Praise for the Progressive Calisthenics Certification (PCC) — London, , April 2016

Ian Deeth, Southampton, UK, Teacher

Athletic Achievements Former International 400m Runner.

An enjoyable and exciting three days learning and sharing ideas, understandings and knowledge with fun and passionate people.

Both Al and Danny are approachable, passionate and dedicated to their training and teaching. I love their positive energy. I like the fact they are so humble and keen to take on others’ ideas/try new things out, even on the course.

Beau Wilson, London, UK, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements Basketball Youth National Team, Athletics Youth SE England Athletics, National Youth Rugby Champion 7 & 15 a side.

An incredible immersion into bodyweight training. Covering not only the technical elements but the mental approach that can help to facilitate enthusiasm and thus growth.

Elodie Marques de Oliveira, Huningue, France, PT

Athletic Achievements Circus background (duo acrobatics)

An intense workshop, lead by dedicated trainers who managed to keep the activities challenging but in a physically and emotionally safe environment.

This workshop has by far exceeded my expectations. The energy that Al and Danny put in their presentations was so inspiring! They both clearly have a deep knowledge of their discipline, yet they keep an open mind and were as eager to learn new tips and tricks as we were.

They say “Don’t meet your idols”. I’d say “You can meet Al & Danny, you won’t be disappointed”.

Steve Llewellyn, Birmingham, England, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements Diploma in Personal Training, London Marathon finisher, Two times Tough Mudder finisher, Ultimate Athleticism workshop student

My 3 days at PCC have been amazing as there is a real feel of togetherness and comradery about this course. The teaching is straight talking and of exceptionally high quality. The friendliness made learning easier.

The Coaching and learning experience is very high. The knowledge is vast but put forward in a user friendly way. All questions were answered thoroughly and positively by Al, Danny and the others.

This is the best certification I have ever been to, end of story.

Michelle Steenhuis, London, UK, Coach

A positive and encouraging environment, obviously hosted by passionate individuals in their own right! As a team their knowledge and energy has left me inspired to progress my personal love for calisthenics, but also to keep shinning a bright light letting my passion for fitness to be seen. If I can be half as inspiring to my students as the team were to me this weekend I’ll be a happy, humble lady.

All the team demonstrated great passion for what they do, totally obvious. As was their technical knowledge, describing everything articulately but also kept as simple as possible

More energy and less ego than any other workshop/cert I’ve been on.

I’m proud to be connected to PCC, thank you for the experience. Looking forward to growing with you.

Julien Hofmann, Welwyn, UK, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements NASM certified personal trainer with Kettlebells, suspension and Reformer Pilates certifications.

Extremely skilled and knowledgeable instructors, who are also very approachable & humble, which makes their teaching and communication seamless. Excellent organization (Dragon Door) and amazing venue (Commando Temple, London)

The main difference and advantage compared to other courses was the broader scope with which every subject and part of the workshop was looked at, including the very personal but relevant seminars given by Al & Danny about the fitness industry and not just bodyweight training.

Tyrone Davies, Taff, UK, Health and Safety Manager

Athletic Achievements Kickboxing for most of my life. Won several titles as a kid and as an adult.

An extremely positive course full of enthusiasm, motivation and support,

The whole team was incredibly helpful and supportive. The quality & quantity of advice was outstanding. The course was everything and more than what I was expecting. Everyone was so approachable.

Chris Bennett, London, UK, Manager

Athletic Achievements Triathlon competitor, Marathon Runner, calisthenics fan.

An amazing weekend! Thoroughly enjoyed all of the participants involved in the course, everyone was amazing, enthusiastic, positive and helpful. The staff and trainers were brilliant at filling everyone with confidence and the ability to take on exercises that may have been too difficult in the past. An amazing atmosphere to the whole experience.

They were all amazing, wise, trustworthy, knowledgeable, approachable, friendly and confidence building people. Many thanks to them all for how well they managed the entire weekend.

Above and beyond. Because of my obsession with calisthenics this was a course that I have enjoyed thoroughly and feel that all material & practical use will go along way.

Abdullah Abu-aysheh, Scotland, UK, Master Student

Athletic Achievements I have worked as personal trainer for 10 years. My background is in sport and I have a bachelor degree in sport rehabilitation.

This course opened the door for me to know my body strength and ability more than I thought which means my journey as a callisthenic instructor just began. I believe I will be better from what I am now by more practicing.

I think that both of PCC Instructors are knowledgeable and each one has a different approach and speaking way with the participants. However, this differentiation is making them complement each other. Also, they are polite, have strong attitude. Moreover, their teaching technique is clear and easy.

There is a huge difference in comparing with other training I had before as follow:

         1. I never had a manual like this include a big amount of pages with clear explanation for each movement.

         2. Quality of instructor and supporter is really high.

         3. Practical use was great especially allowing me to practice the exercise not just “saw it and then forget it”.

Great atmosphere and very well organized, well done :)

Jake Manning, London, UK, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements PT diploma, Biomechanics trainer

A very fun few days. Enjoyable workshop with lots of coaches as well as knowledge. I thought the training was fantastic. All the instructors clearly have a very clear understanding of calisthenics and are more than willing to help.

Matt Cusack, Plymouth, UK, Teacher

Athletic Achievements Semi-retired (Now manager) semi-professional footballer.

The most amazing fitness environment that I have worked in. They say time flies when you are having fun. The course was over in a blink.

I hope to go on and inspire others the way you have inspired me. Thank you!

Matt Lovell, Hackney, UK, Elite sport nutritionist

Athletic Achievements A fun, informative, and inspiring weekend. Thorough and self respecting presentations from both trainers. Great Support staff.

A fun, informative, and inspiring weekend. Thorough and self respecting presentations from both trainers. Great Support staff.

Lewis Peek, London, UK, Tree Surgeon

Athletic Achievements Bodyweight training for a few years now. Cycled across America (west to east).

That like the translation of calisthenics is “beautiful strength”, I feel that was PCC. Three days of a beautiful strength experience. With incredible people from all walks of life. Couldn’t be happier with my PCC experience and hope all attendee’s past, present and future loved it as much as I did.

Incredible knowledge of everything taught and more. So much in fact I struggled to ask questions as so informative.

Mark Harrison, Abergavenny, UK, IT

Athletic Achievements TaeKwondo black belt

Very useful, insightful and informative. High quality, encouraged discussion/contribution. Gave coaching when/where needed.

Very enthusiastic and wanted others to develop to get better – wanted to share their love of the practice.

James Hayes, Surrey, UK, Landscape Gardener

Athletic Achievements football, boxing, calisthenics, running, extreme sports.

A very thorough and well put together course criteria mixed with the passion and intensity of its instructors.

I thought Al and Danny and their team of trainers were excellent one to one with their patience, time and knowledge. I always felt I could approach them one to one and ask a question and even better get a great, well thought out answer.

I have learnt some very easy and practical techniques that going forward I hope to teach others and inspire. The techniques taught are of a very high quality.

Gary Mehmet, London, UK, Hotel- Corporate Sales Manager

An inspiring experience with two hugely talented & generous individuals such as Danny & Al has taught me a lot and helped me to think for myself more in working out. No longer will I look out for new workout suggestions in fitness magazines. I now have some valuable tools available to me, which I will use & share with people. Around me to develop my own workouts and workouts for friends and family. Thank you so much Danny & Al.

Mick Heys, Sheffield, UK, Physiotherapist

A fantastic weekend with knowledgeable & enthusiastic tutors but also participants who added to the experience with individual contributions. Everybody approachable with no egos preventing anybody from feeling able to attempt moves & progress to a new level.

Rob Sanders, Essex, UK, Thai boxing instructor

Athletic Achievements Personal trainer, Thai boxing instructor

It is a great and fun course packed full of knowledge that could any one wanting to improve or learn about calisthenics. The team behind the course is great and always there to help.

I thought the quality and knowledge shown by all instructors was amazing. They always had an answer to any question made but was always open to suggestion. The quality was shown by being able to show you a slight change in your form could mean the difference in you actually achieving the more difficult exercises you are trying.

Dan Earthquake, East Midlands, UK, Swimming Instructor

Athletic Achievements Ran all distances from 100metres to 24 hours. 1992 - 1998 Set the South East Deadlift & Squat record for British Drug Free Powerlifting Association 1993 Competitor in UK Strongest Man heats 2000 & 2001. Strongman exhibitions - pushed a few buses, lifted a few cars. 14 Escapology shows in 2002. Qualified lifeguard (indoors & out), Captain of Birmingham Lifeguard Club from 2005 - present. Founder of Survivalifeguard Channel Swimming Club. Have swam a mile in 1.9oC, 2 miles in 3oC & 3 miles in 5oC - one costume, goggles, swim cap. Swam the English Channel 2013 - temperature was 13oC or less - 21 hours, 25 mins. It won the Channel Swimming Association's trophy for the Greatest Feat of Endurance in 2013.

As tough as you can handle, the PCC challenges every participant to engage, excel and exceed expectations. The community spirit + sheer enthusiasm of all made it pure fun.

Al + the team’s enthusiasm makes it easy to develop the right mindset to improve. The style of delivery, the humor + pure love of the discipline shine through the books +blog-being with Al + Danny in person was special.

Al Natrins, West Midlands, UK, Martial Arts Instructor

Athletic Achievements I have trained for six years in krav maga, and have instructed for the last two years with Krav Maga Global. I am also a qualified fitness and personal trainer, with three years experience.

Very inclusive and helpful, both in terms of instructors and fellow attendees. PCC has pushed me in new directions, improved my ability to teach/input/help others. Covering the progressions has helped me reflect on the bigger picture whilst remembering the smaller details. Awesome!

Al Kavadlo & Company were first class. I feel that I’ve learned so much in three short days, the insights provided by the Kavadlo Bros and their team of instructors has been so incredibly useful AND well received.

Everyone has been very down to earth and inclusive. The praise and feedback has been motivational. Thanks!! Keep it going!!

Virginie Hofmann, Welwyn, UK, Contracts & Administration Coordinator

Athletic Achievements Certified Yoga teacher (not active), Level 3 (Reps, UK) Personal trainer (not active).

Gathering people together and sharing different experiences & backgrounds can grow your own knowledge and give you this tiny trick needed to achieve your goals.