredible, awesome experience. Far beyond what I expected to test.

Inspiration is the most powerful concept that remains in my mind after this 3 days.

The training and knowledge provided by these instructors is unbelievable. In 3 day you can learn things that you don’t have achieved in years of training. I would say that they are more similar to wiseman: they inspire me – thanks guys.

I practiced tons of sports and physical training in my life, but PCC is outstanding. Is right for anyone, it’s good in combination with any other activity and, most of all, it teaches you to have respect of your body.

Thanks to Dragon Door, it makes it possible to know this incredible way to strength to everybody throughout the world.

Giulio Loforese, Bern, PhD Student

Athletic Achievements Ex semi-professional swimmer, running, bodyweight, body building.

  1. It strongly highlights the importance of the whole body engagement.
  2. It helped to go through all the progressive steps which are necessary to achieve advanced skills.
  3. It put me in contact with calisthenics passion people and instructors, happy to share their own quality and experiences.
  4. To discover the importance of being aware of my own weakness points.
  5. It positively challenges me to break physical and mental limits.

An awesome trip in the calisthenics world.

  1. Super open minded instructors, ready to answer and assist me as I need them.
  2. I don’t know how it was possible but they could mange to help and improve the skills of beginner, intermediate and advanced, at the same time.
  3. Was really fantastic to receive the guide book.
  4. Interactivity was one of the best quality of this PCC workshop.
  5. The chance to work (actively) on each moves was discussed during the “theoretical session”.

Top notch team. Each of them provided high quality assistance and discussion.

Daniel Cirilli, Allumiere, Student

Athletic Achievements Judo

It was incredible and really interesting experience, the quality of training is so high and also the quality of teaching. Special thanks for everybody John, Al, Danny and Grace to help us in this fantastic experience.

Paolo Sturiale, Gorizia, Entrepreneur, Musician

Athletic Achievements A couple of years of Krav Maga. Last year I began doing basic calisthenics.

PCC has been the best fitness experience of my life. Coming from a poor sports background and having trained calisthenics for just 9 month, I’ve been able to achieve results that were beyond my expectations.

I knew the PCC was supposed to be en EPIC experience, but being trained by Al, Danny and Grace has been beyond epic. They share their knowledge and help you through all the necessary steps towards achieving your goal.

Luca Nicoletti, Rimini, Strength and conditioning coach

Athletic Achievements Strength and conditioning coach for football and basketball

Awesome. Very high quality, outstanding and humble instructors and with a very open mind.

Gordon Buhagiar, Brussels, Policy Officer

Athletic Achievements Been working out consistently for 10 years.

It was awesome to see the Kavadlo Brothers in action and the have the opportunity to learn from them directly. The PCC was a great learning experience for me and I believe I will continue to benefit from what I’ve learnt during this weekend in the years to come.

Guy Collinson, Lenno, Software developer

The Progressive Calisthenics Certification joined up the dots and crossed the tees about bodyweight training.

Instruction by Al is top notch! He is clear when he explains every aspect and always has useful insights to share. Danny’s enthusiasm is addictive and helped push to do things that may not have been possible otherwise.

PCC was everything I hoped it would be from the quality and breadth of instruction to the way the course was structured and organized.

100% satisfied

Sylvain Rey, Vaud, Lab tech

Huge amount of info, top trainers-instructors, Ultra motivated team, Learn from each other, trainer to student and vice versa.

It’s a top quality service. All 3 are very professional and very kind, they don’t keep secret….  They are human J

With calisthenics the only limit is the imagination. Since you reach a certain level you realize there’s no limit to the adaptability of their method.

It was, by far, my best sports weekend of my life. I do gymnastic for 16 years and never feel the same feeling of being a part of something excellent like the PCC.

Michael Stift, Vienna, IT System Engineer

Athletic Achievements Half Marathon Runner (Best Time 1:49), Crossfitter, Training for Warriors Level 2 Instructor.

They did their best to provide an amazing experience, feel comfortable even if you can’t do every exercise. It doesn’t matter if you are advanced or beginner, you will definitely learn a lot.

Quality was very high level. They accepted other opinions discussed them, and where always open of questions. They were focusing on everybody equally and I had a good feeling.

Fabrizio Grimaldi, Avellino Campania, college student, functional trainer

Athletic Achievements Bodybuilding and fitness trainer, functional trainer, bodyweight enthusiast

TOP CLASS INDIVIDUALS and great human beings. I was a little frustrated but their positivity helped me get myself back together and eventually forgot about the pain. GREAT TEACHING and EVEN BIGGER HEARTS. LOVE YOU GUYS, THANK YOU!!

TOP LEVEL CERTIFICATION in every aspect. You can really perceive all the efforts put behind it.


Chris Symeonides, Nicosia, Nurse

Athletic Achievements Wing Chun Kung Fu

A weekend full of energy and passion-knowledge.

I believe that they already are Masters of Calisthenics. Their patience and their passion for what they do is amazing. I believe that they are great persons and if they stay as good and as humble as they are people are going to love them more and want to learn from them even more.

Juri Ambrosioni, Bergamo, CrossFit Box Owner

Athletic Achievements CrossFit Coach and athlete, Black belt Krav Maga, Blue belt BJJ, Boxer - wrestling background, Ex Extreme sport Athlete

  1. Give me a huge amount of new skills to develop
  2. Make my teaching mythology bigger and more accurate.
  3. Make me grow in the desire to be a better athlete.

Open my mind about bodyweight training. Makes me feel a better person-athlete-coach.

The quality was unbelievable. Really good didatic method, excellent skills, great empathy.

Agostino Rossetti, Grottaminarda, Avellino, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements Quarterback (Salerno Eagles)

An experience every fitness professional has to do. Take care of your client like Al and Danny had take care about me in three days.

The best of the best. Danny is pure powerful. Al really has a Zen approach into his job, I like that so much. Easy and great guys.