Praise for the Progressive Calisthenics Certification (PCC) — Alexandria, VA, July 2015

Daryl Floyd, Rome, GA, Physical Therapist, youth conditioning coach

Athletic Achievements Division 1 basketball scholarship student athlete at Boston University, CSCS, YCS, YSAS, PES, CMT, marathon runner, high school all-state basketball, anchored high school and city record relay team in both the 4x110 and 4x440 yard relays.

My experience of the PCC was enriching, rewarding and inspiring. I was enriched in a way that brought out the best in me as an athlete in this particular athletic skill option. It was rewarding in that it far surpassed the highest of my expectations from a workshop based on calisthenics. It was inspiring in that it showed me not only where I was in my own athletic and knowledge of bodyweight training, but it has inspired me to show me what is possible and what I can achieve in my own quest for self-knowledge


The quality of training and knowledge provided by Al and his team of instructor was superior to any type of physical training I have ever received. There was great care and focus directed toward the prevention of injuries that could have easily occurred with less focused instructors.

You could also see that although Al was very humble and gracious in his presentation and appearance, you know darn well that he has an intensity of focus add determination and “will” that is on the same level as any highly accomplished Olympic athlete or professional “winning” athlete.

The main difference for me in comparing this certification with other forms of training was that the main foundation was based on encouragement and positive reinforcement and genuine support from the instructors as well as fellow students. Far too often many training schools of thought are based on a fear of failure and negative reinforcement and fear of being embarrassed if you failed. This was by far the ideal school of thought and the best way to learn from my stand point.

My intention in coming to the PCC was to step outside of myself and truly into the unknown. I have been a very accomplished athlete in my youth and have accomplished all of my dreams in the athletic realm. Coming to the PCC was my 58th birthday present to myself. I wanted to go deep within myself and see ways to grow and continue to evolve as a human being by accepting and embracing the essence of this truly challenging workshop.

I had a clear understanding that many of the skills and exercises taught lay far beyond my present physical abilities, but the beauty of how the workshop unfolded, for my own inner flame of endless possibilities within myself… ways to continually grow and evolve not only physically, but mentally and spiritually as well.

Willie Daniels Jr., Eglin AFB, FL, USAF

Athletic Achievements Military

This course has been a wonderful experience. From understanding your bodies limits, then taking it to the next level, the boundaries you can overcome are limitless.

Everyone played their role. No one over stepped or challenged the others’ knowledge. There was always an alternative or deeper clarity on a matter, which showed the outstanding support they have amongst themselves.

The quality is wonderful. The basic techniques being taught go a long way. The scope ranges to every individual despite their workout standards. The materials and practically is awesome, easy to grasp and beneficial.

Bradley Sadler, MD, Psychiatrist

Athletic Achievements I'm just an enthusiast :) I have in the past participated in running 5 marathons a number of half marathons. I currently participate in Crossfit and Gymnastics.

It was one of the best fitness experiences I’ve had. Danny & Al are fun, friendly, and open to questions, comment and suggests. They are really engaged with all the athletics in the course.

The instruction was amazing. Energy level was awesome, advice was on point. I unlocked so many skills and the ones I did not achieve I know what I have to do to achieve them. Al and Danny are down to earth, fun and I love the passion, energy, expertise that they provide.

Scott Underdahl, Eglin AFB, FL, EOD Instructor

Athletic Achievements 10 years leading military group PT,ISSA CPT, Currently working toward degree BS Exercise Science

Outstanding!! Very well explained and demonstrated great focus on the students both as a group and individually.

I personally appreciated the group being able to share their extra experiences to enhance others learning was encouraged. All instructors were very helpful and encouraging. I hope it is possible to cross paths with and maybe work with any of the instructors again, truly honored.

Eric Bergmann, New York City, NY, Strength Coach, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements CSCS, FMSC, over 15 years of experience

This experience has profoundly reorganized my perception about what can be achieved with calisthenics. No fitness professional’s literacy is complete without a firm grasp of the skills & concepts provided in this course.

Absolutely first rate. This truly is the premier calisthenics certification in the world. You can see their passion for P.C. and it is infectious.

By far the most fun I’ve had at any course. High quality, appropriate in scope and absolutely practical.

Beth Bergmann, New York City, NY, Fitness Professional

Athletic Achievements Former professional dancer and graduate of Juilliard, Beth has been working as a top tier personal trainer and fitness manager for 10 years. She has been a writer for MOVMNT Magazine and served as Executive Director for Bubble Foundation Ltd; a non-profit that designs fitness and nutrition programming for charter schools. Beth runs Bergmann Fitness with her husband Eric and Dance Repair Shop where they work primarily with injured dancers. Beth is a consultant for Optimal Executive and the American Fitness Institute, loves weight training, kettlebells, kickboxing and cats.

Danny and Al have brought together the best techniques for body weight training and combined them with their vast experience and positive teaching abilities to provide the fitness community an incredibly fun and informative experience.

The big difference here was the positive energy, amount of FUN, and sense of community.

Andy Ung, Poughkeepsie, NY, Business Owner

Athletic Achievements Jeet Kune Do Instructor

I love the energy and motivation of the instructors and students. The workshop was well organized and structure in a way where we are learning yet being able to function. I love the experience.

Al and Danny Kavadlo really know their material. Every instructor was helpful and willing to give tips and tricks to perform the exercise. Great team. It really shows ho knowledgeable they are yet still will to learn.

I was consistently challenged. Finding new ways to improve my technique. PCC is by far one of the best, if not the best training workshop I been to.

Pete Princi, Clifton, VA, High School wrestling, strength and conditioning coach

Athletic Achievements Undergraduate PE degree (1977), former US Marine. Worked in private industry for 30 years and retired in 2010. Currently coach Centreville High School wrestling team.

Very positive experience. Instructors well prepared. Al and Danny very patient and attentive to various levels of strength and mobility.

Al and Danny are obviously experts. Very well prepared and organizes. Agenda was adhered to time.

I’ve done general and 1 one on one session with personality trainers. This was the best I’ve attended. Others were more hype than substance. This had meat to it. The one on one I had was also good but this was at least on par with that.

Jason Bosch, Dawsonville, GA, Shop Manager

Athletic Achievements Martial Arts

The PCC experience was incredible. The teachers, Al and Danny were wonderful and very helpful at teaching advanced calisthenics in an easy to understand way.

Al and Danny Kavadlo were awesome. The other instructors were great too. Everyone was very helpful and generous with their knowledge.

Nicolas Ocampo, Key Biscayne, FL, Student

Athletic Achievements Student

That this weekend subjected me to a group of very focused, motivated individuals who opened my eyes to just how big this movement is and also rekindled my love for bodyweight fitness through seeing everyone else’s love for it.

I felt that Al and his team of instructors were extremely qualified to train/instruct us this weekend. That there are few people on this earth as qualified to teach a bodyweight certification as Al and his team of instructors.

I found that the quality, scope and practicality of the material taught this weekend was like anything else I’ve done before. This material is applicable to any sport and lifestyle (except the unhealthy/inactive ones), as there isn’t a single sport that doesn’t require bodyweight movement.