Participant Praise for the Progressive Calisthenics Certification (PCC) Workshop

– November 2013, Sweden

Magnus Pilegård, Sweden, Personal trainer

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Swedish national team baseball player. PT certified

A great weekend with lots of people who are interested in learning and teach others about the world of calisthenics. Not just the wonderful instructors but I learned just as much from the fellow participants.

I have gone through several different courses regarding physical training – this was by far the best. The instructors were very friendly, positive and had good energy and their knowledge and skill level was absolutely remarkable!

Top notch!  Best out of all the courses I have taken. I did not even have to take notes because the info was so clear.

Mauro Bruschi – ITA, Military

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Functional Trainer, Thai Boxing Instructor, Swim Instructor, Indoor walking Instructor, Massage Therapist

Inspirational and motivational comes to my mind. Absolutely high-standard in terms of performance, effectiveness, proficiency, and professionalism.

Lyall Rowan, Scotland, Fife, Physical Training Instructor

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Martial Arts background - Shotokan Karate

Completely surpassed the high expectations I had for the course. I’ve not been as excited about any other course/cert as I was about this one. I had no doubt Al and Danny would be exemplary, but it was still great to experience their openness, humility and skill first-hand.

The quality is beyond reproach. The scope was massive, yet the detail into which we went was, perhaps necessarily, less (than something like RKC II). The practical use, for me, is also huge – BW training is my first love.

As usual, DD have delivered a top-notch cert.

Kristian Klintbo, Helsingboeg, Sweden, Company owner

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Gym instructor, Personal trainer, Crossfit level 1, Swedish military ranger, Crossfit endurance instructor

I am very satisfied. :) I didn’t have any expectations since this is very new to me. Good job team!

Al was very informative in a relaxed way. Not showing off or trying to be something he is not.  I like that Danny and Adrienne felt confident to break in anytime and add to the exercises.

Maciej Gross, London, UK, personal trainer

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Master Rehab Trainer, RKC Kettlebell Instructor

It has been a very educational and fun experience. It was such a privilege to be learning from coaches like Al, Danny and Adrienne.

All the instructors have done a great job. They were very open-minded, helpful and motivating. It has been a real pleasure to be learning from them.

It has been the most enjoyable course that I have done so far. The non-dogmatic style of coaching has made a big difference for the experience.

Nicklas Rydén, Sverige, Sweden, Personal Trainer

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: B.S. degree in Kinesiology from San Diego State University with an emphasis in Fitness, Nutrition and Health, NSCA - CSCS and CPT,Fitness Australia Personal Trainer Certificate, FMS Level 1 Online Course, HKC, PTA Global bridging course

Great experience with great instruction, meeting a great group of people from all over the place. Very humble instructors and open to conversation.

Great instruction and knowledge from the team.  I was especially impressed by Danny Kavadlo as he was very hands on in his instructing correcting you and so on.

Hillevi Pilgren Sautter, Gothenburg, Sweden

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Personal Trainer, dietitian, RKC instructor, background in martial arts.

Inspiring and amazing weekend!  A lot of useful information as well as an inspiring environment thanks to dedicated instructors and participants.

The instructors have a very high standard. It is very clear that they have a lot of experience from different clients on all levels like the ones you meet in  your daily work. They are also very humble, helpful and easy to approach.

I have taken the RKC I which also was of a very high standard. They are both very practical and "trouble shooting" which is very good and useful working with clients. I have used my RKC instructor’s manual and come back to it for inspiration/tips now and then, and I am sure it will be the same with the PCC. Both certifications exceeded my expectations and I have not encountered any similar education with such quality material and instruction outside the university.

I leave this weekend with the hunger for more. Thank you for a fantastic weekend – I look forward to the PCC 2!

Katja Larsson, Älvsjö, Sweden, Ship operator

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: weight lifting at the gym

What can I say the best instructors I have ever worked with. I am so glad I got the possibility to take this workshop.

I have really learned so much during these 3 days. And I have had a few personal trainers that I have worked with which in the end sometimes didn’t give much.

Have met so many fantastic people this weekend and got so much inspiration to continue my journey. Thank you

Emanuel Widmark, Stockholm, Sweden, Nutritionist, Strength and conditioning coach

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Background in Track & Field: 400m runner. RKC (2009), CK-FMS (2011).

Positive and humble instructors with a job of experience in this field of physical training. Created a fun and motivating atmosphere.

Alexander Svensson

This was a fantastic workshop, with a lot of positive people that were very helpful and I have learnt very much.

A fantastic team that are very good to adopt to my limited knowledge and skill give very helpful advice. They also have a very positive attitude with the glimpse of humor with makes the workshop very easy to follow.

In scale to 1-10 I will rate it 12!  I have never before have so much fun and also learned so much at the same time.

Mattias Davidsson, Gothenburg, Sweden, Gym manager, personal trainer, dietitian

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: I´ve trained soccer, long distance running, thai-boxing, climbing, gym, kettlebells to name the ones I did for some time.

Even for someone with quite a bit of knowledge beforehand there’s no much to learn. Everyone’s helping each other and have different strengths and skills, and lots of fun!

Very good! It’s really good that they all have as much experience as they do.

Kim Hedstrand, Stockholm, Sweden, IT consultant

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Former Ice Hockey player.

A fantastic opportunity to learn a training style, which should be a standard and base style for every human being. It will probably follow me my whole life and give me the strength and mobility to live my life as I want to.

Real humble and skilled team. I think that both Al and Danny were really good on giving pointers and helping out to be able to progress. Good on seeing the details.

Matt Pepper, Gothenburg, Sweden, MovNat Trainer at the Kettlebell Center

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Black Belt in Tae Kwon-Do., MovNat Certified Trainer (Level 2),  FMS Level 1

Fun, informal and inspiring. The three days were a great opportunity to practice both familiar and unfamiliar techniques with the support of the experienced instructors and also fellow participants.

Malin Kirjonen, Göteborg, Sweden, RKC Instructor, insurance sales

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Professional boxer, former Australian amateur national boxing title holder, RKC Instructor

The whole weekend was amazing, the atmosphere, the energy, the challenges, all the PRs.  So inspiring to see all different levels, in all the different exercises, performed by instructors and students. Al, Danny and Adrienne are the best, so much fun to be part of this weekend.
Bodyweight training will always be a fun adventure for me that will never end!

The instructors were very clear, great energy, always happy, smiling, very friendly and gave everybody attention.

Happy surprise to finally meet John Du Cane! Everybody was awesome, wish to be in your team one day!!

Fawaz Al Qanae, Kuwait, Bank Manager

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Body weight training and crossfit

Bridged the gap between practicing street workouts (calisthenics) and how to teach it.

Amazing instructors, very down to earth even Danny! Very honest about his knowledge (do not pretend to know it all) does not hold back on information, which is rare.

Richard Sassoon, Trondheim, Norway, Software developer

The PCC was an amazing workshop where a beginner like me could experience a lot of exercises and improve on them from the ground up. I could improve my basic skills and have the proper instructions on how to program to more advanced ones.  I feel really sore and tired on this 3rd day, but I know it’s because I learned a lot and as my motivation and inspiration grew stronger, I’ll prize that feeling.

All the instructors have really deep knowledge on bodyweight exercises and could help with different tips on several sticking points. I couldn’t manage everything I aimed for but I’m on the right track now after listening to all the pointers I was given.  They were all approachable and happy to help, giving out a lot of energy during the training had helping with motivation. Al was not the only one smiling, all of them were, and that makes a difference.

David Tainton, Stockholm Sweden, Personal trainer

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Track & field background (sprinting)

It felt easy to do very hard exercises.

It really showed that the brothers have been training for a long period of time and very often reflected their knowledge.

The quality was on a high level. The material was very well written. The practical part, playful and therefore easier to absorb.

Robin Ringkvist, Lund, Sweden, Student

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Soccer since I was 5 years old, some weightlifting since 16.

An amazing experience with phenomenal instructors and great energy. I now feel more motivated than ever to commit to progressive calisthenics, and fitness in general.

I have only positive things to say about the instructors, they all have great knowledge and know how to teach it to others as well.

Joakim Enström Göteborg Sverige, Insurance Loss Prevention Officer


A great experience with people of all skill levels that showed the enormous possibilities this type of training can offer.  That you should never limit yourself and try to explore new skills and ways.

The skill levels were very high. They could spot exactly what you were doing wrong and give good feed back.  They had a great positive attitude.

This was my first training course in physical exercise but it has been a fantastic foundation on how to build my knowledge of calisthenics.

Marc Törngren, Frolinda, Sweden, Employment

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: 8 years of handball, 5 years of gym and 4 months of street workout/Calisthenics.

Learned so many new moves, learned how to get better form in my handstand. Meet and to make new contacts.

Very, very high. I love that they listened as mush as they teach, it’s all about give and take. And you can really feel the passion they have for calisthenics.

This has been the hardest training I have ever went to. Quality wise I must say have been top class. Everything is kind of new so its gonna be fun to show it for other people.

Sebastian Müller, Weimar, Thüringen, Germany, Fitness Trainer

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: RKC Level 1, Primal Move Fundamentals Level 1, FMS Level 1

The PCC is a great experience through the super positive and motivated instructors and the wonderful community of attendees.

Julius Jäger, Oberstdorf, Germany, Manager

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: 1st Dan Jiu-Jitsu Trainer, mountain runner

It is a state of the art body weight workshop for training methods, techniques and tricks taught by expert trainers.

Marcus Santer, Dawlish, Devon, UK, Qigong Teacher


Fun, enjoyable and comprehensive. Al’s ability to present after complex moves and concept in an easy to digest and understand manner is masterful.

This training was even better than I had hoped. It was a big stretch to travel to a foreign county where I don’t know the language... on my own. But I’m so glad I did. The team was enthusiastic and the whole environment was very supportive. I loved it! Thank guys and gals :)

Markus Dernevik, Billdal, Sweden, Engineer

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: RKC kettlebell certification

Really enthusiastic coaches with a lot of positive attitude. A wide range of exercises, so that everybody can find something to be excited about. A lot of good content and coaching coming also from participants.

Great guys! Beside the technical knowledge, the very encouraging and positive attitude towards participants of all different skills levels is a real winner.

If PCC comes to Gothenburg again, I will go again.

Jesper Ebenman, Stockholm, Sverige (Sweden), Personal Trainer / Personal Trainer Manager

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Licensed Personal Trainer since April 2011.
Tribal Yoga Instructor. Soma Move Instructor. Played soccer since I was 6 and worked out in different gyms back and forward since I was 15. But now I’m all into Calisthenics.

Fantastic, inspiring weekend. Great energy, great to learn new skills by the superb PCC Instructors.

They had answers to all my questions and they had a fantastic positive energy around them and are very humble. The training was great also. They are seriously great with their stuff.

Christopher Grahn, Sandared, Sweden, ERP Consultant

Fantastic weekend; the positive attitude among the participants and crew creates an environment where you do not feel afraid to fail or try new things.

Excellent! Great attitude and approach both to training and people!

Mikael Arvidsson, Göteborg, Sweden, IT technician

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: CrossFit, Progressive Calisthenics and running is what I'm currently doing.

The knowledge of the instructor was, is incredible. Sharing this knowledge and see that we, the participants, go the most of the PCC as possible was great. Also to meet and communicate with like minds and highly advanced calisthenics lovers was very giving.

Great knowledge and great instructions were given throughout the whole PCC. Very dedicated team that really loves what they are doing, and it really shows in the way they get into it. Takes time for everyone to try to help each and everyone to push a step further.

Practical use, very much so. In far more degrees than many other skills I have tested during the years.

Per Schölander, ÅSA, Sweden, DC Manager

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Convict Conditioning and Kettlebell training for the last two years.

It made me motivated to continue my calisthenics journey and harder exercises like the human flag now seems much more possible.

Extremely passionate about calisthenics. Very positive attitude (good leadership). They work well as a team and were including other thoughts from participants.

The most extensive course I’ve ever attended.  The quality is way up there with Kettlebell Center’s courses.

Thank you Al, Danny, Adrienne, Anders and John.  I’ve learnt a lot and this will keep me training for year to come.

Moritz Rammensee, Munich, Bavaria, Germany, Personal Trainer

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: RKC 2, CK-FMS, Primal Move Fundamentals Level 2 & Regeneration Instructor

Three days of fun training and learning with a group of very nice and open-minded people, and great instructors.

Al, Danny and Adrienne did a great job presenting to the group and providing a relaxed and fun atmosphere to learn and work out. All of them show deep understanding and knowledge of what they were talking about.

Erik Börjesson, Solna, Sweden, Personal trainer


A fun weekend filled with a lot of learning and a handful of new tools that will help myself and my clients reach their goals easier.

Great quality and great inspiration. I got a lot of small cues that helped me a lot. I also think that the team of instructors are great people, very humble. Willing to share the knowledge they have.

I think that the PCC has a high quality. Great material and instructors and the practical use is enormous.

Great hosting by Fredrik and his team.

Jonas Andersson – Borås, Sweden, Graphic Designer and personal trainer

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Crossfit level 1, Eleiko Strength Coach level 1

It has been really fun to get the chance to try out new moves under the supervision of great instructors. I achieved several firsts this weekend.

It was good and I liked the humility shown when bringing other people up to demonstrate moves that they were experts on.  All the information was broken down in a way that made it easy to comprehend and the instructors complemented each other well filling in blanks.

By far the best material I’ve received in terms of the manual. I was happy with all of it.

John Gröntvedt, Umeå, Sweden, Personal Trainer/strength coach

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Sports nutritionist

It was an inspiring workshop and added some new tools to my toolbox as strength coach.

Jerry Bertelsen, Kvänum, Västragötalands Län, Sweden, CNC Operator/Programmer

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Regular gym training and Calisthenics

Very fun and informative with a lot of inspiration from both the staff and the participants. At the same time really tough. A lot of information but in a nice flow, very good, loved it. It was a very high standard, learned so much.

Jari Kenttäkumpu, Fristad Sweden, Physiotherapist

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: RKC. SFMA. FMS. NKT. Manual therapist (OMT. Mulligan).

Fun and you will accomplish stuff/exercises you didn’t think was possible at this time! Fantastic! A lot of positive energy and knowledge!

Branko Kosic Serbia, Sweden, Construction Worker

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Swimming, Bodybuilding, Soccer, Basketball, Currently: Street Workout and Sanshou/Sanda

Opened my eyes to different thinking and better understanding of bodyweight training.

Very good they shared their knowledge and tried to help you out. And gave some great input.

You don’t get the time to talk to the trainers, but I felt like I got that time with Al and the crew. And there was more depth on how to preform the exercises.

Raman Ata Ali

Very inspiring experience and good teaching about calisthenics

Very good instructors, humble. They talk clearly and demonstrate slow and good. The answer questions on a good way and helped and inspired everybody.

Steven Graves, Munich, Bayern, Germany, RKC Kettlebell Trainer

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Certified RKC Instructor, certified Primal Move Instructor

  • Great community and team spirit.
  • Amazing job by Al, Danny and Adrienne.
  • Tons of input from the other attendees from all over the world.

What aspects of the certification did you find most useful and why?

  1. Enough amount of time to practice and recover.
  2. Excellent manual =) the bible of bodyweight training.
  3. Perfect speed concerning the explanation of the different exercises.

It was excellent. Not too scientific but always "deep" enough.

The RKC is more challenging and focused because of the testing and the fact, that there are "only" 6 exercises. But for the "realm" of BW-training the PCC was absolutely appropriate.

Sierra de Goldsmith, Göteborg, Sweden, Dietitian, masseuse, trainer and psychology student

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Kettlebell instructor (RKC), yoga instructor

A really fun and rewarding certification where I learned a lot about bodyweight training – both how to apply it to my own training and how to pass it forward to others.

Very impressed with Al, Danny and Adrienne. They are great at seeing the individual but at the same time following bodyweight principles.

High quality instructors, I would have wanted more time and info for every module but of course this would have required a longer course. High practical use since this will help me forward in my own training.

MULNET Pierre-Adrien, Bordeaux, France, Life Coach

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: I work calisthenics with wade's books, 2 years krav maga, 2 years taichi

I met some amazing people, dong amazing stuff, and now it gave me the confidence to reach for higher goals, and develop my body in a healthy and natural way.

Calisthenics is so great, a full body training with a small $ for life material investment.

Isak Ahlberg Kalmar, Läckeby, Kalmar, Sweden, Swedish classic massage, Lifeguard

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Strength training with focus on relative strength.

It consisted of much practice. I think the instructors were helpful, friendly and knowledgeable, the atmosphere were good and you didn’t have to feel bad if you had a problem with something. You were given a lot of chances to ask questions with the group.

I liked the set up of material very much. Those balance handle was fun too. The quality was also very good. This type of exercise puts a different strain on the body that you many times misses depending on what you do. The exercises are good, and the progression, I would have liked even further progressions to strive after though.

I liked all the instructors and thought it was very fun that John Du Cane was here too.

Christian Bierich, Gothenburg, Sweden, Health Coach

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Former elite tennis player.

A fun certification that goes through basic to advanced bodyweight exercises with an open mined approach.

Good instruction, very clear instructions. All three main instructors got really good personalities.

Tony Ivarsson, Gothenburg, Sweden, Economy

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Team sports like soccer, ice hockey and Convict conditioning.

Very intense. So much to learn in a short period of time. Passionate people, skillful and very positive instructors.

In PCC your using your whole body. It feels like very muscle is involved. You also need to be flexible to achieve a lot of the exercises.

Leon Wehrmaker, Sinsheim,  Germany, Personal Trainer

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: BVDG A- Trainer, Sports Scientist

Meeting a bunch of like-minded persons with different skillsets and approaches in a positive and energizing atmosphere. A lot of people to learn from and a lot of people to teach/inspire.

Very high knowledge as they practice what they preach and have accumulated lots of experience.

Similar to RKC regarding quality, material and practical use.

Antonio Riveras, Malmö, Sweden, Entrepreneur

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Street Workout / Calisthenics

The three days were very fulfilling, even as I am at an advanced level. Helping others and getting tips and advice will greatly improve my future training and progression.

Extremely comprehensive knowledge on BWT. Very helpful and enthusiastic!

Michael Kruse, Stockholm, Sweden


A lot of nice people share a lot of knowledge. They have all the knowledge that I and the course needs.

Martin Rottau Erfurt, Germany, Student

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: experience with: -Kettlebells, -Caslisthenics -Primal Move

It was a nice workshop, with many powerful people, good instructions and I will do it every time again. This was a great time.

The quality was amazing, Al can answer to all questions and it’s so easy to understand, so great.

You don’t need a training center or expensive stuff you only need your body and that better as all other training guides and programs.

Great workshop for me, I have learned a lot of new thinks, I have new friends with the same background.

Anita Shenoi, Cirencester, UK, Shiatsu therapist

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Shiatsu dip, Axelsons Stockholm

An amazing body-mind work-out and motivator for future progression both physically and in other aspects of personal development.

5 star *****

Morgan Öjersson, Helsingborg, Sweden, Train technician

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Crossfit and functional training.

It was a great course with very talented instructors. Well organized.

Very good knowledge and a very talented speaker. Everyone was just great. They corrected faulty movements and made me understand why I did it.

Very much and good material in form of theoretical information. A good combination of practical and theoretical instruction and performing during the days.

Marcus Nordahl Stockholm, Sweden, Personal trainer

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Strength, running and MMA

Good instructing and a friendly course the atmosphere was nice and you can feel that you are here to progress your movement and even if you are not very good at something you don’t have to be a shame, or feel silly to ask for help.

Raimer Grimroth, Göteborg, Sweden, Trainer


Great weekend! Very knowledgeable teachers who are also very humble. They are not only spreading knowledge but also the joy of training.

It’s definitely one of the best courses I have attended.

Maziar Rouzbahani, Stockholm, Sweden, Student

Very useful and unforgettable. Meeting all kinds of people in different levels. Great teachers. Great and fun attitude towards the training. Detailed explanations on the progression steps.

Chunhua Yang Högström, Gothenburg, Sweden, Student

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Gothenburg half marathon, 01:51. Tactical strength Challenge (2013April): pullup, 10; deadlift, 110kg; snatch, 12kg,119. Training background: running, deadlift, squat, pullup, kettlebell (instractor), etc. Aim at to be stronger and faster.

It was fun, challenging. Learn from each other, not just from the instructors. Everyone is open-minded, friendly.

It’s not just teach-and-learn. We learned from each other too and we were kind of playing around and learned and improved.

Johan Holmkvist, Gothenburg, Sweden, I'm making energy declarations for houses

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Just an amateur who likes to train and wants to get stronger and healthier. I have only been training strength for about 2 years.

It was fun and all the positive energy and all nice people really got me more motivated to work out more. I got a lot of hints on how to get past hurdles and progress to harder exercises.

Superb! :)

Markus Tullius, Cologne, Germany, Doctor

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: FMS, SFMA, Primal Move, HKC, Sport medicine, former Police officer (22 years), now Military Physician

There was a great spirit.

Nadja Klimova, Hägersten, Stockholm, Sweden, PT


Fun, inspiring, raw and urban.


Participant Praise for the Progressive Calisthenics Certification

(PCC) Workshop

– August 2013, St Paul, MN

Frank Williams Munich, Germany, Personal Trainer

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS:  17 years as Personal Trainer, Nasm cpt, pes, ces, HKC, massage therapist, Level 5 Fu-Jow Pai Kung Fu student (13 years).

The PCC was a fundamental alignment tool for my future approach to body weight training. I got the tools and tips to not only achieve my first human flay, first muscle-up, and first back-lever, but also to improve them and eventually achieve my ideal execution of them. I also now feel confident that I could instruct my clients safely using the methods that Al, Danny and the rest of the staff at PCC so expertly conveyed.

Al is not only a very knowledgeable and capable practitioner, but is possessed of an incredible capacity for instructing. He is very observant and insightful in his direction and is at the same time extremely approachable. Danny is a wild and crazy dude with charm and magnetism and is great fun to be around. Every one of the instructors at the PCC demonstrated impressive strength, skill and above all a desire to be there for us.

The PCC is right there at the top. If you’re looking for instruction in body weight training, look no further.

Logan Christopher, Santa Cruz, CA, Coach, Strongman and Entrepreneur

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Pulled a firetruck by my hair, juggled a kettlebell lit on fire, and lots more.

The PCC was a blast. The quality of the instructors (and also the attendees) was high. I’ve been doing bodyweight training for quite some time and I still picked up new technical details, moves I hadn’t seen before, and hit new PRs.

I especially enjoyed seeing all the moves, including the most difficult demonstrated by the instructors. I like to learn from those that can do and not just talk about it.

It’s very much how I would have taught the same material myself. That is to say it’s very good and useful. Would have very useful to have learned this all a long time ago.

Chris McAbee, Wilmington, NC, Personal Trainer


This has been the most open and welcoming seminar I’ve attended to date, and I have attended a ton of seminars. The willingness of the instructors and other participants to interact and engage was unbelievable. I really feel like I got to know the instructors and participants here at this event, and really got to pick their brains. I learned so much valuable information regarding bodyweight training, but was able to take so much more info regarding training mental focus, busies ideas, self-improvement, etc. just a really great event and experience, which I highly recommend.

I thought the information and skill level of the instructors were great, but I loved their energy and demeanor even more, very encouraging, upbeat and positive. This enabled me to fell at ease with trying some very new movements and I think allowed me to achieve many new feasts of strength during this event. Great job.

The manual is just terrific! I have attended the Crossfit gymnastics cert and some of the teachings were as good, but there was no manual or information to take home. I think the info in the manual is worth the price of admission.

Again the attitude and openness of the instructors was better than any place I’ve been. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Tanner Martty, Los Angeles, CA, Trainer

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: IKFF-2, FMS, Primal Move, Precision Nutrition Pn1, Compete regularly in kettlebell-sport. Past experience competing in bodybuilding and Olympic-lifting. Played collegiate basketball.

This was a very inspiring and educational experience. I was pushed further out of my comfort zone than I would go on my own and was rewarded for my efforts. During the three-day cert I achieve several "firsts". While also being given infinite possibilities on how much further I can take my skills.

The instructors obviously have not only high levels of athletic skill, but also skills of instruction. I learned several progressions and techniques that allowed me to accomplish some firsts.

The quality was top notch and the scope was vast. Everything from the manual to the actual instruction was as good or better than any cert I have done.

As someone who traveled for the event I really appreciated how Dragon Door did such a good job with the instructions and help that was sent out beforehand.

Nick Kenon, Personal Trainer, NYC, NY

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: My training background includes powerlifting, rock climbing, various martial arts styles including Muay Thai, Krav Maga and recently BJJ and as well as my own experimentation into the world of body weight training!

PCC was an amazing way to connect with other like-mind people sharing a passion for body weight training, while simultaneously expanding my knowledge and skillset.

Having known both Al and Danny personally before attending PCC my opinion of them is of course biased, but I have always thought they are both phenomenal trainers with a board base of scientific knowledge as well as practical experience. They are great presenters and do an awesome job keeping the energy up and keeping the group focused even when people start getting tired at the end of the day. Great energy!

I personally enjoyed PCC more than a number of other programs I’ve participated in simply because A.) It’s very hands on vs. a lot of lecture and B.) Because it’s Al and Danny!
I particularly enjoyed the opportunities we had to get up in front of the whole group INDIVIDUALLY and be critiqued by everyone at once. I realize not everyone is going to like being in the spotlight especially when they aren’t particularly "good" at the skill being practiced, but I felt like since we had such a great group during this course everyone felt very comfortable – if not eager – to get up in front of everyone and showcase their progress. I really like the "pull up jam" atmosphere where one person at a time gets support and motivation fro the whole group simultaneously, it creates phenomenal energy!

Keira Newton, Santa Fe, NM, Owner, dkb fitness


An outstanding weekend filled with fun and support.

The quality of training provided by Al Kavadlo and his team was very high. It is refreshing to be taught by humble, kind people that care where you are, not themselves. I loved the support and open opinions of each one. Thank you. Great team – inspired!

Jon Wahlberg, Hudson, WI, Project Manager

ACHIEVEMENTS: HKC Certification, RKC Certification

Amazing, the coaches and fellow students are so full of knowledge. I feel as though I have made years of progress in three short days. Things that I have tried for years (and failed) came easy this weekend.

One word: Priceless. The knowledge and accessibility of the instructors was unlike any previous workshop. There were no egos, just like-minded individuals helping each other achieve goals.

This was by far my favorite cert. So much fun and knowledge was had by all.

Mark Walker, McAllen, TX, Lawyer

The more I learned, the more I realized how much I did not know. This class was packed full of relevant and very interesting information. As impressive as the actual content was, the planning and prep work by the staff were just as, maybe more, important.

The instructors, Al, Danny and Adrienne were incredible! They each brought something different to the class. Al was the calm, patient "Zen Master", leading the class, not rushed. Danny was the fireball who would motivate everyone, getting more excited than anyone when a class member advanced. Adrienne was critical to the class dynamics. She was bubbly, asked a lot of questions we were too dumb to ask, had lots of great  "on the mat" comments, and brought a never lowered enthusiasm to the class. It would not have been that same experience without those three complementing each other and being there to support the group at different levels.

I thought it was excellently run. You can tell the first moment you walk into a workshop whether it is well planned, organized and had goals. This workshop was super-streamlined and efficient fro the first emails about the workshop, to walking in the door, to the end. Very well done.

Jimmy Halverson, SF Bay Area, CA, Private Chef, Yoga Instructor

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Studied Yoga at White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara, and Yoga Tune Up with Jill Miller in New York. Trained in Inayan Eskrima 4 years. Life Coach training with Paradigm Shifts Coaching Group.

No bullshit gets in the way of Al, Danny and the rest of the team as they lead us through this series of modules. Open arms, big smiles and a willingness to observe and express without ego. We got our grind on all week and trained to meet our edges. Super fun and more than enjoyable :) would do so again if I had to go back and make the choice.

Al and Instructors are fantastic! Offered everything with a smile and was very clear that the whole team was coming from the heart and passion for health, well-being, and body weight training. In this society we place so much value on "doing" and forget about how important "being" is and how much "being" contributes to what lands in and is taken away from an experience. Al and the team "be" Great. :)

Up to par indeed. All trainings offer something unique and are lacking in something to some degree because of the nature of life and how the organism/organization move through out time and space. PCC is a solid training and I would do this again.

William Bolanos, South San Francisco, CA, Personal Trainer

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Football and Track & Field background, specializing in Power Lifting, Kettle Bell Training, Calisthenics & Body Weight, and Endurance conditioning. ACE certification.

The Progressive Calisthenics Certification provided a platform where enthusiasts from all over the world came to learn and share knowledge from one another.

Al is an extremely knowledgeable instructor who is working to share knowledge and techniques without hesitation. The energy of Danny is awesome! Adrienne is a freaking beast! They were all very hands on.

The quality was all very good, the scope was specific and it all was extremely practical.
It was a great experience being around individuals that share the same passion for calisthenics.

Jason Lee, Pingree Grove, IL, Carpenter

Fantastic. I’m sold on the fact that Dragon Door/RKC has the best instructors in the world.

Alexander Kent, D.C. Metro Area, Personal Trainer

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: National Personal Training Institute (NPTI) Certified, Qi Gong Level One Certified, Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification, Krav Maga Level One Trainee, Training Specialty: helping people transition from therapy to training.

You have to see it to believe it. Motivation and understanding for a lifetime of progression both physically & mentally & spiritually.

Supreme energy, very positive, very knowledgeable, very physically accomplished.

Hands down more practical then probably any other cert out there because of its focus on the body. Very in-depth at every step.

A lifetime of praise for the foundation the cert provides.

Laura Robertson, Saint Anthony, MN, Trainer

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: RKC, CK-FMS, Chek Exercise Coach, Crossfit Level 1

PCC showed me that we are all stronger when surrounded by people who believe in us. I saw a lot of people do things they had never done before because the group encouraged them.
Al and Danny were so smart and genuine. No need to puff up their chests and say they were "right" or "the best", very real and respectful guys.

Adrienne was awesome and motivating, very knowledgeable and inspiring.
Keep up the amazing work.

Cortez Hull, Minnesota, Police Officer

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Senior RKC , Defensive Tactics Instructor

Fun, informative and challenging.

What five aspects of the certification did you find most useful and why?

  1. From a teaching standpoint, I like Al’s attitude.
  2. The manual is a tremendous resource, that I will be learning from for years to come.
  3. Standing on the shoulders of giants. The instructors experience and knowledge, allowed me to learn things at a much faster rate.
  4. The team atmosphere was very encouraging.
  5. It showed me ways to improve ways I teach at an RKC and different areas to emphasize besides the use of the kettlebell.

One of the very best things about the instructors is their lack of ego. Although they possessed a high level of skill, they used their knowledge to help others. They were very open to suggestions and other points of view. This in my opinion created an atmosphere of fun, creativity and greater learning for everyone.

Al brought the Zen feeling, while Danny brought energy and intensity. Adrienne strength and laughter to us all. I am pleased with my experience.

This was a workshop that was not about doing better than someone else. It was about everyone else helping that someone to be better.

Allen Neibauer, Ashland, WI, Personal Trainer

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: 15 mile march with 50 pounds on back at a fast walk pace with no rest. A member of the Army National guard, hope to specialize in bodyweight strength training.

The greatest investment and knowledge I could have ever hoped for. You couldn’t bring any better instruction and experience that Al and the team bring to this certification.
Best experience in fitness I’ve ever had.

Steve Maddux, Stillwater MN, Personal & Group Fitness


Awesome! I learned and tried things I would never have attempted on my own. Many times to my surprise I accomplished things I would have previously thought were unattainable.
Unbelievable! Not only can they perform but they can instruct incredibly well. Very personable and approachable. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Geoff Espander, Albuquerque, NM, sales

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Training background in traditional weightlifting and soccer. Personal trainer certified.

A wonderful group of people focused on gathering as much information on body weight training as the can while still enjoying the camaraderie of the community.

All instructors were very knowledgeable and shared the information well. Cues when you needed, very positive in all aspects.

Brandon Kimble - Des Moines, IA, Design

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Just a regular person, been working out past 15 years and been in Martial Arts for about 10 years Tae Kwon Do and Karate.

It was an experience to meet like-minded people (community) and be a part of PCC because it’s the way of the future for fitness.

Outstanding! Very humble and willing to share so much information and still wanting to learn form others.

Thank you so much to the PCC team, this was a great opportunity and I feel very fortunate to have made it to this event!

Paul Turner II, Petersburg, WV, Maint. Mechanic


An excellent workshop, with an awesome team. The whole team was knowledgeable, with bits of information to help tweak the exercises. The team was thoughtful and caring, with a sincere interest in having the students succeed.

Most training I’ve seen, 20% of the students were in shape, the rest far from it. Here 100% were in shape, which is a rare, but inspiring.


Participant Praise for the Progressive Calisthenics Certification

(PCC) Workshop

– June 2013, St Paul, MN

Paul Knapic, New York City, NY, Muay Thai Instructor and Trainer

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: CPPS strength coach Certified under Jim Smith and Joe Defranco, Underground Strength Coach with Zach Even-Esh, NSCA and NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Kru in Muay Thai under Master Lookchang out of Jokkey Gym, Kru in Muay Thai under Master Toddy out of Ultra Fight Gym, Martial Arts training in various disciplines for 20 years, Independent Military Contractor/ State Dept. and DOD, Saudi Special Forces and Protective Service instructor

One of the most AMAZING experiences with an extraordinary group of diverse and focused athletes and awesome instructors that I would do over and over again.

Unbelievable! I want to do level 2 & 3. They are all GREAT & enthusiastic instructors and maintained their quality and enthusiasm the whole weekend.

This cert was extremely comprehensive and the quality of the material was excellent! I have done a lot of different certs and training over the last 12 years and this cert brought together a wealth of knowledge, experience and practicality.

Peter D'Epiro, Cupertino, CA, Fitness & Performance Coach

Phenomenal! To be so incredibly humbled after 25 years of strength training and 20 years being in the industry demonstrates the power and value of this style of training.

This is also a truly unique, positive and incredibly supportive atmosphere and community of people… and a great breath of fresh air in the fitness industry.

The instructors were phenomenal, end of story!!! And that goes for all of them having had discussions and received coaching and feedback form each instructor at some point in the course.

The PCC had an element of fun and enjoyment rarely found in a course… while still being overwhelmingly challenging physically and mentally.

Matt Schifferle, Colorado Springs, CO, Personal Trainer

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: 5th degree TKD black belt, ACE certified, Underground Strength Coach Level 2, TRX, Crossfit Level 1, Mountain bike racer, Back country skier
A far more comprehensive and detailed lesson about applying progressive calisthenics than with any other medium.

The team of instructors were A+ Level of professionalism and motivations. They presented their information with clarity, depth, humor, and lots of understanding. They presented a humble attitude, which was very refreshing. They also fostered a playful and fun perspective to learning and training.

The PCC was one of, if not the, single best certification I’ve ever been to. It was free of Dogma yet specific in what is was addressing. I’ve never been pushed harder physically or mentally to grow yet felt so relaxed and welcome to be here.

Incredible time! An essential experience for any bodyweight enthusiast.

Chris Fluck, Philadelphia, PA, Yoga Instructor, Actor

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Certified Bikram yoga and Power Yoga instructor. Teaching full time for over eleven years. Multiple award-wining teacher recently named Best in Philly 2012 by Philadelphia Magazine.

For me, the level of expertise and wisdom, not just from the lead team but also many of the participants – was like getting to talk to the Founding Fathers while they gathered to write the constitution. I know that’s a crazy analogy but it felt like I was picking the brains or Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, etc. all weekend long.

What aspects of the certification did you find most useful and why?

  1. The module system was well thought out. Loved how all 3 days were programmed.
  2. Spectacular inclusiveness.
  3. "No Dogma!"
  4. Approachability of the master trainers. That can’t be emphasized enough how the compartment of the leadership fostered a united feeling among the entire group.

The instructors are experts but yet always students. Cannot state enough how important it is that leadership be human. I’ve been to trainings before where leadership is "firm"-like and I have no time for it! Al, Danny and the rest were extremely knowledgeable yet humble and ever respectful. Every question was answered!

The PCC is probably the best workshop yet for me. As I pointed out previously, the "firm" mentality is a giant turn off and a prevalent issue. As far as scope and material, it exceeded my expectations, I came here to work on "the big 6". Flags, levers, etc. was all gravy!

All I can say is that maybe the biggest impact for me was how much info was available from every person here. The community was far and away the finest group of people I’ve ever been part of in the fitness realm. I personally did not encounter one conceited or disrespectful individual. Remarkable really.

James McConnell, Melbourne, Australia, Exercise Scientist/Strength Coach

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Bachelor of Exercise Science/Clinical Science
Strength & Conditioning/Rehab Specialist for Coburg Tigers Football Club

One of the best Human Movement/Calisthenics courses I have been to, due to the professionalism of the Master PCC’s and their amazing capabilities to perform exercises.

Al as a teacher was amazing, he was extremely well spoken through the whole weekend, his ability to answer all questions that were asked with great confidence and expertise was excellent. His ability to perform all exercises while talking and giving pointers was great.

Extremely well organized and excellent scope with all instructors been able to give advice and perform all movements.

Matt Beecroft, RKC Team Leader, Australia

A really positive, supportive and motivational event rather than the "tough guy" elitist dogma bandied about by others. Worked hard, had fun and walked away feeling inspired.

  1. Great manual – WOW.
  2. Plenty of practice time for exercises so it wasn’t rushed like an RKC.
  3. Really positive and laid back atmosphere very motivating and supportive – good culture.
  4. Al and Danny (also Steven and Adrienne) were really approachable and friendly – not aloof.

Fantastic attitude on the bigger picture rather than "Our way is the only way". The instructors were really open minded, because they were confident in their abilities. They didn’t seem to be threatened by others.
The variations, progressions and regressions were awesome, as was the programming.

On par if not better than the RKC. It wasn’t about "smashing" or smoking" everyone and you could work at your own pace. It was down to earth and genuine.

Tony Johnston, Houston, TX, Federal Special Agent

I was a little hesitant at first that most of the participants would be ex-college gymnasts and such, and this was coupled with the fact that I don’t work in the fitness business. Having said that, this training has been a wonderfully motivating experience and increased my bodyweight strength training knowledge base exponentially. I can’t give the PCC a higher recommendation.

The instructors were simply the best! I had very high expectations coming into the PCC, all of which were not only met, but exceeded.

The PCC was a pleasant surprise in that so many other trainings consciously or unconsciously project an "all-business" rigid and strict attitude toward the participants. The PCC was one of the best, and fun trainings I’ve been to in my life. Many trainings are good or beneficial, few are devoid of any usefulness, but many are not pleasant experiences.

Greg Shim, Colorado


From the first module on push ups, I felt that I had gotten my money’s worth (and more)! My push ups advanced more in 60 minutes than they had in the last 60 days. And I’ve been training hard. The other people were by far, the most enjoyable. It was like the participants were trying to out do each other in their generosity. That, coupled with the instructors’ abilities to guide and share, made this the most informative and life/practice changing seminars I’ve ever attended.

What five aspects of the certification did you find most useful and why?

  1. Confidence in leading my patients to better health. The seminar just poured confidence into you.
  2. Progressions – starting off with beginning exercises and modifying them before moving to more advanced.
  3. Camaraderie – I was amazed at how open and sharing everyone was!
  4. The actual certification – a piece of paper goes along way ?
  5. Content – ridiculous amounts of extremely useful information.

Al, Danny, Adrienne and Steven were out of control with wisdom, compassion, and instruction skill – not to mention the ability to put in all into praxis. Add the humility and genuine caring to the mix and I can’t imagine a more capable group to lead this certification.

This was a hugely impressive attempt that surpassed my expectations.

I love Dragon Door :)

Beth Andrews, Cartersville, GA, Gym Owner /trainer, Senior RKC

Betta than Awesome! A+ Quality. Loved that Al Kavadlo praised people and that he is currently training people. He fulfills "Practice what you Preach!" Top Notch. Loved that we could sit however we needed to be comfy to listen, learn and observe. I love the non-militant approach! I like switching around groups and different instructors.

Atmosphere was Amazing. Nice to see everyone cheering each other on!

Shannon McCurdy, Dumfries, VA, Systems Engineer


ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: 4 yrs in the Marines
I have to say the workshop was 100% awesome! The instructors were/are very knowledgeable and positive. They were always very helpful in tips and to keep me thinking "outside of the box/non-dogmatic".

What aspects of the certification did you find most useful and why?

  1. Wisdom of all 4 instructors.
  2. The energy of EVERYONE, both instructors and attendees.
  3. Being critiqued in a very positive and knowledgeable way so I knew exactly what I was doing "wrong".
Couldn’t have expected any better, exceeded by far, my expectations.
Definitely the best training I’ve taken.

Benji Williford, Eau Claire, WI, Personal Trainer

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Certified Personal Trainer, Registered Yoga Teacher

It is a well-organized first iteration of a much-needed certification in the industry. There is a strong sense of community within the organization.

The instructors’ experience is invaluable. It was nice to see demonstrations as opposed to only discussing philosophy. We got to see the possibility realized.

The PCC course was as high quality as other courses that I’ve attended. The needs of the attendants were well thought out and addressed before the weekend. It exceeded other courses in terms of the shuttle, meals supplied, security and the sense of community.

Ben Swarts, Eden Prairie, MN, Direct Care Professional

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Dragon Door HKC, Black Belt – Judo, Many trail runs and a few half-marathons, Odd Exercise enthusiast
This has been an excellent workshop, in subject matter, teaching and positive reinforcement. The staff were excellent examples of what fitness professionals should be.

The instructors were unbelievable – the best and better than I could have imagined. Al has embodied the philosophy of fitness to a level that few have ever achieved. He is humble and spectacular in the same moment, and practices what he preaches.
Above and beyond anything I’ve ever heard of/experienced. High quality, great scope of material, and lots of practical applications. I think Al and the team did a good job controlling the pace appropriately and adjusting when they needed to.

Thanks for a life changing experience!

Zachary R Gheaja, Hobart, IN, Sales/Student

Athletic Achievements: Trained in Tae Kwon Do, Aikido
There are many things I can now do to improve myself and my skills and strength that I needed to see in person and have experienced instructors show me, and regressions/progression methods I did not know.   It was one of the most important weekends of my life. It was tough, I am not a professional by any standards, and this was my first workshop but to work with like- minded strength enthusiasts and professionals will inspire me to train myself and other hard for the rest of my life. I have set a new standard for myself.   Al and the crew have years of experience that comes across in their training instruction, but they are also down to earth and put you to work. I love their "just do it" philosophy. I really think they can keep your attention through their easy going and entertaining style. They are the best.  

Craig Slobodian, Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada, Personal Trainer

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Kinesiology degree, certified personal trainer, Agatsu kettlebell certification, Agatsu Joint Mobility and Movement certification, TRX, Spin

There are many things I can now do to improve myself and my skills and strength that I needed to see in person and have experienced instructors show me, and regressions/progression methods I did not know.

It was both fantastic and humbling. Learned a lot of great body weight progressions. I couldn’t do them all but was able to see others which was inspiring.

The instructors have a lot of great insight. Very respectful of everyone’s limitations. I like the non-threatening approach to the progressions given.

Lance Monteau, Baldwin, ND, Physician

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: 4 years U.S. Navy, purple belt Tae Kwon Do (no longer active). Weight lifting for approximately 20 years, now solely bodyweight exercises for approximately 3 years.

Showed me firsthand my goals for the future with all of its motivations and possibilities.

The instructors have done everything they teach! They are themselves students of the game with a thirst for knowledge. They have the master quality of the lack of ego.

I feel bodyweight training is the top of the pyramid for attainment of physical potential, and PCC has given me a plan and the knowledge to get there.

Brendan McCormack, Maple Grove, MN, Student

  1.  Reinforced the idea that progressions need not be strict and should be adjustable for different skill levels.

  2. Underscored the importance of meeting your clients where they are at and not attempting to rush progressions.

  3. Showed me techniques then had me practice them, which increases skill acquisition and assisted with simple and complicated techniques.

  4. Inspired me to continue working towards "cleaner" and progressively more difficult exercises while not stomping on my ego for my current abilities.

  5. Refocused me to remember and practice "easier" level in the progressions to keep me sharp and easily able to coach and assist beginners through the more basic steps.

A wonderful course with world class instructors, supportive and encouraging comrades, and a focus on constant and never ending improvement that buoys and bolsters resolve and excitement. Al and his team really have something special here in the PCC. All of them are outstanding and working with just one is a privilege, but all of them together, is out of this world.

This has been more comprehensive and detailed, without overloading than any other instructions I’ve been a part of. Also, every bit of info is applicable to most if not all of my own training sessions and those of my clients.

Kevin Winkler, Bayfield, CO, Recreation Manager

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Retired military after 21 years of service with the Navy. 15 of those years I served as Command Fitness Leader for the commands I served. During my last seven years I worked off and on as an outdoor adventure tour guide for the Pearl Harbor's Outdoor Adventure Center leading kayak, mountain biking, hiking, and skin diving trips. I competed in several 24hr, 12hr, 6hr, and cross country mountain bike events both on teams and solo on the mainland and overseas. Ran marathons and off road challenges in both the US and Japan. Currently develop team and individual programs for the Southern Ute Indian tribe.

Awesome, challenging and fun, are the first words that come to mind.

The instructors were confident, humble, professional and calm. Willing to help as you need it, but also willing to let you work on understanding the movement on your own if that’s what you wanted. They are awesome!!! Thank you guys!

Great job. Lunch was terrific! And the availability of other DD stuff at discount was great! Thank you.

Christopher Schwab, Washington, DC, Student

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Washinkai Karate 2 years, Goju Ryu Karate 1 year, Previous experience with self-taught calisthenics (about 1 1/2 years), Breakdancing (Bboy) since January 2013.

A room full of enthusiasts working towards not just their goals, but everyone’s. An unparalleled instructor experience coming from a wide background of knowledge.

The team was so motivating to my training and is helping me improve my routine (Thanks Steven!), as well as being eager to learn more themselves. They all proved their value countless times.
Al was simply fantastic and Steven is such a deep well of knowledge.

Andrew Read, Melbourne Australia, Senior RKC

A very positive workshop. Great atmosphere, very laid back which didn’t detract from high level practice. When 1/3 of the room randomly busts out 1 arm/1 leg push ups, without training for it, it shows the possibilities from the training system.

Anders Randin, Gothenburg – Sweden, IT Systems Manager

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Martial Arts instructor: Wing Chun, Phillipino Martial Arts (arnis, Kali, Escrima). TRX trainer: (TRX Suspension Training Course)
World Class instructions in a wonderful environment with extremely talented and friendly fellow athletes.
Absolutely top notch instructors. Knowledgeable, talented, inspiring, fun! Enthusiastic.
Also I want to add as for me personally having Steven Low here with his vast gymnastics knowledge was awesome! I especially like the more gymnastic type of moves and I got the chance to ask him a lot of questions.
This is probably one of the best training events I have ever participated in. it surely is the very best in the field of Calisthenics.
I just wanted to thank you for making this happen! I also want to thank Paul Wade personally for changing my life in a very profound way. Without Convict Conditioning, I might still be having lower back pain and just sitting in my office chair getting heavier and more immobile with each passing year. Thanks!

Phil Ross, Ho Ho Kus, NJ, Master RKC

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Master RKC, 8th Degree Black Belt, CK-FMS, Certified Bodyweight Specialist, NAGA Submission Fighting Champion - both Gi & No-Gi, 8 Time NJ State Karate Champion, National Free Fighting Champion, Silver Medalist in Greco-Roman AAU ENC
Fun, challenging, and enlightening. The instructors were extremely talented, generous, approachable and humble. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.
The team as a whole were very accomplished and knowledgeable. Al, in particular, has an exceptional manner and presentation skill set. You can tell that he has a great deal of experience working with a wide range of clients.
I would put the learning and material presentation on Par with the RKC. I have the RKC rated at the top of my certifications that I have taken. So the PCC is at the top as well.
This workshop has given me more movements to become proficient at and a methodology to achieve these tasks. I am looking forward to challenging myself to "master" these movements and pass them to my clients. I will also be sending the instructors from my studio for certifications. This program is a great addition to the Dragon Door Certifications. Kudos to JDC, the Kavadlo Bros and Coach Paul Wade.

Peter Du Cane, St Paul, MN, HKC, Student

  1. Gave me a complete understanding of my favorite exercises in a detailed fashion.
  3. Inspired me to push my training to anew level.
  5. Gave me the chance to meet other body weight enthusiasts and master coaches in the field thus providing more information than I expected.
  7. Helped me fix problems and issues that I alone could not fix.
  9. It gave me new tools to both help myself and others in the world of calisthenics.

An inspirational experience on a whole new level. Without this experience I would be left in a haze of confusion. The friendly/community aspect gave me a higher appreciation for this type of training; simply put, it was amazing!

The instructors were flat out spectacular! I have never seen such friendly yet motivating teachers in the field of strength training. Each specializing in their own way, the perfect combination of teachers.
Blew every single other event out of the water!

Kelly Stranahan, Santa Fe, NM, trainer

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: RKC, Battling Ropes Cert, TRX, working on 4 certs this year!

The Progressive Calisthenics Certification contributed to my understanding and practice of bodyweight training in the following five ways:

  1. Helped me understand better the value of regressions/progressions and the importance of each step.
  2. How great BW training alone can be, can be used alone to great benefit.
  3. Being here and seeing demonstrations of each move, and watching other participants share other ideas and ways to do the moves has been a real treat.
  4. The manual doesn’t mess around!! It covers everything in such detail and the illustrations are invaluable.
  5. The PCC attracts people of all professional backgrounds and personal capabilities, I am very excited about the "community" that the PCC is creating!

One of the best planned, most well thought out workshop/certifications I have had the pleasure of participating in. If this is any indication of what’s to come… I am so proud to be a small part of this!

The instructors were absolutely professional, with a total understanding of human nature, human capability and compassion. The level of support that everyone received was beautiful to witness.

Surpassed them all! As a whole, the organization and schedule was superb, while making us feel open to explore and ask any questions. I can’t wait for PCC II!

Sekou Olayinka, Philadelphia, PA, Educator

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Wado Ryu & Krav Maga training

  1. PCC is holistic.
  3. PCC is a "complete" way to train.
  5. PCC is adaptable and easy to incorporate with other training (i.e. kettlebell, weights, etc.)
  7. PCC "travels well" My "gym" is anywhere I am.
  9. PCC encourages creativity, resourcefulness and innovation.

My PCC experience was not only inspirational but also empowering. I especially enjoyed the collegial and supportive environment established by my fellow attendees. I know even better what I "don’t know," and my future training will be better informed because of my PCC experience.

Al, Adrienne, Danny and Steven were knowledgeable, extremely humble and very forthcoming with their knowledge. All were approachable at any time. If was an honor to have been able to share time and space with all of them.

Nothing else even compares. PCC was obviously well-planned. From the hotel, to the shuttle, catered lunches, Dragon Door store and the uniformed officer, I say "first class" and "well done."

Mark Bixby, Santa Fe, NM, Gym Owner/Teacher, RKC Team Leader

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: MovNat certified instructor, Z Health R and I Phase
I loved the fun, supportive atmosphere. I felt safe to try new things, and as a result accomplished multiple firsts – an elbow lever, muscle up, back lever, and one-hand, wall-assisted handstand.

What aspects of the certification did you find most useful and why?

  1. The headstand/handstand progressions really improved my confidence and competence with the skills.
  2. The elbow level module, staring with frog stands (something I was familiar with) gave me the familiarity to quickly figure out the elbow lever.
  3. I loved that the Century Test was an attainable standard. I was really engrossed in the weekend material without constantly fretting over the test.

Corey Howard, Sioux Falls, SD, Trainer, RKC

It was a great workshop. I enjoyed the wide variety of participants from various different backgrounds.

I really enjoyed Al’s laid back open-minded approach. He definitely has developed a solid knowledge base through his own training. I appreciated the small subtle tips he provided on several of the movements.

Emerik Mehes, Kingston, ON, Canada, High school teacher

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: I'm just an average, all around fitness enthusiast. I exercise because I enjoy a challenge and it has helped me deal with the most stressful times in my life.

The PCC was everything I hoped it would be. It allowed me to learn, hands on, from my fitness idol Al Kavadlo, but more importantly, to learn from all the participants. The amount of knowledge at this event was astounding and I’m very privileged to have had the opportunity to practice these skills alongside some very experienced trainers.

If there’s anyone you want to learn bodyweight training from, it’s Al and his team. He’s always shared his knowledge freely on his blog and he walks the walk. His demonstrations were invaluable and I’m thrilled to have trained with him face to face. Thanks for the inspiration.

I just want to personally thank John Du Cane and Al Kavadlo. Almost 4 years ago, I suffered a family tragedy that changed my life. Exercise became my way to dealing with the stresses of that event and CC provided the knowledge I needed to get started. Shortly, after, I discovered Al’s blog and the rest is history. I’m here today, as healthy as I am today, because of the inspiration Dragon Door and Al have given me. It’s helped me out of some very dark places. Thanks for helping me change my life for the best. It was an honor to meet both of you.

Erik Rios, Lindenhurst, NY, Bboy

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Specialize in Breakin'

The only place in my years of training where I felt comfortable demonstrating bodyweight feats of strength without being resented, or feel as if showing off.

What aspects of the certification did you find most useful and why?

  1. The amount of wisdom freely and generously shared by all participants and teachers for the pursuit of prospering skills.
  3. The diversity of Dragon Door’s openness to accept all backgrounds and participants so we may all learn together, as well as benefit from other practices, physical activities and cultures.
  5. The willingness for the PCC to go beyond standard exercises such as muscle ups, flags to open your mentality into accepting various forms of strength training.

The entire team and coordination was superb in every aspect. Their kindness and humbleness touched me and encouraged me to keep focused and open minded about all items relating to calisthenics. The attitude they exhibited allowed for them to effortlessly make this a life-changing event.

The PCC main aspect to offer comparison is adaptability. Everyone is unique physiologically and anatomically and the emphasis on finding your best positioning and exercises without strict adherence to textbook ideals allows for greater acceptance of nature and strength.

Daniel Weaver - Santa Fe, NM, Production Manager

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: I finished 2nd place overall in the MSC downhill mountain bike race series last year.
It was a mind-expanding experience. Seeing how strong the women were has totally changed my concept of what is possible.

I have been inspired to set higher goals for myself, and feel confident that I an achieve them.  I thought the quality/knowledge was really exceptional.

It was such a great group of people when I showed up and saw how nice everybody was I knew had come to the right place for me. Apparently quality people are drawn to bodyweight training.

Shane Pigdon

Extremely well presented and organized. Clear communication and blocked structure was well balanced.

Positive, engaged, experienced group of people. Good mix of basics, advanced and unknown progressions and regressions.

Extremely thorough, Al and Danny (Steve and Adrienne) all worked well and complemented each other.

Really impressed with clarity of speaking with confidence in responses.

Positive reinforcement created a really great environment to learn.

Unassumingly taxing! Loved the positive group mentality, and the fact you are there to "learn" and not a combo of "flog you because that’s what we’re known for".

Andrea Du Cane, St Paul, MN, Master RKC, Director of Certification

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: 12 years of Kettlebell Training., 9 years as TL/Senior Master, Pilates, PM, CICS, ZHealth, Tango Dancer
I felt safe, supported and encouraged to attempt moves that I had never tried before. This allowed me to work through my fears and mental/nervous blocks to achieve firsts for me – never attained or even attempted before.

What five aspects of the certification did you find most useful and why?

  1. The emphasis on progressions.
  3. "Waving" the different sections to keep us as fresh as possible.
  5. Watching the instructors – effortlessly demo the skills.
  7. Watching, so many participants perform the skills so well.
  9. The group support – the positive learning and practicing environment. Everyone cheering everyone else on.

Al did a fantastic job with presenting the material. He is approachable, personable, humble and dedicated to every participant’s improvement. Ditto for all the assistants. Al and Danny work together as well as salt and pepper! Yin/Yang – sunrise/sunset. Perfect.

I must confess – I did not train for this workshop as I should have. Other than a few practice session doing the century test and a few yoga classes. My Bad! But, I feel I accomplished so much and hit a few PRs. I have now gotten the confidence boost and motivation to make bodyweight a big part of my training program. (Beyond push ups & pull-ups)

Angelo Gala, Boston, RKC Team Leader

This workshop falls right in line with all of the RKC workshops where the amount of material presented was amazing and overwhelming. The progressions were easy to follow and will make sharing these movements and perfect movements with my clients a must!

Al’s ability and humility were inspiring in both the physical capacity but also the true example of how to carry your strength. I look forward to using these exercises and progression to advance my understanding of the body to be able to follow lead and give back to the community.

The PCC covered more material that will be applicable to a larger audience base.

Thank you for having me! Every time I come out here it changes my life for the better. I am forever grateful to DD for the challenge/growing it has provided me since 2008.

Shannon Scullin, Melbourne, Australia, Personal Trainer, RKC Team Leader

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: RKC II, CK FMS, Primal Move Instructor, Club Weightlifting and Sports Power Coach

Confidence building. There were many progressions that I had tried and failed on my own however, watching others around me achieve and having so many like minded people encouraging me enabled me to achieve my first 1 arm push up as well as bodyweight pistol!

They knocked it out of the ballpark! Not only was their instruction amazing but their personalities were fantastic. Very approachable and encouraging!

Manual is brilliant!! These guys walk the walk and talk the talk. The kind of trainer we should all aspire to be.

Jen Sinkler, Minneapolis, MN, fitness writer, coach

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: former US national rugby player, RKC, KBA, USAW, TACFIT, LIFT, CrossFit

I’m not sure I’ve ever left a cert with so many fun new skills to work on.

What aspects of the certification did you find most useful and why?

  1. The instructors’ non-dogmatic approach was a break of fresh air.
  3. The number of variations demonstrated for each exercise were crucial for regression/progressing clients.
  5. The 600-page instructor’s manual was a nice surprise. It’s nice to not have to depend on my notes alone.

The Kavadlo brothers were humble – but the kind of humble that comes through years of experience working through every question and variation that came up. The wisest instructors know the answer is "It depends," and that was Al’s favorite answer. Definitely a plus, in my book.

I came away with a whole lot of exercise ideas for myself and the more advanced of my clients. Much of it is not yet hugely applicable to my more de-conditional clients, but they will get there. ? And we’ll start with the very, very basic regressions.

Dragon Door is in its element when it comes to organizing events. Nice work.

David Clancy, New Albany, OH, Strength coach

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: CSCS*D, RKC II, CK-FMS, Black Belt Hapkido, taekwondo

Humbling, challenging and empowering.

Very practical…these moves can be regressed or progressed for anyone

Joe Eynon, Kent, OH, HPE Teacher

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: High school HPE teacher and strength and conditioning coach

It was a very positive experience. I always felt encouraged to challenge myself without worrying about what others thought. It was a very inclusive experience and everyone was able to contribute in some way. The instructors were very welcoming and brought out the best in all attendees.

The knowledge was impressive but even more so was the way in which Al was able to communicate it. He makes his points and answers questions well.

Not as punishing as the RKC (May 2011, St Paul) but I felt like I learned more as a result. At the same time, the skill practice left me fatigued, but just not to the point where I couldn’t come back fresh the next morning. It was intense in a way that was different from the RKC

Brian Lawson, Red Hook, NY, Facility Owner


ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: RKC level 1/2... FMS... CF level1.... US Army 4yrs

What aspects of the certification did you find most useful and why?

  1. The manual - I went to the first bodyweight course by DD and this was much more organized.
  3. The instructors very good.
  5. The energy was very good.

Excellent training and knowledge! A good team to instruct this course! It summarized a lot of the confusion in this world of fitness "overload and bullshit" that we are inundated with. Meaning that Al and his team conveyed the "true" exercises that should make up one’s program.

Adam Gibbons Vancouver, WA, Physical Therapist


ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: CFMT, RKC, WKC, Crossfit Level 1, train in Kombatan Arnis

A great course in logical progressions and principles allowing one to take themselves and others from complete beginner to highly capable athlete.

Very high level instruction, great knowledge base, great cues and feedback.

There is no more relevant exercise approach than bodyweight training so the course, which was of very high quality, was as practical as it gets

Drew Pesale, Shelton, CT, College Student


ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Brown Belt in Tae Kwon Do, High School Track Sprinter, Calisthenics Practitioner

The PCC provides info on the most fun and challenging types of exercises known as calisthenics. The instructors take attendees through the different variations and progressions of calisthenics, and explain their benefits. They also give great advice in dealing with clients.

Al is an amazing teacher and someone who has greatly motivated me not only as a trainer but as a person. He is well spoken and has various answers to questions that are all beneficial. He is the best teacher because he truly puts the care of his client as a high priority.

The PCC is my first cert course and with my extensive research on the topic, I still learned more than I expected. The quality, scope of material, and practical use exceeded my already positive expectation. It has helped me improve as an athlete and as a future trainer.

This has been an amazing experience for me. Attending the PCC confirms my passion for exercise and movement. I thank the instructors and Mr. Du Cane for the amazing job well done and the knowledge you all have passed onto me.

James Ryan, Hinton, Alberta, Canada, Oilfield Transportation

Karate, Kick Boxing and Parkour

An experience that goes well beyond expectations and well worth every penny. I learned amazing things that will improve my own training and those share the information and techniques with in the future.

What five aspects of the certification did you find most useful and why?

  1. Group motivation and support. It proved to increase progress.
  3. The structure of working with multiple trainers in smaller groups. It increased focus.
  5. The chronological order of the modules. It helped not to overburden specific muscle groups.
  7. Rotating trainers each day it allowed new perspectives for approaching different skills.
  9. The number of participants from different countries and fitness backgrounds. It helps to open the mind.

The quality of the training was beyond my expectations, each instructor being very accessible for questions and coaching. I am a huge fan of Al and his approach to fitness, and if this had been a one-time course I would have found away to be there regardless of location.

No comparison! It is unique in its comprehensiveness. It would be difficult to have as much improvement in such a concentrated way.

Paul Doetsch, Lakemoor, IL, CPA

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Been training for 1 1/2 years with weights and convict conditioning protocols.

The entire team was knowledgeable and proficient. They demonstrated their knowledge in an open manner that was conducive to learning.

Al and his team were very engaging and eager to address all questions as they arose. Al’s manner was gracious and I found it a delight to listen to him. Al and his team earned an "A" and Al an "A+" because he was articulate, demonstrated a strong understanding of the material, and had a very open and non-critical attitude.

The lack of a know-it-all attitude is a game changer for me. This enhanced the great quality of the training

LeAnn Splitter, Norfolk, VA, USMC


ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: United States Marine Corps 2006-present
Marine Corps Martial Arts Program - black belt Virginia Beach Half-marathon 2012

Things I didn’t previously think would be possible for me to do are now within the realm of possibility – either now or in the future.

I tried things like handstands, elbow levers and full bridges that I didn’t think I would be able to do yet, and learn that I could – at least in the basic way. Just seeing the control that people have over their bodies to execute some moves has opened me up to new possibilities in my own training.

What five aspects of the certification did you find most useful and why?

  1. Watching people who had never tried or had difficulty with a move figure it out for the first time.
  3. Watching people who could do a move learn a new technique that made it better.
  5. The positive and supportive atmosphere not just from the instructors but the other trainees.
  7. The emphasis on trying safe reps but not burning yourself out.
  9. Being able to try something then watch others attempt made follow on attempts more successful.

They were awesome – full of knowledge and willing to help or answer all questions.

My only other training has been military training and books (Particularly Convict Conditioning) and the knowledge and capabilities of the instructors has been leagues beyond what I’ve experienced before

Angela M Josephs, Circle Pines, MN, CrossFit/ Personal Trainer


ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: USAW, RKC 1, 2, CrossFit 1, CrossFit Gymastics, CrossFit Olympic Lifting, NPTI,


Have lots to work on! :) This certification gave me a better idea of my skills - I tried more skills and progressed further than I thought, due to the great working and coaching cues.

Brandon Matley, Kenosha, WI, Manager at Grocery Store

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: 9 years bodybuilding/weight training
1 year crossfit, 2 stripe+ white belt in Jiu Jitsu

It was definitely worth the time. And from basic moves to more advanced ones, every module was filled with knowledge I have never experienced or encountered from my background. I made huge progress in everything.

What five aspects of the certification did you find most useful and why?

  1. The one-on-one help.
  3. Having split up into groups so that you had plenty of time to learn the detail movers.
  5. Having a good group of people, not just the instructor, sharing their thoughts and advice.
  7. The relaxed feeling from the instructors and group takes some stress off and makes for a great learning environment.
  9. All the details about centering your body and bone leveraging helps you to really be in touch with your mind and body and increases your balance to perform the move advance movements.

With this course I have gained a lot more than what my expectations were. The course was well put together and didn’t feel like it was the very first one. The whole team did very well.

PCC was more practical compared to Bodybuilding and power lifting, and is a great addition for me and my goals.

The instructors and Dragon Door should feel proud and accomplished with what took place this weekend. Knowledge is meant to be shared with passion, or it dies, and that’s what has taken place here.

Robert Rimoczi, Munich, Bayern, Germany, Senior RKC

I am absolutely surprised about the quality of the workshop. Consistent manual (looks great), great instructors.

Jim Perry, Jacksonport, WI, Door County Carpet One, Owner

Enriched and deepened my understanding of the application of various ways to increase and decrease the intensity of effort, also the difference between training for strength vs. endurance.

All of the instructors exhibited a broad range of experience and knowledge in *Technique *Variations *Listening and thoughtful response *Knew when to speak out and let other trainees contribute.

I was really impressed with the interaction of the team of instructors and observed very little – if any – interruption or talking over one another. Very fluid and conflict free of tension.

Excellent interaction and relating with each other and the group of participants.

Thank you very much for all the effort put into this excellent weekend

Bradford Shreve New York, NY, Personal Trainer


The Progressive Calisthenics Certification contributed to my understanding and practice of bodyweight training in the following ways:

  1. I was amazed at what the human body can achieve. I was amazed at what I could achieve.
  3. I got a lot of knowledge from other participants – especially specific cueing and drills.

Organization and scope of material is excellent. As an athlete the PCC is amazing, the best workshop of it’s kind!

What aspects of the certification did you find most useful and why?

  1. Inspiring feats of strength – many PRs over the weekend
  3. Excellent networking opportunity – exceptional group of people with a treasure of resources.

Alby Owens, Melbourne, Australia, personal trainer

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: 10+ years martial arts exprience, RKCII
It was great. I had a great experience a lot more relaxed than an RKC event.

The bridge section was fantastic. Progressions were great. Other tips useful too

Michael House, Houston, TX, strength trainer

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: ms, cscs, rkc I & II, akc, ikff, ikfsa I & II

It is something that you have to do and experience because you can only get so much from a book or DVD. Very knowledgeable guys who were very humble and approachable.

Trevor VanDenTop, Doon, IA, Construction

Iowa Wrestling State

What five aspects of the certification did you find most useful and why?

  1. Talking with other participants, wealth of knowledge is incredible and humbling.
  2. Help with my squat form. Always thought it was good, but some aspects I now know can be improved
  3. Full body tension; I was always stuck in focusing on an exercise working certain muscles and not the entire body.
  4. Again the no way is the "right way" for everyone.
  5. The PCC instructor’s manual (a.k.a. New Holy Scripture).

The instructors were very good. Learned very much from them. Incredible to watch them do amazing things with their bodies.

I would just like to end this with a thank you to Paul Wade. I enjoy my ability to move and walk everyday and I thank you personally for it.