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Praise for Pavel's "Super Joints" Program


"Three days after I initially fractured my elbow I started doing Super Joints and within two weeks I had full mobility back in my right arm. I was supposed to attend Occupational Therapy, but when I got there they were so shocked and amazed at my progress that they sent me home. I guess they've never seen someone regain their mobility so fast."
—Tonya Ehlebracht, US Army

"Super Joints is excellent. It is also saving me a good deal of money. I've had to lay off of heavy squatting and deadlifting because of a back injury. My active release therapist/chiro is amazed at how quickly I am making progress-my alignment doesn't return to crap after an adjustment. I credit the progress mainly to Super Joints."
From: chris m., 2003-05-18

"I already feel "younger." I'm also noticing an ability to better withstand rolling in Jiu Jitsu class-I don't have to tap quite as often, even in bad positions. Super Joints is a fantastic, fantastic book. I think that everyone should do Super Joints."
From: Dan McVicker, RKC, 2003-05-18

"As the owner of a sixty-four year old body and as the practitioner of a sedentary job, I have lost some range of motion. The movements in this book have helped me in several ways: 1) Improved the range of rotation of my head. 2) Improved the movement and reduced the pain in the right shoulder injured several years ago. 3) Helped alleviate tension in the neck and traps where I tend to carry stress. 4) Improved my posture helping me look less like a wizened old man."
—Comrade Floyd,

"I am 58 and need to keep my joints oiled. I have had very good results with Super Joints. My knees and elbows don't ache anymore."
From: seeahill, 2002-11-07

"Super Joints = Super ROM. Get the book and you'll realize what you've been missing by just stretching. It's more about maintaining the youthful fluidity of the joints which is lost through age and or abuse."
From: Larry Dibble, 2002-05-09