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The Amazing Life-Saving Health Benefits of Ionic Coral Calcium

October 20, 2004 02:13 PM

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Your body is able to make vitamins but it cannot make minerals. To have great health,
you must get an abundant supply of food-grade minerals, especially calcium, from your
diet. Minerals are your most essential foundation. A spectacular, world-class mineral
source-the best I've seen in twenty-nine years of clinical practice-is a source of
pure ionic coral minerals from Japan.

This natural mineral powder is made from once-living coral harvested from the clear
ocean bottom off pristine, semitropical islands. Because the living coral ingests a
full spectrum of natural, sun-radiated minerals from the ocean water, the powder made
from the coral is also incredibly mineral-rich (containing huge amounts of highly ionized
calcium, magnesium, and trace minerals).


These coral minerals are unique: they are the only source in the world of minerals which
are naturally in a high ionized state (up to 92%) as compared to other common mineral forms
which are typically poorly ionized (for example, calcium gluconate is only about 5% ionized;
calcium citrate, approximately 15%). So what's the big deal about ionized minerals? Every
mineral you ingest must undergo ionization by your stomach acids before it can be absorbed.
That's why you can take in a lot of nonionized minerals-but you won't necessarily absorb
much of them-even though your body may be starving for minerals.

If your digestion weakens (common during illness or as you get older), it becomes harder
and harder to digest and absorb minerals-which can leave you feeling even sicker. But the
coral minerals are already highly ionized-so even those with poor digestion can easily
absorb abundant amounts of the coral's minerals. (Note: coral minerals are not colloidal
minerals. Coral minerals do not contain toxic forms of aluminum such as aluminum dioxide,
typically present in colloidal minerals-and which can bioaccumulate to cause trouble later.
We do not recommend using liquid colloidal minerals.)


In 1979, a British journalist went to Japan to interview one of the oldest documented
living people in the world, Mr. Izumi. He was a sprightly 115-year-old man in amazingly
good health who lived on an island off the coast of Japan. He appeared healthy, active, and
alert. In fact, most of the other inhabitants on the island were also in great health and
seldom died before age 95.


Researchers found the water the islanders drank was uniquely different. It contained ionized
minerals leached from coral on which the island was built. These unique minerals made the water
highly alkaline. When drunk, it helped the body keep a superior acid/alkaline balance. The
highly mineralized coral water was found to be chemically very similar to essential elements
found in the human skeleton and body fluids. Incredibly, the researchers also found the coral
water could neutralize internal waste products, harmful bacteria, and heavy metals.


The body must reduce every form of calcium into its ionized form in order to absorb it. Since coral
minerals contain abundant amounts of calcium that are already ionized, the body can use the
calcium immediately without having to break it down. This is great news for those with poor
digestion, especially the elderly. A key role of ionized calcium is to neutralize harmful
acidic compounds anywhere in the body, before damage takes place. (Examples of toxic acid-producers:
drinking soft drinks, eating too much meat, eating foods with harmful preservatives.)
Ionized calcium is critical to cleansing. Even great vitamins or great herbs won't work
well in an acid body.


If the body's tissue pH becomes acidic, it becomes harder and harder for the body to uptake
other nutrients, such as minerals, vitamins, and phytonutrients from foods and herbs. The key
is to reestablish the proper acid/alkaline balance of your body. An acidic pH creates a
hostile internal environment, like a raging storm, making the body struggle to get the
nutrients it needs. The more acid you become, the worse you will feel. As the body's pH
becomes less acid (as reflected by a first morning urine pH of 6.4 to 7.0), it is like a
happy, spring day. Your body can then easily assimilate minerals that were very difficult
to absorb at a more acidic pH.


I think of the coral minerals as the "gatekeeper." As the minerals begin to correct the
deep-seated acid/alkaline imbalance in the body, the more alkaline pH can potentiate
(like a gatekeeper letting more nutrients through) the uptake of other nutrients in food
or supplements. Once the acid/alkaline balance moves back into a more optimal range,
nutrients are more accessible and uptake is greater.


Every cancer researcher knows that tumor forms of cancer cannot survive in an alkaline
environment. If a cancer tumor is put in a beaker with an alkaline media, the cancer
will die in 3 hours. In the alkali, you have oxygen. As the body's tissue pH drops,
less and less oxygen is available to the tissues. Small changes of 0.1 to 0.2 in pH can
mean ten to twenty times more oxygen availability. Ionized calcium is the key mineral
which keeps the pH near ideal.


In the 1950s, one doctor noticed that all of his cancer patients were severely deficient
in calcium. He found that as he treated them for their calcium deficiency, their bodies
got strong enough to kill the cancer. Even terminal cancer patients were able to survive.
His theory was that ionized calcium is the main mineral form that can rapidly alkalinize
the body. The body can then produce mono-ortho-calcium phosphate, which then raises the
tissue pH out of the acidic range. As soon as the tissue acidity is cleared, the cancer
cannot survive.


By taking coral minerals, you can prove to yourself that they are superior to any other
source of minerals you have ever tried. Now that's a big statement. But you will not be
taking my word for it: your pH tells you the whole story. To see how well you have fared
so far in life, simply measure your pH to appraise your current health status. Your pH
shows you the big picture of your body's health: your urine pH (from your first morning urination)
is an accurate reflection of your body's tissue pH. The more acid your urine pH, the worse you
feel. As you move closer to the alkaline end of the scale, your health can dramatically improve.

Moving the pH from acid to alkaline is one of the hardest things to do, biochemically
speaking-because most mineral forms simply don't work well enough. In fact, many
practitioners have told me that they just gave up on trying to move their patients' pHs
(away from acid toward the alkaline) because nothing they tried ever worked. (You look pretty
bad as a doctor when, after a year, the pH hasn't changed. And this is common.)

No form of calcium supplement I have ever seen in twenty-nine years of my clinical nutrition
practice performs like the once-living coral with a body of light. See for yourself. It
typically restores a sick pH (5.5 to 5.8-the norm in the United States) to a healthy pH
range of 6.4 to 7.0. When you take the coral minerals for a period of time (from a few
days to several weeks, depending on how acidic your pH is), even the very acidic will
find they can quickly move into the neutral range.


Why is moving back into the neutral range so important? Remember, each 0.1 of pH that
changes in your first morning urine pH means a 10-fold increase in tissue oxygen. So
if you started with a pH of 5.5, for example, and went to 7.0, you'd have a 150-fold
increase in tissue oxygen. Harmful virus and bacteria thrive in an acid (low-oxygen)
environment. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize in 1932 for proving that cancer needs an
anaerobic (oxygen-free) environment in order to thrive.

When you dramatically increase the pH of your body's tissues, harmful pathogens cannot
survive. When you move into the "feel-good" balanced range can you imagine: how much
greater energy you'll have, how much less sleep you'll need, how much more flexible
you'll feel, how mentally active and alive you'll feel with so much more oxygen going
to your brain?

Returning from the dregs of acidity to the favored alkaline ranges is a whole body process
which can have several ups and downs-the body must adjust as you begin restoring your
bone and soft tissue calcium reserves. These ups and downs of the pH are a part of the
body's natural process of eliminating toxins and opportunistic infections. The coral
minerals can help you quickly return to a youthful, healthy alkaline status. Welcome
to a new foundation for great health.


An ideal urine pH, as measured by testing the pH of the first morning urine, is
between 6.4 and 7.0. In most people, I typically see the urine pH in the acidic
range (below 6.0), especially when chronic disease is present. In serious cases,
I have even seen the pH as low as 4.5. The more acidic you become, the faster
your disease symptoms will progress. Harmful pathogens, such as "bad" bacteria,
thrive in an acidic (low-oxygen) environment.

Beware of a urine pH over 7.0. It can be a warning sign that the pH balance has become
abnormally altered. A pH over 8.0 is a serious danger signal, showing that the body has
desperately recruited emergency supplies of ammonia as a last resort to buffer the
extreme acid condition of the body. This is most often due to a longstanding highly
acidic state which has depleted the body's mineral reserves, especially calcium.


To find out your pH, all you need is a roll of pH tape so you can test your first morning
urine. Collect a small sample of your first morning urine in a clean cup. Tear off a
small piece of pH tape, then dip it into your urine sample. Match the color of the tape
to the color chart on the roll. (The roll has a little number scale to show what each
color represents.) It's just that easy and costs about one cent per test. It is probably
the least expensive medical test you'll ever take-giving you the most important information
of your life-because your urine pH directly reflects the acid/alkaline balance of your body.

Supplements with a Body of Light

We recommend that you get out of the health wipeout trench and start maximizing your nutrient
intake with the Feeling Fit Five: five premier quality supplements designed to provide
world-class daily nutrients for every man, woman, and child on the planet.

Fit for Life SUPPLEMENT #1:

Feeling Fit Coral Complex contains unique, highly alkalinizing coral minerals from Japan
in 100% powder form (no additives or fillers). This is the only known source in the world
with naturally occurring, highly ionized minerals (up to 92% ionized), especially rich in
calcium and magnesium. I routinely recommend these coral minerals to everyone as a key
foundation to help promote an optimal pH-fast. Most other forms of minerals work too
slowly or not at all. All forms of calcium must be ionized in your digestion before they can
be absorbed. Since coral minerals are already highly ionized, they are easily absorbed, even
by the elderly and those with poor digestion.

Without sufficient vitamin D, you cannot adequately absorb calcium. Since many people do not
consume an adequate amount of vitamin D in their diets (or receive enough sunlight outside,
especially in winter), we have also included three potent mushroom extracts (specially
fermented mycelial extracts of reishi, coriolus, and herecium) which contain a natural
plant source of provitamin D (ergosterol). These remarkable mushroom extracts also contain
powerful immuno-stimulating compounds (including beta-D-glucans, ganodermic acids, and many
different active polysaccharides). These extracts have been used for centuries in Asia to
dramatically boost the immune system and extend life.

For immediate supplement information go to: Feeling Fit Coral Complex


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