Praise for the Progressive Calisthenics Certification (PCC) — Sydney, , September 2016

Troy Van Spanje, Sydney, NSW, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements 7 years Semi-Pro Basketball. Weight training for 20 years. Corrective exercise background. FMS, SFMA, PICP Level 1, CHEK level 1

Very well instructed with progressing from the basics of calisthenics to the more advanced. A must for personal trainers and strength coaches to help with unloading of weight exercises to still develop strength and sport specifics.

Al is a master of his craft and his knowledge was exceptional

Cristian Saez, Gembrook, VIC, Sports Nutritionist

Athletic Achievements 10yrs military service, Cert 4 Fitness. Training background in functional training, Crossfit and military fitness.

The PCC provided me with a comprehensive set of skills to enable me to further my own training and the training of others. The course as by far the best course I have done. The practical use of this course is unlimited. I will forever use these skills.

Kristy Hutchinson, Devonport, Tasmania, Gymnastic coach, childcare

Athletic Achievements Training in fitness cert 3, gymnastics coach, Crossfit training, gymnastics body training, Judo, trail running, obstacle course participant

My experience at the PCC was beyond my expectations, the trainers are full of valuable knowledge and happy to help in anyway. They make it fun while doing something they clearly love and make you fall in love with your training all over again.

Definitely by far the most useful training I’ve been to. I would highly recommend this training/certification to anyone interested in calisthenics.

Joel Costello, Sydney, Trainer, Fitness First

A fun and enjoyable way to learn and simplify what are commonly seen as

Difficult exercises that are somewhat unachievable. The group dynamic, seminars and number of instructors on hand has made these difficult exercises seem/become more achievable.

Fantastic. Other courses can have too much theory which becomes boring. This course had the right balance. Really enjoyed every second :)

Cherrine Melamed

Very inspiring, energizing experience that has left me with a profound sense of gratitude, a wealth of learning and excitement to motivate my calisthenics journey An absolute blessing to meet John, Al and Grace – such inspiring people both in personality and technical ability.

Outstanding. I think Al is probably one of the leading lights for me personally – across all of the different disciplines I’ve explored. His teaching in person, both technically and in approach/philosophy is exceptional..

I have done

PCC is best training course in physical exercise I have taken this far.


Ashley ‘Ash’ Vallance, Brisbane, QLD, Personal trainer

Athletic Achievements Amateur Muay Thai fighter 2010-2011, Amateur Bodybuilding 2012 Amateur MMA fighter 2013, Pro MMA fighter 2014, Amateur Bodybuilding 2015 Certifications in: Kettlebells, Boxing, Kickboxing, Sports Nutrition, Weightloss nutrition, Bootcamp instruction, Cycle class instruction

Al and Grace Kavadlo are great teachers, they explained everything well and were always open to questions/suggestions. It was all broken down very simplistic, making all the information easy to understand.

The quality of the training was top notch. I love the amount of practical exercise time given to try each new movement.

Best course I’ve ever done, no boring moments, plenty of practical exercise time. Material can be use practically for every fitness and or skill level.

Liam Butler, Mackay, Queensland, Diesel Mechanic

This whole experience has been absolutely amazing, meeting so many like-minded individuals while walking away with a wealth of knowledge to put into practice.

The PCC has outlined where I am in skill and mentality but has provided me with the necessary tools to improve these skills.

The training and knowledge was of the highest quality with excellent explanations of knowledge.

Stephen Kiely, Jamisontown, NSW, Coach

Athletic Achievements Powerlifter, strongman

Complex movements that seemed well out of my reach now are at least visible and feel more attainable. The different thoughts and styles blended brilliantly, keeping the same direction with different perspectives.

This and my HKC have been the most thorough and educational courses I have been through.

Dimitry Dezhurov

It is the best fitness related seminar I have personally attended. Lots of information is combined perfectly with extensive practice sessions. It brings people together, working many new contacts around the industry.

Great and fantastic team of instructors. Everyone made this seminar memorable, full of positive emotions and packed with knowledge. I am happy to be a part of this course and meet some of the best professionals in calisthenics world.

Stephen “Johno” Gaillard, Brisbane, Queensland, Sign writer, Fitness trainer

Athletic Achievements 14 years Traditional Kung Fu, Southern Mantis, 6 years Bar calisthenics, Certificate 3 in Fitness

Being in calisthenics for many years it was awesome to be in a like-minded environment.

Deanna Barbaschow

It was an awesome experience with great trainers who always helped in any way they could. It was also the encouragement and support from others that pushed you to help achieve your goals. I would definitely recommend anyone to give progressive calisthenics a go as it is a very useful way of training adding different variety to your training program.

The Knowledge was exceptional and I have learnt have to put into practice and be more aware of my body movements in using body weight training. The breakdown and demonstration were exceptional and have leant so much from this course on bodyweight training that I have struggled with in the past or seen things that I have wanted to try.

It is the best course that I have done. The material and content was presented very well with great enthusiasm. It was a lot of hands on which is always the best way of learning but also a good breakdown on bodyweight moves.

It was everything I expected and more.

Mark Solomon, Sydney, Lifestyle and movement coach

Athletic Achievements CHEK Exercise Coach, HKC, Stretch Therapy Teacher, FMS

A really great experience. Sharing my passion with like-minded individuals was fantastic. Learning from the best in the business strengthens my love for the path in which I have taken.

You pick up on passion and Dragon Door has an abundance of it. Beautiful people sharing their passion creates an awesome environment to improve yours and your clients lives.

Fantastic amount of information. Keep doing what you’re doing John, you’ve created a wonderful company and following. Truly creating a better humanity.

Nicholas O’Donnell, Windsor, Queensland, Group fitness instructor

Athletic Achievements Bodyweight, functional strength and outdoor training. Cert 3 and 4 in fitness.

Al and the PCC team explain exercises really well. They used great examples to better help you understand the movement. This was really helpful to learn and then employ in practice. Not only that but just doing PCC was a lot of fun.

I have only completed my Cert 3 + 4 in fitness, however this course was already more in depth and interesting then either cert 3 or 4.

Michelle Alexander, Penrith, NSW, , Yoga and Stretch Studio Owner

Athletic Achievements Yoga Studio owner, Stretch Therapy, HKC certification, Holistic Lifestyle Coaching certification

The PCC course provides the technical knowledge on how to perform movements. But more importantly, the group environment and encouragement drives you to achieve beyond what you would normally.

The quality of knowledge was fantastic. All instructors not only had their own knowledge but also welcomed varying approaches and ways to do things. The level of enthusiasm and encouragement from the instructors was great.

PCC has been one of the most enjoyable courses I have done. The information provided in person and in the manual are the most detailed I have received for such a short course.

Cain Louis Holgate, Canberra, ACT, Primary School Teacher

Athletic Achievements B-Boy and part of Floor Pirates Crew and have been practising Calisthenics for about 3 years

The PCC was an informative, positive and rewarding experience. I gained new knowledge, improved my fitness/health/strength and made new friendships. Attending the PCC inspired my love for calisthenics and has ignited a flame to keep striving to be the best I can.

The quality of training provided was exceptional. Al is a very humble, caring and knowledgeable individual. He wants people to improve and get better, he does his utmost best to make this happen. He is an exceptional instructor. The PCC team was equally as good. They were extremely helpful and friendly and were always ready to provide assistance when necessary.

Nick Lee, Boronia, VIC, IT consultant

I walked in with very little knowledge or practice of calisthenics, I walked out with knowledge, experience and friendships! Anyone with interest should try this, you might surprise yourself.

Al and Grace are pretty perfect when it comes to instructing. They really know their stuff because they have been there and learned it too. They are super friendly and happy and it’s contagious. The other PCC guys were also great. Very patient, helpful and knowledge.

Jared Weston, Miranda, NSW, Civil foreman

Athletic Achievements Professional MMA fighter. Rock climber and lover of all movement.

Very good guidance of increasing knowledge in acquiring the skills needed to progress. The quality of training was awesome. With every question asked there was a direct and thorough answer. The instruction of both physical and verbal were superior to those of pasts courses I’ve attended.

It covered all bases from total beginner to super advanced.

Natalie Kovago, Everton Hills, QLD, Outdoor Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor

Athletic Achievements Semi-pro basketball, Cert 3 & 4 Fitness.

Perfect combination of practical and theoretical content to allow us to really experience progressive calisthenics and understand it to the point where we can teach others effectively. Also a great opportunity to connect with & learn from like-minded people.

The team of trainers had a really wide base of knowledge and experience and they really complimented each other well. The presentation of information was clear and concise and also very entertaining and interesting.

Compared to my Cert 3 & 4, This course was so much more useful. The practical applications are excellent and I feel like I can go away and teach others with confidence.

Andrew Tudor

Fantastic experience, solid three days and understanding of basic and advanced movements in calisthenics! And be prepared to hit some PR’s.

All the instructors were great and each had their individual coaching styles which worked well with each other.

Fantastic workshop, great presenters, lovely atmosphere and would highly recommend it to friends, family and other trainers in the industry looking to add more tools to their belt.

Ben Gunsberger, Paddington, NSW, CEO

Athletic Achievements Have been training with calisthenics for about 4 years, run regular half-marathons.

A terrific, inspiring weekend surrounded by people with differing abilities but the same interest in strength and personal achievement. The focus is on self-advancement, not competiveness

I was impressed with the knowledge and enthusiasm of the whole team. They were always available for questions and supportive of people at all skill levels.

This was the first training I’ve taken in physical exercise. As someone who is not a fitness professional, I thought the course was aimed broadly enough to not alienate people who are interested in calisthenics for recreation.

Brock Martin, Cobar, NSW, Personal Trainer/Electrician

Athletic Achievements Certificates: Cert 3 Gym Instruction, Cert IV Personal Training Training Background: Rugby, Power-lifting & mountaineering/alpinism

Being able to mix & learn from like-minded individuals has been an amazing experience. It was great to be at a student level again & discovery how to move/position the body for movements. The quality of training was amazing!

PCC is completely new and stands out as opposed to other forms of training I’ve undertaken. The manual has an amazing amount of information and to top it off instructors are a wealth of knowledge and master of their work.

Andy Quick, Mount Coolum, QLD, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements Functional movement focus, background includes climbing, hiking, various sports and the State Emergency Service

An amazing weekend to learn and grow in my practice, with great instructors and fantastic co-participants.

They were all excellent! To have everyone travel in was kind of inspiring and re-informs the strength and commitment of the calisthenics community.

In terms of practical application, it was definitely the best course I’ve done. Detailed instructions and feedback allowed me to achieve several skills for the first time.

Tamas Finta, Oxenford, QLD, Trainer

Athletic Achievements RKC, FMS, OS

Al is a master of his trade. His presentation and demonstrations were great, explanations were clear. This team has given us great little tips.

Great material, quality delivery. It was the most relaxed and light-hearted course I have done and it was ok because bodyweight training is supposed to be fun.

Christopher Nixon

It was on awesome experience which brought calisthenics enthusiasts from Australia together to learn from on another under the guidance of Al, a celebrity within the calisthenics world.

Al and the PCC instructors possessed a wealth of knowledge in which they were easily able to answer any of my questions in regards to calisthenics. Best course in fitness I have ever attended!!! Best instructors in regards to experience within the industry.

Angelo Quinones

Definitely at the highest caliber. Great exercise workbook manual.

Warren “Wazza” House, South Golden Beach, NSW, Sales Manager

My experience was very enlightening and uplifting. Well delivered, exciting and enthusiastic. Extensive knowledge and examples. Very helpful and approachable. Learning from the best.

Benjamin Winch, Melbourne, Victoria, Police officer

Athletic Achievements Bodyweight, kettlebells, training in Kung Fu

Awesome! Tough but great culture and personalities, FUN!

Brendan Jayo, NORTH MACKAY, QLD, Communications technician

Athletic Achievements Primarily training in calisthenics, previous history training in boxing and muay thai. Also trained some yoga and GMB movement programmes. Certificate 3 in fitness.

It was a lot of fun with some awesome people who were capable of amazing things, amazing trainers with such a wide and varied knowledge base on the art form of calisthenics.

I found the team to be extremely friendly, very knowledgeable and so well versed in training us but also open to become the student and learn from us also.

This is my first fitness based course but I think any other course after this one will need to be ultimately amazing to convince me that it can be better than this.

Tim Anglesea, Horsley, New South Wales, Linesman

Athletic Achievements Cert 4 personal trainer, Total body integration training

Great fun with a great group of people. The energy in the room feeds you. Everyone is here to help you from the instructors to the people you train with. Very knowledgeable people to work with. Lots of smiles, lots of high Fives.

Best by far, the most fun. It’s not just sit here and listen to what I tell you, it is all hands on.

Matthew Dodd, Southside, Queensland, Teacher

Athletic Achievements Cert 3 & 4 Fitness, 1st Degree Black belt International Hapkido, Bachelor of Learning Mangement, TACFIT field instructor Level 1, Flowfit level 1

I found the PCC very enjoyable and friendly workshop. Al and Grace’s auras melted away any egos. They produced a friendly and highly productive training environment without being drill segments.

Henrik Ekstrom, Fairlight, NSW, Management Consultant, Finance

Athletic Achievements Tae Kwon Do, Krav Maga, Muay Thai, RKC

Great help to progress my own performance through cues and the use of progression. Focus on technique which is great to develop skills. Instructors are great motivators and help you create momentum in learning that you can take home with you.

Insight and knowledge is very high. Also ability to create a great atmosphere is incredible even as people are tired and worked hard. Awesome!’

Similar in feel to the RKC. Easier in a sense there is less exhausting cardio but harder as it is more strength.

Ash Price

Amazing opportunity to learn from an experienced community who are extremely passionate in their field

Very easy going and uplifting atmosphere promoted by the PCC team, made for an enjoyable experience. Team were easy to approach and willing to help/offer experience.

PCC manual alone is an outstanding resource worth registering for.

Larry Quiroga, Brunswick West, Victoria, Personal Trainer; Junior Soccer Coach

Athletic Achievements Iron Edge Kettlebell Certification Level 2, PunchFit Boxing, Animal Flow Level 1 Course, AFC Advanced Coaching C License

A very welcoming and related environment that was perfect to allow us to learn from the teachers and our peers. I came out feeling challenged and positive about my calisthenics journey ahead.

All showed they were very knowledgeable in their field. I appreciated and enjoyed their enthusiasm and how they were able to articulate what they wanted to teach. I also like the fact that they were all humble and open to learning from the students too.

I also really enjoyed how Al provided his advice on how personal trainers can approach this type of work. His speeches were actually quite absorbing and at times inspiring.

I appreciated that we didn’t just work of a book but in particular the order of the exercises taught over 2 days was practical and better than some other courses.