Participant praise for the first-ever,
HardStyle Kettlebell Certification Workshop,
held in Sept 2009

Roy Harris, Martial Arts, Fitness Instructor, San Diego, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

4th degree black belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, 3rd degree black belt Sho Shin Ti Karate, 3rd degree black belt Taihojutsu, Senior Instructor Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do, Former Police Officer, Former United States Air Force Medic, PGA PAT Qualifier.

A Phenomenal experience! On a scale of one to ten, I would rate the quality of training and knowledge provided at the course of instruction a 9.5!

Over all, I'd say the training I received today was head and shoulders above other courses I have taken. For me, the key point was: "Pavel and his instructors care about their students!"

Kevin Knapp, Personal Trainer & Computer Engineer, Seattle, WA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Warrior Diet/CFT Certification

This is kettlebells from the ground up. Safety, mobility, stability and strength. The fundamentals that build a foundation for all your kettlebell training needs for you.

Unmatched – Pavel, my Team Leader and assistant (Kenneth Jay and Dustin) and being able to hear all the other groups is priceless. A lifetime of information in one day!

This is my first stop on a road to the RKC. I figured I would start with the best. It exceeded my expectations.

EJ Maiss, Personal Trainer / GM of Athletic Club, Reno, NV

The HKC was absolutely the best, most comprehensive, and challenging one day course I have ever taken. This is the course to take to learn proper kettlebell techniques and instruction. Pavel and his instructors are the real deal.

I was quite impressed with the knowledge, experience, and ability to convey concepts to be easily understood. Exhibited by all of the instructors: their understanding of movement patterns and biomechanics is outstanding.

The scope and depth of the HKC training was amazing, particularly for a one day course. I am certified in and have taken numerous fitness courses, and none compares with the breadth of bio mechanic knowledge or hand on trainings.

Mike Parsons, Physical Therapist, Mahnomen, MN

It was a great experience. Excellent instructions from all of the instructors. Every one was very supportive even when you had difficulty with certain concepts or movements

I felt that Pavel and all of the other instructors were excellent. I am a physical therapist and felt that I knew quite a bit about the body and exercise but the level of expertise that they displayed was incredible.

For a single day exercise training course I can't imagine being any more thorough or expecting more out of the attendees. Most certs that I know of don't require anywhere near the demonstration of proficiency and professionalism that the HKC does.

Diana Behrend, Respiratory Therapist, Slinger, WI

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Lost over 100lbs working with kettlebells via a RKC trainer which enabled me to then participate and complete triathons, duathlons and other runs and rides.

Truly life-altering and I proved to myself that I have "it" in me to better my own self and also others in the future!

The quality and knowledge is nothing less than spectacular – awesome to be a part of it.

This has been unbelievable. To even think that you guys go this "all out" for a sport just proves what I already know – those who do kettlebells will only do them properly and with great respect and passion for their use. Once I picked up a kettlebell 2 years ago, I knew I would never put it down. Now to have what I learned "fixed" a little and to be able to pass onto others will be awesome.

Juan Martinez, Artist, Toronto, Canada

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Played Football, Rugby and Hockey throughout high school. Continued competitive Rugby for 15 years, reaching Provincial rep. status numerous times. Also played Kendo for 13 years. (3rd dan). Generally continue to stay fit and try to get more and more healthy as I age. My goal is to see how much stronger, fitter, and healthier I can be as compared to my so-called "fit" youth, as well as for my own satisfaction and well-being. I also expect to share knowledge with others as I tend to be somewhat of an evangelist on these matters.

All was highly professionally presented and directed by competent experts. Absolutely worth the price of admission.

The quality is unparalleled. Each instructor obviously came from different backgrounds yet all were laser beam accurate in their individual assessment, as well as in discussing broad principles. I cannot imagine a better set of pros to learn from.

Undoubtedly the best of its kind.

Douglas Renfro, heavy equipment operator, Anchorage, AK

This was an incredible experience, well worth the trip down from Alaska. I got more than I bargained for in the training. And met some truly great people from all over the world.

The RKC instructors are true professionals and know their craft inside and out, and can teach said craft to any willing student.

Head and shoulders above anything else I have ever experienced.

SHANE HYLTON, Martial Arts Instructor, Grand Forks, ND

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

3rd Degree Black Belt Instructor, through the Kukkiwon and the World TKD Federation. 2nd Degree Black Belt, through the Korea Hapkido Association. 1st Degree Kumdo/Kumbub (Asian fencing) through the Kum Ae Dang (US) and the International Kumdo/Kumbub Federation (Korea).

The Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification Training contributed to my understanding and practice of kettlebells in the following five ways:

  1. Having Pavel and Andrea Du Cane correct my weaknesses was all I ever needed.
  2. The little things like the drill breakdowns. Doing the Get-up in small sequences really made it worth everything.
  3. I was able to transfer my martial arts tension knowledge into a verbal explanation. I could never really explain it until the HKC!
  4. I realized how much more practice I need.
  5. Through one mistake I was able to swing 10 times better after Andrea corrected it.

This course is a great stepping stone for furthering a person, whether it is just for fun or teaching or to improve your own technique.

Their knowledge was endless! Every question I had, Pavel would answer it before I could ask it. Mrs. Du Cane is just great to work with! Her knowledge and expertise was boundless.

There is no comparison it compliments my martial arts training perfectly! I have never been able to find a program that matches its quality and ability to help me become a better martial artist. Having torn cartilage in my knees was not even a problem during the course!

Keith Caldwell, Web Developer, Columbus, OH

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

I played Lacrosse for 8 years. I spent about 5 years in a gym, not really knowing what I was doing. Found out about kettlebells, did not believe the hype, and decided to try them to prove people wrong. In 9 weeks, I lost 30 pounds and my whole body was recomposed.

I came into the HKC with what I thought was a solid understanding of how to do the fundamental kettlebell movements. I quickly learned that I knew what correct technique looked like, but I couldn't get my body to do that. Just as quickly, with the help of Geoff and Andrea Chang, I learned where my form was lacking and what it takes to correct it.

I will be able to use this info for myself and others daily and it perfectly translates to real-life training. The quality is superior to most physical exercise material I have come across.

Wes Allen, Information Systems Coordinator, Hannibal, MO

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

teach Tae Kwon Do, cardiokarate and mixed martial arts classes. 3rd degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do NAPMA Cardiokarate Certification. Served 12 years in the Army National Guard as a Military Police. Served 1 year in Iraq from 2003-2004 as Military Police Team Leader

It was a great experience and I really enjoyed Dave Whitley and Pavel's instruction. Both of them helped me to grasp a better understanding of kettlebells.

For a 1 day seminar this one was one of the more beneficial seminars that I have attended. I feel the scope of the material was adequate. The practical use of this training will help me to better teach and communicate this material and my even help me to become stronger. I also believe it will help me become better at my chosen martial art of Tae Kwon Doe.

Overall I feel this was one of the best fitness seminars I have attended. I have learned a lot of information in one day and look forward to continuing my kettlebell journey.

Wendy Johnson, Realtor / Gym Owner, Lemont, IL

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Mother of 4 under the age of 7

The certification training experience has helped to move my training with kettlebells to a whole new level. I feel like I am not just doing the exercises, I'm fundamentally understanding the movements and the purpose behind them.

I have read several of Pavel's books and also watched his videos but with that being said he still exceeded all of my expectations when it came to the quality and knowledge of training.

For a one day cert. it was extremely informative and well executed.

Jim Lane, Sheriff's Sergeant, Novato, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

6+ years practicing with kettlebells. Attended the Reno Hardstyle High Altitude seminar. 18+ years law enforcement experience.

If you thought you knew how to practice kettlebells correctly, you may be mistaken. The expert instruction by an RKC is essential to getting the most out of this training tool.

The depth of knowledge is impressive. Not only does Pavel have that knowledge, but the also has the ability to impart that in an easy to understand manner.

I've attended Girevoy sport-style training, and this workshop taught me far more than I learned there. I had plenty of time using the kettlebells and had superior instructor feedback.

Jennifer Buss, IT Project Manager, soon to be student at National Personal Training Institute, Chicago IL

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

I am going to school at the National Personal Training Institute in October to become a personal trainer. I have been passionate about fitness my whole life. I box and I train Kettlebells at Equinox in Chicago with an RKC certified instructor.

It was a great experience. It seemed extremely organized and well planned out even though it was the first time! It was an amazing experience to be trained by Pavel, Andrea and the other masters!

The knowledge of everyone was unreal. My team leaders were so, so, so good at explaining and dissecting each part of what we were learning. It was an honor to be taught by this group – they really are the experts. I can see why this is the gold standard in kettlebell training!

Linda Mertens, Personal Trainer, Plymouth, MN

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

ACE certified personal trainer, AFAA certified group fitness instructor, Completed 3 running marathons, numerous half marathons, 2 cross country ski marathons. Currently in school pursuing a degree in personal training to complete in 2010.

HardStyle certification was a great experience. Pavel explained every concept very well. I feel I have a complete understanding of proper from in the get up, swing and goblet squat.

I took a kettlebell cert through Kettlebell Concepts and it was terrible in comparison. HKC does an awesome job in communicating the basics and the importance of proper from and technique. I like that safety was emphasized.

Mike Musselman DC, Chiropractor, New Ulm, MN

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

1995 Midest Bench Press Championship 1st Teen 220. 1993? Carson City Nevada Bench Press 1st teen 198 3rd teen overall. 2007 Grandma's marathon last place. 2008 Grandma's Marathon Finisher. 1993 Montana Class AA Football1st Team All State Center All conference Linebacker.

Pavel is Pavel. Fantastic instruction and great knowledge. I felt the master and Seniors had great insights that they shared within the small team and group as a whole.

Hands down the best, the knowledge and practice shared and gain can be implemented immediately as well as it was applicable to the real world vs. class room or gym application only.

Shannon O'Neil, Personal Trainer, Seattle, WA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

The HKC training was a great physical challenge. The instructors had great knowledge and I was able to improve my kb skills with their guidance.

Pavel and the instructors were all very knowledgeable. Information provided was useful and easy to understand. I have no complaints on their quality of training and knowledge.

I recently went to the IDEA fitness conference. I was very disappointed and wish I saved my money. HKC training provided better information is a more digestible manner. Also, I do appreciate the standards that the HKC/RKC place on its attendees and instructors.

Thanks for the great experience!

Marcus Hooper, Carwash MGR., Nashville,TN

HKC taught me a lot about basic understanding and movements with kettlebells. All instructors were very knowledgeable and helpful.

Quality is far more superior then any other training I have done in the past. The scope of material is very deep and informative over almost all personal trainers I have encountered—and for practical use, I know kettlebells have helped me throughout my daily life from mobility to awareness.

Dan Ahern, Retired Sgt.N.Y.P.D., Nanuet, NY

Best bang for you buck! With this training all facets of exercise, health and sport can be addressed and improved.

Breaking up the class into teams affords the student more direct supervision. It also lets the individual address the team leader in the small group setting.

The HKC training added more explanations as to why things are done emphasizing safety first and where the progressions can take you.

David Tharp, IT Project Manager, South Lyon, Michigan

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Weight training, Martial Arts 30+ years, Qigong, Some Kettlebell training under RKC certified instructor

An opportunity to learn directly from the very best in the world of kettlebells. I received more expert advice in one day than I cold have picked up in a month of reading.

Fantastic! Could not ask a question which was not answered completely and professionally.

The scope was broad but the depth was greater than other certifications. An inch wide and a mile deep.

Justin Cox, Personal Trainer, Bemidji MN

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

4 years collegiate track and field, Division 2 nationals participant 2007 – Discus, 18 months professional MMA, BS Exercise Science - Bemidji State University, ACSM - CPT

It has been a great experience and has re-taught me basics I already thought I knew. I am now confident (a lot more confident) in my understanding of the swing/TGU/GS and my ability to teach them.

The instructors did an amazing job at taking what could be very complicated subject and breaking them down into easy to understand yet highly effective instructions.

I am an ACSM certified personal trainer and this course is a dramatic change of pace. My certification was mostly multiple choice test with some practical application. This was hands on, I had to perform, I had to teach and I had to apply.

Dawn Jarrell, Personal Trainer, Chicopee, MA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

25 years dance training, ballet, ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer, Certified Wellness Coach, NY Strength CPR/AED Certified

HKC helped pull together the basic principles of kettlebell training, first in correcting your own form, then in learning how to train others. The team leaders were extremely helpful and encouraging as were all the staff and leaders.

Pavel is a machine! His knowledge of how the body reacts to drills and his skill on teaching excellent form is very amazing! I've learned a lot from him and his leaders thought their online support and videos and then at HKC. Quality all the way - real neat.

The training – from safety issues – to proper execution of the drills was very thorough. I feel I can immediately begin to help my clients improve their performance. Detailed training in each of the 3 drills left nothing uncovered.

Dragon Door is very thorough in executing this program.

Chris Cox, Student in Health & Fitness, Big Lake, MN

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

750 club in high school, train primarily with kettlebells and bodyweight exercises, with some medicine ball and rope exercises. Almost done with my associates degree in health and fitness.

I fixed the incorrect or improper forms I had for the 3 core lifts and learned how to perform them correctly, as well as how to teach them correctly. My experience was insightful and eye opening. I will become a better lifter, a better trainer and more mobile and stable into my older years while saving by back.

I thought the training was very good quality and the knowledge of the instructors was unquestionable. They knew how to fix problems and get people to do the lifts correctly.

It was more in depth, more practical and emphasized from safety, and "the basics" rather than a variety of exercises performed with imperfect form.

Randy LaHaie, Police Officer & Self-Defense Consultant Winnipeg Canada

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

I am the president of "Protective Strategies" which is a company specializing in self-defense and confrontation management solutions for law enforcement, high-risk professions and private individuals. In addition to teaching self-defense for 35 years, I am a veteran police officer with experience as a patrol officer, detective, SWAT team member, platoon supervisor and full-time use-of-force program manager. I have designed and delivered numerous policies and training programs for dealing with dangerous, volatile and violent situations. I have also been used as a subject matter expert and have provided expert testimony in court. I have written four ebooks about self-defense and combative training methods. I havee been working out with kettlebells for about 2 years.

I've been training with kbs for about 2 years and was essentially "self-taught" through the use of Dragon Door info products. I found them to excellent and have been happy with my progress. however I found the live, face to face experience of the HKC brought my skills and understanding of the basic concepts to a whole new level.

The HKC is an excellent foundation for people working their way toward RKC. Vigorous enough for fit people but practical for people fairly new to kb training.

Richard Braun, Lawyer, Midway, GA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Fitness Enthusiast, Cyclist, Hiker

Having read three of Pavel's books, I cannot state how much more can be learned by the HKC seminar lessons. It is the little things like the supporting arm torsion and the "trap chop" that set the seminar apart. While the books are the corner stones of the kettlebell, the seminar fills in the cracks to make the whole thing come together.

The quality of the training was excellent. The instructors' knowledge was exhibited in every movement. But Pavel... he is the man!!!

HKC training is more "hands-on, get down in the dirt, the calluses better be coming up" than any other seminar I have been to. You don't just talk the talk, you must walk the walk.

Sam Kennedy, Health and Wellness Center, Liberty, NC

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Karate, Jujitsu, Fitness classes

It includes hands on experience and multiple reps for learning the correct techniques. It also helped me identify my own issues that need to be addressed.

It was pure pleasure to have the masters teach. Clearly they know their stuff and how to teach it. The minute details are important to them and this was conveyed.

My martial arts training also covers the finest details. This was exceptional because it covered so many other details in quick and efficient manner. Never have I learned this much on physical techniques in one day.

Jeff Falkowski, Strength and Conditioning Coach/Fitness Trainer, Boston MA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Amateur Boxer, Played Arena Football 2 years, Training Camp for NFL Europe, Played 1AA Football Univ of Richmond, Played Division 1 Soccer Univ of Richmond, Played Semipro soccer, Fitness Trainer for 16+years, NSCA CSCS, CPT, USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach, NASM PT, Performance Enhancement Specialist, FMS Certified, Registered USA Boxing Coach 2006, Class C soccer coaching license.

If I were asked to summarize my experience of the Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification Training in a couple of sentences, I would say:

Overall a fantastic experience from start to finish. The opportunity to be surrounded by over 100 of my peers in the fitness profession is very rare and unique. Especially when all of them are serious in trying to improve their health and maximize their physical abilities.

Blown anything else I've done away. I feel this is one of the most useful, beneficial and practical certifications out there.

Gen Ovalle, Privacy Analyst, Palo Alto CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Train kettlebells with Tracy Reifkind, practitioner of Kung Fu.

HKC offered me a glimpse into the kettlebell trainers' world view. I learned the many hundreds of details and proper techniques to focus on when instructing another person. I have gained that much more respect for my own RKC instructor's knowledge and ability to teach.

Pavel is an encyclopedia of kettlebell technique knowledge. He has an answer for every question. Instructors are equally knowledgeable and so ready and willing to assist with any difficulty or inquiry.

Great quality, great instructor to student ratio. Scope of material seems to be just right for a one day cert. practical use is awesome; Pavel and the other instructors demonstrated time and again how the 3 basics (TGU/Goblet Sq/Swing) are all bases for other lifts. Very helpful

Phil Hebert, Business Owner, Warren, MN

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Red Belt - Tae Kwon Do

Awesome! A day packed with great information and hands on training.

The knowledge is wide and deep – very clearly explained. Enjoyed the way the material was presented. Pavel and the instructors appeared to be having fun! A good learning environment.

I currently train in Tae Kwon do. I am fortunate to have good consistent instruction. My instructor encouraged me to come today. This information from today will supplement and lead my way to better flexibility and training.

Raymond Barnett, Lead Security Systems Operator, Odenton, MD

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Retired Military SIGINT/EW Chief, NASM-CPT

The HKC training provided a solid foundational skill set for learning the swing, TGU, and goblet squat. The HKC training was more organized and structured compared to the sports style training I received.

Angie McDermott, Personal Trainer, Chicago, IL

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Certified Athletic Trainer Director of Off Ice Conditioning for Team IL AAA Hockey Organization.

The progression of exercise for how they were presented allowed me to wrap my brain around how simple yet complex this system is.

Direct, to the point, no "bullshit" mentally, if we didn't do what he asked, there were consequences. Love it! I thought the staff was intelligent professional and fun at the same time.

This is my first certification that was highly physical. I thought it was the perfect amount of physical exertion allowed me to tune into my body and feel what is correct bio-mechanically. I will put all of these skills as verbal cues I've learned into effect immediately with my clients.

I feel like I've finally found something I can sink my teeth into as really learn /master as effectively teach to others. I've spent 8 years in the industry as now I've found something to be truly passionate about. It feels good. Thank you Pavel for crating a system that anyone can learn.

Hilton Wood, Fitness Coordinator - Winnipeg Police Service, Winnipeg, MB Canada

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

ACSM - Clinical Exercise Specialist, NCCP - Level 3 Coach – Curling, Undergraduate degree Kinesiology

Excellent blend of practical work interspersed with the theory and skills necessary for teaching others. Very time efficient and well organized.

Appreciated the structure blended with work ethic and sense of humor and purpose. Impressive group willing to share knowledge.

I was not disappointed. Plan to use it next week when I return home. Increased emphasis on practical hands on appreciated.

Shawn "Lucky" Powers, Web Designer, Los Angeles, CA

All trainers and coaches were very professional and helped tremendously when in proper form was being used. There techniques were extremely useful.

No comparison, all of the coaches and trainers were excellent and safety was concern #1. Usually trainers overlook safety and fly through training.

Nancy Hallock, Trainer, Delmar, NY

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

ACE and AFAA CPT, trained with KBs for over a year, work with a chiropractic practice that promotes use of KBs. Train with an RKC II.

Excellent. I watched most of the DVDs that Pavel has made. But being here and receiving instructions from the masters and seniors was invaluable. The small groups made it possible to get your questions answered and not slip under the radar with bad from or improper technique.

No comparison. This was by far the best.

Erika Ross, Personal Trainer, Newburgh, IN

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


Hands on is the only way to learn. The RKC's are not afraid to do it right. Which in turn allows us students to make mistakes "comfortably" (not sure if good word) so that we feel more comfortable/confident doing correctly. And working towards it.

This is unlike any certification I have ever experienced in all aspects. Kb had changed my views on training to begin with. But to come here and watch and learn from Pavel and so many great Master RKC and Sr. RKC instructors is amazing. I only want to learn more! Makes me want more.

One of the best. With other certifications, too much reading and bookwork and not enough hands on. I learn by doing.

Braden Laing, GNC assistant manager, Elk River, MN

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Tae Kwon Do training for 2 years, College soccer, adult soccer, 6 years of weight training.

An amazing learning experience that contributes to a lifetime of wellness.

The quality was amazing. Very detailed and precise with every training movement. They always had another option to try if something was not working.

Kelly Rushlow, Administrative Assistant, Papillion, NE

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Karate - yellow belt - until dojo closed. Kung Fu - white belt

I learned more than I expected, the knowledge provided, helped me learn to improve all areas in my squat, swing and get-up. I learned techniques to improve in each area – knowing where I lack and need to build strength and skill will help me to help myself and others, who may have similar issues.

Cathy Lyerla, I am a 100% Mom, and a part time kettlebell instructor., St. Petersburg, FL

A better/thorough understanding of the movement with kettlebells.

I'm here because you are clearly the best of the best. There are no excuses. Everyone was able to answer any question thrown at them. It is thorough and precise.

There is no comparison. I got the basics down from a different "group", but I new my goal would be one of our certifications. The material was covered at a pace that made it easy for me to grasp everything. The physical part of it was just enough so that I wasn't performing in failure mode.

Patricia O'Donnell, Homemaker, Charlottesville, VA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Shelter for Help and Emergency (Battered Womens Shelter), Domestic Violence Victim Witness Coordinator, Rape Aggression Defense Program Advocate/Class Coordinator

The Hardstyle Kettlebell Training was awesome. I am walking away with the knowledge that I'm stronger than I thought I was.

I feel the quality of training and knowledge of all the instructors was superb. I had never attended any type o training with KB's before… except Pavel videos and books. So I was not sure what to expect today, but my team leader was great… explained every detail and always answered my questions.

Chris Lanclos, President of Industrial Construction Company, Kemah, TX

Quality and overall experience of being trained by the ultimate training staff was absolutely incredible. While I am not nor do it intend to become a trainer – the "to the point and exact" nature of instruction gave me the knowledge of now to improve and further my own personal achievements.

This course certainly offered the most experienced instructional staff I have encountered.

Heather Budke, Photographer, Fredericksburg, VA

The training and knowledge provided by Pavel Tsatsouline and the Master and Senior Instructors was top notch. They were encouraging and very specific on what needed to be corrected for the different exercises.

This is my first certification training – I think the bar has been set very high for any other training. I love the hands-on style.

Thank you for the confidence this training has given me. I feel a lot more comfortable with the exercises and the correct form when doing them.

Joe Stewart, Retired, Brentwood TN

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Retired USAF Colonel with 24 years service. Retired business executive. Avid snow skier, hunter, fisherman and golfer. Working with KBs for 8 years.

A lot of great information packed into a compressed time frame. The master RKC's knowledge was impressive pass or fail it was a great experience.

The training was superb. I've worked with a great coach, David Whitley, but I see why Pavel is the ultimate. Andrea Du Cane was my master RKC and she was superb. The training hit the key points but I would have struggled had I not had the benefit of prior instruction. Not the quality of our instructor but the time limitations.

The purpose was to make us better, to insure we understood and could perform, and to not just collect a check. Everything here will be immediately useful.

Joe Sulentic, Professor, Iowa City, IA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

3rd Degree black belt Tae Kwon Do. Bronze medal winner, USTU National sparring championships. Race car driver. Italian Formula 3. IMSA.

Impeccable techniques. It's like watching a skilled martial artist and training to emulate the technique.

George Eagle, Chemical Engineer, Port Allen, LA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Purple belt, Karate White belt, one stripe BJJ.

The certification really helped me understand the basics better and how they should be applied. I was spending too much time on what I was doing (and how much) instead of how I was doing it.

Luigi Scarsilloni, Finance, Lee, NH

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

No special certifications or achievements. Have been training with weights and most recently kettlebells for the past few years.

The HKC training was excellent at teaching the basics. I could not believe that the practice would be as taxing physically as it was.

The HKC compared better than other training that I have taken. The depth of quality was the key aspect of the HKC.

Mike Silsby, Geotechnical Drilling Supervisor, Wellsville, KS

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

I'm just a long time lover of the Iron and a recent Kettlebell Fanatic who would love to turn my passion into a career. Bring the Pain!

A good way to brush up and revisit the basics program minimum before tackling the RKC.

Robert Stehwien, Software Engineer, Albuquerque, NM

Each of the instructors is obviously knowledgeable. But more importantly they really want you to learn to do these kettlebells properly and be mindful so nothing bad happens. Each of their characters speak highly for the organization.

This is the first trainer course I've ever taken. It compared favorable with martial arts, and yoga instruction in carefully showing how to do something properly from breath to motion. Where boot camp and some weight training just showed gross motion.

I loved it and will be back within the year to really test myself at the RKC.

Maria Burk, Grant Writer, Valparaiso, IN

Great instruction certification for people who want to increase their knowledge and improve their technical skills. A good primer for the full RKC.

Unbelievable! The amount of information given was amazing I wish I had three more days to learn more. The workshop was fantastic and has really given me the motivation to do the full RKC in 2010.

Patty Delmott, Computer Application Programmer, Emporia, KS

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Past varsity track & cross country athlete at Emporia State University; active student of kickbox, strength class, yoga, pilates....

HKC was a very good way to learn the basics of KBs from the best instructors they were very professional and their knowledge was invaluable.

Bart Bishop, Chiropractor, Whittier, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Chiropractor Faculty, SCCC Faculty, CCC, LA FIACA Instructor, Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique Published, JMPT

The experience was a great opportunity to network with knowledgeable people and improve m overall understanding of the RKC principles.

Overall the quality was excellent – the master RCKs were able to share their insight – Pavel was very wiling to provide personal oversight and corrections.

As a doctor of chiropractics I've seen many system come and go – most try to be to complex and folk cease to care. The simplicity is the origin of success.

Thomas Knox, Physical Therapist, Personal Trainer, Evansville, IN

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Doctorate of Physical Therapy, B.S. in Exercise Science, CSCS, FMS certified. Internships with Athletes' Performance and Athletic Republic

The HKC was a great entry level kettlebell certification taught by instructors that are respected and trusted in the field. It was a great stepping stone to help prepare for the RKC.

Very pleased overall with the instructors. Pavel's knowledge of muscle activation and strength and conditioning is phenomenal. Brett, as my team leader, was great at throwing in extra details and technique when needed. His knowledge of FMS based assessment and corrections blended well with his KB instructions.

Quality – excellent, the best kb instructors form around the world were here at our disposal.

Sarah Jones, Certified Personal Trainer, Charlotte, NC

Strength test followed by watching demonstration followed by practice of skill. Finally, another test was given of the skills that were taught. I than I expected to learn, about more issues related to kettlebell training.

Pavel's knowledge is beyond excellent. I had heard this from others but didn't get a true understanding until actually listening to him and watching him. I wish I cold train under him more! The master and Sr. instructors were all exemplary as well. I couldn't get over how "on the same" they were.

The quality of training is far superior to any other training I have received. This gives me a model to work towards as a trainer myself.

Jill Craig, Exercise Physiologist, Austin, TX

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Former professional skier – alpine, Fire Service Wellness/Fitness Coordinator, Masters of Science in Sports Medicine, Fire Service Peer Fitness Trainer Instructor, Assisted in developing the IAFF/IAFC Peer Fitness Trainer certification course and the CPAT (fire service candidate physical ability test.)

It relentlessly reinforced the concepts of health, strength and performance.

I have attended and taught many courses that focus on anatomy and physiology. But this course has a decided focus on functional movement and its translation into real life and athleticism.

The level of expertise among the trainers is remarkable. It has been a real privilege to train among them.

Paola Rico Garcia, Personal Trainer, Winnipeg, Canada

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Physical Education (U of Pedagogica Bogota, Colombia). *Bodybuilding & conditioning. *Spinning Certification. *Professional and security Guard training level 1. *Voted as Winnipeg best trainer 2004-2005-2006.

On my past certification, they used to focus more on read, talk… but not practice. HKC explain, correct and shows quality of movements that combine the theory.

Casey Glass, Office Assistant/business owner, Minot, ND

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Marathon runner and kettlebell lifter. Served 8 Years in the United States Air Force as a Security Forces journeyman and as a Paralegal Craftsman. Deployed to the Middle East twice in support of OIF and earned the US Army Commendation medal for combat support operations. Co-owner/operator of Unbreakable Fitness, North Dakotas only Kettlebell and movement center.

It was a lot of fun, a great way to spend a Saturday. The course is extremely basic, but the basics is what I need to improve on I believe this will improve my snatch, clean and other various drills.

Comparatively speaking it felt like the first couple days of MP training.

Jeremy LaHaie, Western Paints + Wall covering, Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA

I thought the course was great! Well thought out. Well planned, great instructors and was a good price.

Tim Hyde, Personal Trainer, Bartlett, IL

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association

The HKC is, tough, tiring, and awesome at the same time. It was a real eye-opening experience in correcting and beginning to perfect the goblet squat, swing and TGU.

Top-notch! I hold a CSCS certification and a hands-on workshop with instructors who have been there and done that is more practical than taking a multiple choice test. A big thank you to Pavel and all the instructors.

Nothing beats hands on experience in learning new skills, which the HKC provided.

A well-done workshop and worth the money paid for it!

Dan Paquette, Massage Therapist, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Some experience in Chinese martial arts

It is definitely worth the effort to see the instructors in person. The video's can only take you so far, compounding the mistakes that you make. A very good experience.

The first thing you notice is that the instructors involved truly care about what it is that they are teaching. You can see the depth of knowledge that each of the instructors have. I will be able to go home and have more confidence for the knowledge that I have gained at this workshop.

I think that is was done very well. Word will and is getting out as to the quality of Dragon Door and the people involved.

It's all good. You have done a great job. It's up to us to go hone and work on what we have learned and take it to the next level. Thank you.

PERREN BAKER, Fitness/Personal Trainer, Nutrition Advisor, Wildlife Biologist, Nampa, Idaho

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Aikido, Taekwando, KaduKenpo, Shotkan, and Judo. 2000 Olympic Trials Wrestling nutrition advisor Sunkist Kids/Joe Seay, Olympic Coach. Wildlife Biologist 21 years, Oregon F&W. National Academy Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer NASM - CPT 2006-Current. Own Fitness/Nutrition business, Fitness4Champions and Outdoor Expeditions business, Bold Expeditions.

HardStyle kettlebells enforced the importance of mastering the fundamentals. HKC challenged the participants to improve their form through the process of knowing each basic fundamental technique.

Pavel – extremely professional and a skilled master in his professional.

Jeff O'Connor – demanding, but very encouraging and quick to pick up flaws in techniques and correct them,

Quality scope of material was superior and practical application far exceeded any other training.

I really think HKC training delivered as much as they possibly could in the time frame.

Ernesto Pineiro-Weiss, Personal Trainer, Cynwyd, PA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NSCA-CPT, AAAI, Muay Thai, Tae Kwondo, Kung-Fu, Boxing.

Excellent hands on training that stays with you and leaves you wanting more. Makes you realize that there is always more the learn. Lastly, simplicity is crucial but not easy and details should never be overlooked.

Excellent training by all the instructors, there is a wealth of knowledge within every member of the RKC and they are all worth paying attention to.

A lot more practical because the certification requires you to perform what you teach. The scope is huge because it translates to real world functional movement, and the materials are priceless.

Eric Pranzarone, Personal Trainer, Seattle, WA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Functional Movement Specialist, Corrective Exercise Specialist, CSCS, NAMS-CES, FMS

This is an excellent, hands-on introduction to kettlebell basics. The master trainers can answer any question and have a deep understanding of the details of kettlebell fundamentals.

They could answer any questions, no matter how detailed. Their knowledge of function and the mechanics of the exercise is top shelf.

In my experience as a functional movement and corrective exercise specialist, the kettlebell basic have been the most efficient and effective training tools at my disposal (especially the TGU!) I work with the injured and elderly, and I have to say the kettlebell is the safest and most effective tool for getting them in functional again.

The functional training world needs more Pavel!

Chris Ruiz, Personal Trainer/ Cable Technician/ Illustrator, Vista, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt, Former USMC Sergeant.

To the point in the explanations of drills and exercises. A great foundation for the beginning personal trainer or the advanced personal trainer.

Every question was answered clearly and professional. The instruction given by the Chief Instructor to the Team Leaders was top notch and could not have been better.

The material covered was great being a martial artist you can't skip the basics.

Monte Young, Airline Pilot, Galveston, TX

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

20 years U.S. Air Force (retired), Ran a marathon, Scored 100% on USAF fitness test

Outstanding instruction! The course is suitable for all age ranges and experience feels. There is no substitute for learning from the best in the field.

I gained a much deeper understanding of the fundamentals and know what needs to be corrected.

Pavel is able to give very clear instructions, demonstrations and explanation of the details.

I learned things you would never hear from a local gym trainer or a military instructor. Their general theme is to "push harder". Hard Style isn't easy, but concepts of "same but different" and not always using max intensity are a whole new direction that instinctively feel correct. Especially with the explanations given

Jennifer Urbano, Personal Trainer, West Haven, CT

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

It was an amazing opportunity to be at a training with all of the fine instructors. I would have enjoyed hearing from more of then. A great team spirit was evident.

Brad Nelson as very approachable and knowledgeable; very helpful with difficulties I am having.

Pavel was concise and direct he was able to impart much knowledge in a short span of time.

The obvious attention detail speaks volumes about the organization.

It is unfortunate that the other instructor didn't have a chance to share their knowledge with us.

It is superior to any other seminar I have attended. It was organized and team oriented, with a small instructor to attendee ratio.

There is no much material to cover the important core drills and exercises were taught to us, giving us a solid base of knowledge.

Dragon Door runs a tight, organized ship.

Steve Thompson, Teacher/Coach, Faribault, MN

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Lettered in football, wrestling, and track and field in high school. Lettered in track and field in college. A high school coach of football, wrestling, and track and field for 32 years.

I gained a vest amount of knowledge in a short time. The instructors (RKC) pay strict to detail, and their professionalism rubs off on their students.

The instructors are RKC for a reason. Their knowledge, attention to detail and presentation are second to none. Each of them stands head and shoulders about other trainers at other fitness centers.

I have had no other training that even compares especially with regard to how everything ties together. Following this training procedure can't help but make you a better individual in terms of health.

Matt Wuchner, RKC, Personal Trainer, Edmond OK

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

RKC Instructor, NASM-CES, PES

It's a great opportunity for current RKC's to refine their teaching skills.

I'm already an RKC. HKC took the basics and drove the point home.

Jo Evans, Director of Product Sales for Franchising Corp., New Orleans, LA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Some weightlifting experience (barbell) 4 yrs Kettlebell experience

All instructors including Pavel were very knowledgeable, professional and entertaining.

Quality was far superior covering the basics of knowledge showing how if you know the basic then the skies the limit.

Scope of material – material covered was very detailed and educational

Practical use – by showing us that all "tricks" start with the basics helped me to understand that by doing them well you can improve tremendously.

Blakely Petersen, Personal Trainer; Certified Natural Trainer, Robbinsdale, MN

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Collegiate Basketball at Bethel College

This is an excellent introduction to kettlebells whether you've picked up a bell many times or not at all. I improved in all3 exercises tremendously and also am able to help better my clients' kb performance.

The instructors and Pavel spoke well, gave great cues but they mad us feel it too… that's huge… if you don't really "feel" what an instructor is saying you ultimately start breaking down on basic exercises. It's the "Ah Ha!" moment that I thought was taught very well.

Inez Vasquez, Certificated Massage Therapist, Whittier, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Associate of Science degree in Sports Rehabilitation

It is a desire to want correct form and function of my body.

Everyday I wakeup, brush my teeth and address and appearance. I should also practice my physical function with correct form.

Coming to the Hardstyle Certification training is practicing correct function and form.

My Sr. Instructors were just perfect, strong willed, determined, quick minded and patient.

In terms of quality, your trainers know their stuff, they were professional throughout. The scope of material I received, it provided answers to my immediate questions. References for future questions. The practicality… it makes this practice of "HKC" a simple practice I will incorporate twice a day without sweating until I am ready for my daily workout.

I have not experienced a more fulfilling exercise programs since I began training at the gym with a wonderful instructor. What you have given today was just great! Effort, time and patience! Thanks you!

Bernadette Rainear, teacher; service assistant, Flint, MI

The HKC training enabled me to make corrections in the basics. Subtle and not so subtle instruction helped me improve technique and forced me out of assumptions and bad habits.

The depth of their knowledge, skill and ability is overwhelming. We were barely able to touch all there is to know yet they were still able to teach and correct at the HKC level.

The best training I have received as far as immediate and practical application.

Austin Nieves, Student Fort Collins, CO

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

I've been training with my dad who is a Level II RKC instructor, on and off for the past year

My experience of the Hardstyle Kettlebell Cert. was overall very good. It helped me see weaknesses in my technique, taught me new ways of looking at some kettlebells exercises and new correct drills to help myself and others.

Damion Asselin, Student, St. Petersburg, FL

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

CrossFit Kettlebell Certification Level One

Well worth the investment of time and money the knowledge I've gained this weekend will stay with me for a lifetime.

Previously I took a 2day KB cert through Crossfit. While it covered more material over the 2days I did not find it as detailed as the instruction here at the HKC.

Abe Delgado, Student, Fredericksburg, VA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

CrossFit Level One Certification, USA Weightlifting Club Coach Certified

A truly eye-opening experience. I thought I knew KB's until I attended the HKC.

All instructors were well-versed in KB's and KB technique Pavel's knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology was also impressive.

HKC was truly different than some of the other "professional" certifications I've been to. HKC was more information more effective, and much more thorough than the rest.

Jeff Hilligoss, EVP - Capital Markets, Green Tree, Eden Prairie, MN

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

2009 American Birkibeiner 50K Freestyle 3:42 from Wave 10 (Wave 3 placement 2010)

This course is an excellent forum for developing a basic foundation in kettlebell training and technique; focusing hard on the exercises core to the overall kettlebell discipline.

The quality of training and instruction provided by Pavel and the Master instructors was superb; they are a talent and immensely knowledgeable team, and they team dynamics is very effective. Mark Reifkind is absolutely terrific, completely focused with an economy about his teaching style that makes him super effective.

My background is more of a self-trained athlete and occasional coach (of my fellow athletes and my children), so my universe of comparison is limited to observing coaches and being trained by other. Having said that on all accounts (quality, scope, material and practical use) the course is absolutely top-notch. I expect to be able to utilize my newly required knowledge in assisting in the conditioning of my daughter's high school Nordic skiing team beginning immediately.

Well worth the investment all around.

Brett Hughes, Police Detective / Gym Owner, New Orleans, LA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

MMA, Police Detective, Tactical Training

That I gained a great deal of knowledge; and even skill which was not expected.

It was great… it came across as very professional. Pavel is a good speaker and the Sr. Instructor was awesome.

Paula Woods, social worker, Bemidji, MN

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

working out with a personal trainer for a little over two years - just started lifting "real" weights a little over a year ago and had a recent pr in the deadlift of 205 lbs; otherwise have had no other experience of any kind.

It was all very good. The different ways the instructors used to demonstrate the same thing is very helpful we all learn different.

Quality is outstanding, the material well-written and in depth enough for me, and I will absolutely be able to use everything I learned here in my exercises plan.

Phil Bourque, Veterinarian, Rosthern, Sask. CANADA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

I have no professional training or coaching. Train on my own for past 4 years and have a number of Pavel's books and videos

Extremely valuable in correcting my weaknesses and allowing me to perfect the 3 basic exercise. Which will be foundational to improving my health and fitness and whomever I might instruct in future.

The knowledge, experience and fitness level of the instructors was superb.

Jay Rastetter, Retail Worker, Minneapolis, MN

The experience vastly improved m movement and knowledge that only having proper instruction can do. The DVDs can only do so much, but are a good start. Live instruction must come next.

One has to go to the source to improve their movement.

This is the only physical training course I've ever taken. Getting involved with kettlebells inspired my interest in really making strength training a large part of my life. It's all you need as a training tool.

It was a great time. Thank you.

Bryce Rapp, student, Wakita, OK

It was good, small groups getting along with the group problem shooting really made the concepts and principles easy to learn and understand.

Overall, it was the most practical training course I've been to. Quality, I liked that it focused on the basics, and their importance. I think more one on onetime in the small grouped, you get a better focus on your technique that way. Going over the three basic drills, squats, get-ups, swing, while seeming small are a wide scope and lead into a wide scope of material for training.

Bruce Gardner, Retired Police Officer, West Bend, Wisconsin

It was very focused instruction which provided a greater understanding of foundational movements for better health.

The quality of training and knowledge were excellent. It represented many years of experience and the ability to shrink the large amount of info. And experience to basic principles that we as "newbies" to kb training could comprehend.

Probably the best in quality. Scope was good for 1day seminar. Practical use will be great for teaching others.

Joe Cincinelli, Salesman, Chicago, IL

Learning the foundational exercises was very beneficial. To know correctly this squat, get up, and swing will only open many doors for future training.

Quality was fantastic. Everyday was clearly taught and demonstrated in an effective way.

Jerry Bickle, RF Engineer, Edmond, OK

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

1st degree blackbelt, taekwondo. Master Sergeant, USAF, Ret. Master of Science, Management. Bachelor of Science, Management. Associate Degree Communications Systems. Associate Degree Computer Systems

Lot of fun – good workout.

These guys are good. I've been using kettlebells for a year or two. They didn't need to correct me as much, I'm ready for RKC.

Similar to my Tae Kwon Do instructor level training.

Corey Howard, Personal Trainer, Sioux Falls, SD

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Retired Competitive Powerlifter

Very informative. Excellent and knowledgeable teachers who can articulate the subtleties of each movement. The class was loaded with a ton of info.

The instructors were pretty cool. Again very good grasp on the movements and good job dissecting things. I like that they have been there and done that. Much prefer experience over bookworms.

Steve Fillbrandt, Homemaker, Minneapolis, MN

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Two years of kettlebell training

I re-learned many of the fundamentals of kettlebells basics. This will help me in other kettlebell work.

Laura Pasik, Personal Trainer, San Francisco CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:


Overwhelming amount of information presented very efficiently. Awesome, detailed form corrections.

Amazing level of understanding of kettlebells, how to teach the 3 exerciser covered.

I've never taken another training in which so much time has been spent correcting three exercises. Most training and are a mile wide and an inch deep in terms of the level of understanding they convey, but not that one.

Ryan Costello, IT Systems Admin/Martial Arts Instructor, Oklahoma City, OK

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

20 years experience in martial arts. Two years kb experience training under Dustin Rippetoe.

Great intro to RKC. Seems like it would be a good prerequisite to RKC. David Whitley is a great teacher. He was able to fix most peoples issues within seconds.

Excellent. It seems that a lot of the really high level instructors have areas they specialize in. my leader was very knowledgeable.

One of the best. Very thorough. The workouts were a good balanced not too tough or too easy.

Dragon Door is known for really high quality workshops. I really enjoyed today.

Sean Hogue, U.S. Navy, Fort Madison, IA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

10 years of working out. Been in the Navy for over a year as a deck seaman

The training methods were taught in great detail, and the instructors are very professional.

John Grekso, Business Analyst, Menomonee Falls, WI

It helped me take my training to a new level and has given me the tools necessary to help any clients, friends, or family improve their form as well.

Pavel's instruction was excellent. It was clear and concise. He obviously knows his stuff as he was able to utilize other techniques to quickly fix a problem. My Sr. Instructor was knowledgeable as well.

Richard Jones, Environmental, Trader, Fitness, Maplewood, MN

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Krav Maga P1 Certification, Involved in fitness / nutrition for 6+ years

A lot of information and knowledge in 1day's training. Tough but definitely worth it.

Training and knowledge of all the instructors was very impressive.

Nigel Blackburn, Student, Tallahassee, FL

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Male Athlete of the Year Trinity Catholic

It was an amazing experience. I enjoyed seeing all the master trainers and I obtained a lot of helpful knowledge. Definitely fulfilled my expectation.

They provided excellent knowledge and training tips and it certainly opened my eyes to new things.

Aly Martin, Housewife, Virginia Beach, VA

It was a very informative training with very knowledgeable instructors.

Everybody has great knowledge of kettlebell, instructions given were clear and precise. It felt great to be a part of this certification

Bill Redd, Franchise Business Consultant, Dimondale, MI

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Gunnery Sergeant in the Reserves of the United States Marine Corps - deployed twice to Iraq in a Combat Service Support role. I have also been mobilized to train Marines on the Virtual Combat Convoy Trainer at 29 Palms, CA and spent time on Active Duty in Lansing, MI with Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, 24th Marines. CrossFit Level 1 certified and NESTA certified CPT.

It was a well organized comprehensive overview of the simple yet effective kb exercises. Mastering these three drills will take a lot longer than I thought, but I see the rewards of focusing on these drills before moving onto more advanced exercises.

Pavel is always top notch. He does a great job breaking down the basics.

Will and Adam kept us on our toes and tweaked our techniques as needed.

The training is just what I would expect from Dragon Door and Pavel – clear, concise and comprehensive.

Karen Storey, Middle School Teacher, South Lyon, MI

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Weight training/Bodybuilding. Martial Arts. Some Kettlebell training under RKC certified instructor

Fantastic! I have a much better understanding of kettlebell basics and principles. I can't wait to go home and practice, practice, and practice!

Excellent. Everyone explained things completely and consistently. The basic principles were covered in depth.

Bill Weber, Veterinary radiologist, Copley, OH

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Krav Maga, Level 2

A lot of information was given on the basic in a highly efficient manner. There was still time enough to review the material, in application, to help remember by repetition.

Excellent! I didn't think I would be able to learn so much in one day. T he instructors stayed focused on us newbies at all times.

Ross Meyer, Health & Fitness Coach, Seattle, WA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Chek Exercise Coach, Holistic Lifestyle Coach level 3, Jidokwan Tae Kwon Do 1st dan black belt

I like the practical emphasis. This is uncommon and different than CHEK/NASM/CSCS/others. Y'all have the greatest emphasis on teaching us how to teach our clients.

I also like the simplicity of the program design. I've "learned" program design many times form different sources and most of that education has been impractical and not useful.

Tyrone Henriquez, Truck Driver, Barstow, CA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Athletic Achievements staying fit. Military Background.

Very knowledgeable people about the human body movements and proper training and technique.

Hardstyle Ketllebell Certification has a lot better quality, scope, material and practical use than most of the training that I had before at the gym, and even in the military.

Lee Wiley, Personal Trainer, Cibolo, TX

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

B.S. Exercise & Sport Science, Former Certs. CSCS, NASM, Training professionally for 10 years. HS sports included Football, basketball & Track, Roped as child, Jiu-Jitsu participant. Sustained many injuried and hava lot of self re-hab experience and some pro-rehab and post –rehab is where my training niche is.

It honed in on some important details I was missing in my practice. If I'm missing it in my practice I'm missing it in my instruction.

Pavel was great and my group instructors, Mark and Peter, were "on the spot" and didn't let us slide.

It was more physical. I've always felt an instructor should master doing before leading someone else's doing.

Danny Evans, Oilfield Plant Manager, New Orleans, LA

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

2 yrs. Shorin-Ryu Karate, 4 yrs. affiliated with Tony Blauer, 12 yrs. Submission Wrestling, 4 yrs. Kettlebell experience

A great course for people who are new to kettlebells. And want to start out with the correct techniques. A great intro to the RKC-Hardstyle system.

I was very impressed with Pavel, all four Master coaches.

Keith Hall, Certified Personal Trainer, Galveston, TX

Athletic Achievements, training background or specialty:

Retired Air Force, Combat Construction, 9th Civil Engineering Sq. 9th Combat Support Group.

A deep understanding of the true benefits. Knowledge of kettlebell training.

A solid knowledge of vital kettlebell training safety procedures.