Praise for the Progressive Calisthenics Certification (PCC) — NYC, NY, October 2021

Bianca Wallen, Pittsfield, MA

Such an amazing experience. I learned to take skills that I have to another level. Learning many different progressions. I also tried things I never thought I would be able to do and was successful.

The knowledge of Al and Danny Kavadlo is over the top. I felt as if I was on cloud nine. It was a privilege and an honor to learn from the best of the best!

Dragon Door never fails to disappoint!! The two certifications I’ve done with them are the best I’ve ever done. The quality is top notch

Jose Mendoza, Los Angeles, CA

The PCC allowed me to evaluate my skillset and learn new tools to further advance me on my journey. The biggest takeaway was being able to do many firsts. Such as my first muscle up and first 1-handed elbow lever. The environment both Al and Danny provided is welcoming and encouraging. Not to mention enjoyable which is highly appreciated.

Both Al and Danny went above and beyond in this as well as approachability. Nothing was lacking. Confidence was instilled in areas/movements where I could achieve more. They properly assisted me in pushing my boundaries.

Lots of hands on. Others (workshops) were just all talk and theory.

Plenty of material is given but not a huge amount of density, allowing for better digestion of material.

It’s all practical.

Other certs are specialized for certain populations. This is good for the general populace.

Erik Hansen, Oakland, CA

Enjoyable weekend covering a broad subject in logical modules and diving into specific details as needed in the moment. Exciting, inspirational, and engaging! Provided information to digest/implement over many years. Jump-ahead in many areas.

Greg Dillon, Newburgh, IN

The quality of training was world class. Al and Danny are the best in the business.

Greg Woods, Chapel Hill, NC

Though I have some experience with these moves, I learned many new progressions. The general philosophy that Al and Danny brought was so much lighter and kinder than most trainers of higher level skills. Just seeing that gave me hope for the future of training.

Top notch. My wife and I both attended and we had multiple discussions about their positive energy and interest in the  people and material. High levels of knowledge and skill delivered with great bedside manner.

Carla Ibarra

Although it was challenging for me in many ways, it was a humbling and very productive weekend. I learned a lot of new material that I can apply to my clients but also it opened my eyes to all of the ways that I can grow personally.

I am inspired and ready to take on the challenge of personal growth and improving my abilities.

Both instructors were incredible. They were knowledgeable, empathetic, engaging and passionate.

Thank you for your patience, empathy and knowledge!

Nelson Santiago

Al and Danny are exceptionally gifted instructors, teachers and motivators. They both have had a very positive impact on me, personally. I will always be grateful for their advice and encouragement. They are very passionate about what they do and explain things very clearly. They make the process of learning difficult things actually enjoyable.

The quality of the PCC is much higher than Strongfirst. They cover a lot more material and allow the participants time to absorb it and make it fun. Al and Danny Kavadlo are very personable, and they care about everyone in the attendance.