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10/10 Twelve
By Edward Shattuck / East Syracuse, NY, 13057

If I could, I'd rate the Russian kettlebell not at a ten-- but at a twelve. I wish I'd been introduced to these things 40 years ago. As a former boxer and division one rower, I can say beyond all doubt that I could have hit harder,lasted longer, and decreased my rowing times by TENS of seconds. You owe it to yourself to educate yourself on their use, and make an investment.

By Ryan Grob / Lafayette, LA, USA

These kettlebells are the best and they last forever. The staff at Dragondoor pride themselves at giving the best but also at being the best. I will always go to them first for all my needs that are kettelbell related. Excellent job again

10/10 Love it!
By Mark Hickey / Whispering Pines, NC, USA

Dragon Door kettlebells are the best on the market and well worth the money. I started out with 35lb kettlebell from Dragon Door, progressed to 45lb and then 53lb and now am using the 62lb. I love these things!

10/10 28kg Kettlebell
By Daniel Reyman / Santa Monica, CA, United States

I received my newest Kettlebell from Dragon Door to my collection of 4 now. It was my first purchase from them and it is without question the best bell I own. The dimensions, texture, look and feel are the best I lifted. I already want another one. Thanks

10/10 Love the 28KG Kettlebell
By Stewart Lieber / Pleasantville, N.Y., USA

This KB looks rugged. I have bought cheaper ones and they get dinged up over time. The Dragons Door 28KG Kettlebell is solid and looks like it will never get damaged. The handle is wide enough to do 2 handed swings comfortably. I also like the thickness of the handle. The handle does not tear up my hands like the cheap ones do. I will be buying more kettlebells from Dragon Door. These are the Cadillacs of kettlebells.

10/10 Such a High Quality Kettlebell, it is actually fun
By Joe Littleton / Durham, NC, USA

I received the Russian kettlebell from Dragondoor and was immediately blown away by the workmanship and quality. I honestly had trouble believing that this was cast KB, it was so smooth, at first I had to look twice to make sure that it wasn’t milled. I picked the KB up and did a few hand to hand swings, a few two hand swings and one hand swings. Felt great, but then I decided, let's test the balance with a few KB snatches. I am an old Olympic lifter wannabe and I don't swing my snatches, I explode straight up off of the ground and pop them through at the top. First rep and I was extremely impressed and very happy, this KB has unbelievable balance very smooth and very cool. 5 sets of ten later and I was worked out, winded and happy. I have used quite a few of the other KB's out the on the market, but this Dragondoor RKB is built like a tank and handles like a sports car. I can’t say enough about the quality of this RKB, you can probably find a cheaper KB, you might even find one that is not black, but you won’t find any with this quality and feel of the Dragondoor RKB. I have been lifting since 1960 and bought my 1 pod, 1 ½ pod and 2 pod sets a number of years ago from DD, they have a tremendous product and are a tremendous company, Bottomline they are QUALITY with a capital Q.

10/10 The Best
By Pete Berzk / Tecumseh, MI, USA

The 28kg is my sixth kettlebell from Dragon Door. Cheap? No. The best? Absolutely. This weight is a not too steep an increment from the 24kg. Definetly heavier, but not a 30% increase in weight as the 32kg would be. I'm working up to that one. This is the best exercise format around if one were to ask me. I know it's a subjective thing, but I am sold. I am into my sixth decade on this planet, and have never felt better, (that I can remember).

10/10 Built To Last A Lifetime
By Zach Even - Esh / NJ, USA

I have been buying Dragon Door Kettlebells since day 1. It must about 10 years or so by now, and I've gotta say, these bad boys are built to last. I know they will last me a lifetime and I will pass them down to my kids.

There's a reason they say, "You get what you pay for."

These bells are top notch, period!

10/10 Simply the Best
By Brad Marlow / Cincinnati, OH, United States

I have a couple dozen kettlebells now from several different brands. This 28kg from Dragon Door is easily my favorite bell. No other brand compares to their finish.

10/10 Another great product.
By James McClellan / Richland, PA, USA

This is my 6th Dragondoor RKC kettlebell, so the excellent quality was no surprise. I was having difficulty making the transition from 24 to 32 kilos, especially with the press. 28 has given me just what I needed to move on. I feel better now at 53 years of age than I did at 35, thanks in large part to these "cannonballs with handles" and Pavel's Simple and sinister plan and the RKC DeepSix routine. Chasing elk around the mountains of Montana is much easier than it used to be.

10/10 Great quality and an important intermediate weight
By Steven Ravnstag / Big Bear Lake, CA, USA

As with all DD bells, the quality is outstanding.

The one thing that sticks out to me about the 28kg bells is how important the weight has been for progressing to easily pressing and clean+jerking 2x32kg.

After several unsuccessful attempts to jump to working with double 32s over the years, I decided to invest in these intermediate bells and build up to easily handling them for significant volume.

Then, when I finally tested my max with double 32s, I was able to easily military press them for 7 seven reps.

10/10 Perfection
By Calvin Barnes / Bakersfield, CA, USA

Need I say more? The craftsmanship alone lets you know that it's worth every penny.

10/10 28kg Kettlebell
By Jason Van Sant / Durham, NC, United States

I purchased this bell so that I had an in between bell. I needed something heavier than a 24kg, but a little lighter than a 32kg. The 28kg was perfect and the texture of the handle is such that it does not grip my hand and pinch my skin. I love this bell.

10/10 28 kg Kettlebell
By Dan Heely / Tuscola, IL, USA

I worked my way through the Rite of Passage with my 24 kg 'bell. It's time to start moving on up....beast by next summer. Awesome product and fast shipping. Dragon Door is one stop shopping for any athlete.

10/10 Best investment I have ever made!
By John Deaton, DVM / Acworth, GA USA

I have lots of experience in the gym, but nothing compares to the kettlebell workout. Clean and Press Ladders combined with Chin Up Ladders, then Snatches, then Get Ups, finishing with Janda Sit ups. Two days later I do a brief Powerlifting routine of Benchpresses, Deadlifts and Powercurls, all for 5 sets of 5. Repeat this cycle every two days. My amazing progress has me trying Strongman feats, like bending nails, running with a sled, farmers walk, etc. Also, a great compliment to my Martial Arts! I've also dropped 15#'s and am getting abs again! GET A KETTLEBELL! GET PAVEL'S BOOK! START SWEATING! PROGRESS!

10/10 A step up for a grandfather of 3
By Jeff Hiers / Dodge City,Ks USA

I am 55 yrs old and have been using KB for 5yrs. This is the next size up for me and I have enjoyed the challenge. I keep my KB at the gym where I workout and the younger guys pick it up and watch me go through my workout and they just shake their heads. I am really enjoying the new KB and challenge.

10/10 Well worth it.
By Aaron / California

The 28 kg bell is ideal for bridging the gap between the 24 kg and 32 kg lifts.

10/10 Great Burn!!
By Edward Shattuck / Syracuse,NY, USA

This is a great weight if you want to go for a burn on your Russian ladders, and it's a good idea to transition to a 28 kg before going to a 32kg. The jump from a 53 to the 32kg is a bit much for many people. Do not, however, underrate this bell. It's heavier than it sounds and is good for light or medium workout days. I highly recommend this weight as a transition to a 32kg and as a great tool for getting a real mean burn.

10/10 Worth Purchasing
By Michaelscott / Moorpark, CA USA

Like some Comrades, I found that the 24KG kettlebell had become extremely easy yet the 32KG was impossible to do anything more then swings. I read a few guides here on DragonDoor about methods to use the 24KG to work up to the 32KG but it all sounded way too complicated. I got the 28KG and it was a nice smooth transition. It feels a lot heavier then the 24KG but it is still workable- not impossible.

10/10 NSF Dahlgren Fitness Program
By Jennifer Hartman / Dahlgren, Virginia, USA

Very nice kettlebell. The handle is very comfortable. It is smooth and just the right thickness. Anyone that works with kettlebells knows that the handle needs to be just right and so many handles are not good. These are perfect.

10/10 I can't believe i didn't buy it earlier
By nick nettles / tampa, fl

I was cautious when I bought it having never seen a kettlebell before and starting with a 60 lb. I pulled it out of the box and snatched it right away and have been hooked ever since. A great mix with my normal workouts which include power cleans and deadlifts. I'm already thinking about buying another one.

10/10 Mean Green
By Cannon / Laredo, TX

The most versatile piece of exercise equipment I own. Not to heavy not to light. Great for compound exercises like clean squat and press ladders. Heavy enough for floor press and lunges. Its been over a year and still very challenging.

10/10 Miraculous training tool, depending on willingness of user.
By Badger / California

Life changing joint rehabilitation including spine, hips, shoulder girdle, knees; impact resistance increases, chimp strength development; cholesterol, blood pressure, and stress lowering, sleep inducing, fat furnace.

10/10 An excellent purchase
By Kevin Cleary / Portland, OR USA

I got this kettlebell in the hopes that I might bridge the gap between the 24- and 32-kg bells. After a couple of months, I was swinging, snatching, and doing get-ups with this thing like nobody's business, and advanced to the 32. Now, after another couple of months, I am about ready to move on up to the 36-kg bell!!! If you're above the 24-kg bell but not quite ready for the 32 (like I was), I'd highly recommend the 28-kg.

10/10 My husband loves it.
By John and Susan / Bloomington Indiana

I purchased this for my husband. He has been using kettlebells for a few years now. He used to powerlift and decided to change to body weight exercises and kettlebells with sprints and jumping rope. His joints feel better and his workout time is much shorter.

By Nick Kopsie / Reading Pa USA

I use to buy the "American" kettlebells before I found out about DragonDoor. Wow, what a difference. DragonDoor's Kettlebells are better made and solid. Every time I pick it up, I feel stronger by the hour. These products are the best made and the quality is there. When they say that hard work and time has gone into these things, lets just say, it shows.

10/10 Best quality I have found
By Samuel / Lansing

This is the highest quality and best made kettle bell I have found. You can tell that the KB was crafted with both experienc and care. Thank you for such a high quality KB!

10/10 Excellent!!!
By Jeff H / Thornton, usa

I ordered my 28 kg kettle bell after completing my 5x5 ladders of over head presses with my 24kg kettle bell. It is the perfect step up and I've been able to make the transition easily. The kettle bell feels great and I am very happy with my purchase.

10/10 A necessary step to bridge the gap.
By Dexter Miksch / Rolling Meadows, United States

Holy crap. This thing is a bit of a monster, but if you've been keeping up with your training this monster is for you. It'll really help bridge the gap between "having some strength" and being genuinely "strong".



10/10 Another great Kettlebell
By Chris Nordeen / So, Cal, USA

Now snatching this is fun! I picked up 2 of these bells from an RKC distributor, I think they were older stock they have almost a grey finish and the handles are the best out of all the RKC bells I own.

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