Praise for the Progressive Calisthenics Certification (PCC) — New York City, NY, January 2017

Joshua Teves, Jersey City, NJ, Strength Coach/Trainer

Athletic Achievements Filipino Martial Arts World Champion

PCC opened my eyes to what the limits of the human body is capable of. Not only that, those limits can be reached to the general population, as well as myself. It is a great system that can help any person’s goal; whether it be a competitive or recreational goal.

Al Kavadlo, Danny Kavadlo, Angelo Grinceri, Annie Vo and Grace Kavadlo gave masterful and insightful instruction throughout the weekend They were all attentive and encouraging with their knowledge and experience. Their positivity made this cert an unforgettable experience

This course benefits and supplements my current realm of training in strength and athletics. My style of powerlifting, kettlebells and sports training will improve with the concepts of the PCC.

Thank you, John Du Cane for your presence and organization during this weekend. It is a moment I will enjoy sharing about to other people. Looking forward to future encounters with you and the Dragon Door team.

Jenn Burke, San Francisco, CA, Director of Education, PTE Crunch Fitness

Al, Danny and the rest of the progressive calisthenics team are incredible at breaking down even the most complex bodyweight moves into easily digestible pieces. The Cert is a definite must for all trainers and anyone really looking to master their own body. Al and Danny are genuinely in the business to help others be better and it really is super inspiring!

The Certification has been one of the top levels of education in the fitness industry that I have attended.

Michelle Infante, Cold Spring, KY, Fitness Director and Trainer

Athletic Achievements RKC, ACSM Personal Trainer, TRX Certified, Balanced Body Barre, Mat Pilates and Reformer, YogaFit

It’s a game changer in terms of how to program for any level client – from deconditioned to adult athlete. All moves are accessible through regression.

They have taken years of bodyweight knowledge and experience and boiled it down to a full weekend of informative fun! It’s real, applicable B.W. moves that anybody can (and should) start doing today.

Similar to RKC – High quality, perfect blend of lectured information, demo and experimentation with the moves that were presented. Other than RKC there is no comparison – after 25 years in the fitness industry no other training even compares!

Wonderful weekend, great unity, positive environment.

Brittany Gianino, Island Park, NY, Fitness Manager

Athletic Achievements 3rd degree black belt in Kajukenbo and Kempo Practitioner in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, 5-1 in kickboxing, amateur world champion and NYS champion, NASM Certified CPT, PES, WLS, YES

The PCC, Kavadlo Brothers and amazing instructors have educated me in exercises and movements I THOUGHT I was doing correctly and showed me how OUT of touch I was with my own body. They have pushed me passed hidden feats, and broadened my horizons, so the only way I can go from here is UP!

Both Al and Danny’s seminars have inspired, enlightened and awoken me – spiritually, mentally and physically that I feel like not only can I change lives, but I can take on any obstacle a head of me.

There aren’t enough words in this world to express the incredible knowledge and positivity of the entire PCC team. And the personal effect they have had on me this weekend. They are encouraging, empowering and in plain English – BAD ASS!

Every seminar and certification I have taken up until this point has gone by in a second. Felt like babble, overly complicated material. The PCC has felt like the most rewarding fun vacation. I feel like I have been brought back to my roots so I can now push forward to a more successful fitness future!

Matthew Kasumovic, Burlington, Ontario

Athletic Achievements Current PCC Instructor, returning for re-certification. I have a martial arts background in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Capoeira. Calisthenics enthusiast and aspiring trainer, educator, and social media personality. Certified trainer with Canfitpro.

It was a very positive, empowering, and educational experience. It is an excellent way to bring people from different walks of life, with different aspirations and goals, together under the common thread of calisthenics.

It is truly a gift to meet so many likeminded people. This is my second PCC and the main reason I attended.

Overall instruction was excellent. There were always opportunities to ask questions, offer ideas, or provide feedback. The principles were thoroughly addressed and reiterated if necessary. From my first PCC, there has definitely been improvement in the instruction, demonstration, and addressing subtleties that might not be apparent right away.

The PCC is comprehensive and engaging. Where I feel it excels, is encouraging engagement between participants and maintaining a positive energy. It does well in tying the theory and practice back to actual scenarios that can be used on the job.

I really liked the emphasis on maintaining high standards – something I noticed more of this second time around.

I feel it was well-worth re-certifying and attending a second PCC.

Martin Dubovic, Everett, MA, Director of Healthy Living (Fitness Director) at YMCA

Athletic Achievements Intermediate Level Bar Athlete.

The PCC is an amazing workshop that has something to offer to everyone. I was surrounded by a room full of people of various training backgrounds, age ranges, ethnic backgrounds and ability levels –and we all learned from not only the wonderful PCC instructors but also each other. I’m so grateful for this experience.

Al and Danny really are Masters of their craft. They know how to take intimidating concepts and explain them in such a way that everyone can digest them. The other instructors were great as well. Positive vibes and energy all around.


Shaun Herr, Liverpool, United Kingdom, Personal Trainer

I had the opportunity to learn way more than I expected from expert instructors. It was great to have the chance to learn and train with people as interested in calisthenics as I am.  And I know I’ll be keeping in touch with all of these new friends I’ve made too.

In terms of my own areas of interest, it’s a very holistic approach to training. It’s been second to none. The focus on body awareness in broad (almost metaphysical) terms was matched and linked greatly with the scientific and technical aspects. The scope was massive. The textbook itself contains so much, plus I made my own notes too.

Alexandra Redelico, New York, NY, Trainer/Dancer

Athletic Achievements ACE, TRX certified

One of the best certs I’ve ever taken, because of the people involved, the curriculum covered, and the memories made. I will truly be a better trainer and practitioner because of PCC.

The instructors had such vast knowledge and experience. I appreciate so much how hands on they are, and how much they wanted each of us to succeed. They were just as excited about our progress as we were. Incredible group. I feel so grateful to know them and hope to run into them all again soon. SUCH a great weekend!!!

In general, calisthenics are more easily applicable in everyday life because you don’t need equipment. That was proven on an insane level, and I feel stronger than ever after only a few days of practicing.

I loved the openness in sharing stories and experiences.

Steven Opalenik, Springfield, MA, Mental Health Counselor

It was 10X more fun, supportive and invigorating than any blockbuster movie, video game or festivity out there. It held my constant attention even when my body was tired and sore.

The instructors were amazing. Their love, passion and energy for calisthenics showed through with each bit of information and support they provided. They were very caring and nice, humorous and approachable. Their knowledge was superb and contagious.

It was a supreme pleasure to meet and spend time with all instructors, and be able to pick their brains. It was also extremely great to meet other people who love calisthenics as much, in fact more, than myself.

Lawrence Serrahn

Educational and fun experience. Excellent presenters, with no egos. Makes ideal environment for learning. Quality instruction.

I like that we were given a very information-filled book. There is only so much you can absorb in a weekend, but the book has years of knowledge to access. Star studded which makes people want to come. Having the owner of the company here the entire 3 days to me says a lot about what Dragon Door stands for and its pursuit to continually improve. Money well spent. Thank you!

Peter Blair

It has been far and away the best certification I have taken to date. All the coaches teach in simplistic terms and make what are really quite complicated movements easy to understand. Additionally, all the coaches’ cues, optimism, and genuine love and passion come through to you on a personal level.

The quality of the teaching was incredibly easy to understand. Their knowledge of the progressions and regressions along with the coaching cues made complex movements attainable or gave you the knowledge base to attain it in the future.

I felt like I truly was part of the family.

Dean de Luna, New York, NY, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements TRX, BFA in Dance, Kettlebell Certified

The PCC was extremely helpful in understanding how to cue and practice the movement myself. I love how we must try and work to understand the movement so it’s easier to convey to our clients and our own personal bodies.

This is my second workshop ever and I thought it was incredible! No other course can compare! The bar has been set! AMAZING! So grateful to have learned from incredible people and team!

Eric McClain, Bronx, NY, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements ACE certified

The PCC was a wonderful, heart-warming experience. The Kavadlo brothers, along with the other PCC Team Leaders were extremely friendly, approachable, lively, and encouraging as they shared their knowledge with us. It set up an environment as we all made progressions in our fitness.

Anthony Steward, Jr., Bronx, NY, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements ACE Certified

The quality of training/knowledge is only surpassed by the team’s passion. I truly was able to see how Al’s practice has affected his approach as a quality person.

PCC is one of the top tier certifications – without a doubt. There was a lot to take away, and it was presented in a way that was easy to digest.

John Thompson, New York, NY, Personal Trainer

PCC is an amazing course, the Kavadlo brothers not only are the most knowledgeable instructors, but they bring the passion and energy to keep you engaged and making progress.

Marlon Taduran, Jersey City, NJ, Personal Trainer

The 3-day weekend course was very a humbling experience coming from someone who practices a lot of heavy lifting. Some of the exercises and their progressions were tough due to their prerequisite mobility and it is something that I need to constantly work on in order to get better. Overall, it’s a solid course with tons of information that anyone can really benefit from incorporating some of the exercises, if not all, in their training regime.

The whole team showed a great skill in showmanship, but also able to show the proper progression/regression for someone to go through in achieving the exercise. Each and everyone made me feel that it is okay to fail at first try, and try again and then achieve the progression with a cue or technique.

Patrick Walsh, Bronx, NY, Fitness Manager

A very well thought out program delivered with incredible energy in an incredibly nurturing and positive environment making the most elusive skill accessibly to a beginner while allowing for a fresh challenge to the most seasoned bodyweight athlete. I’d say the best cert I’ve taken, but this course stands above as something singularly unique unto itself.

This offers a wealth of opportunity to change the way we look at fitness, strength and its application, I look forward to mastering this vessel and these fun, challenging physical discipline.

Patrick Barry, Rutherford, NJ, Personal Trainer

One of the most informative certs I’ve ever taken. Every staff member was very knowledgeable and made sure everybody understood the material.

The demonstrations of these bodyweight movements were very detailed and explained perfectly.

Luc Bernado, Brooklyn, NY, Personal Trainer

It was a knowledgeable stress, fun-filled environment to learn and meet new people who are like minded and passionate about their fitness journey.

They were unique in their own right of communication, demonstration, explanation on how to execute, cool jokes and enthusiastic energy while assimilating loads of knowledge which was easy to absorb due to their simplicity and organizational skills.

The class was excellent! I will definitely recommend it to others.

Kyle James, Bermuda, Investments Manager

Very exciting and refreshing to see this unique perspective of training. Although I am fit, strong, and able, my body was still pushed to its limit as technique and precision challenged my body in new ways.

I thought that the quality was very high. The instructors were very easy to relate to even with their ability being so great. The vibe was very inclusive and made me feel that each of my goals were very much attainable. Great team!

Jake Bonsignore, Mulberry, FL, Claims Examiner

This has been an outstanding, amazing experience. I have had a great time with great friends, great mentors, and great training. It was easily the highlight of my progressive calisthenics career.

Al and his team of instructors are incredible trainers and mentors. They are knowledgeable, relatable, and the reason I attended PCC. Ten out of ten stars, hands down.

Fabio Vassallo, Puerto Rico, Student

Athletic Achievements Crossfit level 1 trainer certificate, Crossfit weightlifting certificate

It’s a very fun approach to learn new challenging things for yourself and your clients. There are infinite possibilities for every person and anyone can benefit from it.

The team of instructors are very knowledgeable. The good thing is they go from the simplest exercises to the toughest and they look for every person’s weak point and help them get that exercises no matter the problem even if it means going back to basics they find the best progressions to suit your needs.

Alex Boianghu, Warren, CT, Psychotherapist

Superb – Al and his team are humble, enthusiastic, practical, and live the life they extol to us. Calisthenics is a way of life – they beautifully modeled that for us. In additional they empowered each one of us to own our experience and become experts to ourselves ☺

Freddy Sanchez, Hoboken, NJ, Strength Coach

Athletic Achievements NASM, CSFC, FMS 1 and 2, CCC, NASM CES

No stone was left unturned. I was able to understand the true meaning of Progressive Calisthenics. They are incredibly knowledgeable people. Al and Danny complement each other and that’s what makes this interesting. Years of training is well recognized.