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Diet Gamblers Vs. Nutrition Detectives

July 22, 2003 09:32 AM

Hello again, I've got some great news to report to you. The world's very first Personalized Nutrition Center is having its grand opening in the Century City Mall in L.A. on Saturday, July 26. It will feature, (besides the For Your/My Body Only books), the Your Body's Nutrition Testing Kit just as Dragon Door does except that it will cost $30 dollars more than Dragon Door charges per kit. The "mall group" that I'm working with envision these Personalized Nutrition Centers, (as kiosks and storefronts), in malls from coast to coast in time. And, we've already generated interest from a preventive healthcare businesses in Israel who also have a counterpart in France. It's just the beginning!

My new partners feel that people are gambling too much with "theoretical diet and supplement nonsense"(their words). Instead, we should be better "nutrition detectives" by digging out the exact truth about what our bodies really need via direct testing, and then monitor our progress at the cellular level,(via retests), to ensure proper results where they count the most! They are investing monstrous sums into this concept knowing that people will catch on fast once it's "in their face". I've dedicated this newsletter to them, answering some nutrition-disease-link questions they asked me about in regard to some diet-related diseases we're suffering from (in epidemic proportions nowadays). And, for our 'fat-busting" crowd I've included overweight syndromes in #8.

Are you a habitual DIET GAMBLER? Or, are you a devoted NUTRITION DETECTIVE? There really is a huge difference between one who practices diet theory versus one who applies nutrition science on the most personalized level. Remember, diet, (or dietetics), is the correlational science of what you consume-(correlational = statistical derivation of generalized data taken from research on groups of people studied using nutrition tests). It does not directly measure the nutrient or toxic content of your unique body and therefore provides absolutely no accountability for any changes in the nutrient/toxic content of the body.

On the other hand, personalized nutrition is the target-direct science of exactly what nutrients and toxins your body and cells have retained from what you consume up-to-the-moment, and, provides direct objective evidence of all future nutritional and metabolic changes the body undergoes from any diet/supplement alterations one makes and from environmental influences.

As you can see, merely "gambling" with different diets is pure guesswork when it comes to making the most favorable nutrient biochemical changes at the cellular level in order to resist 223 diet-related diseases (including obesity). However, Personalized Nutrition allows you to be a true "evidence - obtaining" NUTRITION DETECTIVE by directly measuring and monitoring these nutrient-dependent biochemical changes with perfect precision, in order to maximize good health, counteract premature aging and mental deterioration, eliminate unwanted fat, and prevent disease.

Below is a very short list of some key diseases and their core nutritional causes that you are at extreme risk for when you're a DIET GAMBLER instead of being a NUTRITIION DETECTIVE: (Note - *a/r stands for 2 kinds of deficiencies and/or excesses which science has uncovered - a = absolute or total body, r = relative or proportionate).

1-Allergies - due to calcium and copper *a/r, (*absolute and relative) deficiencies, Sympathetic Nerve Dominance for histamine-related allergies, Parasympathetic Nerve Dominance for hidden allergies, and excess nickel accumulation or (hypermineralosis-nickel).

2- AIDS - Sympathetic Dominance, zinc, selenium and Vit. E *a/r deficiencies.

3-Alzheimer's Disease - Excess aluminum retention/accumulation, (*a/r) deficiencies of selenium, manganese, zinc, copper, and iron, a sluggish thyroid gland, and other multiple nutritional disturbances.

4- Arthritis and Arthralgia - Excess *a/r molybdenum, *a/r disturbances of calcium, copper, cobalt, sodium, selenium, Vits. C, D,E,B1,B6,and B12, (hormone-imbalanced) Fast Metabolizers, *a/r deficiency of magnesium and selenium, *a/r excesses of iron, lead and mercury.

5- Cancers - Body shape/metabolic rate differentiations, *a/r deficiencies of selenium and vit. E, antagonistic disturbances between vit. C, A, potassium ,manganese iron, mercury, titanium, arsenic, silver, fluoride, zinc, copper, lead, tin, cadmium and magnesium, excessive muscle catabolism due to a dysfunctional calcium to potassium mineral ratio, *a/r omega 3 fat deficiencies reflected in a high omega 6 to 3 fat ratio and excessive 6 accumulation, high peroxidation rates (inefficient metabolism of oxidants), assorted toxin accumulation(including nitrates and nitrites) throughout the body and the bowel, blood and intestinal sugar disorders, and excess estrogen accumulation.

5- Heart Diseases - Excess *a/r calcium accumulation, *a/r magnesium and copper deficiency, copper deficiency relative to zinc, absolute copper and zinc excesses, underfunctioning thyroid, nerve-gland-nutrient-cell-hormone imbalanced Fast Metabolic Types, dysfunctional sugar metabolism, too much soft water(Fast Metabolic Types only), *a/r chromium deficiency, inefficient insulin metabolism, absolute excesses of sodium and potassium relative to calcium and magnesium, all toxic heavy metals, excess chloride accumulation, *a/r deficiency of vit. E, toxic antagonism of sulfur and selenium, oxidized petrochemical accumulation, *a/r deficiencies of the amino acids methionine and lysine, excess arginine, *a/r deficiencies of B6, betaine, B12 and folic acid, and excessive accumulation of lipid peroxides.

6- Diabetes - Imbalanced Fast Metabolic Types, dysfunctional calcium metabolism, *a/r magnesium deficiency, dysfunctional metabolism of iron, *a/r chromium deficiency, Sympathetic Dominant Metabolic Types(juvenile), Parasympathetic Dominant Types (adult), obesity, apple shaped body, excess lithium accumulation, and *a/r selenium deficiency (diabetic neuropathy).

7- Chronic Fatigue (including CFS) - Slow metabolic rate,*a/r calcium and copper excesses, nutrient antagonism of the adrenal and thyroid glands, *a/r magnesium deficiency, *a/r zinc deficiency, low sodium and potassium levels compared to calcium and magnesium retention, disturbed amino acid balance, (other) multiple nutritional disturbances, low tyrosine levels, increased ammonia and all toxic buildups, metabolic disturbances of glucose, protein and fat.

8- Overweight Syndromes (including obesity) - A dramatically slowed down Metabolic Rate characterized by the body's excessive accumulation of sedative minerals (and their related non-mineral nutrients) as compared to *a/r deficiencies of stimulatory minerals and their directly relate non-mineral nutrients. Sedative nutrients found in excess in overweight syndromes usually includes: B2, B12, D, calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, and chromium while deficient stimulatory nutrients include A, B1, B3, B5, B6, B10, E, phosphorous, sodium, potassium, iron, manganese, and selenium.

THE GOOD NEWS for Nutrition Detectives is that the above problems, (and approximately 200 more), can be significantly prevented, reduced and even reversed from the proper implementation of Personalized Nutrition as presented in our clinically proven, medically approved frontline laboratory mediated program! All it takes is a few a few hairs and your journey to the final frontier of no guesswork - metabolically and genetically correct - completely individualized nutrition and customized supplementation is underway. And, your results will prove themselves to you with your own future retests to monitor your rebalancing progress at the cellular level.

The BAD NEWS for Diet Gamblers is that the overwhelming body of scientific research proves beyond the shadow of a doubt you do not have even a ghost of a chance of getting this right unless you become a real Nutrition Detective by using this program! It's all about you.

"What's most important is inside you - if you only knew", Dr. Greg Tefft