Praise for the Progressive Calisthenics Certification (PCC) — Rockwall, TX, May 2015

Steve Horwitz, Rockwall, TX, Chiropractor

Athletic Achievements US Olympic Team Chiropractor 1996, CSCS, CCSP, CKTP, USA Track and Field Level 1, TPI, USA Weightlifting, Triple Bodyweight Deadlift, RKC

First Class! This should become the foundation of all training. Start with and become proficient at body weight training before or at least concurrent with other resistance/conditioning training Al and Danny are great instructors and genuinely nice people. The smiles on their faces when students “got it” say volumes! Like the RKC – tops! More thorough did not leave gaps.

Paul Britt, Rockwall, TX, RKC Team Leader

Athletic Achievements RKC Team Leader, 18 years of law Enforcement, LEO Use of Force trainer, Multiple Blackbelts, Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee, RKCII, Currently Student in Doctor of Chiropractic Program

I found this to be one of the most enjoyable certifications I have ever attended. I learned a lot of incredible skills, but had fun as it was like playing in the playground again. Danny and Al are two very good teachers and really helped me learn some very difficult skills. In doing so, they were encouraging and humble and did not make me feel like that they were superior to me or anyone else. They are awesome. I loved that they gave your positive feedback. I also like that they allowed you to push your comfort levels, but not feel baldy if you didn’t.

Another home run! This is truly the best calisthenics workshop around. It is deep in depth and knowledge.

Rene Grobecker, Albuquerque, NM, Occupational Therapist

Athletic Achievements I'm a marathon (25) & ultra marathon (7) runner-, RKC since March 2014, RKC 2-October 2014, blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Gracie Barra New Mexico. I am an Occupational Therapist in private practice, my speciality is manual techniques (craniosacral, myofacial, nerve, joint mobilization & kinesiotaping)

An amazing experience that challenged me in so many ways – physically, mentally… but was supported throughout to test my limits & often achieve new things I didn’t imagine having the ability to achieve & provided numerous options for any limitations in current skill level to gradually progress toward mastering each skill. Such a wonder experience – I wish it wasn’t over & want to do it again!

The instructors were articulate, well organized & had amazing pride & quality of skill. They have amazing skill levels, but train smart and encouraged others to do the same & think about longevity with cues to check in with your body, mind… very personable and supportive/excited to help us acquire or succeed at new skill.

100% happy. I would come back again and again.

Peggie Larsen, Pierre, SD, Trainer

Athletic Achievements RKC level 1 and 2. Certified personal trainer

The weekend was fun and laidback, but at the same time the learning was intense. The subject matter fun because who doesn’t want to be able to a variety of different movements with just their bodyweight.

Al and Danny have a profound understanding and knowledge base regarding the subject in front of them. They are very personable and want each and every person to understand the curriculum. They are wiling to go out of their way to spend extra time with anyone who needed or wanted it. They listened to everything anyone had to say.

David Rodriguez, Burleson, TX

Athletic Achievements State Powerlifting, USMC

The experience was very worthwhile, exciting, and fun. A definitive workshop for those who want to understand both basic and advanced calisthenics movements and skills.

Al and Danny Kavadlo provided excellent instruction on all matters of bodyweight exercises including Robbie who also had a wealth of knowledge and tips to share.

The workshop was surprisingly taxing on the body but not in any way detrimental to the health of a participant. The subject matter was thorough and all instructors did not lack in both performance of the exercises and the teaching of them.

Castro Gustavo, Guatemala

If I were asked to summarize my experience of the Progressive Calisthenics Certification in a couple of sentences, I would say:

The complete understanding of the foundation exercises for the improvement of the body weight training. The material and contents is vast and complete with detailed explanations easy to understand and put in practice.

Matthew Fuhrman, Austin, TX, Owner of Tao Health & Fitness

The PCC course is by far the biggest bang for your buck both financially and physically. This course is legit!

It’s very obvious that Danny and Al have loth been training for some time. Their skills, knowledge, and care for details fully demonstrate this. I am very happy to have attended and look forward to training with them again in the future.

Top of the line in all categories. I wouldn’t expect anything less from this organization.

Josh "Doc" Brown, Fort Worth, TX, Engineer

Athletic Achievements High School Athlete

I would also say that working closely with more experienced trainers and participants has made the overall experience wonderful. Everyone was willing to help and chime in advice when appropriate.

Manuel Martinez, San Angelo, TX, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements RKC, ACE , NSCA-CPT, USA boxing coach level 1. HKC. Have worked for community health club 21 years, owned by San Angelo community medical center.

Not only did I learn a lot about calisthenics, working with Al & Danny assured me of what an excellent trainer does.

Al is a “Master Trainer” both he and Danny genuinely pay attention, make you feel important. Great to work with two “great” guys.