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10/10 Way more than "just" Taming the Beast
By Mark Bixby, RKC Team Leader / Santa Fe, NM, United States

Andrew Read has done a fantastic service in synthesizing some of the best material available (from Pavel, Charlie Poliquin, Kenneth Jay, the FMS, etc.) on presses, pulls, and pistols with his own 20+ years of experience. I love how personalized the programming is. For instance, Read offers different program guidelines for people who are more endurance-geared (slow twitch) and power-geared (fast twitch) so that his templates match his athletes. In addition to his programs, he also shares the programming/personal insights of a host of Beast Tamers/Iron Maidens. Finally, the book is full of correctives and drills to give aspiring Beast Tamers that little edge they need AND provide relative novices with a great point of access to these three crucial lifts. I've already started implementing the "Pistol LIte" progressions with my mostly middle-aged clients who are just trying out one-leg squats for the first time. Thank you, Senior Instructor Read, for putting such a wealth of knowledge together in one place.

10/10 Beast Mode
By Taylor Starch / Denver, Colorado, USA

Andrew Read is top of the pack when it comes to training. His book is easy, informative, and helpful to anyone looking to improve strength and tackle the beast challenge. Sit down & takes notes, class is in session

10/10 Excellent
By Willard Sloan / Sedona, AZ, USA

the best strength book I have read in twenty five years please keep up the good work.You know your stuff

10/10 An intelligent program designed to get us stronger
By Moses Correa RKC / Hainesport, NJ, USA

Master Read does a great job of bridging the gap between FMS and strength. It is not good to be only strong, we also need to have good mobility and stability as well. So kudos to Master Read for putting together an intelligent program designed to get us stronger. I look forward to trying my hand at the Beast Tamer challenge in the near future with this book's help!

10/10 Andrew Read is a programming Genius
By Beth Andrews / Cartersville, GA, United states

I LOVED the Book...from the opening paragraph to the interviews with IM's and BT's at the end. I loved the program options/ideas/drills! It's simple,easy programming. When you can take something that seems complicated and make it simple...I believe that is genius! If you have an interest in IM/BT training or to just simply want to get better at one or all the lifts ...this book is for you!
I had the privilege of Andrew programming my IM training 6 weeks ago. The program worked! It was just what I needed to work my weaknesses with FMS correctives/drills and of course ..the program! It all came together and was a "beautiful thing" in the end...Thanks to Andrew!

10/10 Can you Tame the Beast?
By Michael Krivka, RKC Team Leader / Gaithersburg, United States

If you get Andrew Read's book you will be armed with the information you need to make an honest attempt at this feat of strength! This is a great book on how to reach your strength potential and it's written by someone who has the insight and experience to get you there!

Regardless of your desire to Tame the Beast you will be well served in reading this book in that the information contained within its pages will are you with the information to get strong and stay strong!

9/10 awesomeness in book form
By jase heath / adelaide, jaseton heath personal training

read this book and it shed light on my weak spots and how I should design my programming in the coming years in the lead up to the rkc level 2

9/10 Good insight into test
By Ben Marvin / Austin, Texas, USA

During my recent RKC with Max Shank I told him I would attempt the beast tamer challenge when I did my level 2 workshop. This book is instrumental in giving me the insight in how to go about training for that. My clean and press and pistol are already pretty close but the pullup has a way to go still, so seeing a good plan for maintaining these two while making improvements on the pullup will be very helpful. Andrew Read offers easy to follow advice on how to apply these training plans. I also enjoyed the interviews at the end which gave some insight into how people who had already passed the test trained for it. Thanks to this book I think I have a better chance of passing the test.

10/10 Great Kettlebell Book
By Verlin Peyton / Milton, West Virginia, United States

I've really enjoyed reading this book about the beast of kettlebells. Great information on the taming of said beast! Thanks!

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