Praise for the Progressive Calisthenics Certification (PCC) — Mountain View, CA, February 2017

Nick Collias, Boise, Idaho, Writer/editor

Athletic Achievements RKC

The PCC is a fascinating blend of instruction and experiential immersion, and the enthusiasm the participants brought to the proceedings was warranted and rewarded.

I learned several valuable ways in which these fundamental exercises support one another, giving me numerous options for double and triple progression programming. I learned a number of valuable “hidden steps” to explore in my training, teaching and article generation.

Al, Danny and Grace are the perfect ambassadors for this curriculum, as shown by the number of people who came specifically to be with, train with and learn from them in person. “Kamp Kavadlo”, as I have termed this event in the past, provides plenty in terms of tangible takeaways for training and instruction but also story ideas.

It’s a perfect complement to the RKC, and the two felt quite similar in both quality and scope. Both set the bar for me and were far superior and more personal in the instruction, than similar workshops from other organizations.

Guilherme Rosin, San Francisco, CA, Personal trainer

The most productive 3-day period in my life. Al and Danny are not only masters at the discipline of calisthenics, but also the art of life itself, encouraging humility, perseverance, courage, the joy contained in helping others, and many more of the most admirable qualities of the human soul.

The PCC has exceeded my previous training experiences

Steve Saxe, San Jose, CA, Personal Trainer

The PCC is not only the most thorough seminar on human movement, but also the most inspirational. The Kavadlo Bros. have an amazing program that all trainers should attend—if they did the world would be a far better place.

I was extremely impressed by the teaching skills of Al and Danny. A high level of explanation & instruction was consistent throughout the seminar without using terminology over the heads of the civilian attendees.

Jerry Madson, Orangevale, CA

Very uplifting experience in all aspects. It was very valuable, you cannot put a price on it really. Plethora of information.

I came to the PCC in L.A. 2015. It was great to see everyone again and also witness the consistency and some refinement of the training–humbling but very inspiring–and very much appreciate the positive energy.

Cody Braun, Venice, CA, Fitness Specialist

Athletic Achievements Div. 1 football

Everything from instruction to hands on assistance, comfortable vibe, and knowledge was top notch. I have been to over 7 certification events and I feel more empowered than any other course to practice and teach this curriculum.

I really enjoyed the fun yet knowledgeable approach to this class. I am no rookie to fitness or training yet I learned so many tips that I have never thought of before.

The quality was awesome; I personally love hearing what is physiologically going on in the body so I can teach clients what is going on in the body. Many courses I have taken fail to pair the hands on well w/the education, this did not. I feel this is way more practical to employ w/any client than most modalities.

Adam Osthed, Draper, UT, Businessman

My body awareness, both strengths and weaknesses are much better understood. I feel like movements (even very basic ones) done correctly will be very helpful in diagnosing and correcting areas I want to improve.

I thought it was top notch. They are unique people (which is fun and engaging) that are open and accessible. I felt they did a great job of helping me (a meatball ") figure out how to do hard things. I felt comfortable to try and fail so I had some great successes – my first archer push-ups, bridge, pistol (w/a10lbs weight), headstand and handstand. In each case, I got 1 on 1 direction from Danny, Al, Grace and Larry. I actually had each one give me cues to succeed at a new thing.

Jackie Wu, San Marcos, CA, Movement Therapist/Pain Resolution

Athletic Achievements High level Martial Arts, HKC

Taking the PCC course was a 3-day play-cation for me. I went in with a pretty solid base of calisthenics already, but Al and Danny introduced a few other varieties of movements I had not tried yet that were fun to do. Time for me to experiment with even more variations and maybe come up with others!!

Al and his team were pretty fantastic. They have the material and details nailed down pretty well and present it in a way that is easy for everyone to understand.

David Shen, Palo Alto, CA

I’ve always wanted to take a bodyweight training course and jumped at the PCC when it came to town. Al, Danny and Grace were extremely knowledgeable and brought a ton of experience alongside humor for a great, fun filled weekend of training.

The quality of the training and teaching was phenomenal. I enjoyed the breadth and depth of knowledge shared on all sorts of exercises. They’ve obviously had a ton of exposure to both training and teaching all the exercises shown.

I think the PCC material can be instantly applied and used. I feel the material was complete enough to achieve the harder of each of the exercises.

I can’t wait for PCC level 2!

Kevin Lee, San Jose, CA, Manager

It was definitely one of the best experiences I have had. To be in a setting with Masters of calisthenics who I originally started working out because I saw their videos on YouTube was a treat. To see the humbleness and the way they teach everything to be accessible was amazing. It was so much better than I thought it would be.

I learned more in this class than in 2 years of research online.

Giovan Medrano, Oakland, CA, Personal Trainer & Massage Therapist

Athletic Achievements Western Boxing, Muay Thai, Taijiquan, Xingyiquan

I have not seen a better presentation of the regression/progression of each exercise.

Informative, practical and most of all, fun!!! The quality of instruction I received from PCC is unmatched.

This weekend seminar compares to nothing else. I’ve learned so much, and above all, it encourages me to work on my own weaknesses with patience and joy. Bravo, PCC, for creating such a fun program people can use practically anywhere.

Hey hey hey!!! Bring on PCC level 2!

Martin Rogers, Daly City, CA, Accountant

Athletic Achievements Track and field high jumper into college.

The information and delivery method are accessible to anyone with the motivation to learn and improve. The camaraderie and encouragement from both the teachers and the other participants helped remove the intimidation that can easily come from such a high level of ability.

World class. They practice what they preach and share their challenges and struggles while showing that they can be overcome. It was an honor to learn from such people. So skilled, yet so caring and accessible.

It is very intense but in a subtle way. The scope is comprehensive and the progression scope is especially detailed and helpful to the application. This class is essential for anyone wanting to improve their callisthenic skills and abilities. This has been a fantastic experience. Thank you to everyone who made this possible.

Nate Murphy, Sandy, UT, Plumbing and radiant heating contractor

Athletic Achievements Professional snowboarder for 9 years. High level soccer player.

Bodyweight training is very humbling, in that you can excel in some areas but are able to notice your weak areas (areas for improvement) very quickly. My experience was enlightening & inspiring. I really enjoyed the instructors and their patient & helpful ways in which they instructed and demonstrated. I also thought they were very approachable and enjoyable to be around.

They were all awesome. Very helpful, approachable & likeable. They spoke very articulately and were able to express complex ideas/concepts in a manner that was simple, clear & comprehensible. I also liked that they all participated in the demos, thus showing, not only do they talk the talk, they walk the walk.

Eric Sandahl, San Luis Obispo, CA

PCC is a fantastically humbling experience. It shows you where you are, and where you want to be, but gives you the steps to get there.

The Flying Kavadlo Bro. and co. are inspiring. They practice what they preach, and are passionate, not only about what they teach but also about enabling the students to experiment and grow.

I wish that it was longer. So much info is still being processed. The training is outstanding. I loved the RKC, and the regimented butt kicking, and I greatly appreciate that this class is not formatted in that way, even though I fell short on many moves, I still accomplished much more than I thought possible.

Philip Zuk, San Jose, CA, Executive Management

A lot of information to digest. Amazing what the body can do if you allow it. Great teachers, patient and passionate.

Great knowledge, especially in breaking the movements down. Danny’s experience was also great and very helpful.

Abbey White, Mountain View, CA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements 11 years of personal training experience with too many certifications to name.

This course is very practical and applicable to all fitness levels, because all that is needed is the body (yourself) and the world around you. Although it’s not easy it’s a good way to train long term.

Very high quality teaching. They are all relatable, skilled at what they’re teaching and it’s clear that they love what they teach.

This is a newer scope of training for me. I have knowledge in a lot of different fitness scopes and I feel the simplicity of the basics, or “getting good at the basics” would rank this course toward the top. I feel I can apply what I learned right away at the appropriate levels.

Sean Arnold, Santa Clara, CA, Personal Trainer

The most comprehensive bodyweight certification around. If you want to learn about bodyweight training, this is the certification for you!

I think the biggest thing is that they are not just “talking the talk” they are “walking the walk!!” Not only do they know the teaching aspects of bodyweight training, they actively perform the movements and train that way in their everyday lives.

I think a lot of seminars I have been to have been so technical and research based, that it loses “real world” application. The PCC teaches people to actively use these movements in your own training, as well as your clients.

Christine Bettera, Kings Beach, CA

PCC gave me the confidence and reassurance that I am training my clients safety and efficiently in bodyweight exercises, as well as giving me a few more “tools” to put in my “tool box” to help progress not only my clients but myself.

The trainers were knowledgeable and helpful. I was highly satisfied with the whole teams’ enthusiasm, encouragement and individual attention.

The course was thorough and what I expected in the quality and scope of material. If anything, exceeded expectations. I appreciate the focus and time put into crafting the course for practical use while incorporating fun and challenging all ability levels. Very realistic expectations.

Michael L. Bettera, Kings Beach, CA

The PCC was energetic and a well-rounded experience that increased my understanding of the specialty programing an actively fun manner.

Top notch! You can feel the passion, energy and excitement each holds for this training and each other.

Well thought out, strategic, good energy and a great experience overall. The instructors and program kept all of us engaged.

Amazing work! Dragon Door Publications, Al, Danny and Grace crushed it. Thank you for creating such an amazing program and certification.

Robert Moreno, San Francisco, CA

PCC is a wonderful addition to my knowledge and skill set. Not only will I apply my learning to bodyweight training, but in loaded movement and beyond.

Al was very engaging. His knowledge and expertise shine through at all times. He approaches the material with firsthand knowledge of how bodyweight training should be progressed. He is able to speak simply AND scientifically about the subject. Everyone on the team was skilled and helpful.

There is so much material presented and everyone, no matter their current level, can take something away from the training. I appreciate, however, that unlike other certifications, there is a test. The century test ensures that the highest standards of excellence are expected before individuals can claim to be certified.

I appreciate the camaraderie and generous spirit of everyone involved with presenting the workshop. Al, Danny, Grace & John made the learning fun!!

Richard Canton, San Francisco, CA, Personal Trainer

Athletic Achievements College VB athlete, Currently 4.0 Tennis MA Biomechanics, Strength & Conditioning Coach (CSCS), TPI - several golfing, tennis + volleyball clients/athletes

Amazing workshop, learned so much from all the staff. Along with learning the confidence in myself to do the exercise.

Quality was amazing along with the scope of the material. Can’t think of any course I have ever taken that was this fun. Really revived my passion for fitness in a new way.

Gideon Diamond, Main Beach, Gold Coast, Australia

A very inclusive program that seemingly builds from basic to incredibly difficult moves in bodyweight training, includes life lessons and boosts the passion for calisthenics.

Supreme. Obvious embodiment of knowledge, they know their stuff.

Simple, easy, bite-sized steps and focus on individual body form vs. textbook form.

Paul Vrana, Irvine, CA, Biologist

The workshop significantly enhanced my understanding of progressive calisthenics both as a practitioner and in aiding others.

Sandy Liang, Brooklyn, NY, Personal Trainer

Extremely fun environment with the openness to learn and discourse with others.

They are all very enthusiastic and most importantly very patient.

The material is extensive but the group atmosphere of the calisthenics community is fantastic! You not only learn from the instructors but also from other participants, everyone is a teacher.

Kirby H. Monsalud, Daly City, CA

I really love the power and knowledge of this team, they really helped me and I really learned a lot.

Thank you very much for having you guys and letting me to take this PCC. I really enjoyed it and love it! Have more power for this team, you are helping us to open a new kind of fitness in other people like me, thank you and god bless!