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The Ultimate Isometrics Manual - Paul Wade
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The Ultimate Isometrics Manual - Paul Wade
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The Ultimate Isometrics Manual

Building Maximum Strength and Conditioning with Static Training

By Paul “Coach” Wade

Paperback, 460 pages

Foreword by Dan John

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How to Get Stronger Sooner and More Safely—Using a Breakthrough Method of Isometric Training

Discover how in only 10 minutes a day of isometrics you can make significant gains in whole-body strength, cardio conditioning, physique-building and explosive power. Get the science, the experiential know-how and the programming to blow through your current limitations and make measurable progress for years to come.

  • Restore your energy with fast, efficient workouts that leave you feeling vigorous and powerful.
  • Enhance your athleticism as you move with greater speed and strength.
  • Reduce body fat and become harder faster.
  • Grow bigger muscles in record time.
  • Lift heavier with minimal risk of injury to joints and tendons.

"The Ultimate Isometrics Manual is the most comprehensive resource on isometrics training to date. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced lifter looking to develop new muscle and strength, this terrific book covers all the programming strategies you’ll need, as well as the science to back it up.”—Dr. Chad Waterbury, author of Huge in a Hurry

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The Ultimate Isometrics Manual (paperback) - $39.95
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"Finally, A No-Nonsense At-Home Training Device and Program to Give You Measurable, Satisfying Strength Gains for Years to Come!"

Thanks to Paul Wade’s innovative ISOCHAIN, you can now — for the first time ever — quickly build a superb physique in just a few minutes a day, at home...

"Isometric training is the most underestimated, misunderstood but powerful method out there. And because very few of you have been using them (or using them optimally) everyone who applies the knowledge in this book will get rapid and impressive gains. I have been using isometrics for over 20 years; yet when I read The Ultimate Isometrics Manual I had to read with a note book and pen (yep, I’m old school) because I learned so much new information. It’s a gold mine of practical and theoretical info presented in a clear and fun to read manner."—Christian Thibaudeau, Strength & Conditioning coach, author, international speaker

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"The OG of the Old School has done it again! Paul ‘Coach’ Wade, the world's foremost authority on equipment free (or equipment light) training has compiled the most comprehensive, detailed and well-researched literature on isometric training that this planet has ever seen.

In classic ‘Coach’ form, Mr. Wade breaks down the science, history, warm-ups, programs and progressions into a single, definitive work of pure power and genius. Whether you're a bodybuilder, street workout aficionado, powerlifter or average Joe, you will find something amazing within these pages. Highly recommended!"—Danny Kavadlo, co-author of Get Strong

ISOCHAIN Isometric Shoulder Press

"I never really thought that "not moving" a muscle while loading it would result in an appreciable amount of strength, hypertrophy or athleticism, but after beginning to implementing high force and maximum tension isometric exercises into my own routine, I've been astounded at what isometrics can accomplish for full body results. I can't recommend The Ultimate Isometrics Manual highly enough for decoding exactly how to use isometrics to enhance your own routine, transform your body and blast your strength through the roof!"—Ben Greenfield, author of Boundless

"Resistance to fatigue and stress is a key biological principle of adaptation to hardship, which is essential to the survival of all species. The Ultimate Isometric Manual taps into this principle with the mission to maximize strength along with other benefits of exercise on the body, offering a workout manual that can be used by anyone at any time without the need for a gym space or related equipment. This book fills a void in today’s fitness world which generally lacks true principles."—Ori Hofmekler, author of The Warrior Diet

ISOCHAIN Isometric Bent Row

"Isometrics training is the single most effective training discipline I've ever used and The Ultimate Isometrics Manual is the best book I've read on the topic. Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned athlete, Isometrics are the ultimate training hack to unleash your full potential. To ignore this book is to ignore a substantial amount of your potential to build muscle, strength, and athletic performance. The Ultimate Isometrics Manual should be required reading for every athlete and fitness enthusiast."—Matt Schifferle, author of Grind Style Calisthenics

ISOCHAIN training isometric curlTable of Contents

1. Introduction: Isometrics - A Scientific History
2. Isometric exercises stimulate strength better than dynamic (moving) exercises Isometric exercise is at least as effective as dynamic exercise for muscle growth
4. Isometric exercise is more efficient than dynamic exercise
5. Isometric exercise is less likely to incur injury, either chronic or acute, than dynamic exercise
6. Isometric exercise can be performed more frequently than dynamic exercise
7. Isometric Questions and Answers: The Current Science

8. The Isochain: The Ultimate Isometric Device
9. The Isochain: Design and Specifications
10. The Isochain: The 5 Training Modes

11. Warming Up: The Binary Method
12. Major Isochain drills
13. Zero-Tech Isos: Static-State, Self-Resistance and Loadless Training
14. Cooling Down: The Binary Method

15. Isometric Programming—The Ultimate FAQ
16. Programming using the Modes
17. Alternative Isometric Programs

18. Introducing the Isometric "Big Six"
19 Elbow Levers: Total-Body Control
20. Handstands: Gymnast-Like Shoulders and Balance
21. L-Holds: Superhuman Midsection
22. Back Levers: Elite Spinal Strength
23. Front Levers: Ultimate Hanging Power
24. Flag Holds: Titanium Lateral Chain
BONUS CHAPTER: Isochain Plus the Weights? The Best of Both Worlds!
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The Ultimate Isometrics Manual
Read Reviews For: The Ultimate Isometrics Manual (paperback)
9.82 out of 10 (49 reviews)
Rated 10/10 A MUST HAVE!
By Lee Montgomery, CSCS / Newark, OH, USA

Compelling research and useful quick tips and programs to reestablish isometrics back at the forefront of meaningful training. Isometrics can serve every goal you can train for: pack on muscle, drop fat, or build pure's all here! This book excites me to return isometrics to a mainstay of my own training. The best part is, there is plenty here to work with whether you own an isochain or not. But I can also certainly see the value in acquiring one. Hands down, The Ultimate Isometrics Manual is an essential addition to my training shelf!

Rated 10/10 Wow
By Ian Hill / Arcata, CA, USA

I don't work in the industry, but I got a degree in kinesiology and I am obsessed with biomechanics and exercise physiology. I immediately saw the almost limitless potential of the Isochain back when I first read about it on Dragondoor's website and right away I became an advocate. I have been looking forward to reading this manual for months, and it is everything I hoped it would be. It has everything: it's full of practical information that's immediately applicable in the real world (even before you get your hands on an Isochain), it has the scientific theory to back everything up so you know why and how the exercises work, it covers the history of isometric training, it has great pictures, and it also acts as the user's manual for the actual device, explaining the various features. It is truly an encyclopedia of isometric exercise, and perhaps best of all, it gives you all the information you need to confidently adapt and expand exercises and routines to suit your needs. I don't usually write reviews, and I don't think I've been as impressed by something since I first read Convict Conditioning. Thank you Coach Wade, John Du Cane, and everyone else who had a part in this project. I can't wait to get my Isochain!

Rated 10/10 Again another outstanding book by Dragon Door.
By Stefan Milne / Arbroath, Angus, Scotland

This has been a particular Holy Grail for me as I have spent many years collating information from a great many resources pertaining to Isometric Strength and Conditioning.

When I was in my teens I studied as much as I could to regain my strength after a year long bout with Glandular Fever. The inevitable ME/CFS that followed then further reduced me to a mere shaky, weak teenager. I began experimenting with Bruce Lee's isometric exercises and holds using just what I could gleen from the photos in his books. I purchased my first Bull Worker and trained with Dynamic Tension and static holds. I found my strength grew. As I became older and learned to weld, I made my own version of the old school "chain and bar" similar to the IsoChain without the electronics. Again, I found my strength grew. I began studying Physical Culture from the early 1900's and started incorporating in my classes and to family members, as by then I had sufficient strength to teach my beloved martial arts. Even my much loved bed-bound family member was taught how to use isometrics to fight off the wasting away of muscle. In 2006, I became an RKC Instructor during a visit to Philadelphia and on my return I concentrated on helping others to regain their strength, rehabilitation and prehabilitation. 'The Ultimate Isometrics Manual' is the book I wished I had over 35 years ago. It is the one-stop-shop regarding Isometric Strength and Conditioning. Not only does it provide modern scientific research and background into the how and why Isometrics works but it provides sample plans, detailed instruction on how to deploy this knowledge making yourself strong and develop almost bulletproof tendon strength. This is the modern book of the old school, almost forgotten, training that can provide results in a relatively short period of time.This I can vouch for.

Although the book does refer to the use of the IsoChain, the amazing fact is the book is not written as a promotional tool for the IsoChain. There are chapters purely on body weight and Static Contraction training. There are references to the greats in the field of Static Contraction such as Mike Mentzer, Bruce Lee, Bob Hoffman, Charles Atlas and Maxalding to name but a few. The suggested training protocols can and will suit anyone from any walk of life in their endeavour to grow strong or turn the clock back and regain some lost musculature. The truth is in the title, in my opinion this definitely is the "Ultimate Isometrics Manual." Once you have this there is no need to look anywhere else for Isometric exercise as you will only find watered down barely comprehensible knowledge or techniques.

Being based in Scotland, United Kingdom is my only reason why I do not yet have the IsoChain. However, I endeavour to purchase one in the very near future for the benefit of myself, my family and my students. Thank you again Dragon Door... Stefan Milne PhD RKC MMA-CSCC

Rated 10/10 Strong motivation after a lifetime of isos !
By John McKean / Glenshaw, PA, USA

During the early 1960s, as I began a long career in competitive weightliftting, powerlifting, and All-Round lifting, Bob Hoffman started preaching isometric exercise as extreme strength training. It made sense then, and it continues to be powerful advice in this age.Through the extensive pages of The Ultimate Isometric Manual I was able to relive the rich history ,VERY compelling scientific research, and many of the IC strategies that I have so joyously experienced throughout the years. Dedication to these principles have yielded for me many National lifting titles, 9 IAWA world championship victories, and hundreds of National and World All-Round records.

I well recall one summer at college, working on my Master's degree in education, where I trained with nothing but a chain, as advocated throughout the new Ultimate manual. Returning to my lifting gym after such intense, limited training I was able to succeed with my all time best squat of 600 pounds (as a middleweight)! This work and much sweat within a power rack for various positioned ,limit holds supplied power that a small boned, natural hard-gainer," genetic blunder" like myself had no right to acquire !

In these hectic modern times, many of us hardcore iron men and women, have returned to home gyms. Nothing I've read makes anywhere near as much sense for garage (or even living room!) training as does the wonderful material and inspiring photos of " Ultimate Isometrics"!

Rated 10/10 THE Most complete Isometric Resource Ever!
By Tim Park / Fort Lee, VA, USA

I've been studying isometrics for years. As a retired military man, I've always looked for something to give me that edge. I never could stand to be just average. Isometrics has been a most valuable tool in reaching and surpassing my goals. But, until now, it?s been mostly experimentation and trying out things I could gleam from the minimal resources available. With The Ultimate Isometrics Manual I now have the resource I wish I had years ago. It not only shows you what to do, but why.
The photos are clear and the explanations easily understandable. It lays out everything you've ever wanted to know about Isometrics and many things you wouldn't know to ask. You want strength, it's in there. You want muscular endurance, it's in there. And, YES, muscular size too. It's got a full program to use for that rarely talked about benefit of isometrics, muscular size building. You'll never need another resource. Just buy it!

Rated 10/10 Buy this manual now and thank Paul Wade later!
By Nathan Day / Birmingham, West Midlands, England

This manual has quite possibly the most comprehensive and concise information concerning isometrics and it's application there is out there. You are sure to get huge bang for your buck with this book both aesthetics wise and strength wise. Within a short time, I've noticed marked improvements in my physique and I can L - Sit using my fingers (This didn't come by working on L- Sits specifically or trying to use my fingers while doing them, rather it was by working on full body tension with the very low level bodyweight isometric exercises found in this book).
This manual has shown through application of principles contained within that isometrics is a time efficient and effective way in improving your body's performance in many ways. Even if you haven't ordered the ISOCHAIN, you should still get this as it will still benefit you tremendously and you will be thankful for it!

Rated 10/10 The name says it all and its TRUE!
By Logan Christopher / Medford, OR, USA

The name says it all and I'm pleased to say that it's true! If you have any interest in isometrics this is THE book for you.

I wish I had written this book! (Not to mention, I wish I had come up with the Isochain idea.) I've covered the topic of isometrics from time to time. But not like this.

This book covers the gamut of what you need to know about isometrics. There's history. There's plenty of science. While I knew about a good amount of it, there were lots of studies and facts that I was not familiar with.

This books makes a great case for why isometrics ought to be a bigger part of any trainee's program.

While the book focuses on the Isochain, for obvious reasons of it being a revolutionary way to work with isometrics, it doesn't end there. There are also extensive sections on equipment-free isometrics and bodyweight training.

There are tons of exercises, plenty of workout programs, and even more ideas that will allow someone to experiment further and come up with new things.

Highly, highly, highly recommended.

Rated 10/10 10/10 approaching 11
By Anthony Rochon / Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

This author, Paul Wade, his approach to analyzing fitness, is very much, "rubber meets asphalt."
Very distinct writing method that will have you wanting to read all his offered books. I have both, digital and paper back versions. If there was hard copy, I'd have that too!!!

Rated 10/10 Exhaustive and Informative
By Paul Schroeder / Raleigh, NC, USA

This book is a perfect companion to the Isochain and an excellent isometrics manual in general. I consider it required reading if you're starting an isometric routine, with or without the Isochain.

Rated 10/10 Unbelievable book!
By Stuart Gross / Phoenix, AZ, USA

This book is so thorough and well written. It really helps explain isometrics and has hundreds of exercises with and without the Isochain. I highly recommend this book. It is outstanding..

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