Praise for the Progressive Calisthenics Certification (PCC) — Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, , June 2015

Renos Panagidis, Limassol, Cyprus, Military

Athletic Achievements Martial Arts, Boxing

It was great experience. Was the best certification I ever had in my life. Al Kavadlo and his team were incredible. They show us the best techniques in the world. And that’s why they are just the best team.

Progressive calisthenics certification is more useful than any another training I ever had. You can workout in any place you are, inside or outside of the house or gym.

Stephen Hughes-Landers, Eastbourne, UK

Fantastic. All of the instructors made me personally feel at home as their laid back style along with the knowledge helped me absorb more as I feel relaxed.

All areas were an incredibly high standard. The interaction between instructors and the group worked better than other courses I’ve been on. Highly recommended. This workshop to me was faultless.

Fitsz Dubova, London, UK, Personal trainer/coach

Athletic Achievements Multiple World Record Holder In Grip Sport

Al and Danny are awesome! I thought it was great, they listened to people thought and took it into mind rather than just say no this is the only way to do it.

There are always things you can learn for anyone regardless of the course they are taking. I personal really enjoyed this course, it wasn’t just about the training they had a really cool way of teaching and I have a lot of respect and time for team. This was in top cat of courses I’ve done!

Callum McDougall, Manchester, UK, Personal Trainer (Retired Prison Service Governor)

Athletic Achievements Played senior rugby union for Currie RFC and Darlington Mowden Park RC. Played representative rugby for Edinburgh District Union, around 1982. !991 - North East of England Weightlifting Champion. I was a competitive sprinter earlier in my sporting life and used to combine this as out of season training for my favored rugby career. l took up Muay Thai at the age of 44 and fought at 48. I started calisthenics training around September 2013.

Simply the most enjoyable course (of any kind) I have ever undertaken. Fantastic! The instructor team were knowledgeable, skilled and very humble. Everyone was afforded respect, no matter their ability or questions asked. First Class.

This was the best course I’ve done by far. Facilities were great and the manual supplied is very comprehensive. I have learned many new progressions/regression that will greatly assist me in future.

Kristian Owen, London, UK, Personal trainer

Athletic Achievements Personal Trainer, Wing Chun instructor under Sifu Garry McKenzie (The Wing Chun School), Kettlebell instructor (Kettlebell Training Academy), Suples Bulgarian Bag instructor, Burn with Kearns MMA Fitness Trainer, Boxing Basics instructor, Dynamax Coach, TRX trainer & TRX Sports Medicine, Animal Flow instructor, The Zuu trainer, Ankorr trainer.

I have to say that I came to the course not really knowing what to expect, both in terms of the course content and with regards to the style and attitude of the organizers and presenters.  I have been blown away by both! From the offset we were all made to feel welcome and the environment was instantly confortable; the hosts, organizers and presenting team were so friendly, helpful and accessible that taking in all the information and achieving personal bests and indeed some first time exercise achievements just seemed to happen naturally. Awesome course!

I have attended many further educations, fitness and certifications courses and this is up in the top three, if not number one. Just the sheer amount of high level, accessible information, presented in away that is fun, easily absorbing and practical, makes it a must for anyone interested in bettering themselves and their clients.

Greg Cornthwaite, London, England, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements Personal Training level 3 certificate

A very well put together and thought out course that way taught in a fun yet professional manner. Everything was descriptive and feedback was always encouraged. I found this to be my favorite one I’ve done. I loved the positive energy of the instructors and the course content was fantastic.

Cuong Hua, London, UK, Trainer

Athletic Achievements CYQ Level 3 Certificate in Personal training, NVQ Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training, CYQ Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing - Gym-Based Exercise, Training background: Calisthenics, football, amateur boxing.

The PCC was excellent. Really fun and enjoyable, taught by teachers with great knowledge who practiced more than they preach!

Quality was good. Scope was excellent, covered many aspects from strength to skill. Very practical, will help me train my clients even better.

Aidan Hamilton, London, GB

Great experience, real energy whole weekend, great chance to meet new people and network. Great to have people from different backgrounds, i.e. yoga to brake dancing. Everyone had different skills sets to bring to the course and different progression.

Mireille Elhajj, London, UK, Consultant

It is enlightening, I learnt so much; it is fun and very professionally delivered.

Great team. Danny and Al compliment each other very nicely. Danny is a pusher while gives clients/students a lot of energy and power. Al breaks the moves down very descriptively and teaches you to be patient.  The ladies are super helpful and take their time analyzing things with you. Adrian is also fantastic, helpful and great fun.

Andrea Breslin, Milton Keynes, UK, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements Tumbler, trampolinist, Figure skater, all a long time ago. Finished my personal training in February this year. Lost 28lb 2 years ago and got to the final of David Lloyd Personal Training Hero as a client.

It has had far more techniques and material in than I expected. There is an encouraging atmosphere rather then a competitive “I am better then anyone else”. Gurus teaching the PCC. All the instructors had a different way – which I loved.

Layla Osselton, Newcastle, UK, Fitness Instructor

Athletic Achievements Boxercise, metafit, Level 2 Fitness Instructor, Level 3 Personal Trainer, Kids Boxercise

One of the best experiences of my life, where I have achieved new skills, made new friends, and learnt new ways to thinking, every single day. Just WOW!!

I feel the results I l have achieved over this 3 days are testament to the quality of the trainers. First clutch flag, pistol squat, archers push up, archers pull up, one arm flex pull up and on it goes. The trainers would give the smallest tip from their bank of knowledge and BOOM you had it. They celebrate every success, encouraged every effort. Spoke like a friend. Encouraged every step of the way. They were never afraid to be honest and show they still find elements of this hard. No egos at all in fact when people share in the group they were praises enormously. Every trainer was superb, all offering different tips, how they improved, how they are still working at it. Totally inspiring trainers each and every one of them. J

PCC outshines any certifications course I have ever taken from the instructor manual, the trainers, the other delegates – nothing else comes close. I have so many new skills, so much new information to take away and I feel like I am part of a new family. The enthusiasm and encouragement has been exceptional leading to PB’s each day. The knowledge for my clients in terms of regression and progression is amazing.

I just want to say Thank you! I came here terrified, feeling like I didn’t belong and whatever happens at the end of today I have had an amazing time with incredible people who inspire.

Emma Colsey-Nicholls, Blackpool, Lancashire, UK, Studio Owner

Athletic Achievements Fitness and pole fitness instructor

Truly amazing experience, receiving World Class training from some of the best and all in an environment that was friendly and supportive. Everyone walked away achieving something new. I have walked away truly inspired to share the love of calisthenics especially encouraging more women to take part. Training was top quality and more then met up to my expectations.

It is simply the best course I have been on in a very long time. So much useable information packed in but never rushed.

Andrew Tunstall, Maryport, Cumbria, UK, Krav Maga Instructor

Athletic Achievements Krav Maga Instructor - Krav Maga Global Level 3 Personal Training, MMA conditioning coach, Level 2 fitness instruction.

Fantastic! I’ve learned new ways of progressing my skills. And through this, got past a number of plateaus that I had hit. I have learned new skills that I’m eager to work on, accomplished some techniques that I didn’t think I could, and I’ve learned how to put this all into practice to teach to others. Plus, I got to meet the legendary Kavadlo Brothers who have been a huge inspiration to me for a long time! This is an experience I won’t forget!

Phenomenal! Whilst each instructor had their own methods to add into the mix, it was very clear, professional and lived up to my expectations.

Exceptionally professional, I can’t fault a single part of the course!

The programming for this course was fantastic. I would love to see a follow up course working with explosive training.

Tracey Vane, Hengrave, Suffolk, UK, Personal Trainer, Sport & Remedial Massage Therapist

Athletic Achievements Completed Dubai & Barcelona marathons & several half marathons, although now an off road Mountain Bike enthusiast. HKC Certified, have used many methods to train throughout my life & career Including Yoga, Crossfit & TRX.

I have been a keen follower of Dragon Door products and certifications since passing my HKC. I expected much and my expectation were exceeded. Both the training and knowledge was amazing – A very big Thank you.

Etch Akhtar, London, UK, Web Developer / Programmer

Athletic Achievements standard gym training, prefer calisthenics than free weights. Went through freeletics last year also. Some yoga included.

This was a weekend I will remember for the rest of my life. Great people with great energy accomplishing great feats using great knowledge shared by the PCC crew.

These guys have been around the block so their knowledge should be respected. There are talkers and there are doers, and these guys practice what they preach.

Ricky Hastings, Kidderminster, UK, personal trainer

Athletic Achievements Level 3 personal trainer, Metafit Coach bodyweight, Represented county in 100m 200m long jump, participated in football rugby thai and boxing.

Definitely 100% the most uplifting and informative and more importantly fun course I have ever been on. It has been a pleasure to work with so many skilled passionate athletes who are so passionate but also so humble and helpful at the same time.

Absolutely brilliant. Al, Danny, Adrian, Adrienne and Grace were all so supportive and did it in a way that was fun and challenging and easy to understand, all done with a smile on their face.

By far the best it was relaxed but challenging – no egos no bullshit just great informative workouts that made me as a 40 year old man become a child again.

I can’t highly recommend how good this course has been it has been like a breath of fresh air.

Michael Lester, Dundee, Angus, UK, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements Sub 90 min half marathon, 3.10:58 Marathon. 1 arm Pushups. Pistol Squats. Strength and Conditioning level 1 and 2 coach.

I enjoyed learning every day of the course and set PRs each day. The tuition and running of the course was excellent and I am returning home with increased knowledge and skills to use with my clients and in my own training.

The knowledge, experience and enthusiasm of the trainers was exceptional – more than any other course I have attended. And it was all from their first hand passion and experience of calisthenics.

The course covered necessarily all aspects of calisthenics and the many progressions and I will be using every technique myself in my own training and the training of my clients.

Nigel Wills, Chelmsford, Essex, UK, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements Level 2 Gym Instructor, Level 3 Advanced Trainer, Business Principles, Emergency First Aid, Exercise Nutrition, Fitness Testing, Group Personal Training, High Intensity Training, Keiser Cycle, Military Workout Trainer, Padwork for PT’s, Suspension Fitness, Triathlon Training

A thoroughly challenging 3 days which took me out of my comfort zone and forced me to either improve me current abilities, and encouraged me to perform new activities for the first time often with great success.

Al’s knowledge is exhaustive and yet he is still seeking to gain more and learn from everyone including his students. He sees in an instant your level of ability and is able to teach or suggest a suitable progression. The whole course is conducted in a very free, inspiring atmosphere and I am so please that I came.

I was really impressed with the ability of my fellow students as this is sometimes lacking on more standard courses. The content, teaching and knowledge was excellent and there is a genuine feeling that you have to work hard to pass and I like that.

A really solid 3-day course. Apart from learning so much, it has also challenged my existing knowledge and practices, and improved my current abilities and skills beyond what I thought possible.

Christian Hyslop, Lincolnshire, GB

The Progressive Calisthenics Certification has helped me gain a better understanding of bodyweight exercise and improved my coaching skills. The course had a great vibe and energy throughout the whole course. The instructors were very knowledgeable and helpful throughout.

I thought Al, Danny and their team consistently demonstrated high levels of quality training and excellent knowledge of calisthenics throughout the course.

It was as good a course that I have done in terms of quality and practical use.

Sam Burrows, London, UK, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements Been a qualified Personal Trainer for just over 1 year and specialize in bodyweight training.

Packed full of energy and enthusiasm. Taught by trainers who genuinely care about helping their students.

They all were extremely approachable and knowledgeable and wanted to help out as mush as possible.

It was by far the best fitness course I’ve been on.

James Mutton, Tyne and Wear, GB

Very fun and friendly experience which helped me achieve exercise I believed I was incapable of doing.

Stephen and Adrian were a great asset to the team with their coaching but also the performing factor as this shows what is possible through calisthenics. Great amount of coaching staff making you get a lot of attention.

Very fun and when you achieve a new move it puts a huge smile on your face!

Extremely good weekend, Thank you very much!

Danny Welch, Deal, UK, Director

Athletic Achievements I have been doing calisthenics for about 6 months

Excellent course. Very well thought through and put together program from start to finish.

Amazing to listen to Al and the whole team, their experience really helped with every aspect of the course I can now go away and practice with confidence that I’m doing it correctly.

Thank you to Dragon Door and Al, Danny and the team for an Amazing course.

Jason Adams, Wokingham, Berkshire, UK, Software Engineer

Athletic Achievements Previously a bronze life saver medallion (swimming), have run several half and full marathon. Currently a keen cyclist and calisthenics practitioner.

Focused and concise calisthenics course for individual and elite athletes alike.

In-depth knowledge expressed in a well-presented and spoken form. Al was accessible throughout, approachable, willing to listen and provide feedback judgment free.

Mark Milward, Cheshire, England, Gym Owner

Athletic Achievements Gym Instructor, Personal Trainer, Shotokan Karate 4th Dan

It was a chance to train and learn from the best with a like-minded group of people.

Very good. Al had an answer for every question asked of him over the weekend. Very approachable and very knowledgeable.

The quality was of a higher standard than previous courses I have taken. The scope of the material was excellent. Basic movements with lots of alternatives.

Practical use very good – lots I can take home with me and work on.

Chris Muir, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, Exercise Specialist

Athletic Achievements Fitness Professional

Crammed full of knowledge and experience on how to get strong and in shape using only your bodyweight.

All the instructors were great and had a huge amount of knowledge/experience that they were happy to share with everyone.

Very high quality. Huge amount of information. Good amount of practical/practice time.

Praise for the Progressive Calisthenics Certification (PCC) — New York, NY, June 2015

Karl Indreeide, Oslo, Norway, Developer

Athletic Achievements Bodyweight-and kettlebell trainer, Ju Jutsu Black Belt, K-9 military service, develops and teaches system for violence management.

Great inspirational experience with plenty of very practical, useable skills and knowledge. Great atmosphere – very friendly and enthusiastic. Right level of intensity –this could have easily been turned into a very competitive event, but were clearly cooperative and inclusive. Excellent range of skills and insights among trainers/assistants/participants.

I am very impressed by the Kavadlo brothers and their team of assistants. They are creating an atmosphere that is very conductive to learning, making sure everybody gets challenged, yet stay safe.  They are clearly fired up yet represent a very balanced view of fitness and training and fitness. The lack of dogma is very refreshing –so are the clear standards..  I got very helpful tips and cues from all the assistants.

I’d say the lack of dogma combined with clear standards is very attractive.

Jeanette Haslett, New York, NY, Emergency Medicine Physician

Athletic Achievements 3-sport athlete in high school. RKC.

A comprehensive and expansive course that challenged me both physically and mentally. It enlightened me to a repertoire of vast training modalities that require very little equipment but can compliment any workout regimen or can be used alone to achieve a strong and fit physique. It was an extremely fun and informative course and I would recommend it to anybody who is interested in bodyweight fitness.

Michael Anderson, Kings Park, NY, Trainer/Nutritionist

Athletic Achievements BS Health Science / Nutrition, AS Food and Nutrition, CPT ACE, HKC, FMS Level 1

A blast! Great coaches and great students! Incredible learning experience!

The quality of training and knowledge of Al is incredible! He is a wonderful trainer and has a special way of making everyone feel great about themselves. Ditto for the team! Every one of the trainers was awesome!!

I have done over a dozen certs, workshops in the last few years. And this was the best one yet! The knowledge and learning aspects were first class but also the fellow students were. That is what put this cert over the top for me! Lots of fun!

I guess the one thing that stands out to me the most is overall experience of the PCC! At this stage of my life I have no time to be around or do things with people who are negative and quite frankly not kind. What led me and my wife to attending the PCC was the great experience we had with Al, Danny and Grace at the workshop in October. It was the kindness and love of their work that hooked us! A lot of people have knowledge, talent, etc., but not many are able to create an environment that can bring the best out of everyone, no matter the level of the individual. The whole team hit a home run at the NYC PCC!!

Steve "Coach Fury" Holiner, Brooklyn, NY, Senior RKC, DVRT Master Chief Instructor, Original Strength Instructor, MFF Fitness Ninja

Athletic Achievements Senior RKC, DVRT Master Chief Instructor, Original Strength Instructor, MFF Fitness Ninja. I've practiced Muay Thai Kickboxing in the past.

This was a fantastic certification. I came in with high expectations and the Kavadlos and the PCC curriculum far exceeded them.

Al and Danny are fantastic. Al’s opening was one of the best I’ve seen. The entire team was awesome. Smart, open minded and approachable people.

This was a fantastic course. The manual itself is GOLD! The PCC was the best bodyweight course I’ve been to in scope and clarity

Jessica Vigliotti, Orange, CT, Molecular Biology Technologist

The PCC is an exceptional certification that provides expert and professional insight into bodyweight training while doing so in a safe and effective manner. Additionally, the sense of community fostered by the instructors, assistants and fellow attendees allows any individual to feel welcome, comfortable, and confident to push themselves beyond their normal comfort zones and challenge themselves in new and different ways.

Al and Danny Kavadlo are bodyweight training masters but what sets them apart from other instructors is that they practice what they preach. They both offer their knowledge and expertise so willingly and they are the first to share their personal training experiences –both what worked and what didn’t they see strength and potential in individuals and lift them up. It’s impossible to feel like anything is impossible if you follow the skills and techniques they teach and then put in the required work.

PCC has surpassed the other fitness certifications I have attended in quality, practical use and the community feel. It’s wonderful to attend a certification that allows you the opportunity to learn without feeling like you are being talked-at or talked-down to

Jonathon Kirk, New York, NY, Engineer

Athletic Achievements Achievements:- National competitor gymnastics (Australia)- Athletics (track & field; Australia)- Elite group course racer (spartan race, warrior dash, tough mudder)- elite stair racer (age 3rd in 2015 Rockefellar race to the top) trail runner..- Co-leader for the Rise NYC grassroots outdoor morning fitness group

Built from the ground up, the PCC takes the foundation exercise and evolves with an emphasis on all round fundamentals of exercise:

  1. The course is fun, interactive and engaging.
  2. Guided and directed with a focus on techniques and the bounds of form.
  3. Opportunity to be inspired wand connected by and with staff and participants – some of the fittest, strongest enthusiastic people in fitness.

Al, Danny and the team provided World Class training and knowledge in this burgeoning area of fitness training. Broad range of disciplines, exercises and novel ways of thinking and approaching specific skills and negotiating hurdles.

Haydn Edwards, Melbourne, Australia, Health and Fitness Business Owner

Athletic Achievements Exercise history: General, various sports, martial arts (kick boxing and kung fu)

A high octane fueled weekend – so much to learn and embrace but in an environment that was conducive to bringing out everyone’s best!

Danny, Al and the rest of the team were excellent. Very knowledgeable with a desire to pass on that knowledge. Then made you feel welcome and part of something. Certainly ‘walked the walk’ and not just talked the talk.

I have taken lots of course/certs and this was right up there! I personally believe this one of my best investments in terms of time, energy and money. The quality of material is off the chart and very much able to go away and apply this to myself and clients training immediately.

Thank you so much to everyone for making the weekend ‘awesome’ :)

Pat Brunetti, Princeton, NJ, Fitness Trainer

Athletic Achievements I've been teaching fitness classes for the past 22 years. Mostly boxing, strength, and tabata type classes.

True professionalism of Al & Danny & their staff. The staff and Al & Danny were always available for assistance and to answer all questions. Simply put true motivation. The training was very through and gave a sense of achievement to the attendees.

The quality of material covered in the short 3 days was extensive yet not over bearing. The same is true with the material covered. As to the practical use of material, being in the business of training, everything covered will in some way be useful both personally and as an instructor & personal trainer.

Julie Briggs, Brooklyn, NY, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements NCCPT Certified Personal Trainer, Animal Flow Instructor, FMS (Functional Movement Screening), NASM CES, TRX Suspension & Sports Medicine, Z-Health Essentials for Elite Performance, Pilates instructor, figure competitor, half marathon runner

It was such a great weekend! So much positive energy from all participants, who were all such skilled and strong athletes in their own unique way. Our collective talents, energy, experiences really made the weekend one to remember. By far the most enjoyable and most fun I’ve had at a fitness certification.

The trainers all contributed greatly to my individual practice by not only being incredibly upbeat, enthusiastic, and encouraging, but also in the nuanced cures and insight, and hands on assistance they provided to help maximize my own mastery and understanding of the movements.

I had a blast! It was so much fun and I made a ton of treat connections of like-minded fitness enthusiasts.

Marcus Chung, Singapore, Singapore, Salon Assistant

Athletic Achievements Calisthenics since Apr 21st 2014

Training like-minded spirits to learn, experiment, attempt calisthenics movements in a safe and conducive sanctuary.

I think the teams really putting in the effort in being positive with each an every student here of all skill levels and that’s very encouraging. It feels’ “open sourced” with no judgment, regardless of our training backgrounds to day jobs. Everything can be applied into everything we do.

The only training I did was in the Army where no one paid attention to form. We just muscled through to get strong or to take punishment. This was the opposite, high quality reps, knowledge, understanding, variations and application were the core practice.

Well, the Kavadlo books, and CC books changed my life. I still kept my training record from 22 April 2014. Keeping myself protein shake free, eating clean, working hard made me a better human being, a better worker in my salon, and a better son. Most of my problems physically, emotionally, spiritually were fixed going through the Dragon Door material. Too much to say here. Thank you.

John Friedlander, New York City, NY, Risk Management

Athletic Achievements A little bit of everything; perpetual beginner.

Very worthwhile/humbling, demanding, fulfilling and enlightening.

The overarching selling point is Al & Danny’s genuine participation, engagement and subjective utilization of the skills they’re teaching. They were beginners, too, and this is where their path led them and a personal journey of skill, experiment, fun, challenge, and lesson for us.

I trust Al & Danny so I was eager to be here.  What was made obvious this weekend is their object open mindedness with PCC – receptive to other styles, skills, personalities and examples of routines from attendees. They don’t stand on ceremony and have a sincerity and accessibility that is built on confidence.

Dejuan Peart, Alberta, Canada, Personal Trainer

I highly recommend the PCC course. They do a great job of breaking down the foundational movements on calisthenics and they do this in a very professional manner. I’m completely satisfied.

I really respect Al Kavadlo and the team that helped at this weekend. They were all knowledgeable and willing to guide and coach through any movement or concern. I love the fact that they respect us as students to movement and not putting themselves on a pedestal. I’m very impressed and will express this to others.

This has been the best course I have taken since becoming a Personal Trainer. I felt it was done well and the material given was of high quality.

Dina Saitis, Avondale, PA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements NASM-CPT, HKC Certified, FMS Certified, Small Group Training Certified

An exciting, informative, extremely educational experience to own ones body through space building strength, flexibility and mobility. Truly a one-of-a-kind experience instructed by two incredibly knowledgeable men with great strength and humility.

Completely impressed by their knowledge, coaching skills, patience, and humility. So very engaging and interesting.

Higher level but with a kindness attached. Have attended a HKC certified through Dragon Door, through the brothers patience and acceptance of all levels felt this certification was empathetic of all fitness levels at each module. Kudos to the Brothers!

Thank you to Al and Danny and the entire PCC crew: Adrienne, Grace, Angelo, George. Each were so very approachable, kind, patient and knowledgeable. Their help in performing exercises was invaluable!!

Kristin Panettieri, Centerport, NY, Certified Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements CPT, HKC

I had a lot of fun! The energy and positive vibe of the instructors and other participants was inspiring. I loved how many women participants there were and how we were treated with the same level of respect as the men. It was empowering to see so many strong fit women and it helped that the environment was non-intimidating and fun!

I found the quality of training and knowledge of Al and his team to be top notch! I liked how the team members also had other areas of expertise that they were able to incorporate into the program. I also loved how they shared their own personal experiences. It was great to see how many variations and interpretations there were on being able to teach basic moves.

I took the HKC certification with Phil Ross this past Fall and had a similar awesome experience. Dragon Door is a very professional and courteous organization that I am proud to be a part of.

Tess Ball, Seattle, WA, Yoga teacher & trainer

Athletic Achievements HKC, NASM, RYT-500

PCC was an all-out inspiring, motivating and practical program that pushed me when I needed it, but encourage me to go slow enough to really soak in what was being presented. The material was clear, empowering and well worth the investment. And being around the most badass people in the industry was really uplifting.

Top notch instructors. Assistants blew my mind just as much as the lead instructors.

Per-Magnus Eliasson, Mullhyttan, Sweden, Dr. of Naprapathy

Athletic Achievements Leader in Military Training, see Competed classic BB 2007, 2010, 2011

A punch at the head – awakening! The future – my decision the world lies in front of me. Great to meet so many different people!

Top Quality. They listen and make us not be here to prestation, and show of how good we are. They rather make us be happy we’re we stand and get energy to come further.

A complete other way to thinking. I’m myself very much into a natural way of living. Working with PCC is natural. You see yourself as a brick in a bigger natural game. Not hurrying for results. More of living it, and therefore see the results come to you. The flowers don’t try to bloom they just do what they are built for. We human beings have to realize we should stop trying to be better. We are perfect when we just accept ourselves in our weakness and live right, with happiness. Then we are able to take us higher in results.

Janice DeAngelis, Northport, NY, Italian/Spanish teacher

Athletic Achievements HKC certification, 200 hour yoga Alliance certification.

Very well thought out. Danny and Al spoke clearly, articulated necessary information and allowed the right amount of time to practice. Organized, well timed, informative and particularly simplified to make the progressions accessible.

Al is a master at adapting any move to a variety of athletic abilities. The team’s passion and enthusiasm for what they do is infectious. They have an amazing ability to make people feel strong and they do it with great big smiles.

Al and his team are immensely positive, sincere and never put any other type of exercise in a negative light. They are inspiring as human beings, because they constantly remind us that we are all students and all teachers. I would eagerly return to any workshop they have.

John Flynn, Queens, NY, Physical Therapist Assistant

Athletic Achievements Certified Selective functional movement assessment. Certified Training for Warriors Instructor Level 1

I personally gained a great deal of knowledge from the instructors and assistants. This was a great experience because this is something that I love and take very seriously. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is serious about getting top notch instruction in bodyweight training.

The quality was second to none. Al Kavadlo and his team went above and beyond to make sure every individual had a great experience.

The quality of this course was great. One of the best courses that I have taken. The practical use for myself and client will be great.

Butch Gidaly, East Chatham, NY, Construction worker

Athletic Achievements Army reserves

A relaxed concise atmosphere of like-minded fitness enthusiasts headed by a team of humble and professional instructors that set the example with patience and dedication and unequalled skills and strength.

Barnone top notch expertise and instructions – helpful cues and different approaches towards attacking the basic and complex exercises and philosophies of fitness.

No comparison: not your cookie cutter program they take into account your strengths and weaknesses and guide you to build upon that and continue the journey.

Again great weekend experience – professional atmosphere all the way – looing forward to a lasting relationship with D.D and continuing the fitness journey regiment.

Brandon Rebich, New York, NY, Student

Athletic Achievements Cross fitter, bodybuilder, high school volleyball and a lifeguard.

So many useful movements fit into 3 days. Great staff and Al really has a way of teaching. PCC is a great base for everything else in the fitness world.

Mike Polito, Poughkeepsie, NY, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements 34 years of Martial Arts. Karate, Kung-Fu, Iaido.

This was a very beneficial seminar for my personal development and as a personal trainer.

Excellent quality instructions Master Instructors Danny and Al were very knowledgeable, they were also very approachable. Never did I feel rushed or given false informant the assistant instructors were all very helpful and kind. This was a very professional run seminar. Very satisfied.

Overall the hands on approach was much better than any college course on physical fitness. I love the fact that it was very straight-forward and non-academic. I did not feel as though I was being lectured to. A very confortable, non formal approach to learning. Love it!

Stephen Clark, West Chester, PA, College Student

Athletic Achievements Premier Personal Training, West Chester Pennsylvania

The PCC is not only an educational experience, but a way to meet like-mined people from all over the world and share knowledge, build relationships, and grow the fitness community.

10/10. I thoroughly enjoyed my entire experience and thought that each trainer had valuable insights that will help me in my training down the road!

Frank Karam, New York, NY, Lawyer

Athletic Achievements RKC Certification and two renewals.

I am inspired to learn and improve. PCC provides the philosophy and the practical knowledge to learn and continue on your journey.

Al (and Danny as well) are true human thinkers. Completely knowledgeable, completely proficient, articulate yet humble and open. He has the characteristics of a true wise master.

Great on its own but it will be very complimentary to my RKC Kettlebell course knowledge.

I have taken several Dragon Door workshops and have always been happy.

Ray Horvath, Union City, NJ, Self Employed

Athletic Achievements Fitness enthusiast

This experience is a must for any calisthenics enthusiast. The workshop taught me a solid foundation which I can use to build and progress.

The quality of the training by far is the best I could’ve imagined. It was a pleasure to train with Al, Danny and the rest of the professional team.

The strength, flexibility, balance used in calisthenics are useful in every day life as compared to any of my previous training methods.

Glenna Lampner, New York, NY, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements CSCS

Making sense of movements and their progressions in a usable way.

The team is remarkable! Everyone is truly welcoming and supportive with a few standouts in this regard Al, Danny, George, Adrienne and Grace. I will not forget Adrienne’s welcoming face when I walked through the door on day 1. Jack Arnow’s short visit was truly inspiring it goes without saying that the whole team did a wonderful job.

Having come from the SFG culture which seems to run with a military style approach I say that this format suits me better. As a fitness professional who has to pay out of pocket for these events it’s essential that I come away with learning (which I very much did). The PCC was informative and offered me useful tools for my own practice as well as my clients. Thank you for not making me feel tested, and anxious the entire time.

Elena Recinos, Guatemala, Guatemala, Fitness Instructor

Athletic Achievements Zumba fitness instructor (Zumba Stephanie, Aqua Zumba, Zumba Toning, Zumba Sentao) Primary group exercise AFFA, AFFA examiner, First Aid and CPR

Calisthenics helped me connect with earth and what surrounds me. PCC is a great way to help you understand how body and progressions works.

For me this was an amazing experience, and everyone on the TEAM is very professional and know how to lead you through every step to make you learn and understand. Thank you

For me it is the best training I’ve ever taken. The material is consistent and easy to understand.

Thank you for giving me the tools to a new way of life and a new adventure. It is hard work but totally worth it and amazing. You are doing a great job!

Jordan Thurston, Fall River, MA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements I have an ACE certification.

The PCC is informative and applicable. Not only is it helpful to my own training, but it is useful in opening one’s perspective on how to train others.

Excellent, each trainer had a different method or perspective, but shared the same fitness philosophy.

Practical use is one area I believe to be above and beyond. The amount of exercises, how to apply them to any fitness level, variations, cueing and proper form is all something I can take away from it and apply immediately.

Nicole Ross, Mahwah, NJ, Student/Martial Arts Instructor

Athletic Achievements I've been training in martial arts for 19 years, since I was 2. I am currently a first degree black belt. In elementary, middle, and high school I competed in Track and Field as well as in martial arts. Over the years I received a number of first and second place trophies for martial arts tournaments. In high school I began training consistently with kettlebells and the summer of 2012 I became HKC certified. The following summer (2013) I became RKC certified, and in April 2014 became an RKC II.

It was simultaneously one of the most rewarding yet humbling experiences of my life. There were certain aspects in which I excelled, which was an incredible feeling. There were also aspects where I faltered and had to confront intense fears. This certification, while I didn’t conquer them helped me to begin to face them.

I learned a LOT this weekend from the entire team of instructors they are all very knowledgeable and feed off of each others energy and knowledge. Everyone was inspiring and supportive. It was a great learning experience.

In terms of quality and scope of material, it was right up there with the RKC I and RKC II I took. In terms of practical use, I find this MORE useful. Not everybody is ready for weight training, and not everybody wants to do it. Calisthenics, however, is applicable to ANYONE!

Jill Miller, Whippany, NJ, Fitness, Nutrition, Lifestyle Coach/Certified Holistic Health Coach

Athletic Achievements HKC, CHHC

The PCC was an amazing weekend of learning and training with other like-minded fitness enthusiasts. I was able to work on and progress skills that I had tried in the past and was also given the opportunity to try new skills and learn the proper technique from the experts.

Al, his brother and all the instructors were amazing and so helpful with all of the progression. Everything was explained in detail and all questions were answered fully.  All of the instructors were very knowledgeable and proficient and were able to give great cues for all exercises.

The PCC was a great course and top notch, as all Dragon Door courses are. It was very thorough and covered all of the basics in great detail. I have only done “one day” training courses so this 3-day PCC weekend was by far the most comprehensive. And, as for as practical use, I will be incorporating all of what we learned into my own training!

Joyce Rondinella, Kennett Square, PA, Horticulturist

Athletic Achievements Yoga teacher training

Amazing community, talented and very professional instructors. Great cueing by the instructors, and very positive reinforcement.

Top notch, very professional. Very helpful, very enthusiastic and encouraging to everyone. Passionate for what they do.

Very well organized. Delivered what was stated in the sign up information.

Advertise it in the Yoga community – a very good marriage of the 2 modalities.

Thank you for your passion dedication and hard work. I can’t wait to master these moves that you taught us/me this weekend.

Marvin Riviere, Spring Valley , NY, Licensed Practical Nurse

My experience of the PCC was great. It was very eye opening.

I think all the trainers were very knowledgeable. Each trainer was unique in their own way.

I think it is different because of the hands on work. I like how the instructors were open to different opinions and material from what the classroom provided.

Juanjo Najera, Guatemala, Guatemala, Fitness Instructor

Athletic Achievements AFAA Primary Group Exercise Certified, Zumba Instructor, 2nd place National half Ironman

Excellent way to start calisthenics, safe and effective. I like PCC more because it had a lot of practice and so much action!

Jason L. Parks, Birmingham, AL, Aspiring Personal Trainer

The PCC was not only informative but a skill builder socially. T allowed me to gain experience in the exercise modules but also in how to quickly build relationships through an encouraging environment.

I felt like each instructor had their own styles and varieties to make an exercise their own. They all were well informed and very encouraging. They never seem to want to stop learning themselves. Truly embodying the desire to always be a student and teacher.

I would discuss how to find out what level a new client is on in terms of programming. Possibly adding more material on what all it entails to become a trainer in the fitness world and some things to sidestep.

Entering a new class can be intimidating but everyone from John to the staff were all smiles and truly seem to have a passion for fitness and teaching, that’s the attitude that makes this something special.

John Sassatelli, Valley Falls, NY, Engineer

It was a heaping helping of humble pie, and the constructive nature of these seminars and exercises will make sure I get better.

Top Notch! It’s a fine balance to be struck between working with a single coach who can learn your strong and weak points and coach you individually. Versus spending time with everyone of staff to leverage their individual expertise.

Mark Britton, Balearic Islands, Spain, S&C Coach / PT

Athletic Achievements REPS Level 3, UKSCA, Past: International Taijiquan and Shaolin Wushu Association

I found the certification very informative. I learned new regressions and progression and broadened my knowledge and understanding of the body and it capabilities.

I enjoyed, I learned, I leave happy. Great people, great enthusiasm.

It was for more practical than most other certs. With great ‘useable’ info. It was less technical then most other certs I have done. I feel that was probably a good thing, on balance.

Luis Berrio, Bronx, NY, NYPD Detective

Athletic Achievements NYPD Detective, 21 yrs. of service.

The PCC certification was a top notch experience in the body weight world. The PCC instructors were very thorough.

Master PCC Al Kavadlo was very informative and had a great attitude, which showed his love for bodyweight training.

Al Kavadlo attitude was infectious down to earth and inspiring.

The material given, PCC manual is a wealth of information I plan to use continuously in my future in training calisthenics. The course was professionally given and thorough from top to bottom.

Giancarlo Gonzalez, Puerto Rico, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements NASM CPT, Black belt traditional Tae Kwon Do, Ex Olympic Rower, MMA, Calisthenics.

The energy that I felt the first day was positive and welcoming. It felt like I was part of the family. The knowledge and wisdom imparted by the staff is gold and top notch.

Master level like the shirts said. The knowledge is priceless no amount of money can do what the Kavadlo’s and the staff showed me today and in the weekend.

Ronald Rhea, Jersey City, NJ, Engineer/ Kettlebell Instructor

The course reinforced the importance of gradually pursuing an objective by taking and mastering incremental steps toward a handstand or lever. Proficiency, and eventually mastery, can only be obtained over time with much practice.

The training was thoughtful, well prepared, and expertly delivered.