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Matthew Brocklebank


Phone: 090 3428 9475
10 out of 10 (3 reviews)
Certified RKC Instructor: Budapest, Hungary, 16th August 2009

2000: First introduced to the world of physical training as a way to develop my strength for rock climbing.

2005: Started training to specific workout plans with set goals in mind. Added various non-climbing based exercises to try and even out my pull-up based training routines.

2006: With a growing family and limited free time to get out on the rock, I eventually found myself doing more and more training and less and less actual climbing. The focus of my training changed to improving all-round strength and fitness, rather than just improving climbing performance.

2007: Having spent several years training specifically for rock climbing, I decided to look for a new approach to training that would enable me to keep pushing myself physically whilst being more well rounded and practical enough to do at home. Enter the Kettlebell!
In less than two years after picking up my first 16kg bell my overall strength and conditioning reached levels I'd never before imagined.

2009: Took the RKC challenge and became a certified instructor. Added Indian club training to my routine.
2011: Became a Certified Indian Club Specialist (CICS), and was also an assistant instructor at the first RKC certification to be held in Seoul, Korea.
2012: Assistant Instructor at the Seoul 2012 RKC certification.
2014: 5 years teaching as an RKC, still enjoying it as much as the first day!
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10/10 On the Right Track
By John Eather / Kobe, Japan

I recently had a 2 hour private session with Matthew in order to get my training started on the right foot. He has a very relaxed and easy-going manner which allows the student to relax and offers straight forward and practical advice and training. I highly recommend taking a workshop before starting any kettlebell training.

10/10 Respectful Instruction
By Takayuki Yamano / Kakogawa, Japan

I recently had the pleasure of attending a workshop with Matt-sensei. Although I am an absolute beginner, I had a sufficient understanding. I believe that this is largely due to Matt-sensei's warm personality and wide knowledge. Matt-sensei has extensive knowledge of physical trainings and superfoods as well as Kettlebell training. So, Matt-sensei answers numerous questions from us accurately. Matt-sensei, thank you very much. I'm looking forward to attending to the next workshop.

10/10 Good teacher
By Masataka Ueda / Nishinomiya Hyogo Japan

His lesson is easy to understand and good at speaking Japanese,too.

That is recommended in not only English speaker but also Japanese speaker.

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Matthew Brocklebank