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10/10 Best book available on stopping or reversing heart disease!!
By skinnymuscle / Minneapolis, MN USA

Everything in this book makes sense once you read it. It explains what you need to know well and is easy to understand. After reading this book I have totally changed my cardiovascular work and changing my meals (I really had no Idea how to eat.. I thought I did but I was totally wrong). Anyway getting this book is the second best thing you could do for the health of your heart and your body.. the first is doing what it says. I recommend this book 100%

10/10 Truth the Advertisements Won't tell you
By Russell Andrews / Cartersville GA, US

Loved this book, great information concerning the risks and side effects from the prescription drugs. Great advice and recommendations on how to counter health issues without having to run to the MD or the drugstore. People are too dependent on the MD's and the prescriptions and have forgotten about the awesome healing powers of the body and also forgotten how to use common sense. Give the body the correct fuel so it can operate at its fullest potential.

10/10 Dr. Sears' book has helped me give better training to my clients & myself
By Frank / Gulf Coast

The Doctor's Heart Cure is excellent in scope and content.
Well-written and easily readable for non-medical persons, it has already helped me improve my own health.
It also has helped me offer better training to my clients.

10/10 Doctor's Cure
By Bruno Donaldson / Costa Mesa, CA

Loved this book. found out a lot of stuff that my doctors didn't tell me.

10/10 Best Heart Book Yet!
By Hal / Westchester, NY

Dr. Al Sears is the one to read. He knows what many others don't. Low carbs is the way. Low fat is not. But, you have to know the right carbs and the right fats. Dr. Sears knows.
I've read over 3 dozen health books in the last several years. This is one of the very best. Anybody who thinks their cholesterol should be below 180 is sadly mistaken. Anyone who thinks cholesterol of 220 needs a statin is a pawn of big pharma. Cholesterol is the main part of your brain cells. Cholesterol is needed for ALL of your sex hormones (and others). Cholesterol is not the problem. We've been led, and continue to be led, down a deadly path by the establishment (but, very lucrative for them). Follow the establishment if you want the normal statistics of today, because you'll become one of them. Follow Dr. Sears if you want to get really healthy.
Only caveat I have is that I think he didn't put enough emphasis on vitamin C. Still, it's the best heart book out there so far!

10/10 Most important health book of the past 30 years
By Candy Hill / Conway, Arkansas

The best and most important health book of the past 30 years, in my opinion. More and more information is starting to appear that the pre-agrarian diet is THE most healthy for us to follow and this flies in the face of all conventional medicine. Dr. Sears turns all the conventional health information topsy-turvy in this book where he recommends a protein based diet with cutting out almost all grains and explains WHY this is so important. I was already seeing a natural/alternative doctor for my low thyroid condition, but his book has really fine-tuned my regimen and I feel the best I have felt in YEARS! My doctor wanted me to go on the diet he recommends, but didn't have time to explain WHY, and after reading his book, I was then motivated to follow the plan. Eating pasture-fed meats, eggs, dairy, healthy fats, with fruits/vegs and severely restricting grains has made me feel fantastic with much more energy than ever before. I am now losing weight on a consistent/steady basis and with the addition of CO Q-10 (as recommended in his book), my blood pressure is normalizing and my resting heart rate has come down from the mid 60's to the mid 50's (evidence of a strong/efficient heart). ALSO, the exercise recommendations have been a life saver as he explains why these hour long exercise sessions are NOT necessary and are even harmful and why you need NO MORE than 20 min. of exercise per day. I have a graduate degree in health and have read MANY health books through the years; however, this one, in my opinion, is by far the MOST important health book for anyone who wants to improve their health, get OFF prescription medicines and take control of their health and their life...

7/10 So Far it it makes good sense
By Gordon D Hodgskin / Cambridgeshire England UK

Still wading through for a second read. It is clearly writen with not too much jargon and that is a good start. I'll have to work hard to draw up new exersize plans and eating plans. There could be plans set out in the book as a supplement at the end, detailing a variety of foodstuffs to avoid or eat. Also how do you convince orthodox General practice doctors and hospital doctors to change the 'norm'. I am 66 and have primary dilated cardio myopathy, but still play golf, swim and dance. I am reluctant to give up prescription drugs without a period of trial.
Perhaps a document could be made detailing the books messages, a document that would MAKE doctors sit up and take notice.

When I have read the book again, in depth I am happy to send another review. I would be interested in how to tackle my own heart condition but there is nobody to approach. Over here they have not really heard of Homocysteine and I had to insist on a test that came out just below 11. I was told this was acceptable, but a doctor told me that homocysteine is still not considered important in the UK.
The book is reasonably clear, but lacks the aforementioned DETAILED eating and exersize plans for short and long term.

8/10 Great contribution, a few caveats
By Chris Masterjohn / Cholesterol Town, USA

I think this book is great, and I'm glad to see a perspective of heart disease that highlights it as a *deficiency* disease instead of the traditional view of it as an *excess* disease.

I'm also glad to see that the subject of dental hygeine and its relationship to heart disease is getting exposure through this book. The book has a few drawbacks, especially its discussion of cholesterol. Dr. Sears doesn't go far enough in exposing what a true "great red herring" this molecule has been, and perpetuates myths about "good" and "bad" cholesterol.

10/10 Oh, Now I Understand!
By Dennis / Carrollton, TX USA

There are so many inconsistencies with the prevailing wisdom of today's diet and exercise advice. Now I understand why I didn't lose any weight while jogging at least 5 miles per day. There are so many other revelations (about bad advice and it's consequences) in this book that I have personally experienced. I just started reading this book last night and can't put it down. I plan to order copies for my friends and family.

10/10 Out-standing
By Bud Wunderlich / Yorba Linda,Ca.

Very interesting, and provides good information.

10/10 glad I bought this book
By vanessa walters / Red Cloud, Neb.

I bought this book, with some skepticism and doubt. There are SO many books out there about diet,heart health, etc. I was afraid this would be just another 'crackerjack' book about fixing your heart health. After skimming throught it, I am changing my mind. Dr. Sears' advice about diet, exercise flew in the face of everything that I thought was how to keep your heart healthy. Ive been eating hardly any meat these last few years, for example. Long involved cardio workouts (treadmill, long walks, etc) whole grains eating. I havent done any long steady workouts, since discovering kettlebells, so that had already changed. My diet will need serious 'tweaking', for eating more protein and much less carbs (even whole grain ones!).Who knew eating even good carbs too much, was wrong? Not me. No wonder my weight has been a problem, even with better eating habits. Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, cholestral and triglycerides run in my dad's family. Ive been trying to keep these counts low as possible. So..with Dr. Sears book, I will see how I do, with changes. I cannot afford drugs for these conditions, so I want to see if I can fix things on my own. It is an easy read book. I am glad I decided to buy it.

9/10 Excellent and factual
By Dr Ian Shaw / Johannesburg, South Africa

The author discusses virtually all known aspects of the causes (most of them man-made) of heart disease and the utmost importance of adopting healthy lifestyles. One of his major contributions is his reminder of our ancestors' nutritional habits, which became the basis of our physiological and biochemical development,undermined by excessive carbohydrate ingestion brought about by grain-growing agriculture.The author does give a step-by-step example for a healthy diet, but he could have included more specific information on vegetable consumption in his proposed meals. He also tends to overemphasize weight training in contrast with aerobic training.

10/10 the myth of fats,and,misperceptions
By John Johnson / Saint Petersburg ,Florida

I learned alot from this book.It answered many questions that I had.What I thought was right was actually doing damage to myself.Since I have followed Doctor Sears book,within a short time i have become stronger while losing bodyfat ,and feeling better.I endorse this book wholeheartedly.I don't care if your 20 or 80 get the book ,and ,get yourself right

10/10 Extraordinary!!!
By Dr. Pagano Carlo / Udine, UD ITALY

I'm an italian doctor, I find this book useful: it's a treasure of health informations, I recommend it to all of you!Thank you Dr. Al Sears

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