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RKC-II Online Recertification

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RKC-II Online Recertification
January 1, 2027

RKC-II Re-certification by Video

Workshop Code # RKC2RVS
Register on-line or call 1-651-487-2180 for credit card orders.

Application Process for Recertifying Your RKC-II By Video Submission

Current RKC-II Instructors have the option of recertifying via video submission, as an alternative to attending a 2- or 3-Day RKC-II certification workshop. On successful completion and approval of the video application, candidates will be awarded RKC Level Two privileges and responsibilities for an additional three-year period.

The fee for the RKC-II Video Recertification is $250.

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After registering for the on-line recert, within two business days you will receive a link to your testing form.You will be able to submit the links for your video submissions on this testing form. (See RKC-2 video-recording procedure and submission requirements). You will have 90 days to complete the testing form.

Your videos will be forwarded to a Master RKC who will evaluate and provide feedback on your test. Once you have fulfilled all requirements Dragon Door will send you a certificate of attendance as well as your certification.

You will be able to use your certificate of attendance for applying for CEUs. You will have 2 hours awarded for your CEUs.


Snatch size kettlebells used for all exercises, except the 1 Rep-1 Arm Military Press and Men's Tactical Pull-up. Instructors discretion for kettlebell size for Double Jerks and Bent Press.
  • 5 Min Snatch Test
  • Re-test the RKC-I technique tests as double kettlebell (except for the snatch and get-up):
    • 10 double kettlebell swings
    • 5 double kettlebell cleans
    • 5 double kettlebell presses
    • 5 double kettlebell front squats
    • L/R 5 reps snatch (single kettlebell)
    • L/R Get-up (single kettlebell)
  • One-Arm Military Press: one rep on each side (see press weight classes in procedure guide)
  • Tactical Pull-up: (weighted for men, bodyweight for women)
  • Pistol: one rep on one side is tested, bodyweight or with kettlebell as a counterweight
  • Windmill: 2 reps each side
  • Double Jerk: 5 total reps
  • Bent Press: 1 rep each side (this is for teaching and review, not pass or fail)

Each requirement will be evaluated according the following standards:

Snatch Test

Snatch test videotaped from the front, full body; the testing instructor must be able to see the top of the snatch and the feet. There must be a complete pause at lockout. The kettlebell weight size must be shown to the camera immediately before recording, with a verbal confirmation of your current weight in pounds. We recommend you do a couple extra reps to make up for any potential "no-counts". Once the recording has started there must not be any editing or stopping of the recording.

Technique Tests

Show kettlebell weight size before beginning.
Provide both a front view and a side view with required reps. You may rest between the sets. Full body throughout all exercises. Get-up can be done at a 3/4 - front angle, once each side.

Your testing instructor will contact you once they have viewed and evaluated your test. They will provide you with feedback and you will get a copy of your testing forms. You may request a phone call to go over any feedback at the discretion of the testing instructor. A live Skype test may also be used instead of sending in a video, if that can be set up and agreed to by your testing instructor.

You will not be required to perform the Push-up test or the teaching assessment.

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After your successful registration, you will receive a link to your testing form within two business days. You will have 90 days to complete the testing form.

Workshop Code: RKC2RVS

Workshop reference: RKC-II Re-certification by Video 2020

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