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Amnon Darsa


Phone: +972544372492
Petak Tikva,
10 out of 10 (2 reviews)
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10/10 Unparalleled kettlebell advice
By Craig Streatfeild / Brisbane, Australia

I had the pleasure of training full time over 11 days with Amnon during a Krav Maga instructors course in 2014. I knew Amnon was a kettlebell instructor and incorporated kettlebells into his training so during a lunch break I mentioned to Amnon that I had been having shoulder problems for a few years and I was struggling to press even light kettlebells. Amnon was more than willing to provide some great advice and provide a number of tips to strengthen my shoulders. When someone of Amnon's caliber talks, you listen so for the past 6 months I have been incorporating Amnon's advice to the point that for the first time in 3 years I am pain free and I've been able to make more progress with the press, snatch etc in the past 6 months than I had been able to in the previous 3 years. The progress I've been able to achieve with kettlebells has helped my Krav Maga, overall fitness and general well being. I can't talk highly enough of Amnon and the advice he provides. I have no doubt I would not have achieved the results I have if it weren't for Amnon.

10/10 Excellent Instruction
By Vicky / Delhi, India

I had the pleasure of being coached by Amnon at a basic kettlebell workshop and it was brilliant. There was no ambiguity in his instruction and we were all able to immediately replicate the techniques he was demonstrating. Despite spending close to a full day in training he was more than willing to answer questions and offer suggestions for other exercises like the pistol after the main sessions were over. I've come away with good safe technique that I can use to safely up the volume of my training. He also had a very good way of making the heavy kettlebells seem less intimidating. His keen eye for details enabled him to make several suggestions on hand and foot position etc that I immediately felt was safer and stronger. I have no doubt that the suggestions he made will prevent an injury that I would have sustained if not for his instruction.

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Senior RKC Amnon Darsa Krav Maga

Interview with Senior RKC Amnon Darsa, Creator of Krav Maga Core

I can incorporate kettlebells into my Krav Maga training. During my combined training, I work on Krav Maga, some heavy bag, some rounds of sparring, and kettlebells for the fitness rounds. Normally, I would need a lot of equipment, because bodyweight exercises are not always the best for this, but the kettlebell is a really good solution.

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