Praise for the Progressive Calisthenics Certification (PCC) — Los Angeles (Torrance), CA, May 2016

Jason Renfro, Plano, TX, Independent Contractor

Athletic Achievements Black belt in Pyong Hwa Do

The information I received was priceless. And experiencing the exercises for myself was the best training tool.

I am completely impressed by what I’ve seen and heard during the course of the workshop.

In terms of quality and scope of material, I will be forever grateful.

In terms of practical use, it can be done almost anywhere. Bodyweight training has improved my martial arts training by helping me relax more during certain movements where flow is needed i.e. punching, kicking, kata, manipulation of joints.

Michael Ainis, Long Beach, CA, Coach/Business Owner/Motivational Trainer

Athletic Achievements Spartan SGX Coach, NASM CPT, NASM MMA Conditioning Specialist, Spartan Points Leader 2013/2014

The PCC was the most detailed certification I’ve done so far, yet all the information was explained in practical terms. The course was fun and challenging at the same time. Everyone worked together to bring out the best in each other.

I was blown away by the quality of training/knowledge by Master PCC instructor AL Kavadlo and his team-Danny, David, Annie & Peter. Each one helped me with the different moves in a different way. Each one added additional insight that helped me see another way to work on a particular move/hold. Everyone worked together seamlessly, and no sense of Ego was ever felt by any of the instructors. The years of knowledge that were combined into 3 days was priceless!

This workshop pushed me beyond what I thought I could do – yet I never felt forced. I was encouraged to challenge myself and to rest as needed, I enjoyed the “clinic” style of demonstrations/practice as it broke up the learning and enabled us to work on skills/moves we just learned. The PCC manual was the most detailed bodyweight encyclopedia I’ve ever seen in a weekend seminar!

I think Dragon Door is an amazing avenue/partner for PCC as it ties into the foundation of human movement and I’ll be coming back for my RKC 1!

Jad Farah, Self-employed

Athletic Achievements Rescue Scuba Diver

I basically realized my dream was within the Calisthenics realm and PCC really brought that home. This wasn’t just a course you pay for, finish and get certified. It is about bringing all of us with this passion in calisthenics together as a family and that is an invaluable asset to have in the future.

I could not have been more impressed with the level of knowledge and quality of training provided by everyone. Not only was the training professional detailed, but it was really fun. Sometimes it’s hard to find the right balance between professionalism and enjoyment but Al and the PCC instructors seamlessly do it and you can feel their passion, which only reinforces our own.

Basically the comparison is that at no other training did I really feel engaged and taken care of by the instructors. In PCC you can feel the passion Al, Danny, John, David and the rest of the crew bring to the table and that just makes the experience sublime.

You guys are my idols. I can’t thank you enough or even make you understand how important this course is to me and how it will set the tone for my future in Calisthenics. Love you guys!!

Karnell Matthews, Los Angeles, CA, CrossFit Coach

Extraordinary! The best three days of training and learning I’ve ever had.

This certification was very focused and clear, with working through progressions and regressions that can be immediately implemented in regular training sessions.


Athletic Achievements RKC since 2008, RKC 2, CF-L1 Former Paramedic, figure and fitness competitor.

We all have that innate draw to be a part of a community--something bigger than ourselves, but inclusive and inviting. I feel that both the PCC and RKC communities give that to us. We are all very different people who come from very different backgrounds, experiences and locations – yet we come together to form a bond in a very short period of time because of a similar interest and passion. Always love these weekends.

The course is very well laid out and organized in a manner that is accessible to all levels. Each instructor brought their own experiences, tips, cues, thoughts and backgrounds, FANTASTIC!

Jason Hidalgo, Torrance, CA, Trainer

Athletic Achievements RKC/DVRT/Martial Arts

It was a great experience. The instructors were all very knowledgeable on the subject matter of calisthenics. The demo’s were great and provided a proper level of difficulty.

The instructors were very knowledgeable. There was a good amount of diversity among instructors to give different perspectives.

Michael Garza, Chula Vista, CA, Personal trainer

PCC was an amazing experience that I will recommend to anyone looking to explore bodyweight training. The Kavadlo bros are awesome & the rest of the staff was very helpful, can’t put a price on just being around everyone and learning all I could.

The quality of training is 2nd to none. So clear on everything and broke the complicated stuff down to things I can understand and apply.

It doesn’t compare! PCC and RKC are miles better than any other cert I’ve taken. Love Dragon Door Certs!

Paul Pedersen, Redondo Beach, CA, Sales

Excellent trainers, always looking to assist and give encouragement when needed. What I especially appreciated about the training is their insistence on us finding our own path to the movement.

Clay Coker, Murrieta, CA, Real Estate Broker & Fitness Consultant

Athletic Achievements NASM - CPT / PES, 15+ Years in Fitness Industry Owner /Operator

1.This training certification helped me to see my areas of weakness more clearly and helped to map out progressions to improve.

2.This training helped me to also overcome previous limited areas and set new PR’s

3.Really great instructors made some previously confused points more clear

4.Being at this program in person increased my knowledge and skill level far over what I have from just books and DVDs alone.

5.I learned many new vital steps in progressions which could only be felt by being present at seminar.

This PCC certification was the best experience, with the best group of people out of many seminars & workshops I have attended over the last 20 years.

Great skill and technical knowledge shared in a direct, caring way, without the normal fitness world “ego”. Great Job!

George Chung, Woodinville, WA, Software Developer

Athletic Achievements High school athlete, fitness junkie, SCC

Just totally awesome. I am grateful to the instructors for their caring, passion, sharing, love and knowledge.

A+++! They are passionate about calisthenics and sharing their hard won knowledge with like souls who are starting their journey. Feeling a lot of love and passion. The instruction is top shelf. Just awesome. Special shout out to David, Annie and Peter; They’re great! Love their coaching!

The PCC definitely ranks among the top, if not the top, fitness workshops I’ve attended.

Hubert Carroll, Los Angeles, CA, Visual Effects Artist

Athletic Achievements HKC, RKC Level 01, Animal Flow Level 01 Instructor

Great energy!!! Danny and Al are wonderful, balance of humor and serious. Perfect partners. Annie, Dave and Peter were a great support team!

Master level trainers in every sense of the title. Humble humble humble. The chill & level “ness” of delivery of the information is amazing. Excellent cues during practice helped me to find my weakness and push past it. Instilling confidence in what I was about to do in a particular move. Just overall attitude and joy in the subject material really shined through. Would recommend this team to every one.

I would rank this certification near or even at the top of the list. Just enough of practical work balanced with theory and demonstration.

BIG thank you for all of the work in putting this together. I can’t wait to push higher and get better at the PCC.

Jeremiah Denigan, Nine Mile Falls, WA, Law Enforcement

Athletic Achievements Corrections Officer past 10 years

It was excellent and I learned a lot from the best teachers out there.

Jovanni Lopez, San Diego, CA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements NASM-CPT, USPA Powerlifter

It was a great investment, not only for myself as a personal trainer but being able to discover my capabilities.

Al and the entire team were amazing. They were easy to talk to and ask questions. They were constantly helping the students.

The PCC covered everything I could have hoped for.

Rubén Mendez, Santa Fe, NM, RKC trainer and Movnat Instructor

It was definitely an amazing weekend.

Super amazing crew, very helpful, very informative, great cues, always helping us find the best way to do it. Very inspiring, very motivating

Eric Redd Jr., Los Angeles, CA, Trainer

Athletic Achievements Former College Track Athlete

  1. Opened my eyes and added to my arsenal of progressions and regressions
  2. Also learned many different ways to get to the same place/move.
  3. I now realize more of my clients can benefit from various types of calisthenics.
  4. More ways to incorporate calisthenics into weight training weight training workouts.
  5. Greater personal mastery and re-evaluation and upgrade of my personal training/health/fitness goals.

Eye opening, mind blowing at times but a very challenging yet safe and fun environment. Super motivating and informative.

World class training team who could not only demonstrate all aspects of what we were doing but could verbally communicate it as well.

Jeff Duenez, Ladera Ranch, CA, Telecom Technician

Athletic Achievements 2nd Degree Black Belt, Instructor 7 Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu, KettleBell Training

A truly positive experience in every way. Al and Danny demonstrated their expertise in a precise but in “layman’s” terms way.

I have not received better training at any time than the PCC – The team was exceptional, 10 Gold Stars!

Christian Ferreira, Long Beach, CA, Designer

Athletic Achievements Tough Mudder Finisher., Summited Mt. Whitney.

Great learning experience with a lot of highly motivated people

Great instructors