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10/10 Give me that old time Strength training!
By John McKean, 11 time IAWA World Champion / Pittsburgh PA

Dedicated to the concept that muscular men and women should be as strong as they look, Pavel's BEYOND BODYBUILDING is a virtual encyclopedia of power building strategies from the Iron Game's all time greats!Trainees at all levels can immediately pluck key concepts to transform their stale personal programs into dynamic, instantly progressing, strength/muscle building systems.

As can be expected from Pavel, this book is very interesting, highly informative, and easy to enjoy.It takes only a few pages to convince a serious trainee that REAL body and strength development is far removed from the all too common low weight pumping schemes which are mindlessly set forth in today's gyms, schools, and clinics.

Thank goodness that a volume is finally available that will rock the training world back to the sensibilities of its STRENGTH building origins!!Pavel carefully documents the reasons why heavy, basic, intense but brief sessions are the only way to go for dedicated athletes, absolutely strong people, and those who would aspire to outright studliness!

Many of us old dogs of the 60s have been howling ever since about the virtues of hard, heavy training. Back then EVERYONE strived to become as strong as possible, and those who persisted and fought to achieve big weights had the rugged looks to verify it. Now BEYOND BODYBUILDING brings that magic back! As Bob Hoffman,the "Father of American Weightlifting", once stated, and Pavel's meticulous research confirms, " heavy lifting is the best form of bodybuilding!"

10/10 In the Top 5 of Training Books of All Time
By tootiredforcardio/zachariah salazar / colorado springs,co

I will be brief.As a trainer of 16 years and a martial artist of 24 years,I can say that I have read most of whats out there.Walk in any book store,go to the weightlifting section and realize that I have read %95 of what is on there shelves.This is a READABLE,APPLICABLE text that could change your physique forever.I first balked at the price but I recant.You can buy this book for what two visits with me would cost.Sure there are prettier books out there but is the data as good?I find that I have reread this text 5 times in the first week since I have owned it.If you really apply what is contained, sucess will not evade.I will not list all that is included;you can simply view the table of contents.Trust my experiance.I am no shill.I have spoken out on the forum when I disapproved of a product.I will stake my reputation as a trainer on the quality of the data this text presents! Safe ,smart training to all!

7/10 Must Have!
By JohnBrowning / Owosso,MI USA

This book has something for everyone from beginner to advanced! If you have less then 4 years of lifting experince you really need to get this book. It will save you a lot of time with trial and error to find out what works and what does not!It took me 10 years of lifting and geting injured to learn half of the stuff that Pavel is teaching you in this book!This book is biased toward functional strength and being as strong as you look. If you are afraid to work hard or have a dislike for free weights this is not the book for you. This book will produce results like all of Pavels products if you follow his advice! I would also recomend that you get his book "Power To the People" and his video or DVD "From Russia with Love"! All of his material is good but these have done the most for me!

10/10 By far my favorite Strength Training Book!
By Steve / San Antonio, TX USA

As a collegiate strength coach, I try to stay as current as possible and read as much as possible. This is by far my favorite strength & conditioning book yet and that includes Starr's Strongest shall Survive, Supertraining, the Science & Practice of strength training, Hatfield's Power & Hardcore bodybuilding, Optimal Muscle Training, Super Squats, Kurz, etc., etc. All these books are fantastic but I love the high level of practicality and specific examples and recomendations in this book even if it does lean more toward bodybudiling and away from pure strength training. An absolute steal!

10/10 As essential for effective strength training as a power rack
By Phil "scrawnyphil" Gibson / New York

If only I had had this book 18 years ago when I started strength training. I got a lot of the info contained in this book piecemeal on the forum, but it's so much better to have Pavel's articles collected in one volume like this. The section titled "Periodization Demystified" by itself is worth the price of admission. It clearly lays out the absolute best way to get stronger. Pavel draws on the experiences of the pre-steroid strongmen and nearly a century of Russian strength science to burn away the misinformation of the HIT-era. Pavel weaves his usual humor throughout and makes the science fun to read and easy to remember. I find myself reading various sections of the book every night for the sheer pleasure of doing so and the information is thereby easily committed to memory. Now thanks to Pavel I'm walking around with a lot of the practical knowledge of the best Russian sports scientists laid out clearly in my head and the improvement in my training has been immediately obvious. It's too soon to say that thanks to _Beyond Bodybuilding_ I've gained 30 lbs of muscle and 100 lbs on each of the big lifts, but I'm clearly on my way.

10/10 My 2nd copy
By John Bergstresser / Los Angeles, CA

I lent my dog-eared copy to a friend realizing I'd probably never get it back, so I bought a second for myself. This book helped me understand how to build strength. The first regimen I took from the book to build a base was the "Russian Bodybuilding Underground Base Level Pullup Program. It was the first time I experienced significant growth in my biceps, simply through body weight only exercises. I'd spent years struggling with curls for years with lackluster success. Additionally, the squat routines have resulted in gains as well. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to pursue routines that deliver results.

10/10 THE Absolute best book on bodybuilding - EVER!
By Gil Flores / San Mateo, CA

I've got over 30+ years experience in bodybuilding, and I thought
I knew it all - I didn't. Beyond Bodybuilding is the best resource
I have ever read - period. My favorite technique: the single arm
deadlift. Get this book!



10/10 All Other Authors Should Just Give Up!
By Felix Niland ("Bleedthrough" on the forums) / Sydney, Australia

This book is absolutely amazing. As far as strength training goes, since I got this book (over eighteen months ago), I have not done a routine I found anywhere else. The principles, programs, and advice given in it are the absolute top available. As a personal trainer, this has also been an invaluable resource. With this book, I have:

- increased my bench press over 100lbs... and finally learnt how to perform this movement properly
- increased my squat and deadlift over 200lbs each
- increased my push-up max from a lame 25 to 76 in just six weeks
- gained approximately 20lbs of lean body mass (note that this was not my goal for the full eighteen months)
- ... among many other things

The push-up program was what I found most impressive. After adding 26 reps to my push-up max in just two weeks on the program, I was of course going to keep the program up... and so when college came back, I made the effort to talk to each of my lecturers before class, and then sit by the door so I could duck out and knock off my sets. This is the only place you'll find routines which are worth putting that sort of effort in to!

Thank you once again, Com. Pavel, for an excellent product.

10/10 A Goldmine of Strength and Fitness Info
By Mark Carson / Lawrenceville, GA USA

This is the book I wish I'd had twenty years ago when I first got into martial arts. Beyond Bodybuilding is useful, informative, and eminently practical. Rather than a lot of fitness fad drivel, BB contains an uncommon balance of modern research and old time strongman wisdom. The range and depth of information is mind-boggling. Plus Pavel's trademark "the party is always right" sense of humor makes it just plain fun to read. I can see that over the coming years I will be returning to this book again and again as a ready reference for time-tested, scientifically proven fitness and strength info.

9/10 Two thumbs up!
By Mike Griffith / Orange, Calif.

This book belongs next to "Power to the people". A virtual encyclopedia
of lifting knowledge.

10/10 Very Informitive
By Eddie / South Burlington, VT.

I have only read the first few pages of this book so far and I love it. There is a lot of info in this book.

10/10 thank you commrade!
By Stan Foundoukis / Bronx, N.Y., U.S.A.

I've been lifting heavy weights for over 35 years and I thought I knew the best techniques, routines, etc... Pavel has opened my eyes to a whole new attitude and approach on exercise and weightlifting . This book is a must for all weightlifters.

10/10 You Just Have To Get this Book!!
By MindanaoMike / Mindanao, Philippines

Pavel focuses on what the trainee needs to make his program effective, whether it is for building mass, or just increasing strength without adding bulk. To the point, and in step-by-step detail. I am nearing completion of his 5x5 routine, and by following it, have made average gains of 18% in strength in just three (3) weeks. After another week, I will complete this program and do tests with maximum singles. I am very impressed by Pavel's 5x5 program, which has given me this very significant progress, and am looking forward to using his other programs.

10/10 Priceless
By Ed Terlik / Chicopee, MA USA

Beyond Bodybuilding is worth every penny!

8/10 great back to basics information
By Aaron Smith / Battle Creek, MI USA

If you want hardcore strength workouts the old fashion way, this is the book to own. No fluff muscle workouts just brutal basic lifting for strength the way it was intended. very good

8/10 Average Everyday Guy
By Ron sabala / Glendora ,California

As the average every day type of guy who is just looking to workout for an hour a day and get positive results, the information in all of your books and this one especially are of the hightest interest and can be trusted to not waste my time. Their is a lot of good stuff on what to do and what not to do. I have been overwhelmed by the fitness magazine type of stuff. It is all good informaiton but each month is a whole diffrent appraoch anf ends up just confusing guys like me who just want to know in black and white what to do exactly. Pavel likes to get right down to business and his track record speaks for itself. My only negative critique would be again the same thing abuot to much informaiton. There are three kinds of informaiton, Need to know, good to know, and nice to know. For the average everyday guy like me, I just want to have it layed out exactly what I need to do for say six months and if I follow this routine then this is what can be expected and have it proven. It gets to be overwhemlming to figure out all of this, the book is very good and simple and I will be purchasing Power to the People. Pavel is a welcome relief to the fitness world for me.

10/10 This was the info I needed
By Erik Zinckgraf / Egg Harbor Township, NJ

I had been following HIT and it's variations for the last 15 years. I could make progress for shorts periods then just grind out workout after workout until I couldn't even stand to think about the gym so I'd take a week off. I didn't realize just how tired that type of workout had made me. Now, following Pavel's techniques, I finish a session and still have some energy left over. He gives so many different ideas and new takes on the old favorite exercises. My workouts(oops, practices) are a pleasure again. I've even gotten my morning wood back, something HIT had taken away from me, and hadn't noticed until it came back. My wife is not to happy about it. Oh yeah, my muscles feel harder, too.

10/10 so much information... its unbelieveable!
By fernando ibarra jr / uvalde, texas

great book... lots of workouts and information... glad i got it... im going to put it to use after i do enter the kettlebell... its also a good refresher. Theres this workout that consists of pull ups and dive bomber push ups by doing ladders, i remember i read this article when i was in kabul, afghanistan... as a mnatter in fact, thats the first time i ever heard of kettlebells! i remember doing the workout, it was great. i forgot all about it til i got beyond bodybuilding... thanks but not much of a writer

9/10 Great training resource
By Nemiah / Bronx, NY

Beyond BodyBuilding is a fantastic book. There are routines (or practice plans) found throughout that will help you achieve your goals. More importantly, however, is that on almost every page there is a nugget of wisdom that will help increase the effectiveness of any program that you are currently utilizing.

10/10 Pavel Does it Again
By Mike Kingery / Mindanao, Philippines

I cannot seem to put this excellent book down. Every time I open it, I find something that is useful to me, even though I've read it before. The illustrations are well done and make an indispensable contribution. The one thing I have not found in it yet is discussion of how an older trainee should modify his suggested programs. I am a 74 year old, at intermediate level.

10/10 Amazing book
By Elliot / Leeds, United Kingdom

I received this book and read it in 2 days. I simply could not put it down. Its a book that you will gain most from if you already have some training experience, as it is expected that you know certain basics. If your looking for new routines, guidelines when your designing your own routines, new exercises and interesting tweaks on very common exercises you MUST read this book! I have already started incorparating some exercises and set/rep schemes into my training. I'll post my results on Dragon Door in a few weeks time.

10/10 Another Great Product From Pavel.
By Dave Chopping. / Gold Coast, Queensland Aus.

This is a great book that ties in all of Pavel's other works.

I have no interest in looking 'Body Builder pretty(?)' but I felt that the information within was still useful for my own S & C goals. This is most definently one of those books which the mainstream really needs as there is nothing more sorry than a person who 'looks' strong.

Once again, another great read from Pavel.

If only more people would Deadlift!

10/10 Great all-encompassing knowledge base for everyone
By art teacher/ brazilian jiu jitsu practicioner / Philadelphia, PA

Though not a bodybuilder, this text is great for everyone interested in understanding the body and becoming stronger. It was a nice addition right after reading 'Power to the People' and 'The Naked Warrior'. I have been becoming noticablely stronger and leaner in the past few weeks. Thanks Pavel!

10/10 Great Book
By John Jacob Johnson / West Liberty, Ky USA

Great information for beginner or seasoned athlete! Enjoyed the piece for hardgainers. I am also a fan of Power to the People.

8/10 Excellent
By Charles / South Africa

A great motivational book, and with all Pavel's books the beauty is in the simplicity of exercises. Kicks off with some tried and tested workouts and then moves onto body parts and what exercises work and which ones suck. A great reference guide and something I have, and will continue to refer to. Will turn some of the traditional bodybuilding myths upside down. Programs and thoughts for those who want to build and those who want strength or a combination thereof. In a nut shell Pavel's book teaches one to work the basics, work them frequently whilst cycling the intensity.

10/10 For the past 20 years, I have read and collected …
By wdandjlevesque / Rochester, NY

For the past 20 years, I have read and collected every source on strength training and body building available including the writings of: Weider, Gironda, Pearl, Bass, Parillo, Phillips, Venuto, Brink, Benson, Staley, etc... I was personally coached by Mike Mentzer in HIT techniques. I can now throw away an entire library of books and magazine articles and use Pavel's book as my single reference source. The information is concise, cuts through all the myths and misconceptions and delivers effective and efficient advice on how to get results, Tsatouline style. Power To The People, Kettlebells and now this, impressive... Save your money, wasted time and empty hard work - get this and use it.

10/10 An Absolute Goldmine!!
By Aatif Qureshi / Tochigi,Japan

I have to say that this book is a valuable resource to anybody who wants to go take their game to the next level. Absolutely jam pact with valuable information, drills, and Q&A that goes to the heart of the matter. It?s an integrated and comprehensive approach with tons of variety that will definitely keep you busy for a long while and produce spectacular results as well. I have personally used and customized the programs in this book with my training goals and the results have been impressive indeed. Pavel doesn?t hold anything back in this one. The gloves have come off! Thanks again Pavel.

10/10 This book is outstanding!!!! I consider it one o…
By Andy Schnadig Owner HolisticPerformance Training / San Diego, CA

This book is outstanding!!!! I consider it one of my top 5 reference books and is in the elite category with "Super Training" by Mel siff and "The science and practice of Strength Training" By Zatsiorsky. Pavel covers it all in this book with no fluf. It contains secrets of the old time strongmen along with modern day training techniques and science. Easy to read, Pavel takes advanced cocepts and breaks them down so that anyone can understand them. The book is in a format that allows for quick reference. I cannot recommend this book enough, I believe it to be pavels best book yet. Thanks Pavel.

10/10 A true guide for strength and muscle....
By Simon Forsyth RKC / Whyalla, South Australia, Australia

This book is amazing, if you have ever wondered why you dont look like the old time strongmen or why you dont have the strength of the golden bodybuilders then you need to buy this book. every page is full of ideas and tip that will take your strength and physique to the next level. Do yourself a favour and buy this book. i was suprised at how much I learnt.


10/10 Do we have a man here?
By Jason / Richmond, VA

The purpose of this collection of articles is to make today's bodybuilder ashamed of his weakness and narcissism and get him as strong as he looks.

This pretty much sums up the purpose of the book. Not to say that if you only want to gain strength without size that there is not valuable info in here - there is. But especially if you want to know what are the most effective exercises for a bodypart -- traps, deltoids, glutes, obliques, etc. -- or are looking to acquire a "square, gladiator-body-armor look" to your chest so that you don't end up with "drooping, breast-like pecs," this book will teach you how to do that.

As all of Pavel's material, I'm very glad I have it.

10/10 Get this book
By Scott B. / Snellville, GA USA

I am relatively new to strength training. I was a distance runner in my 20's and early 30's but when we started a family, fitness took an unfortunate backseat. When I hit 40 last year and my waist hit 38" I decided to take up running again. At 6'3" 223 I was 40lbs heavier than I was in my late 20's. I started to train to run a marathon and had a good deal of sucess at improving my running and reducing my weight (down to 210) but I still had "love handles" and I could only struggle to complete 2 terrible form pull ups and 2 dips. I then decided to join a gym to add some muscle. I workout hard and watched what I ate and the love handles began to get a little smaller and the muscles were starting to get bigger. But I was still not very strong I only improved to 4 pull ups and 5 dips. After 4 months of working out I expected more.
Thats when I stumbled across dargon door and Pavel. I realized that I wanted to be strong not just some puffed up musclehead. I recently purchased Beyond Bodybuilding because it seemed to offer more "bang for the buck" and within the first two weeks my strength has taken off. Using the techniques from this book I can now perform 10 perfect form pull ups and 15 perfect dips, all while losing 7 more pounds of fat. (I'm now down to 203 and my waist now measures in at 34"). My workout(practice) is now shorter and I feel stronger when I'm done instead of gassed and needing to rest. I've never done deadlifts or squats but after only a couple of weeks I now understand their importance to "grandpa" strength.
I know I have only scratched the surface of what this book has to offer. I simply can't put it down. Again I'm new to the strength training game and I may not know that much, but I know it is working for me. Buy this book, its well worth the money.

10/10 If you buy 1 of Pavels books make it this one!
By Greg Gonzales / Albuquerque, NM

Using the Modified Delorme Method I gained 40# on my DL and 10# on my bench press over the course of 8 weeks. I also gained 7 pounds of lbm. My training partner saw similar gains with a 40# gain on his DL and 15# gain on his bench press.

It doesn't matter if you are a bodybuilder or powerlifter, this book has something that will benefit anyone wanting to make progress.

10/10 This is a must have for people interested in strenght and getting bigger
By Yoeri / Bocholtz, Netherlands

I keep reading this book again and again, there's so much in it. With the Hit The Deck Program I added about 25 pushups to my max in 2 weeks, and before I knew it I could do 100. There are lots of routines in this book, they will keep you busy for a long time. If you want to get strong, or big and strong than this book is your choice.

9/10 milo
By bhanu / faridabad, haryana india

it's a good effort by the author to help many people who don't have the exact knowledge

10/10 The Holy Grail of strength training!!
By Kurt / NJ

This book is awesome! If you want to be STRONG as well as buff, this book is an absolute must-have! This is the BEST one-stop reference work on how to get strong (and I have a lot of books...Power to the People, Dinosaur Training, and Beyond Brawn are/were some of my favorites...Beyond Bodybuilding blows them all away). I have been using one of the Russian set/rep variations for a week and experienced almost immediate gains in hypertrophy. I can't wait to start some of the other cycles and routines that are listed. Even if you like to construct your own routines, the principles that are hammered home in this book (cycling, volume/intensity,etc.) will pay dividends.

10/10 Simply Amazing
By Mark Hanington / Huntington Beach, Ca.

This is a MASTERPIECE. It's hard not to write a review that's as long as the book. There's just that much incredible information in it. If you believe in Pavel, and have thoroughly digested all of his other products, this one will still blow-you-out-of-the-water. Life will never be the same. Pavel will tell you the rest. Thanks again Pavel.

9/10 Used the information in this book to boost my 5RM max 100lbs.
By jesapper / Niceville, FL

I am very pleased with Beyond Bodybuilding. Simply following the PTP/Ladder routine for my only vanity exercise, the incline bech press has given me a 100lb. 5RM increase. In April I started training the incline bench press at a weak 155lbs for 5 reps. Using the PTP/Ladder program as described in the workbook I hit a smooth 255lbs. in June, just 3 months later. These no-fluff routines work. Once again simple and consistent training wins out!

10/10 Pavel's "Hit the Deck" Program is Excellent
By Frantic / Arnold, MO USA

I just finished Pavel's "Hit the Deck" program and the results were incredible. I went from doing 50 pushups in 1 minute the first week to 65 in a minute the second week, and finally 75 in 72 seconds for the final test. I did not only see an improvement in the volume, but also a visual change in the muscles in my chest and shoulder area. Another thing I really like about this program is that it's so versatile. You can apply it to almost any bodyweight exercise. I think this is great especially for those wanting to improve their numbers in their PFT or something similar. In my opinion, this program is well worth the time and effort.

9/10 A Gem on every page....
By Manoj Basrur / Bombay, India

Pavels new book ...a masterpiece and theres a Gem on every page.

Every page gives a little nugget of info ..some which I already realised after a lot of trial and error and others absolutely new and extremely helpful.

Of course be warned the title of tyhe book says... its Beyond Bodybuilding ...that means it is basically for experienced pumpers although fresh victims (as Pavel likes to call them) will benefit too.

Only negative ..some drills have not been visually illustrated only described.

10/10 This book could change your life!
By Graham Weedon / Plano, Tx USA

I was certain this book would be worth the price, but it has surpassed my pre-existing favorable expectations! Like so many of the Dragon Door titles, this is a must-have addition to the strength library.

Just when you think you have all the tools and know-how, Pavel drops a life-changing bombshell on you like this book! It seems like nearly every page gets dog-eared and i'm high-lighting content like there'll be an exam when i'm finished! Its chock full of practical tips to help us safely pursue a lifetime of strength and sturdiness.

Every bit of it is either eye-opening or reinforcing wisdom i've come to learn from the likes of Pavel and Brooks Kubik. Additionally, like Dinosaur Training, it motivates you to set new goals for yourself and get off your duff and get to work! It takes the best of the three iron games in a format you can modify for your own needs.

Want to get stronger without getting bigger? Want to be as stong or stronger than you look? Want to do it safely for a lifetime? This is your book!

Thank you Pavel!

10/10 Immediate relief and gratification.

I've been lifting weights since I was 12. As a Martial Artist and Ex USAF PARARESCUE SPECIALIST I have seen all kinds of products and gimmicks through the years. I'm 45 now and what I have read and learned in this book changed my outlook on lifting weights and saved my back forever. In just 3 days of working with a few techniques explained in SOLUTIONS FOR A TIGHT BACK. Eliminated my lower and upper back pain that I have lived with for many years. If it wasn't for this book I would have been forced to cancel a training seminar that was planned for 6 months. A must for all serious athletes and professioals who need clear concise instruction and tips to a STRONGER,PAIN FREE BODY. PAVEL has taken the B.S out and has given us information way ahead of its TIME. It's your choice YOU CAN BE MEDIOCRE OR YOU CAN EXCEL TO GREAT STRENGHTHS!!

10/10 Best Strength Training Book!!
By Kirk Babic, Police Officer / Superior, WI.

If you are looking for a strength training book, Beyond Bodybuilding is the one to have. BB really does have it all and is worth the money. If you are a novice or a serious strength trainer, you really need to get your hands on this book. I have been strength training for over 20 years and have purchased many strength training books during those years. This is the one that I wish I had back when I started. I simply can't put it down.

10/10 You'll reference it over and over again.
By Kevin Cooper, D.C., CSCS, RKC, CST / Norwood, MA

I've read "Beyond Bodybuilding" cover to cover. Twice. And I continue to go back for more in-depth study. If you're a fan of power bodybuilding, this is your Bible. If you're not really interested in being strong AND looking strong, then this is probably not for you.

There are exercises in here I've never seen anywhere else and there are concepts I'd forgotten. For the serious trainer, this is an invaluable resource. But it's also accessible for the neophyte. Regardless of your level, this belongs on your bookshelf!

10/10 Beyond Bodybuilding- Old Meets New
By David Whitley, RKC / Nashville TN USA

I have spent a lot of money on training books and info over the years. Most of it was on things that i could get one or two good tips or ideas from without much use for the rest. Some of it was garbage. Occaisionally it has been great. This has been the case with all of Pavel's work. Beyond Bodybuilding, as the title implies, takes weight training past the "pump & tone" attitude so common in todays gyms and into the science & practice of getting STRONG as well as buff.

Pavel speaks of "Power Bodybuilding", a term which harkens back to the days when guys with muscular physiques were called Strongmen rather than Musclemen. Throughout the text the idea of "Be as Strong as You Look" pervades. For a fan of the old-timers and their methods (like me) this is the perfect marriage of old -school training and modern science.

Every one who does any type of resitance training will find something of value in this book. For those of us who also train others, the book is an invaluable resource. Want to know how the Smolov Squat cycle works? It is in here. Bench press stuck? Pavel has the answer. Curious about how to do dips without hurting you bad shoulder? Look no further. Want to work up to 100+ pushups? Yep, it's in here. This book is everyone's chance to tap into Pavel's encyclopedic knowledge of human performance.

If you are serious about being strong, get this book.

10/10 Straightforward Truth About Training-At LAST!
By Michael Ciosek, CSCS, NSCA / Ft. Walton Beach, FL

How many times have you've heard: "There's nothing new under the sun?"
Then, why, after so many books, magazines, and secret training principles have we been continuously fed doo-doo?!!! Pavel has an uncanny knack for telling us what works-and why it works. I, like many of us, have a comprehensive library. Pavel, in this 327 page masterpiece covers a lifetime of learning and training. As a trainer of athletes myself, if there is one bit of advice I can give, its buy this book, learn from it, and PUT IT AWAY (But nearby)! Its addictive! Just go out and do what he says! You'll finally be bigger, faster, and stronger.

10/10 One of the best strength books I have ever read
By Thomas Phillips / Tinton Falls, NJ USA

This book has it all. Don't let the price discourage you from the purchase. The information covers so many topics and is so dense with great material that I would have spent a heck of a lot more. I ran out of ink in my highlighter 2/3 of the way through!

10/10 Worth a lot more than what you are paying for it!
By MAK_the_Knife / Gaithersburg, MD USA

Beyond Bodybuiding (BB) is more than a compilation of articles by Pavel. It is the result of hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of work, research, sweat, blood, and tears (someone elses I imagine) by Pavel into the most effective methods to build and maintain strength.

I've always found it funny that people balk at paying a premium for high quality information. Would you hesitate to get the best lawyer in town if your life was on the line? How about flying on an airline that crashes only some of the time? How about studying with a 19-year old 10th degree black belt? Exactly... you pay for quality because you are not only paying for the information, but you are paying for the expertise, experience, and knowledge of that person.

You get what you pay for and whole lot more when you purchase BB; you may not appreciate all the information just yet, but you will... oh yes you will.

10/10 Wisdom to put those cosmetic 'mirror warriors' to shame.
By Tim / Maui, USA

I live in Hawaii and have been training with free weights since I was 13, at which time I was a scrawny 5'8" 70 pounder, thoroughly brainwashed in the high rep isolation movement crap.Up until a few years ago, all of my training principles were offshoots of that useless vanity propaganda. So you can imagine the problems: sheared L5 vertebrae, sticky shoulders, knee problems, debillitating carpal tunnel, muscle imbalances everywhere, limited improvement in athletic performance and ZERO genuine strength gains. Pavels books Beyond Bodybuilding, Enter The Kettlebell and The Naked Warrior has set me straight!! What an Epiphany!! I'm making more REAL WORLD strength and function gains in the last few weeks than the previous 20 yrs. I'm now 34, 6' 150, can bench twice my weight, do single arm handstand pushups, single arm dead hang pull ups, standing wheel jackknives, and single leg weighted squats ( single arm single leg DLs are next). All with no back, shoulder, knee or wrist problems. I am now testament to your gospel here in Hawaii. Thanks.

10/10 Indispensible Sequel
By John Imig / Fallbrook, CA USA

I have half a dozen of Pavel's videos, including Power to the People in both book and video form. I have used the ideas a lot in my home workout room, especially the 5x5 and cycling concepts. Beyond Bodybuilding is certainly not a cheap book, but I am happy I ordered it. Out of the many creative ideas, some are going to be just right for me now. (I'm a 71 year old not-very-athletic type.) Like Power to the People, this is a book that will have to be looked at several times.

8/10 Good but needs more sample workout plans
By Joseph Fay / Washington, D.C.

This book is a great tool for anyone looking for power exercises and power training methods. With what is in this book, someone could significantly improve their strength and conditioning for weightroom events, or for athletics. My only real criticism is the lack of plans that put it all together. There are a couple of plans in the power training section and a couple here and there throughout the book. What I would recommend is enlarging section two with sample plans illustrating different splits and the workouts that fit them and then more sample weights for the purpose of demonstrating periodization. There was a chapter on this in "Power to the People." What I'm thinking is something along the lines of the "Managing load volume and intensity" chapter in El Hewie's "weightlifting and strength training."

Other than the above criticism, I've found this book and the other three of Pavel's books I've read (Power to the People, Relax Into Stretch, and Naked Warrior) to be entertaining and instructive.

9/10 Excellent
By Finallystrong / England

This book is outstanding, everything you want to know about weightlifting is in here,

the only reason that i didnt give it 10 out of 10 is because there is section on the abs and no "strong as you look" shoulder routine.

Well worth $50

10/10 My SO Gives It A BIG Thumbs Up!
By Edna Thomasson for Mike Peyton / Milton, West Virginia

I bought Beyond Bodybuilding for my significant other and he absolutely LOVES the book! He's having me order him a kettle bell kit later today. I'm sure he'd highly recommend Beyond Bodybuilding to all your customers!

10/10 please come out with a dvd !!!
By mike / tampa

The only thing to to the book is a dvd a la PTP

10/10 Outstanding work!
By Aaron Hall / Hill AFB, UT

I just read through the whole thing a second time. WOW! To say there is a lot of info in this volume is an understatement. Funny, I remember everyone at Amazon always complaining about large type, repeated type, and unrelated pictures used as filler. Good luck finding it here. This is the most data packed work Pavel has put out to date, IMHO. Also, don't let the title fool you. I am not a BB, not in the modern term anyway, and there is a TON of good info in here for me as well. I see many forum questions answered in this book as well.
"Hey, Pavel, my shoulders are too small. How can I specialize?"
"I want a bigger/stronger back/arms/chest/legs."
"How can I work (fill in the blank with a body part) with kettlebells?"
It's all here. And Pavel has not abandoned his usual creed of first get strong, then get stronger. This book teaches you how to look like you could walk through walls and have the strength to actually do it.
I will say this. At first glance it looks like too much info for an average Joe (someone who isn't a coach or have a coaching background) but I urge you to give it a chance and see just how much new info you can find in here. And yes, there is NEW info here. Some of the book is a collection of old works by Pavel, similar to The Complete Keys to Progress by John McCallum. In addition wedged in between the articles are new rep/set schemes and new techniques to get more out of your lifting. This book combined with RKC and PTP could very well be called the "holy trinity" of weight training. Thanks Pavel, for the continued outstanding work. IDMT aka Medic1

10/10 Power Bodybuilding
By BJones RKC / San Diego, CA

I recieved my copy of BB and was really blown away. It is not just a collection of Pavel's previous articles (they are in there and great but). BB goes further and provides a wealth of information. The first two sections alone make this book a must have addition to your library. Would you like to have Periodization de-mystified? Do easily implemented strategies to achieve a strong as you look body sound good to you? And then you go through the book and discover new and evil exercises that actually work. Improve your bench, squat and deadlift or experience the underground lat routine from the basements of Russia - either way you will not be sorry.
This book is quite simply the Low Tech/High Concept training manual.

10/10 Pavel-Toatally Pumped!
By Bill Bredeck / Illinois,IL USA

This book was a great deal at the original price-an now you can get it for even less??? NO ONE should be without this book!
Open the first page and see a "totally ripped" Clarence Bass, and you know Pavel isn't messing around.
Pure kettlebell afficianados will have to suck it up and realize that there are other ways to train, and may accuse Pavel of "selling out " to the beach-muscle babies-but they would be dead wrong.
Like Stuart McRoberts? Buy this book-it's much better.
Like Fred Hatfield? Buy this book-you can actually understand the split protocols.
Like Arnold and Bill Pearl's Encyclopedias? Buy this book-you won't have to wade through 75 ways to do a tricep extension.
Pavel's refreshing wit separates this book from the herd, and you now have the best of all worlds-kettlebells, power lifting, body building and beyond.
This book is as tough as the advice contained within, spiral bound and laminated cover (obviously to protect you from drooling over it's contents-or trying to rip it in half!)
Know-it-alls and wimps must order-you CAN be saved!
Wide grip bench presses for biceps?
Nail bending for pecs?
Those 2 tips were worth the entire price of the book.
I would have ordered this book at $100 and been delighted!
Thanks Pavel!

10/10 The Best Book Ive yet to read on health and fitness
By Matthew Green Uk / Manchester UK

This is comfortably the best book I have read since becoming a trainer and trainee. This is so far ahead of the field it just isn't fair. Every single sentence is worth quoting, there is absolutely no fluff.

The programming methods are the best you will see and yet so simple. The exercise suggestions and descriptions are phenomenal. The dry wit of Pavel comes through on every page and makes it not just informative but actually entertaining- something you cant often say about a fitness book. And best of all, it is incredibly inspiring, it make syou want to step up and away from the masses and their pathetic metrosexual vanity training. I have had to buy this book again because my first copy got so beat up from lending it to friends and clients as I couldnt bear to see them doing high-rep, machine work and knew that I could never explain things as well as Pavel.

I dont expect to ever read a better book about strength training.

10/10 Outstanding, Informative, and a Pleasure to Read.
By Chance Lunceford / Orem, Ut USA

I've been ordering and USING dragon door products for about 5 years now, and I have never been dissapointed. The trend continues. This book is a wealth of great information, and can be implemented into your training the day you recieve it. Pavel is the man... what else can be said about the evil one? If you desire to get bigger and/or stronger, then purchase this book and explode your training. Pavel's keen sense of humor is worth the price of the book alone.

10/10 beyond body building
By lennart flyman / sweden

thankyou, outstanding book

10/10 Brilliant
By emby / Kent, UK

Wanna get very strong with the side effect of getting big?

Get this book. Simple

8/10 Worth the $$
By Derek / Prescott, AZ

I have a pretty extensive bodybuilding, weightlifting, and overall fitness library. Even so, this book was worth the $$. The author has a number of good insights and tips - even for someone like myself who has been lifting weights for 32 years.

I recommend it.

10/10 Requested from a Soldier on the Battlefield
By sherdm / Michigan

got a request from my son in law to find and purchase this book for him, and send it you know where. Did so. I know that he has read another copy and wanted his own to keep his body strengthened. So, I would call this a great endorsement by him regarding this book.

3/10 that's it?
By Michael S. / Portland, OR. USA

This book had far too much hype in your publication. It was more of the " same ole same ole." I've been in the muscle building arena for 20+ years, looking for break throughs for training as I age, to accomodate for the injuries Ive picked up along the way. I learned absolutely zero from this book. The only reason I gave it a three,was the size of it.

10/10 getting stronger
By Tommy / Long Island NY, USA

I really like how this book tells you which exercises and training tips work and which ones dont. There are exercises that I didnt do before reading about them in this book that I now do. I can see and feel the results. Thanks Pavel.

8/10 Tons of information concerning gettng in shape and obtaining your fitness goal
By Bob Weakley / Evansville,In

The bookis easy to read and will give you knowledge beyond any fitness mag you could purchase. The book is design for the beginner and the advance as well something i didn't it would be, and the work out in the book will work to improve your fitness and health goal the hard part is staying focus if you can do that then the contents in this book will be worth more than the fifty buck you bought it for. I am over 50 yr old so i kinda been around and this book is the real deal.
The old guy from IN.

10/10 Perfect
By Lukas Knopf / Brockton, Massachusetts United States

I hesitated for a long time due to the price, but this book is well worth it. It has everything you need to put together a good program, or plenty of programs for you to follow along with.

10/10 Great detail!
By Benoit / Oceanside, CA

I bought this book for my husband a week or two ago. He's only 50 pages into it and is already so excited about the content. He mentioned that it includes a ton of workouts that he is excited to try, and he knows that there are more to come. He loves Pavel's wrtiing style and owns (and has enjoyed) most of his books. But, he REALLY loves this one.

10/10 3Ps Pavel, Power , Platforms
By M. Luna / Bronx, New York

This has to be one of the most informative book out on strength training. If you want to get strong (real strength not the bloated muscle look) and want new cutting edge info on how to do it, then this is the book you need. No other book out there cover as much material as pavel does here. Now that I read it I would pay $100 for it(No Bullshit).When it comes to practical use of strength training, there is no one out there better then pavel. Real strength training for real world application!!!!!!!!!1

10/10 A Must Have!
By Dennis G. / Spotsylvania, VA

This book is a must have. The information contained is invaluable. Beyond Bodybuilding would be a bargain at twice the price. Take it from a recovering disciple of the Weider principles, this book, as with all of Pavels books and videos will change the way you approach your strength training and will make you as "strong as you look".

10/10 Not just for those looking to gain size
By Martin Schap / Indiana

Don't let the word bodybuilding fool you. No doubt the programs and information detailed in this book will work to get you bigger, but the principles and the programs are equally useful for those looking to increase strength without packing on extra meat. I have learned a lot about sensible program design from this book, and will continue to look upon it as a resource to help further my training.

10/10 Ironman is forged in cold hard steal!
By Bob Cavin III / Upper Montclair, NJ USA

I can not get past page #3! I have felt great gains in strength that I've always wanted but never found. You have to understand I am an Ironman finisher said to be one of the most grueling endurance events the mortal man can enter, yet I have never gain such basic strength in such a short amount of time before.

9/10 Beyond Hype
By Devon Hornby, Director, Tao Health Center / Austin, TX USA

As usual, Pavel provides straightforward and practical advise on how to get stronger. His wit and wisdom make this book as enjoyable to read as it is informative. Pavel presents information that is a refreshing change from the usual BS shoveled without any regard for scientific facts or experiential wisdom.

10/10 Believe it...
By Casey / Portland, Oregon

All the reviews are 100% truth. Right from the beginning you are given quality training methods, exercises and programs that scoff at the mainstream lifting scene. Get strong first, then get stronger and Pavel wastes zero time in showing you how. This book was so necessary for our time. If you are serious about the iron game this book is mandatory.

10/10 INCREDIBLE Techniques to increase power!
By Donna McMahon / Long Island, New York, USA

This fantastic book is amongst my favorite three books for strength training...the other two are : Bullet Proof Abs (Beyond Crunches) and The Naked Warrior! I am a professional triathlete who always did strength train. Pavel's techniques are far superior than anything I have ever done before. I believe his exercises are effective and quite painful (in a good way!)!!! As a triathlete, I admit that I LOVE pain and know that it is the way to improvement! I am thrilled I found Pavel and his amazing training trchniques! "Power to the people"!!! :-)




10/10 Very Impressed
By Jason Bru / Oak Grove, Missouri United States

So many great ideas to implement into a lifting routine. I cant wait to get started.

10/10 The Most Comprehensive Book on Strength Training
By Tommy Cindric / Mount Airy, Maryland

I started lifting at 13. With much fondness, I still remember my first first vinyl wieght set and bench that my parents bought me. I also remember people telling my parents that your son won't stick with lifting weights. Now at 40, a Special Agent with the DEA, and A Strength and Conditioning Coach at a local High School where I live, I laugh at the statements those pundits said to my parents. Like most people, I read the bodybuilding books and magazines. I tried to emulate the bodybuilders featured. Through trial and error I learned what my body would accept and would not accept. I learned through athletics what sport specific strength training I needed over the years. All this being said, when I read Beyond Bodybuilding I couldn't help but wonder where I would be if I had this book 20 years ago. It is the most comprehensive book on strength training I have ever read. I have put into play alot of what was talked about in this book. I am currently in the process of using the Smolov Squat Program. As of today I am begining week 2. Additionally, the heavy training over the years has caused me some injuries. I was never quite sure what to do, other than stretching and utilizing the back extension machines (oops... I said a bad word... "Machines"), what to do about these injuries. I have added an exercise by Louie Simmons and suitcase deadlift work to strengthen my lower back. All this in and more in this book. As a tactical athlete and coach, my knowledge of how to train has grown exponentionally in a short period of time. I can't thank Pavel enough for putting this book together. I also have read Power to the People and the Naked Warrior. All of these books are essential for any athlete who wants to grow physically and intellectually in their pursuit of strength.

10/10 Subarashii!!!
By Kenneth Lafavour / Kofu, Japan

Unfortunately, the rating system only goes up to ten. I would really like to give this book a higher score than ten.
For years, I was just another clown who went into the gym and hopped on whatever machine and tried to horse up as much weight as I possibly could. Then, last year I read an interview with Dan Inosanto about kettlebells in Black Belt magazine. That changed my life.
The most recent DragonDoor book I have read is "Beyond Bodybuilding." It is full of information that I wish I had known twenty or thirty years ago. Of course, probably nobody around is going to be able to implement all of the knowledge contained in this book into a personal strength program. However, one will never need any other source than this book to get really strong.
I will reread this book many times in the coming years. It is a true work of art.
One thing I enjoy doing now is watching people at the gym who obviously haven't read Pavel's books.

10/10 Great!
By Andrew Makely / Fort Collins, CO

I couldn't be more pleased with the book- it's a no-nonsense, straightforward approach to being as strong as you are big.

10/10 powerlifter
By charles ploof / vermont

this book opened my eyes to very different styles of training.

10/10 Tremendous in scope and info
By Stephen / Los Angeles

Pavel really delivered with this book. I've had it for just awhile but I absolutely LOVE the results I've gotten. I just finished the Mind over Muscle program, and had the best strength gains I've had since I started lifting weights again a year ago. All in a fast month of training. I'm about to start a DeLorme inspired cycle outlined in the book - I can't wait! The best part about Pavel's products... they just flat out work. I do the work and see the results, whether it's from a kettlebell ladder or from stretching. This book is worth every penny!

10/10 No Promises, No Gimmicks, Just Real Results
By paul firth / Sheffield, Other United Kingdom

Great Book in Pavel's usual no nonsense style
Exercises, plans and advice are clear - all you have to do is work hard!

10/10 Excellent
By Lamon Spreeuwers / the Netherlands

Everything you need to know about getting stronger and more functional. Love it!

10/10 LOADED!
By Eric Moss RKC / Morris County NJ

I was just going through some of my reciepts for this coming tax year and found this review link for this book. It is now a little over a year later and I am STILL LEARNING FROM THIS BOOK IT IS THAT LOADED WITH INFO!!! It is also filled with the kind of humor that actually makes me laugh out loud while reading it. Pavel...your the man!

10/10 What youve been looking for
By Richard Lansini / Philidelphia, PA

Beyond Bodybuilding is the only book anyone needs to help them get bigger and stronger. I wish I had this book when I first started going to the gym. This will not waste youre time or your money like most bodybuilding nooks and magazines do. Its simple,
Get the book
Read it
Do it

10/10 I like this book.
By Alexander / Seattle, WA, USA

For whatever reason, sometimes people stop achieving gains on the same routine, switch to a new routine, and start gaining again. This book gives a clear and general description of periodization and cycling while providing a variety of different programs to try. You can keep your workout fresh by adjusting any number of variables for the training effects you're after, and that's a lot better than feeling blind and desperate.

10/10 Outstanding Reference Tool...
By Randy Poulson, Real Estate Investment Expert / Woolwich Township, NJ USA

After having spent more than a decade in the exercise and fitness industry, prior to becoming a real estate entrepreneur, specializing in strength training and competitive athletic performance, I can honestly say that BEYOND BODYBUILDING is the best reference tool for active exercise enthusiasts interested in incorporating proper resistance training techniques and principles into their daily exercise regimen. This book is a collection of scientific research and real life experiences specifically designed to educate everyone as to the correct manner in which to utilize strength and resistance training as part of a daily exercise routine. I have read literally hundreds of books on this topic and BEYOND BODYBUILDING is by far the best and most comprehensive guide available for exercise and fitness enthusiasts. This book "tells it like it is" and "leaves no stones unturned". It is an exceptional work that every weightlifter, powerlifter and bodybuilder must read!

10/10 Great job Pavel
By Sgt. Fitness / Manassas Park, Va.

I really dug this book. It gave me a lot of really great cycling ideas. Which I will be playing w/ over the next year.

10/10 Awsome book!
By Genaro Cid / Anacortes, WA

This book rocks!! Anyone who trains needs it period!

10/10 Very Good
By / Visalia, CA USA

This is my first review on Dragondoor and Pavel Tasatsouline even though I own several other books by this company (i.e. Viking Warrior Conditioning, Enter the Kettlebell, Return of the Kettlebell). To be very honest, anything by Pavel is exceptional. His prose are easy to follow and are also fun to read, unlike some other fitness books out there on the market. Beyond Bodybuilding is a heavy book--but don't let its size scare you. Inside you will be amazed by the content: detailed exercise routines, ranging from old school lifting to modern-day bodybuilding, to the strong-as-you-look series, and some Naked Warrior practices (bodyweight exercises). Although I much prefer kettlebells to any other exercise tool, such as a barbell, I cannot deny the fact that when a person switches to another routine every so often, the body grows stronger--also, it makes working out fun again.
I definitely reccomend this book.

10/10 Pavel lacks the ability to write a poor book.
By Alex Bendict / Mt. Pleasant, IA USA

Any book I've ever read that Pavel wrote was just downright amazing. Beyond Bodybuilding is just another must have book in any gym rat's library.

8/10 I didn't believe the hype. But I still bought the book. It was not hype great book!
By William DeCoff (actor, wrestler, Police Office / Massachusetts

I've been working out and buying "muscle courses" and books since I was 10 years old. Now at 50 I'd say hype of any book on bodybuilding is just that..hype. Just another guy or company trying to get you to part with your money. I've been considering buying this book for sometime. For Christmas the wife told me to buy some books that i wanted. I bought "Beyond bodybuilding" and "Convict Conditioning".
Both books exceeded my expectations and certainly lived up to my favorite comrades claims. Out of the hundreds of books I have on physical culture these two books are my two favorites. I learned even an old wrestler out of work actor like me can learn new tricks!

10/10 Fantasic book
By Grant Lofthouse / Melbourne, Australia

A great book with all different kinds of programs and explainations. You wont be disapointed

By the white riot / shenandoah pa

The book is very informative and i have incorporated several training ideas and protocols into my workouts with success!i find myself reading and re-reading the book to see if i missed one small suggestion(not a complaint) would be to incorporate more illustrations to demonstrate some exercises and techniques.

10/10 The one thing I was missing...
By Andrew / Indianapolis, IN

This book is incredibly informative. It helped me realize how many things I was doing wrong. And it gave excellent instructions on how to fix my training flaws. I wish I could've read this 10 years ago.

10/10 I had GREAT, almost unbelievable progress by following the BB routines!
By Vlad "The Red Boar" Craioveanu / Romania

"Beyond Bodybuilding" is the best compendium of strength and/or muscle building protocols I have ever had the honor to read. It provides both staggering effective routines and the know-how for designing your own programs. If you have no idea where to start your training, just identify your priorities (strength building, muscle hypertrophy or both) and there will be several staggeringly effective protocols suited for your needs in this book.

The souped up DeLorme hypertrophy protocol gave me an amazing 11kg of muscle mass in just 8 weeks, without adding any significant amount of body fat! I was already a big dude, 134-135kg at 1.78m tall. Simply eating enough to maintain my body mass was a real problem and more muscle hypertrophy seemed almost impossible to reach at my curent state. However, the DeLorme routine added more slabs of pure muscle on my shoulders, back, chest and forearms! I have always strived for a Paul Anderson look and performance, and the DeLorme protocol brought me closer to my ideals despite the fact that my genetics is a far cry for what I have always dreamed of. I will continue my quest for muscle and might by following Pavel's instructions, and I will keep the Comrades informed by posting my experiences and results on the DragonDoor's strenght and kettlebell forum.

Power to you!

10/10 After 3 Months... All I can say is Amazing
By Dan Michno / Boise, ID USA

So over the coarse of these past three months I have been following a few techniques Pavel presented in Beyond Bodybuilding, and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. My Bench has shot up more than 30%, I can squat deeper, and heavier, than ever before; which is amazing considering the fact that I bought this book to get back into training after being put on the sideline by an ACL tear!!! There are countless routines to shake up your game, but the thing that I love the most would have to be his Ladder routines, simply awesome. For anyone who is serious about lifting, or even just getting a better overall fit, you need to get this book. I couldn't recommend anything more for someone who goes to a gym.

Thank You Pavel for this awesome tool!!!!

10/10 Incredible
By Kyle Williams / Los Angeles, CA USA

For some reason the bodybuilding world is still full of myths that have never gotten anyone anywhere, yet they're all you ever hear. Maybe this has something to do with selling people new supplements and equipment all the time? If they ever got big, they'd stop looking for some magic pill? Who knows.

Pavel dispels decades of USELESS dogma and replaces it with methods that WORK without expensive and fancy shit. These methods work incredibly well and the hardest part is turning your back on years of brainwashing that never got you anywhere in the first place. Best bodybuilding book I've ever bought, bar none.

10/10 Pavel is THE MAN
By Glen / Kansas

As always, Pavel delivers the goods.
A 100% top notch book.

By Davis Tobia / East Rockaway New York

Just finished Chapter one and in the middle of 5x5x5 roultine...What a great plateau buster. I have left shoulder and right knee stiffness and this progression actually helped loosen them and free me of most pain. 'keep two in the bank'...the best advice longer will I do a forced rep and sets of 2-3 reps on a consistant basis...the reason I have pain in the first place...can't wait to read the rest of the book. Looking forward to reworking my whole periodization. Oh yeah and getting stronger useful muscles. Thanks again.

10/10 Amazing
By Joe / Mattoon Illinois

I am training for my RKC and this book will add strength to my frame, this book is a text book on how you should lift, not what you have been told youre whole life, do this and get strong.

5/10 Good but Not Great
By Steve D / Boston US

I'm dropping a few reviews here so I thought I'd push one out for BB. This is a good book, but I found it a little confused. Pavel is EXCELLENT when it comes to increasing strength without mass, but as a bodybuilding book this is way behind the times. Buy Power to the People for strength, and combine it with something more up to date for mass, like Fred Hatfields's Hardore book or Ronnie Colemans book which are better.

8/10 better than expected
By Dom "Love Pill" / Joburg S.A

Wow what a book! looses points ONLY because in the copy I was given a chapter was missing, but thats the fault of the press not pavel. should be at least number 2 on this chart, totally underrated, much better than the kettlebell books.

By Red Boar / Romania

I've done the 10th workout of the "Hot Wheels By Summer" program from "Beyond Bodybuilding".

If there is anyone interested in seriously upgrading the amount of muscle mass on his/her lower body, while perhaps loosing some fat too, then this routine will definitely must be taken into consideration! Extremely effective, elegant and simple (linear progression, just squats, nothing fancy), the "Hot Wheels By Summer" routine is guaranteed to bring your lower body close to perfection in size, shape and athletic efficiency while maintaining your previously earned muscle mass in your upper body (at least I was sore all over after a squat session: biceps, triceps, forearms, abs, lats... only the pecs were not sore!).

In 10 workouts I managed to upgrade my pants from size 60 (loose) to size 64 (fit)!

If you want serious progress, then this book will definitely give the routines that makes progress possible in the shortest time.

9/10 PTP/Ladder Hybrid was genius
By Tobi Alder / Hillsborough, NJ

I've used the ptp/ladder hybrid Bryce Lane made for bench for my deadlift. Even though I had a few difficulties finishing the program, I still managed to add 110 pounds to my deadlift in a little over 3 months. It went from 475 to 585 and both were done beltless. I also gained about 5 pounds on this program too and got a little more lean mass. I recommend using this program along with many other of the great routines in this book.

10/10 Pavel does it again!
By Martin Koban / Dresden, Germany

I have to admit that I was skeptical about this book at first (mainly because of the word "Bodybuilding" in the title). However, comrade Tsatsouline hasn't disappointed yet and neither has DragonDoor. So I bought it and even while skimming through at the customs office I already thought it was great. This book has enough knowledge and ideas to fill your training schedule and enable to you achieve progress over years! I will reread it many times in the future, simply because all the information cannot be applied all at once. Highly recommended for everyone who is into weightlifting or body building.

10/10 Power Up With Singles
By George Cocan / Ploiesti, Romania

I would like to point out from the beginning that I live in Romania (as in Romanian Deadlifts), a small country in south-eastern Europe and under USSR influence until 1989 when Comrade's Gorbaciov perestroika hit us hard. So my English skills are quite poor. I am 26 years old and I train for strength for the past 4 years. The first 5 years I trained on a bodybuilding program because it was the only workout that Romanian gym rats knew in capitalism. One year ago I read Pavel Tsatsoulime's books and my world turn upside down. The problem was that those 5 years of bodybuilding combined with teenage stupidity put a mark on my joints so one year ago I had an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction surgery (nasty stuff and life-threatening in a third world country).
Last summer I decided to give a try to "Power up with singles" program from Beyond Bodybuilding. I chose this routine because I have a garage gym and I can train daily, I liked deadlifts because it was impossible for me to do squats (knee issues) and I had no squat racks. A great routine for strength training and simple.
The Steve Justa singles program which Pavel quotes in his epic book is as follows:
--70% 1RM conventional deadlift.
--Lift daily.
--Justa recommends lifting with maximum explosiveness, although in quoting the program in BB, Pavel does not mention this.
--Each week start with 3 singles on day 1 and progress through 5-7-9-11-13-15 singles on days 2 through 7.
--Rest about 30 seconds to 2 minutes between sets.
--Add 5 or 10 pounds the next week and repeat.
--Test your 1RM once a month, recalculate your 70% starting point and continue.
Brett Jones MRKC, CSCS made lots of sense in his "Programming for the deadlift" article when he said: "Also note that this article assumes two things. #1 - Your movement ability is up to the challenge of specializing on the deadlift and #2 - Your form is dialed in. (for help in both of these areas you can use my DVD with Gray Cook - Secrets of Core Training - the Backside which is dedicated to the deadlift)"
My progress is as follows:
Week 1 Deadlifts with 50 kg off blocks (keep in mind I was still recovering from ACL tear)
Week 2 Deadlifts with 60 kg from floor
Week 3 deadlifts with 70 kg
Week 4 deload week and 1RM test. (1RM was 90 kg)
Week 5 Week 8 a more single leg oriented routine (my right leg is 50% weaker than the left) you can find in Pavel's From Russia with tough love".
Week 9 Started the Singles program again with a 50 kg deadlift
Week 10 deadlifts with 60 kg
Week 11 deadlifts with 70 kg
Week 12 deload week and 1RM test. I managed to pull 120 kg off the floor, a performance undreamed of in the past 2 years.
Week 13 deadlifts @ 85 kg
Week 14 deadlifts @ 90 kg
Week 15 Cold winter days prohibited me from using my garage gym, so I had to seek out refuge in a commercial gym.
Comrade Red Boar persuaded me to write a feed-back for my routine after he did the same with his DeLorme, Hot wheels by summer and Fatigue cycle programs. The basic idea is that I managed to increase my deadlift PR from a shaky 50 kg from blocks to a strong 120 kg from the floor. But keep in mind that my all time best deadlif PR was 160 kg and I was recovering from a surgery in my right leg. You should be thankful that you don't have a communist health system.

10/10 For Serious Strength Gains and Solid Results
By L. McLaren / The OC, CA

When restarting my athletic efforts after taking a three year break from 24 previous years of martial arts and weight training, I wanted to get myself back into good working condition quickly. Beyond Bodybuilding addressed the strength and intensity level I was used to and looking for and helped me establish my original strength levels and exceed them. At an age where I thought my best athletic days were behind me, this book and Pavel's other materials have actually helped me perform better than during my competitive years.

10/10 RUN
By adam / Rexburg Idaho

Just thought I would drop y'all a line. I have been using kettelbells again for about a week and a half doing just one arm swings and presses. I am currently following Pavels shock ladder system that he recommends in beyond bodybuilding. Anyway my success I just recently left Texas for Idaho the elevation here is about 4850 ft above sea level, I started a military fitness class today we ran and did circuit training with stair running we did it for about forty five or fifty minutes the shocking thing I was able to keep going at a good pace I was by no means the best but I was able to go through the whole workout without feeling exhausted in the least oh did I mention I have only been at the current elevation for less than a week and that I was at sea level before? I attribute this endurance to kettelbells keep in mind I don't do high rep snatches or swings maybe thirty or fifty reps for swings and thirty to forty total reps for presses. Kettelbells rule my thanks to Pavel and the party. Sincerely Adam Stavast P.S. It has been a year and a half since I ran before today.

9/10 very good book
By Adam T / Everett, WA

I just started reading the book and I can't wait to try some of the routines in it. This book is filled with so much info. you almost don't know where to start.
You really get your moneys worth with this one.

10/10 Another great book by Pavel
By Carlton Cullins / Austin, Texas

This particular book isn't sold on Amazon or anywhere else that i've seen, at least at the time i bought it. I've heard it referenced and recommended more than a few times by various influential people in the strength

10/10 A Strength Training Classic
By Keith Stamm / Seattle, WA.

Packed with great training information I haven't seen anywhere else and I've been reading and training most of my life. At age 70 I'm still working to stay strong, and this book inspires me to work toward new goals. The book is so positive, it convinces me I can still get stronger at my age. It gives me many new tools to work with that make much more sense than the bodybuilding literature I've previously. It even got my butt into a kettle bell studio in Seattle for help with my form and flexibility for deadlifting. Yes, you've made deadlifter out of this 70-year-old who never did them.

10/10 Best workout program book to date
By Anonymous / FT. Leonard Wood, MO USA

This book is one of the best to date because of how you break down the programs to great strength with size.

Your book helped me to reach the highest level that i have ever been at. For someone only weighing 142 lbs. your program helped me to get up to 156 lbs. and also go up nearly 80 lbs on my bench press max.

I have read this book a number of times and keep on finding out new things and ways to improve. I have told several of my friends about your book and let them read it. They all say the same thing – that it is a great book.

Another thing is that you outline areas that are great for personal in the military to be strong at. I have personally used some of your programs to help one my soldiers to gain strength to be able to pass his PT test and to start getting his shape back as well. Thanks for writing such a great book!

10/10 Do believe the hype!
By Jake Hammonds / New York

This book is a roadmap for anyone who has lost their way along the path to physique improvement. The aha moment comes when you finally get it: what we're really training is the nervous system. It's a simple truth many of us have either forgotten or never knew. I can say with 100% certainty that nothing learned through years studying anatomy and physiology contradict this.
The workouts are systematic, targeted, and well explained. This is an excellent resource for beginners wanting to get it right the first time or experienced bodybuilders ready to make serious gains by using a more thought-out approach.


10/10 Incredible
By Joe Alain / Barrie, Canada

This book is a veritable Pandora's box. Want a bare-bones yet brutally effective program? It's here. Want a Soviet-style, long-term, hyper-precise periodized plan? It's here. This is one of those books that you'll come back to time and time again. You'll re-discover things that you forgot were in here. I can't recommend this book enough. Power to you !!!!

10/10 A treasure trove of info and secrets
By Aleks Salkin, RKC / Omaha, U.S.

Hands down one of the best books on physical training that I own. Pavel's knowledge is unmatched by anyone else, and he has crammed so much useful information in this book that it's almost not to be believed. I put off buying this book for a while and wish I would've just purchased it when I first heard of it. It's worth far more than Dragon Door sells it for!

10/10 Pavel is always cutting edge with old school apeal
By Jose Soto / New York, U.S.A

Gathers all the great info. from the past and puts it in a cohesive, easy to understand text that everyone can understand. Thanks Pavel.

9/10 Beyond Bodybuilding. Or, Hybrid Conditioning
By Tyrone Henriquez / Las Vegas, NV, USA

I bought this book because it was the special of the week on Dragon Door TV and Coach Wade recommended it in his second edition of Convict Conditioning, and he was right.

By Robert Beauchamp / Chard, United Kingdom

Two weeks on from starting to use the info, techniques and programmes, contained in this book I am simply amazed at the effects - no BS!

I have rapidly regained my former strength particularly in my Deadlift and surpassed others, Pull Up and Handstand Press Up.

This is simply THE MUST HAVE book for anyone who wants to build strength and/or muscle whether lifting iron or bodyweight, and I have an extensive S&C library! As with all of Pavel's advice it follows what I term the SYDE principle - Simple Yet Devastatingly Effective. It is a not only the book for building a foundational springboard for other strength programmes, such as the recommended EDT progamme of Charles Staley, but is the 'cradle to grave' reference book for your entire strength career.

"Everday is a school day", as sensible people say and no matter what your level of experience is this book will educate you, and therefore I am moved to sincerley thank Pavel for writing this iconic book, as well his 'Power to the People'.

BUY BEYOND BODYBUILDING - it will make all the difference, so you will not be disappointed!

5/10 Very Interesting
By james Welsh / Everett Pa., USA

Very Interesting I'm still reviewing the book but my maine interest was the body weight exercises such as the spider up and the grip up and the pinch grip though most the information is for weight trainers which is out of my interest since I know that my body was designed to lift itself not weghts if I can't do a pullup why would I want to lift weights they to help me to pull my weight when i did lift weights why do I want to now I'm strictly body weight only now.

10/10 One Book to Rule them All!
By Nathan Smetzer / Wooster, United States

If you wanted a book that could deliver nearly all training aspects in one shot, this might be the one. There are years upon years of programs that one could use from this book that are both effective, and allows you to be as strong as you look.

10/10 Solid Programs For Strength Development
By Brett Turley / Wollongong, NSW, Australia

Great programming and exercises through out the book that have not only helped myself in training but my clients.

10/10 this is it!
By christopher wenzel / kissimmee, fl, usa

This is THE bodybuilding bible and the book i always turn to for motovation and guidance. Top marks!

10/10 If only....
By Curtis Miller / Taft, CA, USA

I could start this review by stating " If only I had... " but why? Bottom line is this book covers it all. Pavel you rock hard.

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