Praise for the Progressive Calisthenics Certification (PCC) — Austin, TX, September 2018

Darell Dansby, Jonestown, Texas, Strength Coach

Athletic Achievements 4-time Texas State Powerlifting Champion, Spartan Race Competitor, Wrestled for US ARMY--served for 8 years, ISSA Certified fitness trainer, Underground strength coach, USA Powerlifting Coach, USA Wrestling Coach

The content is amazing. The instructors have a real passion for what they are teaching and the hands-on and personalized aspect of it was great.

I can’t say enough great things about the quality of training and knowledge from Al Kavadlo and his team. The class started on time and they hit every aspect of each exercise from beginner to an advanced athlete. They worked personally with everyone and if someone was having trouble with a certain exercise, they stayed with them showing them how to regress and what areas they need to work on to improve in the future.

I have been to many certifications and seminars and this is by far one of the best. Everything was professional, not rushed and presented in a way everyone could benefit from it. The practical use is on point and can be implemented immediately. The instructors are very knowledgeable and have a true passion for what they are teaching.

Kristy Agan, Rome, Georgia, Personal Trainer, RKC-II

Love the team spirit of the group. Everyone (instructors and participants) wanted to see each person succeed. Very strong and knowledgeable group.

High level training and instruction. Exactly what I hoped it would be.

As a gym owner, personal trainer with 15+ years experience, and a RKCII, I have high expectations as to how a workshop should be run. PCC with Al and Danny did not disappoint. Also, I would like to acknowledge David Omar as a superb trainer as well.  Would love to work with these guys again in the future. Top notch all around.

Mark Walker, McAllen, Texas, Lawyer, RKC

Excellent instructors. If you can’t learn from these guys, you are un-teachable. Al and Danny are incredible. Different personalities but they complement one another well. They really could not have been better. I have not a single, non-excellent thing to say about them.

David (Puerto Rico) was a great addition. He gave us so many practical tips in our one-on-ones. Highly experienced, knowledgeable, gentle, and he really cares. I was the least advanced in the class and he was equally helpful to the pros and the amateurs.

Very professional, I’m a fitness amateur but a professional in my work life. This is a high quality program, with incredible practical use. I took the initial course 5 years ago. This condensed revision is better. More structured. I really enjoyed the earlier one, but this one is clearly better. I thought the cost was reasonable.

Sage Petersen, Durango, Colorado, Vitality Coach

The certification is high energy, a community building experience and mysteriously, but generously, gives novices and high-level practitioners alike the subtle or obvious keys they need to conceptually and physically reach their next level. I noticed this for myself and others. A weekend of breakthrough.

The team is super knowledgeable and more importantly very approachable. Every member of the team was able to skillfully communicate the principles as well as demonstrate the techniques. I literally penned golden nuggets of information from each team leader that created breakthroughs in the training and will challenge me after this.

Higher energy here than most. Intense in a challenging way, but inspiring me to come hungry.  Other certs, including DragonDoor certs I’ve been to, have struck me as master/lowly student relationship. The egos can be very demeaning and a negative experience. Al and Danny are real humble, knowledgeable and show their appreciation and acknowledgement of all their team and the students. I appreciate that.

I’m feeling grateful, inspired, seen, challenged and happy I chose this. Danny and Al are unique characters with true knowledge and humility that is admirable. Not always the case in certs of this nature.

Julia Harris, McAllen, Texas

Wow! So much information, training and learning in two days! Working personally with Al, Danny and David brought my strength training and knowledge to new heights! I can’t wait to continue training with what I’ve learned.

The quality of training of Al Kavadlo, Danny Kavadlo and David Omar are unmatched!  They are beyond knowledgeable and able to convert that knowledge into a form of communication for every level! Very personable, fun class and an experience I will never forget!

Thank you Al Danny and David for an incredible weekend! I am amazed by your love of what you do. I hope to continue training with your kind of enthusiasm! Such fun to do with my dad! We are ready to come to Puerto Rico and train with you, David!

J.D. O'Connor, Sarasota, Florida, Architectural & Engineering Recruiter

Athletic Achievements Former Endurance Athlete (Ultra-marathons/Triathlons); Military Veteran US Navy; 200-hr Certified Yoga Instructor; Training background in Endurance, Strength/Barbell emphasis with Crossfit, Calisthenics focus and yoga progression influenced by Convict Conditioning and Overcoming Gravity training methodologies

Fantastic instruction. Very interesting to see the backgrounds and skill sets of all the participants.

10/10 !  Top notch – their passion and enthusiasm really shines through. Every question is answered thoughtfully and from personal experience.

James R. Dyche III (J.R.), Portland, Oregon

I gained knowledge and confidence in a variety of different areas that was impossible training alone.

Al, Danny, and the guest instructors were kind, helpful, and the most knowledgeable trainers I have ever worked with.

This was my first workshop with bodyweight training. My previous gym experience was in a CrossFit gym. The coach was helpful, but there is no comparison to the level of knowledge shown by Al and Danny.

Joe Agan, Rome, Georgia, Teacher, HKC

By far the most comprehensive and eye-opening workshop when it comes to maximizing the movements my body was designed to do … and to do them well.

Very impressed with their knowledge and prep. They were excellent to encourage some minor adjustments to help achieve the moves and fantastic cheerleaders/encouragers. Really helped overcome the nerves associated with the moves.

Only other cert I have is HKC. Very comparable in layout and delivery. A vast knowledge of moves taught in 2 days and numerous ways to share them going forward.

Excellent workshop!  Thoroughly enjoyed the instructions, challenges, and information shared in these 2 days.

Hecbel C. Igartua Garcia, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Personal Trainer, NASM-CPT, Swimmer, Water Polo

It opened my eyes and heart to a new ways to move and train my body.

Jaime Rivera, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Physical Therapist

It is at the top of my list in fitness certifications. They bond in a special way with everybody here.

Daniel Pina

It was a great learning atmosphere. All the coaches were very accessible and friendly. I feel ready to use my gained skills and knowledge with future clients.

The skill and quality of training was exceptional. All instructors knew their stuff and shared it with the group in a clear and applicable way.

This is my first certification and I feel comfortable training all walks of life with this training regime and technique.

Zachary Young, Pisgah, Alabama, Consultant, Former Tacfit Field Instructor

In-depth explanations of specific progressions/regressions of the major moves. The Kavadlo brothers were clear, concise and thorough with examples.

Al and Danny are the masters! Their enthusiasm is one-of-a-kind and the encouragement was enlightening and uplifting. Top-Shelf instruction!

Erik House, Houston, Texas

PCC was a great experience with a very positive vibe throughout the 2-day cert.

Philip Mason, Bellaire, Texas, Attorney / CPA

There’s no doubt that coaches Al and Danny are MASTERS at what they know W/R/T Body Weight Training. If you ever have the opportunity to take from them in person, you should absolutely take advantage of it!

The Kavadlo “Team” are true professionals! Extremely knowledgeable and friendly! It was an HONOR to have had the chance to be here.

Nathan Ladd, Austin, Texas, Software Consultant

I spent a day and a half deep diving into many movement patterns that are more advanced than where I’m at. With great instructors assisting, I actually found I could do far more than I could have guessed. Every instructor had a very strong command of the movement patterns, and being immersed in an environment for two days with such knowledgeable humble instructors was an experience of immeasurable value to me.

Al is not just a guy in great shape. He’s a natural teacher (as is Danny). They saw exactly where students were at and understood what’s going to help us progress in that particular movement. David and Robbie were also extremely helpful; both were able to coach me up to a movement progression that I was surprised to achieve.

My only other course was SCC. PCC went more into advanced movements, and was a great complement to the SCC, which delved much deeper into beginner progressions. I’m glad to have attended both.