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10/10 Super Joints
By Dr. Dan Rinchuse, DMD, MS, MDS, PhD / Greensburg, PA

The "Super Joints" by Pavel Tsatsouline was excellent. After 30 years of practicing and teaching martial arts (Uechi/Shohei Ryu, and Ju Jitsu), and the natural "break down" of the joints with age, the "Super Joints" has helped to restore the flexibility and strength of my joints especially an arthritic shoulder. I have incorporated the "Super Joints" into my Russian kettlebell and functional training workouts.

Dr. Dan Rinchuse, DMD, MS, MDS, PhD
6th Degree Black Belt-Uechi/Shohei Ryu
2n Degree Black Belt - Ju Jitsu

10/10 Hip Replacement Cancelled! Twice!
By C. Rodriguez / Kissimmee, Florida, USA

This DVD is nothing short of incredible, remarkable or outstanding. By committing and following the program on a daily basis, and making it a lifestyle change I have done what many would consider impossible. And that is to overcome the debilitating disease of osteoarthritis, twice!
It was some time ago that I first came upon this DVD because my doctor was recommending a hip replacement which I refused. I followed Pavel's DVD program and regained total mobility in months.
My second go round came about as a result of a sedentary period in my life following a heart attack. Once again, following the program after regaining my heart health, I was able to reclaim my mobility.
Now I'm committed to following this program as a daily lifestyle change and never having to experience old age stiffness, and disability again.
Living in these times of struggle requires a warrior mentality and a proven program to keep one fit and young. By following this DVD I have been able to do just that. Good luck comrades!

10/10 Lubricate you Joints... Like this... Observe... Enjoy!
By Benjamin Ramos / Ramstein Air Base, Germany

I enjoyed this video, as well as the other videos that Pavel presents. Although they seem short in length, Pavel shows you the essentials. Sometimes what is most important such as joint conditioning, is often the most basic in nature.

Do the recommended exercises and get Pavelized!!!
Thats an Order!!! And watch Rambo III. Its required viewing!!!

10/10 Perfect for martial artists
By Y. Washington / California

I now stretch 3 times a week and I follow this dvd. It's perfect for martial artists who are over 30 like myself. I started Capoeira at age 31 and with all the movements we do, I needed a good stretching dvd that was modified for older joints and this is the one.

10/10 Joints of a teen again...
By Jim Lavelle / NY

At 37 years of age, my joints had already been cracking and hurting in the morning. I sustained an injury parachuting in the Air Force in 1989 and since, have had many back pains. I ordered Super Joints figuring it would be good, as all of Pavel's dvd's and books have been excellent. The first day I went through the dvd and did all the joint mobility drills. I felt better that day and over the course of the following week noticed that in the morning, my back wasn't as stiff and my elbows didn't hurt. I would highly recommend this dvd to anyone that cares about their joints.

10/10 Excellent video
By Shane Grubbs / Madison, MS USA

Super joints has been the perfect compliment to my kettlebell training. Residual tensions I developed over the last year of strength training have disappeared after my first day using SJ. The wind mill, and belly dancing alone were worth the price of the video. I also enjoyed the simple and precise explanations of the exercises. Pavel is truly a great fitness teacher.

10/10 This DVD is the best of its kind.
By Anne / Hicksville, NY USA

I have researched a lot of DVD's and the ones that keep your joints healty are few and far between. (I am a 65 year old librarian/exercise video enthusiast.) In fact, I have found only two others. I very much like the two other I found, but like Pavel's the best. It gets every joint and does it in a minimal amount of time. I am very happy I found it!

10/10 Scientific methods
By Alberto / Italy

It was much time I did shoulder dislocate with a broomstick with the result my minimum distance between hands was 90 cm.,after reading this book I started doing this exercise in the correct way and in 6 months I arrived at 75 cm.Consequence now I can duble snatch with kettlebells and back jerk with barrel easyer

9/10 Disappearnce of 25 years of shoulder impingement pain!
By TooSteep / Vancouver, B.C.

For 25 years, I have been unable to do any kind of chest press because of an impingement in my left shoulder, which always led to pain the day after doing any kind of pressing.

3 weeks of daily practicing of all the shoulder joint mobility drills in Super Joints (along with careful observation of 'healthy shoulder' pressing techniques learned on the DragonDoor fitness forum) ... and I was able to bench 5X5 55lb dumbbells last week totally pain free! Pain free after 25 years is truly great stuff.

I'd love to achieve the same type of hip mobility improvements.

8/10 Back Pain Relief at last
By Mark Harrell / Los Gatos, California

I really enjoyed the "Super Joints" DVD. I have suffered from
chronic low back pain for years without relief. Putting the
exercises into my daily rountine has dramatically reduced my
back pain and provided some long overdue relief from near constant

10/10 Great for old, creaking joints--or young ones
By Steve Corso (scors50) / Sayville, NY

As a 54 year old who just refuses to give up on martial arts, lifting and the entire lifestyle, this was really a great addition to my "keep the parts moving" arsenal. Some of these movements I recognized from Yoga, but many were at least a new twist (no pun intended) on things that have added quite a bit to my stretching and joint maitenence efforts. I very strongly recommend it.

5/10 Not his best
By Jose Amram / Altamonte Springs, FL

I own several outstanding Pavel products, but this one is not one of them. Although it is not without value for most people, for an athletic person it is redundant and too basic. For someone just starting a lifestyle change or trying to achieve flexibility, it would fill in knowledge gaps.

By Patrick (phil) Workman, RKC / Mansfield, Texas- United States

I bought this dvd after purchasing Pavel's Resilient dvd and have since combined exercises from both to turn back the clock on my body. I have been powerlifting for 15 years and Kettlebelling seriously for almost 2 years and have racked up enough injuries, aches and pains to last a lifetime. After using Super Joints for about 2 weeks, the pain that the dvd Resilient didn't take away, Super Joints did. Even though Pavel recommends doing a rep for every year you have lived to get full benefits, i have received tremendous results doing 10-20 reps (not quite the prescribed number but never the less still very effective). Even though i do use exercises from both dvds, Super Joints will solve most, if not all those "pains in the necks" (not human ones, unfortanely) you have experienced. I have recommended this to a friend of mine to send to his 70 year old father and results have been positive. How do i spell relief? SUPER-JOINTS!

10/10 just like pavels super joints book the video is a…
By max andranov / richmond hill, Ontario Canada

just like pavels super joints book the video is a must in my opinion.pavel does an amazing job showing the right movments and his personal presence is motivating.after doing super joints for a few days i was quik to realize that this is somthing that i will do for life.and anyone who wants to feel great throghout the day would agree with me.ive learned alot of things about my body and the importance of maintaning my often neglected joints.i learned the amazing pink panther technique wich was so easy to learn ,im amazed this technique was never showed to me by anybody before.i recomend super joints to everyone.our bodys are neglected as it is these days and this is one way to improve our lives indeed!!!!thanks pavel for shining some light my way.

8/10 Unique and effective approach to flexibility
By Debbie / Minneapolis, Mn USA

Pavel is fascinating and sexy! I like to just watch him and then I start doing his flexibility exercises. I bought it for my husband but I love it. I feel great after his workout. It is fast, different, and effective. I run, olympic lift, and play tennis. This is helping to keep me injury free. I like it much better than yoga. Comrades, observe this video!

8/10 Pavel is the Funniest Guy!
By Amy / CO, USA

Not only were these exercises great for me (a non body builder/non special forces person), but Pavel gave me quite a few laughs. I have a dry sense of humor, and some of my friends thought he was down-right cheezy, but I found it enjoyable. As for the purpose of the DVD, it seems to be working well for my creaky joints, but they are not completely fixed after two weeks. I have every confidence they will be fixed soon!

10/10 Stretching with Pavel
By Renny Hammond Jr / Rochester NY

I'm really impressed with this DVD.I have shoulder problems,an also a very tender elbow joint, so tender,that I can't even do any tricep's exercise's for the past 2-3 months.Now, my elbow has felt much better,even the swelling has gone down,an it feels great.Even my shoulders feel better,an I look forward to my doing my stretching everyday! Hats off to Pavel as always,he is very good at what he does.I have most of his books,an enjoy his news letters too!! Now I can get back into working out with the kettlebells,because my elbow is feeling better.

9/10 Great Guide! (A little difficult.)
By Scott / Brooklyn, NY

The DVD is a very good instructional tool. Some moves may be hard to follow.

2/10 not what i expected
By Tommy / Portsmouth, VA USA

this is basic information that if you are an athelete already you should know. not what i have grown to expect from pavel. i have used many other products from dragon door and have liked all of them, except this one.

7/10 Good, solid information
By Margie Rick / Reno, NV

The Super Joints DVD provides some good, solid information about joint flexibility and strength. If you have spent any time stretching then you won't find much new in this DVD. Much of what Pavel demonstrates (especially in Chapter 1) is very similar to the stretches in QiGong Recharge. Chapter 2 coveres strength stretches. While Pavel goes over some very good stretches, I wish they had been presented in a coherent, sequential order. It seemed more like Pavel would demonstrate a stretch, and then would suddenly remember another stretch for another part of the body. There didn't seem to be a beginning, middle, and end. If there were a PDF document included as bonus material for this DVD that gave some suggested stretch routines I'd give the DVD a higher score.

8/10 Super Joints dvd
By Ismael / Maryland

Maybe a follow along format would be better.
Also way too short, Pavel can put much more info and footage on his dvds for the price.

10/10 Detailed, Amazing, Fun, Tough, Invigorating...
By Doron / NYC

Pavel is ripped, flexible, funny, strong, and knows his stuff. I hurt my right shoulder, the AC joint, awhile back, and have been reluctant to lift weights and exercise, due to a slight pain. I got Super Joints hoping it would help--many customer reviews reported that it aided in rehabilitating their injuries. Even though it has only been a week of me doing the exercises, I am happy to say that is HAS helped. I'm not healed yet (it will take more than stretching; strengthing is next), but my joints all feel looser and more lubricated; even my ligaments and muscles feel looser and even STRONGER. Any which way, now I'm saving up to get Pavel's other stretching DVDs and Enter the Kettlebell! DVD, book, and kettlebell (I'm aiming to order it in the upcoming month). Along these lines, due to Pavel's non-endorsing endorsment, I've also begun the Warrior Diet/Anti-Estrogenic Diet, and it has helped clean me out from the inside as well (which I'm sure will help heal my shoulder and other ailments). No matter what, I'm now a Pavel enthusiast and look forward to building not only my Pavel library, but also my Pavel body!!!!

10/10 super joints exercise
By Bill / Denver, CO USA

I saw your product while visiting my sister this summer. I enjoyed adding this flexibility to my regular workout with dumbells. The exercises really get rid of the creekie joints, especially in the shoulders and neck for me.

10/10 Superjoints DVD is perfect for the visual learner
By Joseph Reynolds / Mayfield, NY USA

I've been doing "Superjoints" for over a year now, and no other component of Pavel's training strategies has had a stronger impact on my progress! Although I prefer books over videos, my father, who needs to improve his joint mobility in the worst way, is more of a visual learner. Not only did the video get him started on the program, but I also picked up a few things that I had sort of missed in the book. The material is presented in Pavel's usual direct and straight-to-the-point style. No bells or whistles, just concise instructions and demonstrations. This video is an excellent resource!!

8/10 Comrade...Enjoy
By Dorn Jenkins / Melbourne, Australia

Super Joints is a DVD for all levels of ability and experience. This, I feel is one of its greatest strengths. The format is appropriate therefore, with two separate chapters. The less experienced athlete will benefit most from Chapter One while the more experienced athlete will be challenged by Chapter Two.

I am personally fascinated by Pavel's unique, individual and quirkily humourous presentation but some might find him...strange. His demonstrations of the movements are outstanding and he performs even the most basic streach with amplitude. Customers who buy this DVD will, I think already be converted to the importance of streaching but what they might not be aware off are the intricacies of method and performance offered by Pavel. I look forward to continued use of this DVD as I progress through the stages of development shown.

By Scott G. / cedar point , NC

There are two reasons for not doing Super Joints #1 you don't know about it. #2 You are a dam FOOL. I'm 49 and have had knee trouble all my life. I have done those big squats in my 20's and 30's (500lb+). I gave up squating at 39 and for the last 9 years I suffered with aching knees and was afraid to squat. I have been doing Super Joints for the last 6 months (have not missed a day). No more pain no discomfort. This is my second copy. I love the way it makes all my joints feel. Thanks Pavel.

9/10 Pavel; Not so dis-jointed
By Joe T / St. Paul, MN USA

The only reason it didn't get a 10 is because I would like to know the why and how it works,just a little more in depth. The over all excersizes that should be done seemed to be very thorough.

10/10 Easy and awesome
By Dave / Maryland

Easy-to-do exercises that really do loosen things up. I'm 52, so it takes some time to kick in, but it works!!! I've been recommending it highly to everyone I know.

10/10 great
By Georell / Willow Grove, PA USA

this dvd was great. i already new the stretches, but i never new that they worked my joints. if your looking for something simple to get back into your flexibility thins is the dvd for you.

6/10 Its OK
By John Casey / San Diego, CA USA

There are some good stretching techniques but a lot of them require a partner which isn't practical.

10/10 Some of the best moves out there
By Loyann W Miller / New Castle, Indiana United States

I have used many of these various moves in all my dance classes as I teach non-professionals who do not have an hour of two just to warmup and stretch. Also use some of these after cool down in my cycling classes.

10/10 Easy to Follow and Understand
By Karen Little / Weehawken, New Jersey United States

My muscles are very tight. This tape made me more aware of how muscle health affects motion. I've now introduced therapeutic message and acupuncture into my healthcare routine, although those two subjects were not discussed on the tape itself.

5/10 useful yet nothing new about it...
By arkin celik / istanbul, Turkiye

if you know a little about calisthenic exercises or about correct posture in pilates, thai chi, martial arts etc. there is nothing new here but apart from that it's of utmost use and benefit to those who do not know anything about these.

6/10 To Early To Tell
By athlete and excercise person / upstate ny

I cannot wait to use the tape I developed a shoulder injury an intend to use tape after consulting with an orthopedic doctor

10/10 Hardstyle and Tight Joints
By John Bullen / Sunrise, Florida United States

At age 66 I'm a pretty tough guy. Three days per week or more in the gym and swinging kettlebells, plus three days running for cardio. For the past year I have been competing in 5Ks and placing high in my age group. I was beginning to think that I was supposed to be stiff, just part of the job of being well. Now I'm doing Super Joints Part 1 daily before anything else. It doesn't take long and is well worth the extra time. The exercises are simple and will prepare you lifting and swinging with the leg exercises perfect for running as they are similar to the Chi Running joint looseners that I used to ignore. EVERYBODY NEEDS THIS. The video is also high quality and all demonstrations are by Pavel.

10/10 Simple yet effective
By Danny Sawaya, RKC, CSCS, / Tucson, AZ

Its funny how Pavel works. Things I have been doing here and there for years yet he has the genius of putting things together as a system that works. All the parts must work as a whole and that is what this video does for dynamic warmups and joint mobility.

10/10 best joint dvd ever
By Grant Lofthouse / Melbourne, Australia

simply an awesome dvd

6/10 Slightly above average
By Dr. Josh / St. Louis, MO

This dvd is pretty good for a few great stretches, not much of a foundational routine, as I was hoping. Overall I would say slightly above average.

10/10 Great DVD Can feel improvemnt after 1 practice
By Warren Featherstone / Columbus, Oh USA

This Dvd was delivered fast. And it has exercises that work. I could feel the results( I'm 55) right away.

9/10 Fun and feels good, too
By Deb / San Diego, California United States

I got this dvd because of chronic pain. Anybody can do these stretches and you can improvise as needed. I've only been doing the stretches for a week or so - it's a little too early to tell how it's benefitting me, but my guess is that as I continue, the benefits will be obvious.

7/10 Inspiration and a remnder
By J L / California

Super Joints reminds me of what is possible, to respect my joints and to consciously move them each day. That may read as a "duh" to most of you, but for me it about waking up.

10/10 A "Must Have" DVD
By Cordy Deichmann / Austin, USA

My favorite workout DVD- nothing strenuous, just a lot of good stretching. I recommend this to everyone, especially the aging athlete.

10/10 This works.
By David Zaiser / Baltimore, usa

I've had fifteen surgeries, mostly on the joints. Injuries make for a vicious circle. Do this and you won't be new, but you will be a lot better.

10/10 Super joints
By Rhett Dillard / Chula Vista, CA, USA

Video demonstrates practical ways in which to keep your joints flexible and lubricated.Video was well done and Pavel has a great sense of humor.

10/10 Super Joint Workout
By Don Holcomb / Jackson, TN, USA

I am 68 years old and have suffered numerous injuries from basketball in my younger years. The super joint program is all that is advertised and more.

I use it everyday to start my day. It has reduced the pain from my former injuries, restored flexibility and increased range of motion.

I do it every day to start the day. If I miss a day I can tell a big difference. I wish I had found this earlier in my life.

10/10 Super Joints is Simply Super
By Jack S. / Martinsburg, WV, USA

Once again, in his own inimitable style, Pavel provides the highest quality information in a relaxed, easy to follow fashion. As an older person I greatly appreciation Pavel showing me a way to maintain a good degree of movement range as well as moving with power while age continues to advance. For a complete system I highly recommend adding Pavel's "Martial Power" offering. A bit "glitchy" at times, but the information is pure gold and well worth some minor inconvenience. Well done, Pavel and Dragon Door.

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