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10/10 The Bible of Kettlebell Training
By Jim Chandler Brazilian Jiujitsu World Champion / Huntington Beach, CA

If you get any book this year on training and fitness, it should be this book. Pavel is the leading authority on kettlebell training. Everyone else is trying to be him. His knowledge and training principles are superior as is his performance with the kettlebells. There is no fluff here, just hardcore kettlebell training. If you want to learn from the best, he is knocking at your door here. LET HIM IN! You will be glad you did.

10/10 Perfect Companion to the Enter the Kettlebell DVD!
By Stephen Williams / Arlington,VA, USA

I am new to kettlebells and needed some clear cut, uncomplicated instruction, so I purchased Pavel's Enter the Kettlebell book hoping for a K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Stupid) approach to training. I couldn't be more pleased with the concise, well illustrated information in this book! Pavel focuses on the proper mechanics of the major kettlebell moves (swing, clean, get up and snatch ,etc.) ... exactly what a beginner like me needs to get started properly! Thanks Pavel and Dragon Door for this excellent educational resource!

10/10 At age 53 I have regained Strength and Confidence
By Dennis Vavra / Edmond, OK USA

Over the years I have tried many types of programs for attaining my fitness goals. Some of the programs did deliver results to an extent, but I never did attain my ideal for REAL STRENGTH. My weight lifting usually consisted of complicated set/rep schemes with more exercises than I could keep track of, and I would often run for miles. As a result I would find myself injured through overtraining and become frustrated and quit. Injuries included shin splints, extremely sore muscles and a herniated disk. At age 53 I have finally regained Strength and Confidence. "Enter The Kettlebell" has exceeded all my expectations with regards to becoming strong again. ETK is direct and simple - just follow instructions and within weeks you will be transformed - as I was. Eight weeks ago I started the ETK program, my waist was 38 inch and I weighed 216 lbs. I now can squeeze into a size 34 inch trousers which I have not been able to do since I left the Marine Corps over 30 years ago, and I have lost 6lbs of fat. I have much more muscle definition in my arms, chest and shoulders, and my love handles have disappeared. My 8 weeks of progress with ETK has inspired me toward greater effort and although I have not yet achieved my strength/fitness goals, for the first time I feel that those are now attainable. A truely Stand -Alone Program for Strength.

10/10 Literally from Average to Elite
By Michael Bunting / Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

The title of this review is exactly what the ETK book and video will give. 17 years of dedication to the iron game, and the last 10 months with kettlebells has gave me the edge over my peers. But Enter the Kettlebell has pushed me into a level I thought only the true "mutants" could achieve. A one-arm clean and military press with 60% of bodyweight, easy snatches with more than the 106 lb. "Beast", and a body, even at my size, that is faster, more agile, and more resilient than those around me are what ETK has delivered. And in a very short amount of time. The program minimum and the Rite of Passage are all that are truly needed to become more than the "real men" around you.

Kettlebells will make you a man among men, but Enter the Kettlebell will make you something more. But these are only words. The only way to truly see is to do it yourself.

10/10 Raw Power...Focused, Intensified, and Honed
By Robert / KY, USA

Whats the difference between a razor blade and a butter knife? Focus. You can try hard, and do little, or you can try hard, and do a lot. What the whetstone did for knives, Enter the Kettlebell does for strength.

Whatever the goal, be it strength or conditioning, Enter the Kettlebell discusses a bare bones, no frills, no excuse method of training that takes a minimal amount of time (but a great deal of effort) to strength.

Don't waste any more time fretting over what machine you should be making payments on. Don't blow your time cranking out ridiculous amounts of effort on what seems to be no progress in physical conditioning. The instructions are all here, and for the cost of one payment on a machine, you can be set for months of intense, focused training. The details within can guide a total stranger to fitness in short order, and the ever present community will support you all the way!

10/10 Just what I was looking for and more
By John Redos / Ithaca, NY, USA

As a Division I lightweight rower, I am always in search of way to become stronger while maintaining a given weight. ETK is the answer. I have been following ETK in addition to my rowing team's program. The results are there. At 164lbs, I started with a 45lb KB and next week will be restarting with a 60lb. My teammates are curious as to how I am gaining strength while loosing weight and mass, and I know the answer is ETK.

Since purchasing ETK in January, I have purchased several more of Pavel's books. They are perfect for my rowing program, and I am weaving them all together. As a past member of the US National Team (and hopefully continuing member this summer), I plan on bringing ETK with me where ever I travel in my sports endeavors.

Thank you Pavel.

John Redos

9/10 Good bye gym
By David / Ellicott City, MD

I got this book after 2 months of working out with an RKC trainer and my own KB's at home. I knew the book would primarily cover the basics (ie. the swing, press...) and I wanted any more assistance I could get with my form. Pavel, again, was precise and simple in his delivery. I read the reviews before I buy stuff with Dragon Door, and I could have sworn several people complained that there were no routines. This concerned me, but I don't know what they're talking about. Between PTP, Naked Warrior, and Enter the KB, I was able to put together a complete workout, all of which was spelled out with options at the back of this book. I'm doing 3 days of presses and swings/snatches, and 2 variety days. I'm also incorporating abs and pistols. I was glad to see after just 2 months that I could already press 53's comfortably 5 times. Thanks Pavel. I quit going to my gym.

10/10 The "tsar" of the kettlebell books!
By Martijn Kruiten / Velserbroek, The Netherlands

Just as the snatch is the tsar of the kettlebell drills, this book is the tsar of all kettlebell books, if not of all available exercise books in the world! I had the DVD before, but decided to buy the book too, for some more detailed descriptions, and I'm glad I did! If been looking for this since I started working out in the gym years ago. This book (and DVD) saved me from getting bulky and gave me strength in return (much more manly if you ask me). Expect results in a week (both in strength and looks).

10/10 Incredibly fast progress in the press
By Anders Eriksson / Gothenburg, Sweden

Recently finished the ETK press-ladders. In 5 weeks I went from being able to do a double on my strong arm (and occasionally still failing singles on my weak) to being able to press 5 x 1,2,3,4,5 on both arms with the 32 kg KB.

I'm far from a high-level strength-athlete but I have lifted on many protocols for around 10 years and I can honestly say I have never experienced any progress this fast and steady. And that's with just three pressing-sessions per week, and not even busting my butt on two of them.

My hat is off to Pavel for outlining yet another simple and yet surprisingly effective method. ETK is an excellent strength-book.

10/10 Kettlebell Domination
By Doug Sides / Rockford IL

It's very simple really, kettlebells dominate over all other strength tools. Pavel puts it clearly and simply. Easy to follow, effective workouts. Pavel quite simply leads the revolution!

10/10 Pure Gold!!!
By Pat "Hawk" Hardy / Silsbee, TX USA

This book shows you what to do, how to do it, and how often! It takes you from start to finish on KettleBell Exercises. The exercises, such as the swing, don't look like they'll do as much as they will until you start doing them correctly! The best book I've seen to take you into the true world of exercises that really make you strong and really give you top notch cardio all in one package!

10/10 For total body conditioning - BUY THIS BOOK!
By Jason Goumas / Lexington, KY

After years of wasting time and money on gym memberships I've spent the past couple years honing my workouts to be the most efficient as possible. I have degrees in Physical Therapy and Exercise Physiology and quickly found that bodyweight training was the key to developing significant functional strength (you need to check out The Naked Warrior by Pavel and Convict Conditioning by Paul Wade). For general conditioning, however, I relied on the tradidional cardio exercises such as running, sprinting, plyometrics, etc. The kettlebell has been a blessing in that I can get both strength training and cardio completed in a very short time frame! I got mine 2 weeks ago and just today I got my heart rate up over 200 beats/min in under 3 minutes! This should be impossible for a man aged 36 - at least according to medicine! My 32" waist pants that have been getting a little snug are now loose and I'm looking forward to putting other dad's to shame this summer at the pool! If you don't mind working hard to see incredible results do not hesitate to get this book and a couple kettlebells!

8/10 the best kb book period!!
By Dan Croft / Rockville Maryland USA

I grabbed this book from a local secondhand book store on the back of reading convict conditioning which was lent to me by a bud. Both these books are great, but I was totally blown away by this one!

For the main part of the book you feel Paval is training you personally! It never fails to be interesting and will never ever be bettered. If you, like me, want to get into kettelbells this is the only book you'll ever need. You will learn everything you need!

If I could give this book more than ten for the training content I definitely would. I give it an eight just because you need to buy the equipment and have the room and floor to cope which not everone has. But this does not distract from this book which is the best there is!

10/10 Enter the Kettlebell! is the real deal!
By N. Zamora / League City, Texas United States

I just finished reading Enter the Kettlebell! and I really like this book. It's clear and concise. Lot's of great information and no filler. I feel confident using the approach outlined in the book and I'm ready to start rocking! As an added bonus, this book is actually FUN to read! Pavel's a funny guy, I mean, comrade!

10/10 "It's not where you start..."IT'S WHERE YOU FINISH!!!


10/10 Booyah!!
By Gustav / houston,tx

In a short time on the program i can already feel my muscles are denser, fat loss on going, as well as improvements in strength, conditioning, and agility. Serious business (but a lot of fun)

9/10 Unexpected Benefits
By Kerry Nitz / Lower Hutt, New Zealand

Enter the Kettlebell is worth it for the Break-In Programme alone - the exercises that get you ready for the swing have plenty of benefit in themselves. In particular, I've discovered that the face-the-wall squats are a great way of working on fixing your posture if you slouch. And now that I've started the swings proper I'm finding that they are 'naturally' fixing the tendency of my ankles to roll in - amazing!

Note: if you have weak upper arms like I do then you may want some lighter weights to help build up to the Get-up with a 16kg (the recommended weight for an 'average' guy). I'm working with a 5kg dumbbell and struggling occasionally to keep my elbow locked out. The book could also do with more detail on the placement of feet and swinging the foot back on the Get-up - how this works isn't very clear.

10/10 Enter the Kettlebell
By Wade Carter / Gulf Breeze, Fl., United States

A wonderful product. I am a personal trainer, long interested in kettlebells, and the book and dvd are excellent tools. the instruction is easy to understand, and Pavel's presentation is both succinct and funny. a ten.

10/10 8 months with kettlebells
By Bill Shailer / Cheshire, CT USA

After posting a progress report on the Dragon Door forum, I was asked by Mr. Tsatsouline to submit a review. I do so gladly. My UPS man delivered a 28kg from Dragon Door today. He was struggling with it so I took it out of the truck for him. I took the kettlebell out of the box, knocked out some swings and did a pretty good get up with it. This "pretty good" prompted me to order 'Kettlebells From the Ground Up'. The get up is a move I want to try to master and I think the material will help me immeasurably. I've been training with kettlebells for 8 months following 'Enter The Kettlebell' religiously. The programs contained within are fantastic! I would ask all new Comrades reading this to stick with the training. The learning curve involved when starting with 16kg kicked my tail. I love this training so much, I've only missed two weeks and that was because I was on vacation and didn't have access to kettlebells.

The benefits I've reaped, in no particular order: hypertrophy of the chest, upper back and shoulders, an impressive carving of the abs, obliques and hips, a lower heart rate (48 bpm) and an incredible amount of hip power. As all athletes know, the hips are the key to good performance.

My wife is very impressed with the results; her family, whom I've only met on the webcam as they are from Korea, is impressed because I have nowhere near the physique of a typical 53 year old man. When we visit Korea this summer, I'm hoping to introduce my in-laws to kettlebell training.

Get this book: Mr. Tsatsouline writes in a humorous, yet easily understandable, style. Follow the protocols within, stick with it, you will be rewarded.

9/10 Another convert to kettlebells and Pavel
By Steve Haran, aged 59 / Sydney, Australia

I have found the book and DVD terrific. After about a month I am still working on the "practice" but am getting close to approaching a "workout". I love the attention to detail, and am constantly going back to both the book and DVD. Both are essential in my opinion.

I am a newbie to kettlebells and am really enjoying the work. Already things like the wall squats have markedly improved my hip flexibility and decreased early morning lower back stiffness.

I have been reading Pavel for years now, but this book has made me a hard convert.

10/10 Shoud Have Made This Purchase Earlier!
By Ron Davis,CSCS#D,NSCA-CPT#D / Oologah,Oklahoma

Tsatsouline is interesting and easy to follow.The book kind of cuts to the chase without cutting corners on the basics.I should have made this purchase when I first heard about it. I will read more of Pavel Tsatouline's work.

10/10 Great Book
By Jeff / Hebron, KY

Incredible wealth of info!

10/10 Rx=Armbars and TGU's
By Wayne Rueger / Mt. Vernon, IN

I'm 55 years old, and I'm in the best shape of my life, thanks to kettlebells. Sounds like a Bowflex commercial, doesn't it? I look better, feel better, and am stronger than I was when I was 20, and I was a Division 1 baseball player way back then.
I started kettlebells last July, and was immediatley hooked and have been exercising 5-6 times a week since then. I did mostly swings and squats, because I couldn't do overhead work--I had a frozen right shoulder, thanks to Type 2 diabetes. Three months ago, I started doing arm bars to increase ROM in my shoulders--I couldn't even do 1 TGU with an 8 pound KB with my right arm--pretty sad, isn't it. I kept at it-every day I would hit the arm bars, and every day I could feel my ROM increasing.
Six weeks ago, I was finally able to perform a TGU with an 8 pound KB. I kept at it--three times a week, adding weight when I was ready. That brings me to yesterday--I did 16 TGU's per side using the 16kg KB in 11 minutes, 30 seconds. Three months ago, I was beginning to believe I would never be able to do TGU's and snatches, and now here I am doing both. WHOOHOO. Kettlebells--a fountain of youth for old farts.

10/10 A manual to change your life with
By Kai Johnson / East Palo Alto, California United States

At 42 years old I'm by far in the best shape of my life.

I just competed for the first time in the Tactical Strength Challenge. After training for the last 7 months I achieved a 365 lb deadlift, 12 pullups and 106 snatches with the 24 kg bell in 5 minutes. I also lost 40 lbs of body fat and gained 10 lbs of muscle.

The foundation for what I've accomplished came from months spent following Enter the Kettlebell strictly. This is the manual to change your life. It changes mine and I'm forever grateful to Pavel and Dragondoor for providing me with the real information I needed to become more strong and fit than I could have ever imagined.

Thank you!

9/10 Great way to open new doors to superior all round strength
By Jeff Goddard / Charleston, SC

Pavel's instructions are clear and easy to follow. He tells you the correct way to do kettlebell exercises so that you may avoid injury and he provides a path that if you follow it you will realize strength and a physique you never thought possible! Kettlebells are great. Thanks Pavel!

10/10 The best change of my life
By Joakim Bohm RKC Sweden / Ängelholm Sweden

Enter the Kettlebell is the book that opened my yeas of proper lifting big time. As a former competitive bodybuilder in Sweden a thought that i know lifting, but that was so wrong =) After reading Enter the Kettlebell i stopped BB and now i am just doing Kettlebell the Hard style way and i am now a certified RKC instructor loving my new life.
All thanks to Pavels ETK book and his wise words.

Thank you Mr Tsatsouline i am for ever great full

10/10 Cry in the Shower at Home, Bask in the Glory Everywhere Else
By Jeremy, Recovering P90Xer / Sierra Vista, AZ

The kettlebell is everything Pavel Tsatsouline says it is. It delivers results faster than any other exercise tool. I recently completed a cycle of another exercise program advertised on TV (I won't name any names, but the initials are P90X) and received decent results. After 90 days on that program I realized that in addition to lowering my body fat somewhat, I had a life that revolved around hour long workouts multiple times a week and mediocre functional strength. As a matter of fact, right after completing the 90 days, I pinched a nerve in my back playing guitar. What a waste of precious hours of my life. As they say in the info-mercials "There's got to be a better way!" Enter the Kettlebell! This book began with a pep rally for the kettlebell and within minutes I was raring to workout with it. Pavel concisely delivers all of the information required to perform a complete exercise regimen. Pavel explains and demonstrates the differences in proper and improper form and He even provides examples of poor form. The book will walk you all the way to proper form if you are not yet in good enough shape, or not flexible enough to perform the exercise. This information is important for me because the nearest RKC certified Instructor is 75 miles away in Tucson. I began with the RKC Minimum Program and the first "Manmaker" workout left me nauseated and sitting in the shower shaking. Within the first week, my appetite had shot through the roof, my back was rehabilitated and people began to complement me on my appearance. I have even converted a few to the Party and thoroughly enjoyed watching them struggle with the "Manmaker".
Enter the Kettlebell is an excellent resource for those interested in the kettlebell for exercise and provides fast results that will leave you breathless.

10/10 Renewed Interest In Strength Training
By Chiropractor, ART , Graston Technique / New Brunswick, Canada

As a former university footbal player, current chiropractor and avid recreational athlete (BJJ, triathlon, etc...) I am relieved to have found a revolutionary piece of training equipment that has apparently been around for decades. Through Pavel's knowledge I am able to train strength, power and muscular endurance efficiently and flawlessly, even in the same workout. The comprehensive and easy to follow instructions of Enter the Kettebell make it a must buy for newbies to kettlebell training.

Dr. B

10/10 Helped me recover from a serious injury
By Regular Guy / Vernon, New Jersey USA

As an almost 40 yr old, USMC vet, lifelong martial artist, and current police officer who was injured on duty, kettlebells have been life changing for me. In 15 weeks of the Program Minimum and Right of Passage, I lost 20 pounds and 3 pants sizes progressed from a 12kg to the 20kg bell, and gained strength. All while being easy on my knees which went thru 5 surgeries due to injury. I went from overweight, depressed, and unable to exercise to being able to workout and getting back in shape. Thanks to Pavel for all of his great work.



10/10 Worth the $
By Martin Kolar / Nampa, ID, USA

Perfect technique instruction. Will prevent injury from misuse.

10/10 Great guide for all aspects of kettlebell training
By Derrick Simons / Southampton, Bermuda

This manual is exactly what it says it is. Great information on the core aspects of kettlebell training. Easy to follow instructions with ample sequence shots for following each movement. Appropriate references to common mistakes and corrective adjustments for a diverse range of kettlebell routines. The manual features structured routines, which outline basic to advanced -level training programs, along with interesting facts surrounding the history of kettlebell training.
Highly recommend it for those seeking to either start kettlebell training, or anyone looking for additional exercises to an existing strength and conditioning program.

10/10 Every thing you need to know
By Jason H. / Sacramento, USA

For someone starting out with kettlebells, this book is very comprehensive, and demonstates in very clear examples, the correct and safe way to begin the fundamentals.

I also enjoyed the historical information and the quality of the manual. It's very well illustrated and easy to follow. It's an excellent comprehensive, must-have guide for anyone taking up this fantastic form of exercise and for someone wanting to know the proper form and technique to avoid injury.

I love the companion CD as well. Can't beat that Russian drill instructor routine with a stick. It's great! The sense of humor and can-do attitude is extremely refreshing and enjoyable. I was excited to get started after reading everything. I've discovered that nothing gets my heart going like swinging some heavy kettlebells, but the great thing is, that it's also fun. The book and the video add to the fun and enjoyment while doing the exercises correctly. It was a great purchace.

10/10 Nothing More is Necessary
By Edward Shattuck / Syracuse, NY, USA

Why go past the basics if you don't have to? ETK has all the info you need to become a new person. There is no need to go further. The reason that top level atheletes and special forces people are as good as they are is simply because they're better at the basics. There is nothing wrong with advanced drills, but they are not necessary for gorilla strength and stamina. Stick with ETK and you will NOT go wrong.

10/10 great book
By vanessa walters / red cloud, NE, USA

I had had this book before. I recently decided to get it and Femme Fatale book. These are the best to learn the fundamentals of kettlebells! I dont have the funds, or the time, to go to an RKC teacher; reading these books is a great help!

10/10 Excellent. Couldn't Be Happier.
By Nick Kiussis / Brunswick Ohio, USA

Love the book. Informative and entertaining with terrific step by step instructions, pictures & training tips. I see people all the time trying to use kettlebells but none of them are using the form that i am learning. Everybody who has an interest in using K.B.'s should invest in this book and the companion DVD. Another great purchase I mad here at Dragon Door.

10/10 Twelve
By Edward Shattuck / Syracuse, USA

On the proverbial scale of 1 to 10, this is a 12. I have purchased and read a number of Dragondoor books all written by some highly qualified people, but I always come back to this one. I think it is because of the simplicity of it's content and it's straightforwardness. I also like that the routines are clearly spelled out with periodization, etc... Simple is always better. The less I have to think, the better I like things. I personally think that you don't need any other book if you want to be a hardstyle Comrade. Buy this book. Your money will be well spent.

10/10 Tons of info
By Joe K / Florence, USA

The layout, content and information in this book is great. I wish I got it when I first started using kettle bells does my back.

Buy it, read it then do it. You won't be disappointed.

10/10 Enter the Kettlebell Training
By Colin Taylor / Buderim, Australia

This easy to read instructional manual provided everything I need to get started. Best training course I've seen.

10/10 Should be mandatory reading for all aspiring gireviks!
By / Los Angeles, CA

A simple, concise very well laid out manual to give one all the background info they could hope for about the kettlebell itself as well as more importantly a plan to take you from the absolute beginning of your journey with kettlebells to very high levels of strength and conditioning in a realistically attainable timetable.

10/10 New to Kettlebells! I now feel like a veteran!
By J Scott / Southern California, USA

This book is a must if you ever want to train with kettlebells!

10/10 ETK broke training plateau's I never thought I'd break
By Steven Roberts, / Lincoln, England

Prior to discovering Pavel and ETK I had trained in the standard paradigm of body building routines for many years,including a long affair with HIT style training. After many years and at 40 yrs of age I found myself burnt out, demotivated,and peppered with injuries, especially in my lower-back. 'Reluctantly' I turned to an alternate form of training..KB's! How misguided my reluctance was! With Pavel's ETK, full of clear-cut pragmatic advice, and a ton of determination my life has been changed in a way I never thought possible past 40! Using deceptively basic routines harder than anything I have ever done, ETK delivers more real-world results than anything I have ever enountered. Greater fitness, endurance and functional strength! Following ETK not only did my back problems diminish but I hit PB's in the deadlift - due to KB swings!! My only criticism? That I did not discover it many years earlier. A great book, a great system. Life-changing stuff.

10/10 Enter the Kettlebell
By / Sugar Land, Texas

Very good detail. The kb movements are explained very well. However, The kb movements are easier to understand when you watch the dvd. I would recommend both. It is well worth the money.

10/10 Massive Muscle, Strength and Conditioning Gains
By University Student / England, UK

Despite not having completed ETK, I have been following ETK for about a year now and have made massive gains in muscle, strength and conditioning. I have been training on and off with ETK due to boxing, but off-season I focus solely on ETK. These are the gains I have made over the last few seasons that have amounted to a year of training with ETK.

Strength-wise, I have gone from being able to one-arm clean and press the 16kg to doing the same 5 times each arm with the 24kg. I could barely, and I mean barely, do 3 chin-ups (palms facing in), I can now do 12 strictly. I am coming close to doing 10 tactical pull-ups (palms facing away and thumbless). I have also been able to hit the same 3 reps for chin-ups with the 16kg kettlebell attached to me.

The conditioning that the program delivers is very interesting. A few months back, a 2 minute session of 16kg kettlebell swings nearly killed me. Now, I am scoring 180 on the USST test with the 16kg in 10 mins, and the 200 reps are only around the corner before moving onto the 24kg. The conditioning taken to deliver 200 reps with the 24kg is mind-blowing, and something that can only be experienced. Potential readers should read of the amazing rollover effect conditioning delivered from being able to master the USST, there are those who enter all sorts of running races, who box etc with there only conditioning coming from kettlebell training.

Despite the fact the program prides itself on building strength and conditioning, it is undoubtedly great at building muscle also. Although I am not a bodybuilder, I do not mind adding a little muscle if it is a possible by-product. Yet, note that as it is primarily a strength and conditioning building program, and indeed that the Program Minimum will build very little muscle, don't expect to end up looking like Arnie.

However, once on the ROP (a few weeks or months into ETK depending on the individual), if you decrease your rest breaks as Pavel gives as one option (vs very long breaks to minimize muscle growth) in ETK (I have 30 sec rest between rungs, 1 min rest between ladders), you will most definitely make muscle gains alongside your massive strength gains in the areas hit by C+P's and Chin/Pull-Ups, and to an extent swings.

I have seen a marked increase in arm size (pressing really increases triceps and forearm size, as chin-ups do for biceps), a massive increase in lat size compared to before, and a lot of back (especially upper back) and shoulder development, as well as a little leg growth - I like to do 5x5 Goblet Squats on one variety day with the KB I am pressing with to add a little leg muscle and strength (I imagine that combining GTG Pistols as Pavel advises as an option in the FAQ would give similar effects and crazy leg strength, something I plan to do in the future after dropping 5x5 Goblet Squats). Without even a clean diet, nor being entirely consistent in training (bad weather, travelling etc), I put on 2 lbs of muscle over 4 months (to reassure the sceptics, I measured this accurately with a scanning machine to find out exactly how much body fat I had put on, and subtracted the amount from total weight gained).

My final thoughts and advice are as follows. If you are concerned with losing fat, this program will undoubtedly burn calories, but the most important way to burn off fat is your diet. Too many people want a program that involves time-wasting endless boring cardio work, which has almost no use. Find out the BMR for your desired weight, stick to those calories recommended, eat healthy, and you will be looking great very quickly. Adjust calorie amounts accordingly to your weight as fat decreases and muscle increases.

Stick to what the program says, don't deviate. It's obvious, but important. Regarding variety days, I use them, but as Pavel says, keep it easy. Personally, on Tuesdays I like to do Goblet Squats (1-5x5) and clapping press-ups for a little pec mass and explosive strength (1-5x10). On Thursdays, I highly recommend people download the special reports (top-right of this page), and abide by and use Special Report 1. Lean towards lighter amounts so as not to over-do it, and also throw in some get-ups (1-5x1 unless doing them in overload presses, in which case, remove) they're a great, full-body exercise.

Lastly, don't rush through or ignore the Program Minimum. It delivers important concepts and techniques that help with everything. Also, when one has upgraded' to a heavier kettlebell for C+P's, many view it as wise to start-over with this new kettlebell, and start with the PM. In addition, I do recommend getting the DVD alongside the book to really see the exercises in action. It's also wise to film yourself from time to time to study your form, and also submit if to the forums to get professionals to freely critique you.

That's pretty much it. Given all the gains mentioned so far, and considering the book's goals, I can't wait to see where I am in another year's time (I will be finishing boxing soon and thus concentrating on ETK only).

10/10 As functional and basic as the kettlebell
By Matt / Los Angeles, CA

Pavel's humor, straightforward explanation of how maximize gains in strength and disciplined focus on technique, makes this book a workout companion. Easy to read in a few desk sessions, and easy to flick through in between kettlebell swings, the only down side is that the paper isn't sweatproof.

For me the problem with workout books has always been in translating the text into and easily followed and progressive routine. I'm not interested in a ton of intellectualizing. Enter the Kettlebell takes you straight to exercise and strength gain, with the same philosophy as the art of the kettlebell itself.

10/10 The Hardstyle Mannifesto
By Casey Campbell, RKC / Portland, OR

If you are looking for the proper place to begin your KB training, but do not have access to an RKC this is without a doubt the way to go. You are given everything you need from the ground up and then some. My bit of advice is don't overlook the Program Minimum. The Rite of Passage is a blast but the PM shows you that you can do great things with your strength, health and conditioning with only two exercises, and only an hour a week of dedicated training.

I took the PM all the way to the Beast and it served me VERY well. I am more explosive, resilient and conditioned on the mat and in the ring. If you are an aspiring fighter or KB'er you need this book in your library.

10/10 Thank you Paval !
By Mark / West Yorkshire, UK

After toiling with various reps and sets I started ladders, man I wish I'd done this earlier. All I can say is from a poor form & shakey 5 rep max with a 32KG to pressing a 48KG with authority in the space of 8 weeks speaks volumes.

10/10 Believe the Hype
By Craig Pert / Aberdeen, UK

This book is pretty much all you need to get started with KBs. KBs could well become your one-stop-shop for strength and conditioning. End of, really.

Pavel writes clearly, concisely, and with warmth and humour. Everything you need to know is laid out 'reverse engineered' in detail. Illustrative anecdotes keep the momentum up between drills. You cannot go wrong.

10/10 Bottom Line-The Program Works
By / Staten Island, New York

I've never bothered to take the time to write a review of anything before, but I'm happy to give my opinion on ETK. This is by far the best all around strength and conditioning program I know of and I lifted religiously back in high school and have done plenty of boxing training in the last few years. As far as true strength training goes I basically gave up on that when high school ended because I'd spent month after month killing myself with HIT methods that yielded virtually zero strength gains(in some cases my numbers were even dropping). I started to think that the only way to get truly strong was to hit the juice, which I didn't want to do, or to be some genetically gifted mutant, which I am not. After spending a month on PTTP and 4 months doing ETK I no longer hold this foolish belief. Follow the principles and you will surprise yourself with consistent strength gains. In a month on Power to the People my Deadlift went from 375 to 415 and after 4 months on ETK my press went from a sloppy 2 reps with a 60lb bell to being able to do a perfectly tight rep with an 88 pounder. On the conditioning front, I had felt pretty good about myself from my rounds on the heavy bag and the roadwork i did every morning. When I first heard the line about the swing being the closest thing to a fight without throwing a punch, naturally I was intrigued. After just 25 two handed swings with the 60 I was convinced. As far as I know, nothing mimics the type of fatigue you feel in a fight as well as the snatch and swing. I haven't done any roadwork since i started ETK and my stamina is better than ever. I sparred 4 hard rounds with an ex pro recently and he commented that I'd kept almost all the power in my punches throughout the entire session, which was definitely not the case just a few months earlier when my power would really wane in the final round or two. If that's not enough I'm getting better hip snap in my shots and basically i feel like an all around better athlete. Do yourself a favor, get the book and video together, the combination of both leaves nothing to chance, and follow the program to the letter and I'm sure you'll see a big difference.

10/10 Enter the Kettlebell Review
By For those interested in effective efficiency. / The OC, CA

Excellent book; simple and to the point.
I realized, after my first week of PM, what I was missing in my routine.
I look forward to progressing onto RoP and beyond.
I might never go to the gym again.

By Marchant Training Method / California

Before you lift a kettlebell, you must read this book!

6/10 From a danish fan
By Soren Bundgaard / Tonder, Other Denmark

My first choice was Return of the Kettlebel dvd. Great, but a little too advanced for me, who had just heard of RKC. Therefor I bought Enter the Kettlebell dvd. Also great and the place for me to start. I wanted some writtendown scheduels and training plans, so I bought the book Enter the kettlebell. I was a little disapointed because I didn t quite get what I had hoped for: more indetail plans. It s too much a copy of the dvd.
Or maybe I m a little disapointed because the dvd is so good.

By Joshua aka " Pistolfreak" on the forum / Tarzana, CA USA

Before I used ETK I was weak and to be honest a bit of a pansy. Thanks to ETK I have developed springs for legs, a forcefull grip, impressive upper body strength, and tons of confidence. I consider myself bullet-proof when engaging in contact sports. Combine ETK along with your sport and the mullets you play against will hide in fear of you. ETK gets 100 out of 100. By this book or else you risk being weak forever.

10/10 Game Changer
By Marc Fine, RKC / Atlanta, GA USA

Spasiba Pavel.....ETK has made a tremendous impact on my training, strength and overall health. So much so that I was inspired to attempt the Russian Kettlebell Challenge and become a certified RKC Instructor at 54. I passed! Enter The Kettlebell is the definitive primer and game changer to take your training/practice to a whole new level.

10/10 Superior instruction
By Matti / Finland

Superb - amazingly clear instruction with the continious RKC system polishing commitment!

8/10 Keep it simple approach
By Timo Rantasalmi / Finland

I really liked the quick dirty approach of this book. Easy to follow instructions. I would have appreciated a little more in depth explanation on the get up though.

9/10 This is a great book for anyone just starting to exercise with kettlebells.
By Hugo A Endris / Mt. Pleasant, SC

I enjoyed the way the book was written and how it contents were arranged. I have been doing kettlebell workouts for 6 months and I still refer to this book from time to time. I also have the DVD and it goes along with the book very well.

6/10 My opinion
By Peer de Leeuw / Rotterdam, NL-ZH, Netherlands

This book is okay, just that, okay. For beginning it is really not so big. It lists as at 100 leafs but when you remove adverts is much less. It all boils down to the idea of high repetitions of swings and snatches a simple idea but maybe perhaps not so great on the body. Unlike bars and hand weights, there is not much advancing in kettlebells, not too many weights of them which means for strength it is not so good. This is why they became extinct in West Europe originally. Not bad for building wind but all that high rep work going straight through the shoulder will whittle it down and very quickly. An okay side show to real gym work but other wise you should not be expecting too much more.

10/10 'Stronger, definitely stronger...'
By Alex Hogan / Northamptonshire, UK

'You made that a tough one!' Said the big galute of a cage fighter. 'God you get stronger every week!' said the Judo green belt. 'Stronger, definitely stronger...' says another Judoka while pacing away.

None of these people know that I do any sort of training outside of the respective clubs, yet the big scary men have come out with these exact quotes of their own volition since i've using ETK for a year. And it should be considered that these folks don't throw around compliments easily. My puny 5'8 statue and 130lb bag o' flour weight has really struck a chord with these chaps from the incredible power that now explodes out of me, if I do say so myself. Even though I'm only on the 24k now, (spending a long time on a cycle back to 20k) I'd like to think this, at least anecdotally proves the magical properties of the kettlebell!

I have to say though, stick with it! I've actually become stronger from going backwards for a time, and trying to perfect my form, rest times, and intensity etc. with a bell that felt like a balloon. I could've easily thought, 'well that was fun, what else can I do with this cannon ball?' (which is exactly what I did before ETK) but the key here more than anything is consistency.

I know you could say, 'well why won't a barbell make you just as strong?' And you're probably right, you'll get just as strong if not stonger using decent methods on the bars and dumbells. But that is just strength, while the kettlebell creates something reeeealy special. Can you honestly imagine three different people commenting on your rapidly incresing grapple strength, over just a few weeks from your barbell lifting? Hmmm...

10/10 Started me back on a road to health
By Mark Hancheroff / Redmond, WA

ETK was the first fitness book that I picked up that didn't give a million options all of which weresupposed to work miracles. It gave a clear and definitive plan, with clear instructions on how to become stronger. It iw written with great humor and is easy to follow. It was my first book from Dragondoor, and opened my eyes to my own potential. I can't thank them enough. (So I just keep buying their products)

10/10 Definitely a must for all Kettlebellers!
By Owen / Miami, FL USA

If you are thinking about trying out kettlebells (and you definitely should), then you must buy this book. It's funny when my friends first see my kettlebell in my room, they instinctively want to try and curl it. Had they read this book, they would know how to fully maximize its potential. Buying your first Kettlebell without "Enter the Kettlebell" is like trying skydiving for the first time without a parachute. Kettlbells are great, but are very dangerous if you don't know how to use them, so buy this book!

10/10 Unbelievable Progress
By Terry Eichler / San Francisco, California

I bought Enter the Kettlebell, studied it over and over again.
After a month of doing only Swings and Get Ups, my entire body is being transformed. My left shoulder was injured in an auto accident.
the Get Ups have healed the pain I used to feel all the time. This book is Awesome!

3/10 Desagrad vel!
By M. F. Tanzier / Lisboa, Portugal

I have been a high level trainer with gymnasium equipment for many years now. I had hoped this kettle bell phase started by this Russian man would subside by now. It has died a death in Europe where it bearly started at all, because we understand the value and appreciate true scientific training.

This book has fooled many unknowing Americans into thinking that kettle bells are good for stregth. Kettle bells are just no good because there weight cannot be changed in enough incriments. Resultingly, many of the people who started to use these kettle bells are still using the same kettle bell many years later.

This system is also quite dangerous as presented in this book. The constant strain on your back from all these snatches will wear down the spine, and the way of pressing shown is in danger of irritating of even dislocating the thumb. But for other exercises and free weights this is not true. The kettle bell may even hit your face and break your nose or teeth, not to mention crash up your place of abode. So I give the ideas three becasue they are dangerous and older fashioned, and I will also say that the true writing in this book is huge so that the book itself is massively over priced as sold by this American company. The book is less that twenty page long when shown in true.

I also have been told that this company will not post negative or honest critiques of their products will not be posted. I have downloaded my criticism and many of my colleagues know that I intened to post, so if it does not appear the truth will be revealed on line for all to see.

3/10 I would give k-bells a try
By jim steadman / Your location herepeterborough,ontario canada

I will give the k-bells a try when I buy a pair

10/10 Real Fitness
By G 'Pukeko' Sweeney / Auckland, New Zealand

I played my first game of football (round) on Sunday. I play on the wing, and as such I run all game.
My fitness was superb.
In fact I would say that I am fitter now than I usually am by the end of the season, which is when I tend to be my fittest.
I am strong as well as having bottomless lungs.
That elusive 'mental toughness' was apparent as I stayed focussed all game.
Currently training on the ROP and ticking along slowly but surely.

Big ups to the bells.

The programme is simple yet efficient. The goals are clear. It all translates to tangible results. Good work Pavel and Dragondoor.

10/10 Excellent introduction to getting started with kettlebells
By Ross Henderson / Austin, TX

I've just gotten serious about kettlebells, and I've been really impressed with the clarity and simplicity of Enter the Kettlebell. It can be a little bit frustrating at times because I tend to want a quick checklist of things to do, so I can start doing them - and the book seems to be structured to prevent you running out and learning by trial and error.

In this particular case, I'm pretty happy to be slowed down. The 'break in' workout has been wearing me out as I learn solid form, and it is easy to see that trial and error isn't a workable long-term option.

Great book.

5/10 Good book but too pushy
By Hal Lackovic / Boulder, CO, US of A

Proabably the best book on k-bells around the place. Too thin though, and you need to buy the equipment, which is sold by--guess who? The author. Good knowledge, but a little aggressive in tone, and over pushes his other stuff. For the price, this is just not fair.

1/10 Not for beginners
By Raymond M / Beverly Hills FL

Very disappointed. Bought the book and DVD and there is no routine for beginners that the average person who has not worked out can do.
The basic routine for beginners is the swing which is fine but the Turkish get up, No way I can do this exercise even without a kettle bell.
I found the book not only useless for a beginner but very discouraging. You will throw you kettle bell out if you rely on this to get into kettle bells.
Go out and find a certified instructor to get you off to a good start and routine designed for your level of fitness. I did and am pleased with the results.

10/10 Member of the Party
By Frank R / Portland, Oregon

Call me a member of the party! I've been training with the program minimum from "Enter The Kettlebell" for 5 months now and am ready to progress to the right of passage. I can't rave enough about my experience with the kettlebell or Pavel's program. I've just received "Naked Warrior" and am looking forward to adding body weight exercizes to the mix. Power to the People!

10/10 genius in simplicity
By mark / bloomington IL USA

25 years ago i witnessed senior instructors from the Japan Karate Association demonstrate mindboggling expertise in their art. one would think they excelled due to some complicated training system. actually, their training was as bare bones basic as one could get. watching them train allows one to witness first hand, genius in simplicity. that is what this book is. great job Pavel!!

10/10 Simple yet difficult. My experience with ETK
By Chason Hayes / Charlotte, NC USA

I am a 30 year experienced lifter, coach, and trainer. I knew nothing about how to use kettlebells in training when I started this program. When I wanted to learn about them I was overwhelmed with the diversity and variety of exercises. ETK fixed my problem. It clearly explains a program simple enough for the novice to perform on day 1, but is difficult enough for an advanced athlete to benefit from.

I started with 1 month of program minimum while continuing with my current program. I then began the Rite of Passage with a 16KG kb. I made rapid improvements in strength and endurance. When I completed the first cycle 1 did it again with a 20KG kb. Then again with a 24KG kb. Then again with a 28KG kb. I am now starting on doing it with a 32KG kb. I am going to have to buy heavier kbs when I'm done!

I am amazed at my strength gains. When I started I couldn't clean the 32KG kb much less press it! In addition finishing 5 ladders of 5 (75 reps) clean and press is an amazing strength endurance workout too.

I took the opportunity suggested in the book to perform pullups with my clean and presses and now can do 10 pullups with 24KG weight.

I also enjoy the beauty of having variety days where I can learn and practice other lifts or exercises to meet my other needs. I also now have a confidence about trying the other workouts in the RKC book that previously were overwhelming.

My recommendation is this: If you want a new routine, and you want to get stronger and in better shape with kbs, but are not at the point where you can design your own program then get this book.

10/10 Re-vamped the way I move and feel
By Michael / New Mexico

I suffered a blown Achilles tendon in June 2008 and during re-hab began training with kettlebells (KB). I concentrated on the Program Minimum and within 9 months I ran my fastest military PT test in 4 years. Working with KB's taught me how to move more athletically and changed my body composition dramatically. In conjunction with the Warrior Diet, I dropped from a strong, yet soft, 185 pounds to a solid 170 pounds with minimal body fat. I'm actually stronger now than what I was at 185 or even in my 20's. You don't have to combine several methodologies into figuring out how to combine strength/conditioning/flexibility; training with KB's does all. If you could get the perfect combination with any type of training that does all that, KB's would have to be the closest thing I've seen to do that. I've been training for 26 years and KB's is the concentrated and efficient way to go about achieving that elusive balance. If more people knew about this style of training, they would have a healthier body; period.

10/10 elegant efficient effective program.
By mc, / uk

This review is part of a way over 1000 word review and overview of here
but to cut to the chase:

This is THE source text - the starting point to which anyone in kettlebells will refer and for good reason. Clear enjoyable writing with great information, supporting a superior strength and conditioning program that is elegant in its effectiveness.

Core of the text -
Two simple programs:
program minimum: the swing and the get up
is the complete kettlebell foundation program - it's so complete more moves for conditioning need not apply.

But - for working on more strength and power, there is a further program - the rite of passage

with the press, the swing and the snatch.

These are elegant potent programs - and what makes them such is the way the program progressions are designed. The genius is the simplicity and potency of the programs.

To support these programs are corrective strategies and supporting drills.

And if you care about WHY these tools and movements work as they do, from rehabilitation to power, the presentation of the science in the text is clear, sharp and effective.

The Book + DVD is the complete package
and excellent prep to go see an RKC and make the most of such a tune up with a qualified RKC coach.


If you're interested in making more efficient use of your workout time, and want to focus on strength, conditioning and health, you'd be hard pressed to find a more simple, enjoyable way to do it than by grabbing a kettlebell and starting with ETK. Bottom line, while the clarity, simplicity and intelligence of the ETK approach and program makes this new-ish to the west fitness device a key tool for progress, it's the philosophy of training embodied in ETK and demonstrated through this elegantly designed program that produces the real epiphany.

Highly highly recommended "

7/10 A very solid book
By Chris M / Guam, United States Territory

I often post on the dragondoor forum and recently noticed Pavel (yes the man himself) ask for more reviews for his book. Well, I read it some time back and have been using a kettlebells for over a year now.

PT has to be credited for bringing these beauts back into circulation. They are far superior for many exercises than bars or dumbells, presses being a good example. In addition, PT breaks the mold of bodybuilding exercises and brings back traditional exercises which meld perfect with the kettlebells. I'm talking snatches, get ups, side presses and wind-mills.

So this is THE kb training resource. The down side is that the programs are really not perfect. There are 2 main drills here, the PM and ROP. I didn't make much progress with them, but when I started using HIT methods with the bells I slapped on mass and strength with a speed I couldn't believe. The book is excellent though, but don't feel you need to follow the program. Before I get roasted for saying that, remember this is the US of A...this is NOT Communist Russia, komrad! Everybody is different and has a right to pursue their own methods!)

That said, if you plan on working with kettlebells, this book is a must buy.


10/10 Party member- addendum
By Frank R / Portland, Oregon

I forgot to mention in my earlier review the importance of working the program as described by pavel in the manual.KB training is ( "like learning a new skill. akin to martial arts training" ).After several months of "practice" I began to have an awareness of what I was accomplishing, and started to understand what my understanding of "rocking the program minimum" would mean to me. Consequently, now that I've moved on to the RoP I have a solid base on which to build my program. To further paraphrase ETK "the difference between the elite and everyone else is thier grasp of the basics". Power to the people!

8/10 Simple and Extremely Effective
By Brian Flynn / Hopedale, MA USA

I started the program after about 9 months of kettlebells. Three days every week, I know exactly what I'm going to do. The other two days I'm able to indulge my experimental side to kettlebells. The Program Minimum is the perfect way to get your conditioning and shoulders ready for the right of passage. Once I learned what the advantages of the Turkish Get Up, it became my favorite exercise. I cannot stress how important this exercise is. I have made excellent progress in my pressing from a 24 to a 32 in 4 months. Pavel's tips on avoiding strength leakage has helped me tremendously. The only issue is I think you need more snatch supplementing than just doing it once a week. Other than that it's a fantastic book which allows you to some creativity as in times between rungs, ladders etc. Read, practice and succeed!

10/10 Guaranteed Formula for Success
By Daniel / Carson City, NV USA

ETK [BOOK] goes into extreme detail for each drill & sets the reader up on the Program Minimum routine and Rite of Passage routine.

Everything you need to know is in the book. I have followed the drills religiously for eight months now and have seen my strength, endurance and flexibility increase dramatically.

Pavel's descriptions and instructions provide a top notch, guaranteed formula for success.

10/10 Wow!
By thawatchai / Bangkok, thailand

unique strength eqipment

10/10 To Become a Destroyer of Worlds, Look No Further.
By Josh "Kodo KB" / Cornwall, NY

The reason I got into kettlebells was to get conditioned for my varsity soccer season, and it well exceeded my expectations. Just after four weeks on the program minimum, I was lasting longer and hitting hard than I ever had. After the Rite of Passage, I was a terror on the field, and nick-named "The Destroyer of Worlds" by my coach. Enter the Kettlebell has all the information needed by someone who needs to learn the kettlebell movements as well as a clearcut program for awesome strength and conditioning gains. This is one of the few fitness books which is well worth its weight in gold, buy it!

10/10 Great book says it all.
By Lindsey Sparber / Long Island, New York

This book has a program to follow word for word, straight to success. Just the idea of using ladders to improve strength and/or increase muscle mass is worth the money. In fact anyone one of the drills combined with the programming to approach them is worth the money. This book is simple yet effective, perfect for the strength and conditioning of an athlete. It is perfect for someone looking to have a future with kettlebells and it is just as special for someone who is just looking for good health and the strength to live a normal happy life. It is just as special as Power to the People.

10/10 Thank you Pavel
By M.Vaysman / New York, NY USA

I can not recommend this book enough. This was my first purchase from the dragon door series of Pavel's books. Through reading it I learned how to swing, clean, press and snatch. I was never an athlete in high school or college. Pavel makes it easy for you to follow steps of progression so you can reach your personal best. I started with a 35lbs KB and now I am working on pressing 70lb kb for 5X5 in a ladder scheme. Let me translate this personal result. It is strength of my body forging and expressing its self. I know that next year I will be doing this with a 88lb and the year after that hopefully 96lb ! The point is, thanks to this well written/researched publication I was able to wrap my mind around how to train with results. I highly recommend it!

5/10 50-50 AT BEST
By Martin Ferguson Freebridge / Scotland Dumfries Queen Street DG1

Bough this book off around two year back. Service was poor and for the size of it the book is definately overpriced although I dont blame the writer or his company for that though. I was really surprised that people rave about kettle bells. It is really just how to do a few high rep lifts over and over. Not only is this boring but it doesnt build much in the way of strength or muscle, as is evident if you take a look at pavel. This is really a step back in terms of strength training and bodybuilding if you really want to build yourself up you would be better of reading Arnolds encyclopedia or his biography which is great.

10/10 A fresh start in strength training
By Jimi / Europe

Following the two programs outlined in this book, you will gain endurance and upper body strength at a tremendous rate. Your jumping power and resilience for sports will improve too, and you will feel much more in control of your body.
There is petroleum in here, but you will tap into it only if you follow the program. Don't mess with it, don't change direction, don't try to outpavel Pavel himself.
You won t regret it. I don t.

10/10 The Definitive Reference
By Mike Corrales - RKC / Union City, CA USA

I can't tell you how many times I've referred people to this book. For me, this is THE starting place for all things Hard Style Kettlebell. When someone asks me about kettlebells and requests information, I point them to this book.

I must have read through it now at least 7 times myself and refer to it very often. My copy is now dog eared and I even got Pavel to autograph it :]

I recently gave a copy away to a really good friend as a gift.

Get a copy!

10/10 There are no secrets
By R. CARDINALE / Paris, France

This book started a revolution; it's packed with solid information on strength training, whether you train with kettlebells exclusively or not, and provides a foolproof plan to reach your goals (and if you don't have any, Pavel is happy to give you some).

As usual, Pavel gives you the basic truth of strength training: hard work (within your limits, of course) and consistency. His writing style is straight to the point, concise and witty.

There are no secrets.

10/10 Enter the kettlebell, exit with THE Body
By Tope / Hampshire, UK

What an incredible and amazing book. So glad I purchased it, my friends have borrowed it and decided to get their own too as have several clients. We all thoroughly recommend this and also 'Convict Conditioning' to take you past the Cross-Fit into True Fit!

10/10 Your Kettlebell education begins here
By Robert Degen / New York, NY

I am not new to very hard training, doing traditional low reps heavy weights strength workouts and martial arts for many years, so I have been around the block. I was introduced to kettlebells because I heard that they were great for you shoulders when done properly. I had a nagging shoulder injury for a couple of years, and I really did not want to risk surgery. I started this routine, and the results were amazing. My shoulder has not felt this great in years, it's like I never had an injury there. This man is the real deal. He will show you how to lift these things without hurting yourself, and do it right. You need both the book and DVD, they really complement each other. I never knew how to do an overhead press properly until Pavel explained it here. If you want to lift kettlebells, start with Enter the Kettlebell. If you want to burn your gym membership and get a better head to toe workout at home, start with Enter the Kettlebell. Do yourself a favor, invest in the book/dvd/kettlebell combo offer from DragonDoor. A 35 is plenty heavy for the average man to start with. Stick with the program and get a heavier bell when necessary, you will not believe the results.

10/10 Taming the Arc allowed me to snatch 32kg without a problem Awesome!!!!!
By Aaron Depledge / Salmiya Kuwait

Great reads need to entertain and inform, ETKB does both with an easy flowing style, love it. However,when you get into it the content just blew me away, my technique has improved dramatically. I spent the summer getting to know two 50lb KB's and the knowledge I gained from this book made the experience hugely rewarding. Looking forward to the USSS snatch and pressing half my bodyweight. The prep work and technical advice have removed aches and pains I was suffering with, thank you so much!

10/10 im buying them for friends and family
By lawrence darby / lumberton, tx

this book is great! trained on my own with kettlebells using internet sources for almost a year. then read Enter the Kettlebell and corrected many training mistakes. with Enter The Kettlebell, i corrected many bad habits i'd picked up, and my training intensity was increased dramatically. helped me prepare for the first ever HKC workshop which was also amazing and further improved my technique. my own copy of ETK is well-worn and i purchased this one for a friend who is just beginning with kettlebells.

10/10 This book kicks ass!
By Guy Bedard / Ile-des-Chenes, Manitoba, Canada

This book kicks my ass! I am attending the RKC next year (2011) for certification and this is the book to get me there!

10/10 Outstanding
By Piers Kwan / Brisbane, Australia

This book is incredible, the information in it will make you a better athlete. It makes a man bigger, stronger and faster all at the same time, what kind of an idiot wouldn't want that? Do yourself a favour and become a better performer.

10/10 Simply awesome
By Roger West / UK

I've been following the programs laid out in ETK for just under a year now - 11 months I would say. I spent 5 to 6 months on the Program Minimum and the last 5 months working on the Rite Of Passage.

All I can say is WOW. I love this program. Heavy days I look forward to with a mixture of excitement and a touch of dread.

I'm not a stranger to gyms or weights. I've been training with free weights doing body building type routines and doing circuit training for the preceding 8 years. All I can say about these is now I know that they just weren't working.

This program is a lot simpler than anything else I have followed before, but I feel stronger and fitter than ever before and I'm only going all out once a week instead of every session. I'm also doing less sessions a week. Even so I've still managed to cut off around 9.5% BF (I'm now sub 10%) with minimal change to my diet and get much, much stronger.

As well as the practical aspect of this, there is also the nice side effect of looking better too. I'm looking leaner, but my shoulders & back are looking denser.

I just wish I'd found the works of Pavel when I was in my twenties. This is the first of several Dragon Door products that I own. There will be more although I intend to follow this program through until I hit the goals listed in it.

3/10 Pretty self serving
By George Neureuther / DeKalb, Illinois

Sure, there a few tidbits of information in this book. But for the most part it is just information any good trainer would already know. All of the movements we already had clients doing and we even had alot more exercises. When I first recieved the book I was tempted to return it the same day. Instead I added it to our book shelf for reference material.
I thought the book was pumped up with information not really needed like how kettlebells are made and alot of history. I was hoping for a insight into exercises, not into the manufacturing ahd history.
I think my rating speaks for itself.

8/10 If you want to get into kettlebells...
By Graham / Portland, ME

...Buy this book! It is an amazing resource. The explanations and pictures of the exercises in the book are perfect. I have had it for over a year, and still find myself coming back to it to fine-tune my technique. My only caveat is the vague references within the text to Pavel and others' books, which lends the impression that he is simply trying to plug other products. However, still great.

10/10 GREAT book
By Patrick / Virginia

If you are interested in kettlebells, whether new to fitness training or not, buy this book. I started practicing with kettlebells before I got this book, including the get up, swing, press, etc. I was skeptical at first, and felt I could learn everything I needed to know from practice and the internet. WRONG. My training improved dramatically after studying ETK (notice that I said studying, not reading). The book includes insights and techniques that are essential to effective kettlebell training. You will not find them anywhere else, including the Dragon Door forums. While the book is relatively expensive, it is worth every penny. Stop making excuses and join the Party, you won't regret it.

10/10 The perfect book to get you started with kettlebells and keep going!
By Anonymous / Schererville, In.

I had never given kettlebells an honest chance, but after reading this book I am fired up and ready to go full blast to be a man among men.

10/10 Great book
By Anonymous / Location withheld

This book is not about entertainment but about getting REAL SKILLS.

While most people like to play around and try a few things this book reminds us to stay with the basics get good with the basics and get real skills.

Amazing book.

10/10 Pavel produces the goods once again!
By Anonymous / Portland, OR

This book is another gem offered by and Pavel. Even the Soviet secret about which day of the week the human body seems to be at this most energetic and able to stand heavy work with the most benefits is worth the price. Get it. You can't go wrong.

10/10 This book was exactly what I was looking for.
By Ben Jenkins / Boston, MA, USA

I wanted to get into kettlebell lifting after hurting my shoulder at the gym where I had been mainly using machines for about a year. I had spoken to a friend that runs an MMA gym and he said the guys at his place were using kettlebells and explained how the kettlebell is regarded as not only a shoulder strength builder but a shoulder healer. I wanted a book that would break down the core moves in the most fool-proof way possible so I'd have no chance of hurting my shoulder again due to not understanding proper form. ENTER THE KETTLEBELL explains how to do all the core kettlebell moves perfectly through plenty of pictures of Pavel going through each movement in both perfect form. Between the photos and the well-articulated descriptions of proper form, all you have to do is practice and you WILL master the swing, press, snatch, get up, etc.

I've been on the program for two months and the results have far surpassed what I got out of a year on the gym machines. I just cancelled my gym membership, as a matter of fact. My grip strength has never been this high, I keep adding to my max reps for pull ups, and I'm dropping pant sizes while putting on more muscle weight. This book made me a true believer in the kettlebell. I keep reading it to pick up little nuances about things I'm still trying to perfect. I look forward to every workout because every workout produces results.

6/10 Good, But Incomplete
By Howard Argyle / Pleasant Grove, USA

Good – But Incomplete

I purchased “Enter the Kettlebell” (ETK) about two years ago. My overall assessment of the book is that the information provided is good, but it is incomplete. Contrary to the hype, it is not the only strength and fitness program you need.

I was intrigued with the concept that two exercises, kettlebell presses and kettlebell snatches could be a complete training regimen. But because of the respect I have for Pavel, I decided to follow the program. I believed that the “what-the-heck” (WTH) effect would cover all of my training needs. (For any that don’t know what WTH is, it is the concept that kettlebell workouts somehow magically improve skills you have not practiced.)

First, I would like to give some general thoughts about Dragondoor Publications. All of the Dragondoor publications that I have seen have the same attributes:

- While the information presented is generally of high quality, it is often drowned out by hype and self-promotion. (The information to hype ratio is fairly low).

- They are relatively expensive: paperback books, hardback prices.

- The editing leaves something to be desired, especially when you consider the price of the book.

ETK: The Good.

-My grip strength is much improved.

-My overhead pressing strength has improved markedly.

-My endurance has improved.

-The pain from an AC impingement in my shoulder is almost completely gone.

-My chronic lower back pain has been mostly eliminated.

-The information to hype ratio is fairly high.

-The editing is better than most Dragondoor publications.

ETK: The Bad.

The “what-the-heck” effect is vastly overstated. Prior to starting the ETK program, I performed pullups three times a week. I have always disliked pullups, and I was happy to find an alternative. So after starting ETK, I stopped my pullup routine. A few weeks ago, I was in the school yard with my son. We went over to the jungle gym for some pullups. I could barely perform a single rep. I had almost completely lost my pullup strength. I should have known the WTH effect was too good to be true.

Bottom Line

The ETK program is good, but don’t expect it to be your complete strength and fitness routine.

10/10 Best workout ever
By David Acquistapace / Palm Desert, United States of America

I was thinking about how impressive the kettle bell is for a complete work out, and how simple. I like what Pavel said in his book "Enter the Kettlebell" about simplifying your workouts and just doing a few effective things on a regular basis.

Having been involved in gymnastics in high school and pole vaulting in college I then just kept working out over the years.

I have lifted weights, run, swam, road cycled, body weight workouts, Mike Geary's program, Bill Phillip's program, and "Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle" (I got down to 9% body fat on this program about 3 years ago but was seriously over training and had to back off.) Of all the programs, Bill Phillips comes closest to yours in simplicity, but he doesn't have kettle bells!

When I think back to our workouts in college on the pole vaulting team, it was brutally simple: 5 days a week, pull ups, bar dips, push ups, and then 10 100 yard sprints with 50 crunches at the end of each sprint. At least once a week or more we went for 100 reps on the pull ups, bard dips, and push ups. It did not matter how you got to 100, whether it was 1 at a time or more. My first week I did not even make 100, and I think my first set was about 5 pullups. After a year of this brutal training my first set of pullups was 24, second was 18, third was 15, and so on down the ladder to 100. The dips and push ups were far easier. I am afraid that today I would have to start back at 5 or fewer!

My point is that your regimen is the first thing I have done since 1975 that comes close to those track team workouts. As a college professor my spare time is almost non-existent, so I need a workout that is fast, effective, and will allow me to reach my goals.

And for those of you who consider yourselves "too old" to get into this brutal workout, I am 55 years old, weigh 190 lbs. with body fat of 12%, do my C&Ps with a 28kg, and my swings/snatches with a 24kg. I follow the ladders religiously because I tried other rep/set combos and they did not work with the kettlebells. Today I tested and really was a little worn out from a long week at work. Anyway, I know these numbers are not all that impressive to some of you younger or more experienced mutants out there, but for me it was a PR. I am shooting for the USSS snatch numbers. C&P: 32kg, 1 x left, 3 x right. Snatch, 5 minutes (not ready for 10 yet) 24kg, 70 total reps. My goal is to hit 100 reps in 5, then add one minute with goal of 10 more reps til I get to 10 minutes. By the way, I checked my resting blood pressure two days ago and it was 105/62. My resting pulse is always between 48 and 58 bpm, depending on how much HIT training I do on my variety days.

Pavel, your program is the most efficient workout I have ever done, hands down!

Thank You.

10/10 KettleBell Bible
By mike mckennett / san diego, U.S.

For the beginner & anybody that trains with a kettlebell, this is a good 'bible' to study. Great instruction & detail to help boost your training. "Swing is King", very true, try doing swings with a gymboss on a 1 min/30 sec rest interval for 10 sets. If you don't feel the burn your not performing the swing correctly. The basics are the best!!!! Vodka & picklejuice. enjoy comrade !!!!!

9/10 Fast Results if You Follow the Plan as Written
By Raphael Sydnor / Woodberry Forest, USA

Personal Overview: Enter the Kettlebell was one of the first kettlebell books I read. Aside from being full of great information, ETK is written in a way that makes you want to keep reading. While it is easy to finish reading ETK in a couple of hours, I encourage you to take your time and read actively by taking notes in the margins and stopping to try the techniques. Being an easy and fun read, I encourage re-reading ETK several times once you start the Program Minimum and Rite of Passage.

Personal Experience: I progressed quickly through the Rite of Passage workout because each previous workout prepared me for the next. The easy day made the medium day possible, and the medium day made the hard day possible. I went up in KB weight every time I completed my 5x5 hard ladders, which was almost every time I reached the hard day. I know some people stall out on their progress, but I really did not because I used 2.5 and 5lb plates bolted on to my 32kg KB. Those small increases in weight combined with the recommended pull up ladders really did the trick, and in about four months I was able to hit my goal of pressing over half my body weight with each arm 38kg at about 75kg body weight.

Follow the Plan as Written: but listen to your body! I did experience some tendonitis with the high volume pull ups combined with high volume presses close to the end of ROP. I did adjust the protocol at the end by switching to rows rather than pull ups. As outlined in Viking Warrior Conditioning, I swapped the swings for the VWC snatch progressions on my variety days and made progress on both ROP and VWC with my focus on ROP.

Parting Shots: I would like to see Dragon Door come out with a second edition of ETK that updates the Turkish Get Up technique as well as polishing up a couple of layout issues where, for example, captions are on one page and the photo on another.

10/10 Great read
By Jason Mansfield / Las Vegas, NV, U.S.A.

I have just discovered the kettlebell and the information to use it properly. Many thanks to Pavel and Dragon Door.

10/10 A No Brainer
By Michael Sicuranza / Wilmington, Delaware USA

If you want a no nonsense and easy way to learn kettlebells, this is the book and program for you. Founded in the basics, you will get stronger. You will get in better shape. It is simple and challenging wrapped into one package. I love it and you will too.

7/10 Informative
By Bobby / Italy

Well, I didn't know much about kettlebells or how to use them, but this book is very informative and provides the basics on how to get started. I recommend buying this book before you buy a kettlebell, because it gives you tips on how to choose which kettlebell size you should start with.

10/10 Wow!! This is great stuff!
By David H / Covington, Indiana USA

I have to say if you buy Kettlebells, this DVD and book should be right along with the bell. Everything a beginner needs, very informative, detailed and nothing you don't need. Plus Pavel's humor is great, so refreshing and unlike most fitness videos. A perfect 10!

10/10 Makes it simple, not easy.
By mf / A-town USA

Mr. Tsatsouline breaks things down to their base components in this book. This is good for people like me who are new to k-bells. I also tend to jump into things head-long. This book has been good for me in that I have cooled my jets a little bit and am patiently learning to do things the right way. It's a book about working out across a lifetime, not just something to do for a week.

9/10 good honest book
By andy capadouca / vancouver, bc ca

"Enter the Kettlebell" demystifies lilfting through a simple down to basics style. Tsatsouline emphasises sustainability and health throughout the book. unlike fad fitness quick fixes this book takes a long view that facilitates quick gains with the overall view that longevity of the athelete is tantamount. avoiding injury by employing sound technique has enabled me to enjoy my kettlebells and see positive changes in strength, weight, energy and the all impressive WTH factor! thanks Pavel!

10/10 How Do I Love ETK, Let Me Count the Ways?
By Albert / Marinette, WI, USA

The benefits I gained from ETK-style kettlebell training:

- Fat loss
- Muscle gain
- Cardiovascular endurance (finally!)
- Hip power
- Grip of steel
- Run faster
- Jump higher
- Shoulders and back like granite
- Physique closer to an old-time strongman
- Burn more calories from laughter when people's eyes bug out watching me snatch 70 pounds

Pavel cuts kettlebell training down to the essentials, breaks down the movements well enough to learn them from the DVD, and has a great sense of humor.

My only major recommendation: get both the book and DVD. It would be tough to learn something so new just from a book.

10/10 Go from average to strong
By Sean Schniederjan / West St. Paul, MN

Follow Pavel's simple advice and get strong. Its that simple. I had worked with kettlebells for a year before getting ETK and could barely press a 32kg kettlebell and was in the 120's in the Secret Service Snatch Test. A year of ETK and I was able to do 240 in the SSST and Military Press a 32kg and a 16kg kettlebell in one hand! And the 405 lb deadlift was a nice bonus too.

Thanks Pavel for making me a better man!

10/10 Weightlifting x 10 !!!!
By Miles Andrews / Littleton, CO

Easy to read and simple to understand, if you're into physical fitness at all, this book is a necessity for your collection.

His writing style is direct and to the point and he has a great sense of humor. There are also many clear pictures illustrating the exercises throughout the book.

I read the book from cover to cover the day it came in the mail. Two days later I went through it again to make sure I didn't miss anything. It was just as enjoyable to read the second time around.

If you're smart you will also buy his other two books which I also highly recommend; "Power to the People" and "The Naked Warrior".

I've been lifting weights and working out for over 30 years and this simplifies everything enormously! One kettlebell! ...instead of a whole bunch of bars and plates and dumbbells! You don't even need two of the same weight. I can now get on a bus with my kettlebell and go work out at the park if I choose, instead of in my dark basement. Try that with your set of weights or Universal gym!

10/10 great guidance for amazing progress
By Jon Kasik / Atlanta, GA USA

I am 55 and wanted something to help me build more strength and endurance. I found dragon door and Pavel. In 13 weeks, following the instructions given in the ETK book and DVD I learned to do all of the basic move. I dropped from roughly 19% body fat to 9.8 % during this period and gained 1 lb. Doing it, I have had a great time. I did a session with an RKC trainer to make sure I was doing the moves right. She said that I was. This came from studying and applying the materials in ETK. If you want to grow stronger and feel better, this is the most effective way I have found to do so in a short time. What are you waiting for? Come join the Party!

10/10 this book is a necessity
By Kevin Moore / South Bend, IN USA

like Bond, nobody does it better than Pavel.
I have already purchased a few of his and his comrads' books, then ordered this one for my father who is older and injured. The description sounded like just what he might be after with the 10 pounder I gave him.
I kept reading and re-reading the ads, and finally ordered one for myself. The book focused on narrow details that I had missed previously, and included information that I needed. I would recommend this book to anyone.

10/10 Best fitness purchase I've made in years!
By Bryan Shew / Carlisle, PA

I've been in the Army for 15 years and have suffered some injuries, plus just normal wear and tear. I was looking for something different, something simple, and something effective. Enter the Kettlebell meets all three requirements. I could see results within a few weeks, but the real eye opener was my semi-annual PT test. I had not done pushups or situps in the six months since my last PT test, yet I managed to pump out 73 pushups and 70 situps. My total score was my highest in over 10 years. In addition to that, I feel physically better than I have in years. If you put the honest work into the program, I guarantee you'll be blown away by the results.

10/10 Simple and Effective Program.
By John Dixon / Woodbine, MD

I have been on the Rite of Passage program from ETK for one month. Before this, I could press the 32kg kettlebell sometimes on a good day and it was shaky at best. Now, I can press that bell slowly and confidently for a few reps each time I pick it up. One month. I am excelling in my martial arts class, my workday is not physically taxing anymore ( I work at a brickyard, lots of heavy lifting). I am really reaching a new plateau of strength and conditioning. My whole body feels very strong. The constant improvements make it easy to keep going on the program. If you get stuck on this program, then you are simply not applying it correctly. It is impossible to not succeed on this program.

10/10 Pavel's best book to date
By Mike Horan / Poway, CA USA

Enter The Kettlebell is Pavel's best book ever. If you want to workout exclusively with kettlebells, this book does everything, but workout for you. The book is a complete home trainer, you'll learn about the history of kettlebells, preparations necessary prior to using your kettlebells, the RKC Program Minimum, the RKC Rite Of Passage, an explaination of ladders for pressing power, everything you need to know for an effective snatch workout, an FAQ chapter and a chapter on how kettlebells are manufactured. This book is extremely well written and Pavel's sense of humor is sprinkled throughout.

In the two plus weeks I've been doing the ETK workout, I've lost three pounds and my wife says I'm getting noticeably firmer and this is after a four week cycle with the PTP Bear workout . As a sixty-six year old surfer, I couldn't be happier and I'm just a kettlebell novice. A year from now I expect to be stronger, have more endurance and add a little more size to my frame. Thanks Pavel, for an excellent book.

10/10 My first baby steps in to the kettlebell brotherhood
By Mark / Binghamton, NY USA

Pavel, you evil, evil... genius. I just finished my first actual kettlebell workout and I was immediately reminded of my first steps in to MMA conditioning workouts, only this time I got better results in half the time. I did a few sets of swings, loaded squats, and get ups and I will be feeling it tomorrow, not so much as soreness, but as pride. I would like to believe I am a strong individual, but I am man enough to admit these simple routines convinced me otherwise and I have some work to do. Pavel, thank you for showing that effective routines do not need to be boring pieces of time consumption with complicated heaps of cable bound machinery surrounded by people who have no idea what a truly good fitness idea is. I am a kettlebell convert and I am looking forward to the pain tomorrow.

10/10 Simple and effective
By Gary Berenbroick RKC / Berwyn, PA

Pavel not only describes the exercises, he gives you a natural progression and corrective exercises to 'trick' your body into doing them right. He also presents a simple program that, when followed, yields the results it promises. Buy the book, read it and do what it says. Report the results when finished.

10/10 Its a kind of Magic!!
By Keith Pranklin, / London, England

I've recently had some time recovering from a knee operation which stopped me from attending Martial Arts classes for about 9 weeks. In that time, luckily, I was still able to follow ETK which I had just discovered.
Anyway, last week I went back to MA class for the first time in 9 weeks.


The warm up at the beginning was unbelievably easy, my kicking flexibility was through the roof (not literally!!), punching power was greatly improved, my training partner couldn't take me down (he usually throws me round like a rag doll!!) and all round conditioning was so much better that I felt just as fresh at the end as I did at the start!!!
Even better, I went back to MA class a full 14 pounds lighter with abdominal muscles beginning to show themselves (didn't even know they were there!!)

What can I say, other than I wish I'd picked up kettlebell hardstyle training years ago!! This stuff really works and I'm sure it sped up the recovery from my operation.

So Thanks Pavel, thanks to the Party and thanks to everyone with the great advice on Dragon Door forum.
Just thought I'd share this because I'm made up!! (as they say in this part of the world)

10/10 It works
By Vince / Chicago

I 1st got my copy of ETK and read the intro where it exclaimed that the program minimum was probably enough for most people, and the instructions to "just do this". I read through the book and thought, program minimum, BS, where is the real stuff. I treated it like other fitness books and started honing my skills with the "real" excercises. I made some modest gains, got cocky and ordered a 24kg bell. (keep in mind I had not been able to work out for years do to a back injury). I am not a stranger to lifting or sports as I had done it off and on throughout my life was in the military, rugby etc.
Anyway, after messing around with various routines and seeing my results start to stall I decided, OK, I'll just do the program from the beginning with my shiny new red bell. I had no expectations. I mean really, how could working out about 45-60 minutes total in a week accomplish much. It will just get me ready for better things I thought.

I was so wrong. I really can't believe it. The "what the hell" effect has taken place. My body type is mostly ectomorphic. I have lifted for volume, heavy, compound and isolation in the past. It is very difficult for me to put on mass or get definition and gain strength beyond what my CNS adapts to. I have never had traps no matter how many shrugs or lat pulls or presses I did. I would only make some slight strength gains and slight muscle gains.
I can't believe this PM works! I have better shoulders and arms and waste than when I was 27 years old. I mean corded serious stuff is starting to emerge. The V shape has returned to my physique. Hell, I am 45 years old and crippled and have made some gains that I could not get 20 years ago.
Everything looks better, my body looks and feels "balanced". How can working out about 50 minutes a week and 2 exercises accomplish all of this? I guess it is aptly named the "what the hell effect".
The program minimum works. Don't skip it or brush it off, especially if you are new to kettlebells. You won't be sorry.

10/10 Recipe for kettlebell success at any level
By ScottA / Northeast GA USA

Though ETK was written almost 5 years after the Russian Kettlebell Challenge, it really serves as a prequel to the RKC book. ETK provides all the necessary readiness self-tests, assistance exercises, and program basics for a beginner, while at the same time providing advanced kettlebellers a great opportunity to reacquaint themselves with the basics. Everything is here.

I bought a 40kg kettlebell in April and couldn?t budge it off either shoulder. I started the ROP program in mid-July and began working the ladders with my 32kg KB, as well as fine-tuning my pressing ?groove?. Exactly 2 months later, in September, I pressed the 40kg right-handed for 2 single reps in 5 minutes, and came close on the left side! I?ve had similar success in the snatch test, recently passing the US Secret Service Snatch Test, largely due to following Pavel?s program to the letter.

The hardest part for me with this program is getting used to the built-in easy and moderate days. For those who, like me, tend to push 100% all the time, this program is good medicine, as it gives you ?permission? to have easier days. Also, using dice to determine duration of swing/ snatch sets is quite ingenious. I used to dread the death-march swing sets that awaited me later in the day on my old program. With ETK, I don?t find out what my set duration will be until I roll the dice, after I?m already fired up from my pressing ladders. The workouts can sometimes be tedious (and Pavel addresses this, essentially by saying ?Get over it.?). If you want to be entertained, go watch TV and eat marshmallows. You shall become one. But if you seek results over entertainment, get this book and DVD. It is truly a recipe for success. Thanks for another great work, Pavel!

10/10 Hard and Simple, the way it should be!
By Kevin Kelly / Sparta, TN

I just received my copy of Enter the Kettlebell! and could not put it down. I, like many, was confused by the shear volume of training techniques, methods and tools out there. I am a simple guy...I like my workouts hard, but simple. ETK delivers just that and more. Very practical, understandable and essential if you are starting KB training. What a relief to learn I can train hard without juggling so many variables. The book is very informative and I found myself laughing frequently at Pavel's wry comments and sense of humor, which comes through very well. This is a very good manual and resource that I will read again and again. I cannot recommend it enough.

10/10 The standard reference
By Howard / DuPont, WA

I really think this has become the standard text. When KBs first arrived, most books, including RKC were focused on the actual exercises, lots of them. Now the focus is on putting the routine together in a reasonable way. This book does just that, promoting mastery of a few basics with simple, measurable milestones for gauging progress. Excellent. My favorite Pavel book so far (though I don't have Beyond Bodybuilding yet, it is on the way).

10/10 Just what the new giryevik needs
By Musa / NW Indiana USA

Pavel has put together just what I needed. A clear plan to build a strong lean body is clearly outlined in this book. I have been lifting KB on and off for about 1 year and have not been sure of my exercize methodology. Now I am sure of my routine and feel secure in my method of execution. Definitely recommended for a starting point for newcomers to the sport or for the old pros. Thumbs up!!!

10/10 Lots of info in here!
By R. Troch / NYC

This is the kind of book I will have to read again and again. Success is all in the details and there are many in here. Lots of pics of the right way and the wrong way to do things. Love the prep stuff needed to do before the swing is even attempted. Contains some sensible and useful progressions to master the moves. Everything is easy to understand especially if you have read any of the other books (and you really need to if you want to learn this stuff correctly and be great at what you do)Russian KB challenge, Naked Warrior, Super joints and Relax into stretch. My Snatch is already improved!

10/10 serious biz
By jeff zarling / santa maria, CA

wonderful purchase. no nonsense, just the facts. addresses many of the questions I had after reading pavel's rkc book.

10/10 Essential Kettlebells for Dummies
By Doug Jarvi / Columbus, Ohio

I am very glad that I purchased the Enter the Kettlebell book and DVD. I had bought the "Power to the People" book and video a few years ago and it changed the way I train (practice) with weights ever since. So I have followed what Pavel has instructed ever since on exercises, weight training, stretching, joint mobility, etc. When I purchased and started to train with kettlebells I entered into a new method of weight training that has strengthened my body in ways standard weight training never could. The Enter the Kettlebell has broken down the basics of kettlebell training to its bare essentials on how to correctly train with kettlebells that his and other RKC instructors previous training books and videos lacked in the minute by minute detail. This makes all the other training books and videos even more effective because the essential correct form and safety control is are the most important components in every exercise and training method. It is not that his and the others training books and videos were wrong, they just missed the essential "kettlebells for Dummies" basic instruction for novices like myself who train on our own. This has helped me to pay attention to the fine details of the swings, snatches, presses and cleans. As always with Pavel and the other RKC instructors safety and correct no nonsense training methods are emphasized in both instruction and demonstrations. Kettlebell practice has literally strengthened and trained my body to safely work with weight bearing activities that require me to be in movement. I am amazed at how it even has helped my digestive system work more efficiently. This proves that proper lifestyle diet and exercise do assist in the overall health of the body. Kettlebell practice has helped me to train my body to automatically brace my abs as I perform movements with my body especially when I am lifting and moving various weighted objects. This has literally kept me from injury. Essentially all the exercises and weight training (standard lifting and kettlebell ballistics), stretching, joint mobility, etc. have the same core purpose for our bodies: to strengthen and train them to safely perform all forms of movement with and without weight bearing objects at any position possible for the body to move in. Everyone who trains or wants to train with kettlebells should get this book and DVD. Thanks Pavel and to all the RKC instructors.

8/10 What you've been waiting for
By Charles / South Africa

Having had KB's for a couple of years and pretty much messing around with them and combining them with a PTP program (on which i made great strength gains, took my DL from 176lbs to 330lbs for 2 sets of 5) I took a break from PTP and just did KB's, then went back to DL and found I had a heap of strength available.
I then wanted to just do KB exercises but battled to get a bit more of a structured workout with them. Enter the Kettlebell has solved this problem for me, a clear, concise regime for any strength and fitness level is available plus giving one enough freedom for variety.
As with all Pavel's books this one cuts to the core of training, keeping the workouts short and frequent and focussing on the basics. If you want to become a Girevik get the book and enjoy the pain!

10/10 Instant strength boost !!!
By Andrew Edwards / Riverstone NSW Australia

I had trained to the point where I could one arm press the 32kg KB for sets of 2-3 jerky reps (BW 82kgs),after recieving,reading and applying the revised techniques in "Enter the Kettlebell" I did sets of 5 with strict form and a feeling of power . After one week I could C&P 2x32kg KB's for a rep or two . I Know that if I continue in this manner with the material in the book,it will only be a couple of months and I'll be pressing the 40kg bulldog and getting 200+ reps in the snatch test , A man at last . Thank you Pavel and the people at Dragondoor for this and all your great products.

10/10 Keeps strength and energy at high level
By Ron Miller / Honeyville, UT USA

Enter the Kettlebell rates as one of the best purchases I have made. It is understandable and easy to follow the instructions. I am excited about my workouts and look forward to them. Using kettlebells has helped keep my strength and conditioning at a high level. I have the energy and strength to pursue the activities I enjoy - even at the age of 63.

10/10 Yet another masterpeice in Pavel's collection
By Bert Marley / Oak Harbor, Washington

I have all of the KB books Pavel offers. I've been practicing KB off and on for about 4 years now. This book has really helped me understand how I need to build up strength and endurance so I don't over do it and end up hurting myself. I've been getting stronger faster with more endurance. If I could reccomend only one single book from Pavel on KB, this would be the one.

10/10 Pavel does it again!
By Jason Dean / Leeds, England

The speznaz special forces trainer formerly known as Pavel Tsatsouline has now updated the basic requirements of the very extreme russian kettlebell training following his review of his own and his 'comrade's' experiences.

Pavel now includes transverse plane exercises, minimal requirements for feats of strength (to qualify you as a real man), in depth programming plans, useful historical facts and other technical information and progressions. All presented in his own strange and ironic brand of humour.

Thanks Pavel, the updates are bang on! You keep me addicted to the kettlebells and I look forward to meeting you in August.

Well presented and indispensable resource for kettlebellers!

Happy Swinging guys and gals! ;-)

10/10 A must have for all KB users
By T. Phillips RKC / Marlboro, NJ USA

This is the most comprehensive book ever written on kettlebell training. It does not matter if you are a KB expert or a a raw beginner; there is something in here for everyone. I have learned that the difference between being a good trainer / coach is knowing how to fix "little things" in a simple way and Pavel teaches all those tricks and much more in this amazing text.

9/10 I enjoy most of the exercises.
By Larocque / Canada

Good book on kettlebell exercises. Liked It.

10/10 Pavel Still the Kettlebell King!
By Kory Dykstra / Gwinn, Michigan United States

Enter the Kettlebell is fantastic! I hate to admit it but, after reading The Russian Kettlebell Challenge, viewing it's companion video, and reading and viewing numerous other resources; I still had problems putting a usable, time-efficient kettlebell program together. Working two jobs and having a family to take care of, I have minimal spare time and wanted a workout that would completely maximize my available workout time. Well, this is it! Clearly written and exceptionally well illustrated, it brought everything together for me. I have been using it for a month, and my gains have already been through the roof! I have lost 18 lbs of body fat, went down two pants sizes, and am still going strong! Enter the Kettlebell brought together everything I had previously read on kettlebell lifting, and gave it all a brand new relevance and usability. I am trying lifts with the kettlebells I have never tried before and doing them with confidence. Thanks Pavel!

10/10 Kettlebell lifting for DUMMIES!
By Bob Miller Corrections Officer / Idaho

I like so many others was at a loss at what to do and how to do it. Rest assured in this book Pavel explains in great detail how to get the most for your Kettlebell buck. If you're new or a veteran get this book and do it. I really like the coffee or no coffee approach. If you think this is a gimmick just to sell another book on Kettlebells you're dead wrong. Get this book and enjoy the pain!

10/10 Get excited …and Get this book!
By Jim Burns / Bentonville, AR USA

Enter the Kettlebell should be required reading for anyone who is serious about strength and conditioning.
If you are not familiar with Pavel Tsatsouline's works, this is the best introduction I can imagine. He has the background for providing training information for a wide base of individuals.
Here is a book that can help you go from beginner level to the fullest extent of your abilities.
I am over 60, coming back from a physician imposed layoff from exercising and I am very enthusiastic about this program.
The opportunity is there for using this as a tool to improve your functional abilities.
Try it, you'll like it!
As I am writing this, there are currently 77 reviews on the website. I was pleased to notice that all of them have comments and observations that voice almost everything I had thought to say.
Try it, you'll like it!

10/10 Another Excellent Book from Pavel!
By Al Hubbard / Greensboro, NC, USA

A ton of useful training information and some good laughs, too! I get almost as much enjoyment reading Pavel's advice on what not to do as I do reading the cutting-edge training info. You need this book.

10/10 Simple and powerful
By marks / Finland

I think ETK is the best book on kettlebells right now. It gives a lot of information on the subject in a clear manner, and doesn't try to show 1000 different exercises. The program is hard and simple, a lot like PTP but for kettlebells.

I like Pavel's writing a lot. The text is easy to follow, even for someone like me who has english as a second language. Still, the book doesn't treat it's readers as idiots. I like the sense of humor also.
I think everyone who trains or thinks of starting with kettlebells will benefit from this book.

10/10 Perfect
By Matthew Green uk / Manchester, UK

Take a photo of yourself. Buy this book. Buy a suitable sized Kettlebell. Follow the program to the letter. Take another photo of yourself. Compare the two. Be glad you found Pavel.

10/10 Hidden Value.
By Phil van Rijt / Alberta Canada

Both the book and the DVD are nothing other than profound. Mr. Tsatsouline has transfered his vast knowledge of a particularly effective piece of fitness equipment (kettlebells) into a comprehensive strength and fitness system. If I have a disapointment, it would be that kettlebells and Mr. Tsatsouline's ever refining approach were unavailable in the 70's when I started resistance training.
In the last 3 years I have lost 30 lbs. which has, I believe, eliminated my diagnosed sleep apnea. Kettlebell training has significantly rehabilitated my left shoulder subsequent to extensive shoulder surgery only four months ago.

10/10 ETK + Consistency = Kettlebell mastery.
By David Whitley, Sr RKC / Nashville TN

This book is the beginning and end resource for kettlebell training.

Applying the RKC philosophy of "Do fewer things better" this book contains the full depth of the basics of kettlebell training.

For anyone who is serious about the learning kettlebells,"Enter the kettlebell" is a must read, the perfect intro and reference guide to the martial art of strength training.

10/10 ETK is awesome!!!
By Shane Grubbs / Madison, MS USA

I have lost 45lbs, my chronic back pain is gone, and the days of me being injured EVERY SINGLE TIME I GET THROWN TO THE MAT are gone! I have gotten more raw strength and cardio conditioning out of one year of kettlebell training, than ten years of martial arts training.
Thank you Pavel!

10/10 This is an unpaid endorsment !
By Mike66 / Ottawa Il

Buy this book and apply it's teachings! You will be rewarded with strength, endurance and changes in body composition. You do have to work at it, but pavel shows you how. Not kind of, I mean he shows you specifically how! This is a rep by rep guide. You follow the book and get strong, it's that simple!!!

4/10 disappointed
By Maury Wiegand / Bozeman, MT

I was really disappointed in this book. I thought this book would include more exercises and workout formats. The book cost over $42 with shipping and was definately less than I had hoped for.

10/10 KB Start Up
By Bulldog 3-6 / FL, USA

I have just started using KB's, and following Enter The KettleBell. Reading the first couple weeks worth of workouts disapointed me at first, they looked easy, but as soon as I did my first swing I realized a KB is more than meets the eye. I have a 20kg, and am feeling results after a week of "practice". I look forward to feeling the pain of the advanced routines. I HIGHLY reccomend this book and the KB for people who want to strength train, but don't want to be part of the gym scene. I just got out of the Army where there was a free gym within a mile of anywhere on post, and I could cut out of work to lift because lifting was technically part of work. Now I am faced with the time constraints of the real world, and the KB gives me what I want...PAIN and GAIN.

9/10 Very good intro on kettlebells
By Petri / Helsinki, Finland

This book is excellent to beginners (but heres also a lot of good information for more advanced trainers). Good pictures, short and clear explanations. I only wish that I had purchased this book immediately when I started practising with kettlebells, it would have saved me from many problems.

10/10 New to Kettlebell training!
By Lynn F. / Eden, Utah USA

I am still reading the book and enjoy it a lot. I like Pavel's sense of humor and I couldn't agree with him more about the benefits of his training regiment. I was a SWAT agent in the FBI for 30 years and always enjoyed staying in shape. The training makes so much sense.
I wish I had purchased a DVD to go along with the book as I think it might make the initial break in period go a little faster.
Great book! I will be ordering some of the others.

9/10 pain
By Craig (USMC RET) / port townsend, wa

I love the basics and how they are explained. I wish there were more 'workouts' and to be fair I found a great workout in the magazine that was sent with the book. Pavel's faces when demonstating the 'wrong way' are great.

10/10 The next best thing to training with Pavel himself!
By Guy Hall / Umatilla, OR USA

Having had the opportunity to train with Pavel at two of his seminars, Enter the Kettlebell is the next best thing to training with him. His written direction is to the point and covers every aspect of the movement. He allows his humor to come through in his unique style. The most important thing is that his teaching really works. The method of training using the ladders gives you immediate results. This is by far, along with the Naked Warrior, the most effective training tools for strength I have ever come across.

10/10 Enter the Kettlebell DVD a must see before you lift your kettlebell.
By Kevin / New York, NY

I recently purchased the "Enter the Kettlebell" DVD and was amazed at how good it was. Pavel's knowledge of the subject matter is only exceeded by how well he teaches it. The exercises are explained and demostrated by Pavel using a step by step method. Most importantly he stresses safety and how not to get injured by using improper technique. I only wish I saw this video before I started using a kettlebell, I would of avoided alot of beginer mistakes. "Enter the Kettlebell" should be seen by anybody interested in training with a kettlebell.

9/10 The Best Yet
By Anonymous / Richmond Virginia

As an out of shape couch potato, I found the book very helpful in starting to get myself in shape. Pavel's dry wit comes across in the book as well as the the video. The new beginning workout is excellent and I highly recommend getting this book before you even purchase a KB. Good Work Comrade

10/10 An absolute must for all kettlebell athletes..
By Jon Frost / naples, fl usa

The ETK program, both book and dvd (I suggest owning both) are excellent. This program is a definitive guide on how to safely and effectively train with kettlebells. It takes all the guess work out of your training. The programs for success are clearly outlined in an easy to follow manner. The explanations are clear, detailed, and offer a safe and effective way to get the most out of your training in short, effective sessions. The dvd is a must have so that you can see the exercises being done, and the book goes into more detail and serves as a great resource to have next to you during your training sessions. I have purchased almost every product Pavel has offered, and they are all great. But ETK is the best produced and in my opinion the most informative of them all, not to mention a 12 month money back guarantee! How can you lose?? I don't know how they are going to top this one!
Thanks Pavel and Dragondoor.

10/10 Better than advertised-The book and DVD are amazing and eye opening.
By Steve Adams, RN / New Hope, MN

I had heard about kettlebells from Dr Michael Yessis' writings about Soviet sport and Kinisiology years ago. I saw my first ones at Derek Brigham's basement(he did the layout and design on the books)After doing some kettlebell workouts with Derek, I was amazed at how intense the workout was-but you could get a really good workout in 30-40 minutes. I got a 53 pound Russian Red as my Christmas present as well as the DVD "Enter the Kettlebell". I have been using the Kettlebell on off days when I cannot do my interval training or my other workouts in the Gym(At this point in my life, I do mostly body weight exercises like dips, pushups, pullups and ab work) I'm 46 years old, I play rugby, and I feel like the kettlebell training has put me a step ahead of where my conditioning was a year ago when I first started to play where I live near Minneapolis. My pants fit looser, and people have been remarking how "buff" I look. More importantly, I FEEL good using this routine. I would like to thank Derek and Pavel both for this amazing book and DVD.

10/10 Everything it promises
By clay / Laramie, WY

Enter the Kettlebell has made me sweat and almost lose my stomach a couple of times. But, if you are looking for tangible results it is a must. The program is easy to understand, but takes guts to follow. I have lost 25 lbs of fat while just doing the program minumum and watching how many calories I take in. My physique is more defined, I have more stamina and strength.
I feel better, and the book has made me realize that I can reach my fitness goals.
The DVD is also a must, but if you are only going to buy one; buy the book.

10/10 The best Pavel has to offer!
By Rachel- massage therapist / Rapid City, South Dakota

This is the most comprehensive book with the best explanations. All the details leave no question unanswered regarding form or pracice. I love all the workout formats.

10/10 This book breaks down kettlebell training like nothing else!!
By shawn baldwin / Bryant, AR USA

An awesome addition to RKC, Pavel's first book on kettlebells.

10/10 Follow this program and get stronger
By Mike Stehle RKC / Avon, NJ USA

I'm on my second cycle of clean/press and pullup ladders as prescribed by Pavel. I've been following this program to the T and am getting incredible results. I started with the 24kg moved up to the 28kg, and am now ready for the 32kg. I am also doing my pullups with the 20kg around my waist and am now ready to take on the 24kg. Just for kicks, the other day, I did a five minute snatch test with the 24kg bell and cranked out 134 reps. This is without doing any formal snatch training in at least one year. I was shocked, the carry over from the clean/presses was obvious. I look forward to pressing the beast and knocking out at least 230 reps in my next ten minute snatch test. I will stick to this program until I reach my goals.

I've been a high school Athletic Trainer, Strength/Conditioning coach since 1990, and an RKC since 2003, so I have lots of books in my library. ETK is a must for anyone interested in getting results for themselves or their athletes/clients.

10/10 ETK Success Story
By Jose / Miami, FL

I just want to say how ETK program has changed my life. I been doing kettlebells on and off for a couple of years. I was lost at times because I really didn't know a program to follow. I purshased ETK after reading how wonderful the program was on this forum. I'm glad to say that I have lost 30 pounds in the last 6 months on ETK. I currently doing C&P ladders and swings with a 24kg kettlebell. I also do pullups with 15 lbs weight vest after every C&P and one legged deck squats. I know that my numbers aren't great compared to the others on this forum, but it's a great achievement to me. My girlfriend, Best friend and his girlfriend are also doing kettlebell with me after seeing my results. I'm going to start the fire academy with Miami-Dade Fire Rescue in a week and I feel that I can handle what they throw at me because of the ETK program. Thank you Pavel and all of the Dragondoor community for all of your wisdom.

9/10 Excellent Book
By Mike / Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri

I just got the book, and learned a lot. It goes from the basics to proper technigues of the snatch and clean press. What I like is that Pavel is all about getting it right. There is no room for error or improper technique. I believe that it is going to help me with my physical fitness and goals. I would encourage anyone interested in kettlebell training to purchase the book.

10/10 Beginner? Advanced? THIS set will help you progress even further!
By Gavin, "little" U.S. Army / Colorado, USA

I've been using kettlebells for a few years now, but this set is an excellent addition to anyone's arsenal of knowledge. Not only can you use the principles taught for kettlebells, but for many other types of odd-object lifts as well. I HIGHLY recommend this if you're a beginner and I also HIGHLY recommend it if you're more advanced. The book and DVD go hand-in-hand explaining every fine detail of kettlebell lifting. It will teach you to be safe, powerful, and elite. If you want to be RKC or just get your fitness level in the RIGHT gear, then get this set!
TRAIN HARD, TRAIN SMART... live to fight another day!

10/10 Excellent with workbook
By Jason / Lakewood, WI USA

I just recently purchased the ETK workbook and it has changed everything. Instead of me going into the workouts without a clear plan of attack, my gains have jumped dramatically and my endurance on the hockey rink is incredibly improved! Thank you for this incredible product!

10/10 Get this book
By Gene N / Staten Island, NY

This book is straight to the point and easy to read. If you are familiar with kettlebells, you will learn a lot more useful tips. If you are a beginner, this book is an awesome place to start.

9/10 Worth every penny.
By Shane / Brockton, MA, USA

This book is a terrific resource for anyone beginning to train with kettlebells. I tried to create my own regimen based on the Russian Kettlebell Challenge book, but that wasn't working out too well. I was hesitant about buying the book because of the price, but eventually I did and I don't regret it. Pavel gives lots of helpful tips to prepare your body for KBs, he details the finer points of the exercises, and he gives structured (simple but very effective) regimens that have helped me to notice a difference in strength after only 2 weeks. I feel great.
I recommend this book to any beginner or even an intermediate girevik. Enjoy the pain!

By Bois / Montgomery, AL. USA

This book is great especially if you are new to kettlebells. Not only does it give fantastic photos and instructions on exercises, it gives you an "idiot-proofed" routine.
As with all of Pavel's products, this is an awesome book and worth every penny.

10/10 Simple & Effective
By Dan Anderson RKC / Lenoir, N.C.

Clears up alot of confusion. Basically follow this book and you will get stronger.

10/10 THE EVIL EMPIRE STRIKES BACK with ETK against weakness
By Kevin Solomon / Middleburg, Pennsylvania USA

Again, PAVEL delivers nothing but RESULTS. Just when you thought the bar couldn't be raised any higher, The Evil Russian presents ETK. Written in his signature concise and witty prose, ETK makes the complex simple. ETK is a foolproof recipe for KB success at any level -just do not deviate from the party line. New PR's will be future frequent occurrences. BELIEVE THE HYPE:"...gorilla shoulders and tree-swinging traps." My back, shoulders, and arms are bigger than ever after just 3 short months. I added the optional pull-up ladders and overload presses as outlined in the bonus report to my Rite of Passage. At 6', 205 lb, my Rite of Passage milestones to date: Start: C&P 40kg X 1 reps -l,r /// Snatch 24kg X 168 / 10 min Week 1- C&P 32kg X 5 (1,2,3) -l,r Week 3- C&P 32kg X 5 (1,2,3,4,5) -l,r Week 4- C&P 40kg X 5 reps -l,r /// SSST 24kg X 179 / 10 min Week 8- C&P 40kg X 7 reps -l,r /// SSST 24kg X 189 / 10 min Week 9- C&P 40kg X 5 (1,2,3) -l,r Week 12- SSST 24kg X 200 / 10 min Week 13- C&P 40kg X 5 (1,2,3,4,5) -,r Buy ETK. TAKE YOUR RITE OF PASSAGE and Grow Like a Silverback Gorilla. Then Go Buy Bigger Shirts.

10/10 Exercise in full sense
By Zoltan Kegl / Los Angeles, CA USA

I am a Hungarian. I studied on the Sport University in Hungary. I tried many different methods to build strength and muscules. I experience sofar that the best way to improve my strength was to do lumberjack work in a forest. When I was doing it I had to throw 20-40 kg (about 40 - 80- pounds) wood pieces to upper places, cut tree etc. I realized and experienced that using the kettlebell gives me the similar or same improvement.
It is awesome. I still would love to go into a forest to work but the exercise part can be done in my room and with my kettlebell by uing this book.
This book has very good instruction and pictures to it so I can improve my technique and get better result.
Today I am using a 64 pounds kettelbell. 2 months ago the 32 pounds was a challenge.

10/10 Excellent!
By Shaun Schuyler / Littleton, CO USA

Mr. Tsatsouline has done it again. ETK is more focused, and just as beneficial as RKC. As he wrote in NW, Mr. Tsatsouline focuses on doing fewer things better. Nothing is lost in the transition from RKC to ETK, thanks to the variety days. He makes progress easier to measure, and with just as much attention to detail.

I also appreciate the great information on the DD website, and the current issue of Hard Style (Fall 2006) for the Long Push Press, which will help a lot whenever a heavier kettlebell is in order.

Thanks for your time.

8/10 Summarize!
By Rick Carlstrom / San Francisco

The book is good with a nice blend of technical information and informal descriptions. However as with most of Pavel's books I wish there were more one page outlines that would neatly summarize the information presented in the previous chapter or chapters. Charts and outlines that summarize the approach please.

10/10 Effective & Efficient
By Paul J Naredo / Lubbock, TX USA

This book has stripped away all of the "frills" associated with kettlebells. Pavel truly encapsulates the core of kettlebell training. This book is even better than his first kettlebell book. I was truly like the Russian who went mad with the multiple choices for coffee. Now, I have coffee or I do not have coffee. This book has given me new direction and goals to work toward.

10/10 Great Rehab Tool - Watch and Learn from the Best
By Hank Mosher / Birch Run, Michigan

?Enter the Kettlebell!? by Pavel is simplistic in its approach, yet absolutely great at the same time. After you do yourself the great favor of getting this DVD and Book, do yourself another favor. Learn how to use your remote to work the rewind and ?Previous section? reverse-scan functions of your DVD player. Reason? You need to take full advantage of re-listening to Pavel and re-watching his well-explained subtle intricacies of how to lift, swing, and overall how to ?SAFELY? use the kettlebell . Re-watching each step individually or as a group is like re-watching a good movie again and again. You see and understand things better each time when you really pay attention. Pavel is not just a great athlete ? in his own concise and dry-humored style he is a phenomenal teacher. Thanks Dragon Door for the great publications!!!
I appreciate Pavel?s direct approach, and how he constantly says ?It?s OK ? to just do parts of a routine ? he shows you how to slowly build up to the routines. I?m definitely looking forward to more, as I am 53 y.o, 6 foot, currently 275# (and finally losing with the help of KB?s); 4 levels of my neck were fused 4 yrs ago, along with 3 joints in my left foot fused 2 yrs ago and both Achilles tendons resected and reattached. It has strengthened my wrists dramatically. Of the different things I?ve tried, including ?the sissy machines? and bodyweight routines, the Kettlebell is superb in its? basic, primal and functional approach.

9/10 Very Informative Book
By Robin McGill / Tampa, FL USA

I really am enjoying this book. Pavel has such a unique way of explaining and demonstrating each exercise. His style is very special. He makes learning the kettlebell techniques fun.

10/10 Great book
By steve / denver

Clear and precise instructions on moves. This book is even better in combination with the workbook offered by Together they offer a huge program designed to "de-sissify" you.

10/10 Enter the Kettlebell
By judith hansen / minneapolis, Minnesota United States

The best I've Seen!

8/10 More good lessons from Pavel
By Charles N. Steele / Belgrade MT

I've been reading "Enter the Kettlebell" for a week or two now. It's mostly very clear, simple, no nonsense, practical, and useful -- very similar to PTP and Naked Warrior, which I also have. It has a similar stripped-down approach, covering basics w/o frills. Unexpected for me was the material on stretching and getting prepared for kettlebell work: good stuff. I think it's worth what I paid. The book has background info (KB history, how KBs are made) that perhaps could have been omitted, but it's interesting and adds to my appreciation for what I'm doing with KB, so I'm glad it's there. Gripes? The paper and print quality seems somewhat cheap. There's an obvious typo in the labels on the get-up photo sequence, in which one that's clearly showing an error to avoid is labeled as one more step. (The tip-off: Pavel has extremely goofy expressions when he demonstrates errors -- in this case the error being that his KB bearing arm isn't perpendicualr to the deck. (In the correct form photos he doesn't look goofy at all, he looks deadly.) And occasionally something is mentioned almost in passing that becomes important later, and I find myself paging back to find what it was I missed... of course, maybe this is a criticism of me rather than the book. Anyway, for someone wanting to learn KB on their own, I think this book is certainly worthwhile. I recommend it. P.S. why "Pavel?" Aren't we Americans smart enough to spell "Tsatsouline?"

By Christian Lombardo / Huntington, New York

Pavel justs keeps on expanding information on kettlebell training. An AWESOME book!

10/10 Enter the Kettlebell
By Goat / Hampton Bays, NY/ Tempe, AZ USA

i have The Russian Kettlebell Challenge, Power to the People, Naked Warrior, and other dvd's and books from the dragon door forum. All of Pavel's books are great, and informative, and he never stops teaching. The information in this book is excellent and a great help. Even if you already have the Russian Kettlebell Challenge and don't think you need this book buy it. You won't be sorry, my form has improved which translates for me into strength gains.

10/10 Great Book -- Better DVD
By Gary / Underwood, Iowa USA

Great book, explained exactly what I needed to know in a fashion that can understand.
Got the DVD and it is again just what I needed. I would NEVER hesitate to purchase anything
put out by Pavel.....

10/10 Superb book for beginners or experienced Kbellers!
By T-Bone / Greenville, SC USA

I am a recent convert from the popular American weight training style workout to Pavel's Kettlebell training style workout. As such, I began with Dragondoor's KB starter kit, and worked on perfecting basic movements such as the swing, clean, snatch, and military press; however, I found it difficult to determine how often I should work out or what combinations of exercises would be most beneficial. Luckily, I stumbled onto Pavel's "Enter the Kettlebell!" and gave it a try. It proved to be exactly what I was looking for. Pavel has really seemed to bring everything together in this book. Not saying you shouldn't read all of Pavel's other books, but this book is stand-alone. It is all you need to start kettlebell training, and all you will need to progress to whatever mutant-stage athelete you heart desires. This book is worth its weight in gold. You will not regret this purchase!

10/10 Excellent book, exactly what I needed to set me on the right path.
By Jose / Toronto, Canada

Prior to reading this book, I was all over the ice trying out different programs that I found on the net. While the other programs were all valid I was jumping from program to program trying to find one that suited my needs. I am new to kettlebells and have only been using them for five months and this book is the perfect fit. Looking forward to completing the RKC Rite of Passage.

10/10 Very Methodical, no nonsense
By KA / Canada

Pavel's new book is great. It is a very clear and concise program to increase strength. Initially I thought this program would be very boring and mundane, same old exercises day in and day out. Anyways the variety days allow me to be an "artist" and have some fun with PHA and HOC. Bottom line: great book. My only criticism is: Where was this book when I started...

10/10 A Must Have
By Joe Sarti / San Jose, CA

If you have not yet done so take the time to invest in this complete book of kettlebells by Pavel. An excellent book that covers all basics and so much more including troublshooting tips that are so important for those who have not had the opportunity to work with an RKC and for any RKC.

In addition there are a wonderful number of auxillary articles, tips, etc by other top RKC's, great sample programs, and so much more.

To sum it up, this is Pavel at his best and is my number one resource for Kettlebell training!

6/10 Enter the Kettlebell Reviewed
By Mark Harrell / Los Gatos, California

I generally liked "Enter the Kettlebell" the book... I did learn some nice tips on taming the arc, improving the snatch, etc... The real value to me was the teaching progression and routines. I was a little disappointed that the two downloaded chapters were not included in the printed book. The exercises shown in those two chapters would have made the book more valuable and complete in my opinion.

Over-all it is a good book.

10/10 All you need to get statrted with Kettlebells and much more
By Filippo / Queens, NY

Excellent manual: clear step by step instructions, full background, comprehensive tutorial: closes any gaps that may have been left in the previous publications. In my opinion this book is fully sufficient for the brave self taught gyrevik-to-be to enter this facinating discipline with the right foot.

9/10 Perfect form
By Eric Fronczak / Atlanta , GA

The emphasis on perfecting the most basic fundamentals for Kettlebell training was presented in the most comprehensive way I have ever found . Short of having an RKC instructor in front of you , this book should never leave your side . I only wish more descriptions of various exercises could have been included , although this would probably make the book several thousand pages !

10/10 A+ to all of Pavels Products
By Donald Costa / Troy, New York United States

Since i purchased PTP and read it , i have been following all of Pavels advice. I now have numerous KBells and a Pavelizer. At 56 years old and having lifted since i was 15, training had become boring. I have been following Pavels advice for my weight training but more importantly i have been using the KBells. Using the Bells has helped to lower my heart rate. Also i am cutting the fat off my body. Pavels latest book "Enter The Kettlebell" gives me more insight for using the Bells. Easy to understand and increadably helpful. Anyone interested in Kettlebells should read the book, see the DVD or better yet do both. You can't lose.

10/10 Fantastic book!!!
By Robert / Louisville,KY

This is the best book ever written on kettlebells. It is simple and to the point. I would recommend it to everyone interested in this awesome tool called the kettlebell.

10/10 Plain and simple.
By Lyle W. / Honolulu, HI USA

Read through the book twice, and it's plain to see that it is by far one of the best instruction on initiating an extrodinary strength regiment. The instructions are simple to follow, and clear. Pavel is very knowledgable, and he is proof positive that kettlebells WORK.

10/10 The best hard style program to date
By Frank Nunez / Miami Florida

In the updated version of the RKC series Pavel really took the best ideas and totally upgraded the RKC system. Both the book and DVD are packed with tips and hints on how to better refine your technique on the basic kettlebell exercises. The programs in the book are simple and straight forward, a sure fire path to success. Another great thing about the book & DVD is that it doesn?t focus on the GS sport type routines but really on the Hard Style of kettlebell training that Pavel and his senior staff have created and developed over the course of years of training and experience. Beginner or advanced if you want to get better at the basics you really need this book.

10/10 No Excuses!
By Sam Twito / Northfield, MN

This is by far Pavel's best book to date. He presents a clear, simple, program that anyone can follow. I'll be suprised if the number of RKCs doesn't dramamtically increase as a result of Enter The Kettlebell! I hope to see the rest of you guys at the June 2007 RKC!

By S. McGee / Wildwood, NJ

Two weeks into the ETK Become a man among men program and this is the biggest my shoulders have ever been. My swing numbers are up also with less time. Best product yet thanks Pavel.

10/10 Superb Tool! Definite must have!
By Mike Thomas / Dayton, Ohio

This book is simply outstanding! Clearly lays out a path from novice to advanced practitioner. Addresses all the little issues (i.e. how care for your hands). Pavel's writing style makes this book enjoyable as well informative. Definite must have...

10/10 The shortcut to high performance strength and conditioning!
By mak_the_knife / Gaithersburg, MD

I've been an enthusiastic user of kettlebells ever since the moment I wrapped a fist around one almost five years ago and have since purchased every one of Pavel's books and videos (not to mention racking up frequent flyer miles traveling to MN)... but I can honestly say that 'Enter the Kettlebell' is his best work so far.

As opposed to introducing more exericises, theories and concepts to confuse and confound the new (or even experienced) KB user Pavel has distilled the heart and soul of the KB experience (read the book to find out how!). By streamlining the training variables and process, he has made it possible for anyone to reach their strength and conditioning potential in the most efficient manner possible - and then exceed it.

Buy 'Enter the Kettlebell' and then get an extra copy... because you're going to want to share this one!

9/10 Great Job! Most refined Pavel book to date.
By Joe Pulone / Baltimore, MD USA

Pavel's attention to detail is fantastic.
Great book and highly recommended.
I would only wish for a little more refinement with the photos and they still need better proof reading to eliminate errors, although this is by far the most error free book by Pavel.

10/10 You need a plan!
By Tom Reddin / Fresno, CA.

This book has tremendous value to me because it contains exact information on how to start and use KB's. Not living near any instructors and not always sure I'm following other sources of information correctly, this book has taken away any fear or ignorance I had (at least with kettlebells).

This is also a very rare athletic/fitness book that actually dispenses wisdom by insisting that certain benchmarks are achieved before the next step is taken. It feels like Pavel is there with you and that he is not only present for today but that he is also concerned about your body 20 years from now when repetitive exercise error will rear its ugly head.

This book fills a huge void in KB training and should be one of the first books in every KBer's training library. Well thought out, well done, providing a map to start your journey. Reminds me of Bob Hoffman's work and a type of 21st century "Keys To Progress." Truly an excellent product.

10/10 Cuts the confusion ...
By Old Dog / England

There's two things to remember about training. One, it takes time and effort. Two, it's worth it - if you get it right!

This book is a gem. It's challenging routines are laid out in easy to follow form, and the time and sweat invested gives real results.

Why waste time with complex routines? They usually take twice as long and only give half the benefits. Buy this book and get on with it!

10/10 Cuts to the heart of the matter!
By Chris Przygocki / Ithaca,NY

This book is THE foundation in kettlebell training. I started kettlebell training a year ago. I trained with the RKC book and dvd faithfully and was wowed. I realized that strength truly is a technique to be honed. I continued to read articles at draondoor, PTTP, the Naked Warrior and Get in the Best Shape of Your Life to acquire the finer points. All these have helped me tremendously, but I was still left wanting... Enter The Kettlebell! ETK is the FINER POINTS! Like many I'm sure, I was suffering from "analysis paralysis" when it came to KB training: progressions, grinds vs. ballistics, rest periods and cycling loads. No more. ETK is streamlined, excellently detailed, and very well written. It has put more value in all my other dragondoor products. Without a strong foundation one can build only so high. TTT!

10/10 Pavel's Methods are the Best, Hands Down
By Eric J. Sommermeyer / Ridgeway, IA USA

I have been training with using Pavel's systems for over 1 year. I have used Power to the People and the Russian Kettlebell Challege with much success. In this time period, my body fat percentage has gone from approximately 24% to 17% and I have dropped about 15 pounds in overall body weight. Enter the Kettlebell took my training to the next level. Pavel lays out exactly which exercises to practice and the duration, much like PTP. Presses are done using ladders and swings/snatches are done for time anywhere from 2 minutes to 12 minutes. I have combined the RKC Rite of Passage with Power to the People, as Pavel described in the book. I train 5 times per week and my sessions almost never last longer than 30 minutes. It has been approximately eight weeks since I have been training with the Rite of Passage/PTP mix and I must say that I find myself getting stronger and leaner to the point where my wife and co-workers are beginning to notice and inquire about my training. Pavel's methods are the abosolute best, hands down!!

9/10 Great Reading. Best Pavel book to date.
By Ken Willis / Dallas, Tx

ETKb is a great book if you are just getting in to kettlebells or have been working with them for some time. This book is pure K.I.S.S and provides great detail on the various exercises and how to perform them. ETKb goes above and beyond what the RKC book has in so many ways. The program minimum is great for those beginners or even those that are looking to improve form or step back and start fresh. I have been working with kettlebells for a few years off and on, but since buying ETKb, I have new material to encourage me to continue with my rehab and training using my kettlebells.
Great book and defenitely worth the investment if you are even remotely considering using kettlebells.

10/10 Excellent Program
By Mercer / NL, Canada

I'd automatically give this book the highest rating on any scale because of the effectiveness and simplicity of the fitness strategy that it promotes. I've been following the Rite of Passage program for about two months and I think that the only variable that separates myself from extreme fitness is time. I would recommend this book to any person who is interested in improoving his or her level of fitness.

10/10 Pavel at his Best
By Phillip Spearo / Pewaukee, WI

Enter the Kettlebell (ETK) is Pavel at his best. ETK builds off of what made his other books so great.

In his bodyweight strength training book, Naked Warrior, Pavel provided detailed instructions and numerous pictures to help the reader. ETK provides the fundamental framework for the kettlebell beginning. The beginner can't go wrong. The numerous large pictures capture every important step in each kettlebell movement. For the less visual oriented, the step-by-step descriptions clear any possible ambiguity on how to practice the lifts.

Like Power to the People (Pavel's powerlifting book), Pavel prescribes simple to follow routines that will get beginners in shape and help more advance kettlebellers to accomplish amazing strength & conditioning feats.

Kettlebells are used in the Secret Service, Marines, and the NFL. Professionals use Kettlebells because they work. Find out for yourself. Buy the book and a kettlebell today.

10/10 Another good one from Pavel.
By Dean Soderstrom / Midland, TX USA

This one is classic Pavel. Clear, precise and effective-brutally effective. His humor and knowledge come through in a way that made practice something I wanted to do. I am following the Program Minimum and can feel the results with this most simple of workout plans. Good Stuff.

10/10 Another Pavel's simple and complex work
By taikei / Tokyo Japan

Probably his best work on kettlebells. It is something more natural for beginners as well as advanced practitioners.
I'll tell you Pavel and John Du Cane. This has got to be translated into foreign languages if you are to expand your market overseas.

I might think about volunteering for Japanese work.

10/10 The Nuts and Bolts guide to an Iron Body.
By John Walker / South Wales, United Kingdom

This book is in my humble opinion his best to date (they're all good).
This book will transform you from a man of mere flesh and bone to a man of iron!!!, if you follow Pavel's step by step action plan you will become tough as iron and as hard as nails.
This book has taken my KBell training to another level.
Highly recommended.

10/10 I went from 124 to 162 snatches in one month!
By Joe Pavel RKC / Cottage Grove, MN USA

Another classic from Pavel. I'm following the Rite of Passage program and went from a previous best 124 snatches in ten minutes that was VERY difficult to 162 and it wasn't as bad. That was after one month! I'm planning on hitting 200+ reps within 3 months of starting this program. I recommend both the book and DVD to anyone who wants to get started training with kettlebells. Follow the programs and you will become a better man for your effort.

10/10 The Roadmap I've Been Needing!
By Raf Ortiz / Austin, Tx

Started this program on June 4 using a 70lb kettlebell. At the time all I could do with the 88lb kettlebell was clean it with two hands to my shoulder, couldn't budge it at all from there.

On June 25 I tested and I was able to press the 88lb'er once with my left arm. On July 14 I was able to press the 88 lb'er with both arms and without straining. These were clean reps with controlled negatives! I feel so much stronger than before I started this program and I feel energetic, not worn down. I felt pressing the 88lb'er was a far-off dream...maybe someday...try today.

...and I haven't even mentioned the conditioning aspects! Slowly, but surely seeing bodyfat trim away.

Don't be fooled, you'll have to work but the results are there to be had. No guesswork, follow the plan - get the results!

10/10 If you are serious about your kettlebell training, be sure to get both the book and the DVD.
By Richard M Freeman MD / Opelika, Alabama

Listen up Gireviks! You have spent money, time, and energy on kettlebells. Be absolutely certain that you have a firm foundation on which to build with the many excellent kettlebell exercises that are available. Learn well the swing, pull, snatch, and press. These are core maneuvers that must be properly executed for maximum gain in strength and endurance--plus the assurance of safety. Pavel's new book, Enter the Kettlebell, and the matching DVD supply everything you need to assure maximum satisfaction and performance while exercising with kettlebells. The book and DVD both have exquisite attention to detail and will serve you well now and in the future. Even though I have been working with kettlebells for two years, careful observation of the DVD and reading the book more than once have enabled me to correct errors in technique. If you are serious about your kettlebell training, be sure to get both the book and the DVD.

10/10 An instant classic.
By Dr Suleiman Al-Sabah / Reading, UK

Pavel's books have all changed the way I train, 'Beyond Stretching' the way I stretch, ?Power to the People' the way I train with weights. When I read 'The Russian Kettlebell Challenge' my training changed again. Although excellent that book provided too many options, Enter the Kettlebell provides a simple (not easy) solution to all-round strength and fitness that the busiest individual can apply. ETK is suitable for both the novice and the advanced. Not only does Pavel have the ability to explain concepts and exercise clearly, the programmes in ETK are foolproof.
An instant classic.

10/10 Pavel strikes again
By Jesse S / Woodstock, IL

Enter The Kettlebell has it all. The 48 oz. dry-aged ribeye of exercise manuals. Satisfying and to the point,especially for those of us that get distracted by thinking too much.

I find that the blend of unarguable fact and humor (the goofy faces Pavel makes in the photos depicting improper technique are positively priceless) make the text much easier to absorb and apply. Kudos to you, Comrade Pavel!

10/10 A Textbook in Excellence!
By James D. Madden, Ph.D. / Benedictine College, Atchison, KS

I am no strength training professional, but I have been training for 18 years and I've tried and seen much of what is out there. "Enter the Kettlebell!" is far and away the best training guide I have seen. However, others can better comment on those particular merits. I am a professor of philosophy who has won awards for teaching, and I will say in my opinion that EKB is abosolutely excellent when considered as a textbook. Good teaching starts with knowing your material like the back of your hand and having the ability to make very complicated issues understandable to somebody who has no background in them. Pavel clearly excels on both fronts! Moreover, the classical notion of basic skill mastery as the key to excellence and a virtuous life is well practiced in Pavel's text. I plan to use these principles not only in my physical training, but in some of the character formation work I do with young men on my campus.

10/10 Even Experienced Kettlebell Lifters Should Improve After Reading ETK
By Steve Freides / Ridgewood, New Jersey, USA

Although I'm an experienced kettlebell lifter and a certified instructor, I've hit two new personal bests since reading ETK - need I say more? ETK is a reminder that one can _always_ improve at the fundamentals, and that such improvements are the basis for lasting improvements in strength. ETK teaches that strength, flexibility, and safety are all different facets of the same diamond, of mastering your body through kettlebell training. It is _the_ best book and DVD (get both) for new kettlebell lifters and a must-have for everyone else.

10/10 ETK Ladders
By Gregor / Slovenia

I am doing ladders with 40kg KB now. I can do (1,2,3,4,5)x5 and I do pullups after every C&P. Now I have noticed, that I am starting to gain some Muscle Mass. I think I am strong enough now to do dome presses with The BEAST now. I do not think I could do it without ETK so fast!! I have also developed "the back of steal", I am in great shape, and I will do nothing else until I will press 48kg 5 times, and do over 200 snatches with 32kg.

Thanks Pavel!!

10/10 Evolution of the Revolution!
By Billy Lusk / Snohomish, WA

While the original RKC manual remains a timeless work, with "Enter the Kettlebell" Pavel beautifully captures the best of the original RKC and delivers the wealth of knowledge gathered since the start of the Kettlebell Revolution. More than just an update, ETK is a complete course offering something to every girevik at every level. Refined, simple, concise. The clear examples of good form, exercise progressions, and the bullet-proof workout programs make ETK the must-have manual for anyone that dares to lift a Kettlebell.

10/10 The Most User-Friendly Guide to Efficient, Effective Exercise Ever. Period.
By Geoff Neupert, Personal Training Director/Owner / Triangle Personal Training, Durham, NC

Here's what I admire about Pavel's works: they're understated instead of over-the-top. In a market where many fitness programs are like trashy romance novels, Pavel's, in stark contrast, are like technical journals laced with humorous anecdotes. He includes no fluff, no filler. I get the distinct impression that every word is carefully chosen, the like strokes of a master painter. There are TONS of gems in all his stuff. In order to find them, you must read his works slowly, carefully, and more than twice. His material is not "skimable." He has the uncanny ability to consolidate many different concepts and link them into a usable program.

With this in mind, Enter the Kettlebell is no different. Pavel does not restate what others, or even he himself has already said, like too many others in the industry. Instead, he provides a very simple roadmap to take the rank-and-file beginner from zero to hero. He shows you that getting in great shape isn't as complicated as many in our industry would have you believe. Pavel starts you with just two exercises--and believe me, just those two alone will get you in GREAT shape. After you've mastered those two, he provides two to three more to take you to the next level--being able to pass the RKC snatch test. Pavel also demostrates common technique errors and provides simple solutions to correct them safely and quickly. He also presents plenty of science to justify his system without using too much techincal mumbo-jumbo. Bottom line: Enter the Kettlebell is a start to finish guide to safe, fun, efficient exercise. It's THE one book anybody interested in kettlebell training can't live without.

10/10 Doubled my Clean & Press reps in 24 days.
By Mike Johnson, RKC / Maryland, USA

Enter the Kettlebell is an outstanding resource for the beginner just starting out on their journey of effective strength training or the Kettlebell Instructor looking for some new tricks to "fix" his or her victims.

After struggling for over a year to increase my clean & press numbers I started the Clean & Press ladder program from Enter the Kettlebell using the 24kg kettlebell. My previous best with the 28kg kettlebell in the Clean & Press was 3 reps with my left arm and 4 with my right. After completing the ladder program with the 24kg bell I tested my press with the 28kg bell and hit a personal record of 8 reps on my left and 9 with my right! And did it all in less than a month! I was amazed at how simple such an effective program could be.

Outstanding job Pavel and Dragondoor!

10/10 The Essence of Kettlebells - Master This to Own the Rest
By Doc Kelley, MA, DC, RKC / Newport, OR

If you have attended any training with kettlebells or own any previously published kettlebell books, manuals or CDs, set them aside, as well as any preconceived ideas, long enough to thoroughly study the "Enter the Kettlebell" manual AND CD. Both are excellent stand-alone training tools but complement each other too well to use just one.

The organization of the manual allows you to easily understand and practice the essential points of every exercise. The RKC Minumum is a very challenging beginning exercise program. Even senior RKCs could benefit from at least a week of the RKC Minimum.

The CD is a priceless training tool for fine tuning the most basic kettlebell exercises. Because these skills use every muscle in your body, noone will ever need any other exercises to remain in optimal physical condition.

RKCs, however, are never satisfied. After studying Pavel's execution of the Swing, GetUp, Overhead Press and Snatch, simply attempting to emulate his precise technique will improve anyone's skills. Once you are doing these as close to Pavel's perfection as possible, all other kettlebell training, with whatever size bells or combinations of bells, becomes significantly easier to accomplish. Once you accomplish the RKC Rite of Passage, limits no longer exist.

"Enter the Kettlebell" provides the way for anyone and everyone seeking to improve and maintain optimal physical conditioning. It closes the circle. It brings us back to the beginning. It opens the doors to the next level of unlimited progess and potential.

Thanks Pavel. "Enter the Kettlebell" is superb. You are the ultimate Master. It is an honor to study with you.

10/10 Tremendous book and DVD!
By Cole Summers: Team Canada Strength Coach / Winnipeg,Manitoba,Canada

For the last 4 years I've increased the percentage of KettleBell exercises in the training programs of my Elite athletes,regular folks, and high school students.Hockey, volleyball, basketball,football,soccer,boxers and other athletes, have all benefited greatly from their Kettlebell training.More and more,my gym resembles a Soviet training center.In addition to being thrilled with their outstanding results,everyone I train actually ENJOYS the Kettlebell practices.In a recent example,I put a group of male and female Provincial Rugby players(Manitoba Buffalo)through twice weekly training sessions for 4 months(and continuing).Their programs emphasized Kettlebells.After a dynamic warmup,we trained power, strength,followed by KBell cardio, finishing with a cooldown walk and easy static stretching.The test results: A dramatic loss of bodyfat,more muscularity,far more strength and power,a big increase in rugby specific endurance measured in various shuttle runs,and an increase in 'mental toughness'.Now that the season has started,my Kettlebell trained players stand out in their ability to get around the pitch(field)and make play after play.They're hitting harder,they're quicker, and far more enduring.The buzz is out--the Rugby 'powers that be' are taking notice--how did we do it? I thank Pavel for putting Kettlebells, and all his(and other RKC's) great kettlebell books and DVD's into my hands.I've helped develop Champions since the 1970's; Pavel has helped me take my instruction to a whole new level.This is very rewarding and exciting. Pavel's 'ENTER THE KETTLEBELL' book (and DVD)are the newest additions to my coaching and (own) training arsenal.Quite simply, they are GREAT! Comprehensive,step by step guides for the beginner or the advanced practioner (and everyone in between). Pavel "answer's the questions before you get to ask them".I've read and re-read 'ENTER THE KETTLEBELL".Each time something 'new' jumps out at me. Replaying the DVD does likewise. I encourage everyone interested in improving themselves and/or their athletes, to purchase 'ENTER THE KETTLEBELL'. My rugby players (and others) are now following 'ENTER THE KETTLEBELL'for their in-season strength training.We look forward to great results!

10/10 RKC + PTP = EKB
By Jason / Richmond, Va

What does EKB really have to offer? Well...

  • The 3 best drills to practice before your workouts to help you gain the proper hip & back flexibility, loosen up the shoulders, and develop overhead range of motion in the shoulders.
  • Safety tips on what not to do (Pavel's facial expressions are hilarious).
  • The new program minimum (updated from RKC) is the shortest distance to brute strength & conditioning.
  • The quickest steps to mastering the swing & get-up (as well as the clean, MP, and snatch).
  • Goals to shoot for for each man/woman as far as strength & conditioning (grinds & ballistics).
  • How to structure your KB workouts (sets, reps, days of rest, etc.--something much needed for those of us who have to follow a structured program, which wasn't offered in RKC).
  • What to do "if your spirit is tougher than your hands."
  • FAQs include:
    • Is KB training a fad?
    • 2 methods of incorporating NW & PTP, as well as how to include BPA.
    • Why exercise descriptions are detailed & not "just swing the KB."
    • "If Russian stuff is so tough, why did the USSR lose the Cold War?"

Simply put, this is the book RKC should have been.

10/10 Just What I needed!!
By STB / Mankato, MN USA

As a busy father of 3, small business owner and volunteer Fire Fighter, I just needed someone to help me structure workouts. In Enter the Kettlebell, Pavel sets a strait forward path to success. Now I've stopped over-analyzing and am just making progress!!
Thanks Pavel!!

10/10 Another remarkable achievement !
By Dr Paul Tucker / Tasmania , Australia

Pavel has reinvented his own wheel in this inspiring , comprehensive and no-nonsense solution to all round strength and conditioning. Beginners through to advanced users will feast on an a la carte menu of drills which , when performed in the Pavel-approved fashion will guarantee optimal joint health , muscle co-ordination and supreme cardiorespiratory conditioning. This book is full of important facts , pared down and clearly outlined so they remain firmly etched in the mind ; an invaluable aid to anyone instructing others in the safe essentials of kettlebell training. Pavel???s innate dry humour shines through, reminding us that exercise should be challenging but fun. Liberal quotation of renowned athletes and coaches lends further credibility to Pavel???s quest for the ultimate in functional fitness for all. As a medico , I heartily approve of Pavel???s methods!

10/10 Pavel's best book yet!
By Kurt V. / Marblehead, MA

This book has truly blown me away. I have all of Pavel's books and this is by far the best. The "Right of Passage" workouts and goals included in the book are worth every penny.
Anyone interested in kettlebell training or getting in shape for law enforcement or the military should read this book!

10/10 All Your Kettlebell Questions Answered
By Josh / Phoenix, Arizona

Pavel, I wanted to congratulate you on Enter The Kettlebell. It is a great resource for anyone that has been using or thinking about using kettlebells. It is as though you have the RKC program at home with you! So many of the finer tips and concepts outlined in the certification are laid out very well in the book and a great advantage for many to have available. The programming ideas are also fantastic. Many ideas that don't try to overcomplicate the training, rather simplify it to the most effective training principles. I picked up some wonderful ideas and it got me thinking of many more. Thank you for the great resource!

10/10 The Best Program Yet.
By Brian Miller / Newport News, VA

This program has been perfect for me. I own RKC, PTP, BB, NW, and while those are all great programs, this one fits my style of training and the goals I am seeking. I only have two kettlebells (16 kg, 24 kg), an ab wheel, and a jump rope, so it's like Pavel wrote this one just for me.

The book is well written and breaks it down to where my 4 year old granddaughter can understand it. It will be hard for me to switch to a different program once I've accomplished this one.

10/10 Every Girevik needs this book
By Douglas Moore / Bangor Maine

For those who wanted a system in plain words, this is the kettlebell book for you. It outlines several routines to produce maximal gains in strength and fitness. Follow the routine of your choice and the fitness levels of elite soldiers and athletes is within your reach. Just dont expect Pavel to go easy on you with these routines. As with GS and all kettlebell work (as well as life), the prize will go to those who embrace hardwork, mental toughness, and a vision of the future.

10/10 A+
By Doug Nepodal, RKC / Medina, Ohio

Pavel proves why he is the KING!! Any questions you have about kettlebell training are now answered. If you are looking to become an RKC this is your bible.

10/10 Ok, I'm an Artist...
By Eric P McCarty / Columbia, Md USA

And need to start training like a lawyer. I think the most immediate benifit that I took away from ETK was this single concept. Even with a daily reveiw of my training log, from an artist perspective things looked right. From the ETK frame of reference I was growing more and more scattered and distracted. I rationalized this that at 41, semi-retired and in good shape, with lots of training experience I could simply do what I enjoy and reap the benifits of strength,fitness and a decent build. And I could do this...but why? With a slightly more focused approach I can acheive all this in a more streamlined, practical manner. And with the gift of Variety days...I can still have the "artistic" pursuits of nail bending,deadlifts, strength carries (Dan Johns Carried away!) and sandbag training if I choose. (Following the ETK protocol of heavy but easy of course.)
This book has been a real gift and eye opener for me. I hope others benifit as well. A big thanks to Pavel, John, and the Dragondoor forum...especially the lawyers!


10/10 Pavel, You nailed it!
By Anthony DiLuglio, RKC / Founder of Punch kettlebell gym Providence, RI

You have captured the true essence of kettlebell training.

As ketlebells become more popular in the USA, I have noticed them being used as just another fitness tool. There are some folks out there watering the concept down to fit into the exsisting fitness industry in this country. Kettlebells are part of a culture driven strength training philosophy. Pavel and Enter the Kettlebell take you to the heart of both.

The book is raw and explosive with fundemental knowledge that will inspire both seasoned RKC's and beginners alike.

If you haven't Entered the Kettlebell...You haven't trained with kettlebells.

10/10 Doesn't get any better than this.
By Alex Javor / Alabama

EKB is essential to the kettlebell beginner. All the basics are broken down into multiple, easy to understand steps.
Pavel has made it impossible for you to not succeed with this book.

All you have to do is "Do this!"

10/10 A new Level in instruction and knowledge
By Caesar / Westminster, CA

Enter the Kettlebell has truly re-ignited a fire inside that I thought couldnt burn any hotter for Kettlebells. I was one of the many out there that was having a hard time coming up with a program or routine with the insane number of various kettlebell drills at our disposal. I have been using KBs for about 5 months, and after reading Enter the Kettlebell I am going BACK to my beginning roots. Kind of like a black belt in martial arts hangs up his black for a white belt to humble himself and reinforce the fundamentals. ETK IS a fool proof way to gain the strength and conditioning you have always desired. Did I mention FOOL PROOF!?!?!?! Thanks Pavel and all others that helped with this work. It will change many lives, for the better.

10/10 This is the only book you need for KB training
By Aaron Baddeley / Scottsdale, AZ

ENTER THE KETTLEBELL from Pavel is the book to use with KB training. the new programs and the variety of programs will increase strength and flexibilty fast.
I am a pro golfer and 3 things are important for me when I train is: 1.flexibilty, 2.power, 3.strength. All these three are covered in KB training.
"Enter the Kettlebell" is for the experienced KB lifter and for the guy (or gal) just starting out. All the instructions are right there for you to incorporate into your training.
One part of the book I really liked was the little extra things Pavel puts in there, like: the chins, making your body speak russian. All these extras outside of the KB instruction are what makes this book a masterpiece.
In the words of the author "enjoy the pain"

10/10 A wealth of knowledge
By Hipdrive / Grand Rapids, MI

Pavel never quits fine tuning the program,upgrading the information and informing the people of a better way. This is the new study guide for kettlebell training. Clear and concise, Enter The Kettlebell is manual for all who chose to live strong.

10/10 Outstanding!
By David Whitley, RKC / Nashville, TN

I am really pleased to see Enter the Kettlebell. After three years of being a part of the RKC community, it is great to see Pavel put in writing all the tips and hints he has accumulated since the original Russian Kettlebell Challenge. The title tips it's hat to Bruce Lee and so does the approach to training that gave rise to the book. Over the past few years Pavel has "absorbed what is useful, discarded what was useless and made it specifically his own" in regards to teaching kettlebells. A must-have textbook on kettlebell lifting.

9/10 Without being even more redundant....
By Pat / Oxnard, CA

Everything appropriate I have to say about this book has already been said by others more qualified than I!

For Endurance Athletes:

I should tell you, however, that if you are an avid runner, swimmer, cyclist, triathlete, paddler -- you have probably already heard about how important it is to do Strength Training as part of your endurance training. Maybe, you are wondering how to begin one, and which one to choose --- I recommend Enter the Kettlebell by Pavel. You can easily enhance any one or all of the activities above by choosing to do the RKC Program Minimum. And, as you get stronger, add the RKC Rite of Passage Workout. Pavel goes over everything step-by-step with a "walk-crawl-run" approach which will make your life as an endurance-oriented athlete that much more fool-proof!

This book teaches you how to integrate the Kettlebell as a Strength Tool to the endurance-sport-of-your-choice without getting a Ph.D or learning Russian! Yes, he has Workout Schedules, Goals, and Exercises in brilliant detail.

10/10 Pavel again proves his genius and brilliance with "Enter The Kettlebell"
By Patrick "Phil" Workman, RKC / Fort Worth, Texas

Is there a more influential strength author in the US over the past 30 years than Pavel? In a few short years he seems to have revolutionized strength and fitness in this country for those of us luckyenough to discover him. After lifting and competing (powerlifting) over the past 20+ years i am stronger, more muscular, and more fit than anytime previous all as a result of Pavel's routines and genius. Now Pavel does it again with the companion book to The Russian Kettlebell Challenge. After giving up powerlifting and concentrating solely on KBs, i thought i had read it all and tried it all. As i tell my students sometimes, "just when you think you know the answer, i change the question". Pavel again has changed the question with his new book, "Enter the Kettlebell". As brilliant as "Power to the People" (the first pavel book i ever bought) "Enter the KB" makes KB training simple but so effective with his push/pull routine. He also leaves nothing to chance by giving you the formula for success with routines and can't miss workouts. With this book there is no more excuses, as pavel would say "enjoy the pain"-but i would also add "enjoy the results"! 2 thumbs up!

10/10 a great textbook
By Justin Qualler / Milwaukee, WI

In this work, Pavel details everything an aspiring girevik (kettlebeller) needs to know in order to become an exceptional one. It?s great also for the trainer who wants/needs to be reminded of the basics in order to provide the highest quality instruction for his clients. It's all presented in an easy to follow format with clear illustrations and high quality visuals.

9/10 Not just for beginners!!
By SSgt Philip Davis, USAF / Nellis AFB, NV

I started with Power to the People. My next buy was The Russian Kettlebell Challenge followed by Beyond Bodybuilding and then The Naked Warrior. My expectations were extrememly high when I heard Pavel was coming out with a new book. When I put what he says in his books into my routines, I see results almost immediately. Although I haven't had the chance to put what he says from ETK into my routines I am 100% positive that it will work. I have yet to be disappointed by any product Pavel has put out and I'm sure this will be no different. I expect to be pressing the Bulldog within 12 weeks!!!

Although a brand new girevik could pick up this book and be well versed in the kettlebell game, an advanced man could get just as much if not more knowledge out of this little gem. Although I've been using kettlebells for over a year I have yet to reach the RKC Rites of Passage Goals. Now that I know how to train for them I would put forth every ounce of energy in order to become a man among men. I will not rest until I've quenched the fire ignited by reading Enter the Kettlebell. A humbling yet inspiring read. Thanks for another great product Pavel!!

10/10 Enter the On-Ramp to Hot and Manly Strength, the Kettlebell Way!
By Court Wing, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer / New York, NY & Seattle, WA

"Enter the Kettlebell!" now makes accessible to the fitness masses the skill, knowledge and single greatest stand-alone tool that until today was the hard-won prize of the training elite. Want to know who qualifies to use a kettlebell, what size you should start with and what skills to focus on in the beginning? Look no further than EKB! Distilling the research, hands-on experience and dedication of Pavel Tsatsouline's "Kettlebell Nation" and the work of his Senior Russian Kettlebell Challenge Certified Instructors, Pavel eliminates the guesswork, endless hours of reading and web-surfing, and decisively lays out the map and groundwork that will speed you on your way to elite fitness. Preparatory movement, program design, exercise progression, a well thought out FAQ and most importantly, developing the correct mindset and approach to each kettlebell "practice" will cause a radical shift in your health and fitness paradigm, resulting in concrete, unmistakable results. Give yourself over to the care of "the Party" and inherit the confidence and raw, brutal "can't-say-quit" strength of the world's top MMA fighters and military/pararescue units, while earning the envy and grudging respect of your former gym members! Enter the Revolution that has been sweeping over America since the introduction of Pavel's original "Power to the People" and "Russian Kettlebell Challenge" and throw your sisified rehab "machine and stability ball" workout into the ash-heap of history!

10/10 Essential Pavel!!!!!
By Craig T. O'Connell, RKC / HQ / FDLE, Tallahassee, FL

Answers the question: "If I could only get one Kettlebell book, which one should it be."...... THIS ONE!!!!!

Pavel once again "brings home the bacon" to Kettlebell Nation. Direct, honest, no-fluff instruction boiled down to its most essential form.

Enjoy the read.......then enjoy the pain!

10/10 the complete idiots guide to kettlebell super strength
By SSgt Glass / Okinawa, Japan

take a system that is too simple to screw up, add the fine points that makes Pavel such an effective instructor, and you get the next perfect evolution of Power! to the People. Simple and sinister is the most accurate description of the program. i am adding this to the training of our deployed troops, and you should do it too

10/10 Finally! The user-friendly guide to Kettlebell training
By David C. / Montgomery, Alabama

I always loved Pavel's "Power to the People" book because it was so simple and effective, in addition to being an engaging and entertaining read. It was easy to do: Five days a week, do a set of deadlifts, re-read PTP's instructions on deadlift form, do another set of deadlifts, then repeat for the side press. Despite having an injured knee, I increased my deadlift 5rm from 135 to 270 in just a few months. A few months later I was pulling 340 for reps. Keep in mind I had a withered right leg when I started.
Later I wanted to improve my cardiovascular conditioning as well, and I bought the Russian Kettlebell Challange. It was fun and effective, but I had a hard time formulating a program. There was no magic formula this time; the party left it up to me to write the program.
Sometime freedom is a good thing, but not always. Part of the "magic" of PTP was its simplicity: Do the two lifts, vary the load, start a new cycle after the peak. It was idiot-proof. RKC left me to my own devices, which turned out to be pitifully inadequete. I never could stay focused on the lame programs I authored.
Enter "Enter the Kettlebell". This book set out to be the PTP of Kettlebell conditioning. And it is. The instructions are clear. The text is engaging and humorous, and the programs are simple and easy to follow. Best of all, there is a plan (actually several).
Sometimes lifters just want to be soldiers. Tell us what to do and we will do it. Give us a commander we trust, and we'll take over the world.
Pavel is the Commander-in-Chief of the Kettlebell Nation. With "Enter the Kettlebell", we all have our battle plan and marching orders. Victory is ours!

10/10 A Thoughtful Revision of the Original Russian Kettlebell Challenge
By Randy Hauer, RKC / West Chester, PA

Pavel is one of those rare teachers who really does listen and learn from his students and colleagues. In fact, he really seems to delight in eliciting the insights of others. If you are a regular visitor to the Dragon Door Forum you already know that Pavel not only contributes his knowledge freely, he is also quick to acknowledge others for their contributions to the RKC Revolution and is generous and enthusiastic with his praise. This enjoyment of others' contributions to the cause is evident in "Enter the Kettlebell". It is peppered with the suggestions, tips and solutions of the many people Pavel has trained over the 5 year history of the RKC. In Pavel's words, "At the RKC, we never rest." And one gets the sense that Pavel means "we" in a very literal and a very capacious way. One could even reasonably conclude that the raisone d'etre for "Enter the Kettlebell", based on Pavel's introduction, was a post by a Dragon Door denizen requesting a Kettlebell book that mimicked the stripped down appeal of Pavel's other hit publication, "Power to the People". "Enter the Kettlebell" succeeds quite admirably at fulfilling that request and based on the enthusiastic reception on the Dragon Door forum when its publication was announced, it was an idea whose time had clearly arrived. For a graduate of the RKC, "Enter the Kettlebell" will be a handy reference resource for teaching and designing basic programs. For the kettlebell novice, it will serve along with the companion DVD (and a private lesson or two along the way) as a great introduction to kettlebell training. For the more advanced girevik, it reintroduces the basics and supplies updated programming and tests for assessing kettlebell "manhood"...the "RKC Rite of Passage". "Enter the Kettlebell" is also a very enjoyable read. If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting Pavel in person, reading his material is the next best thing. In a very real way, when you have read an article by Pavel you have met the man and that too is a rare thing these days. To sum up my review of "Enter the Kettlebell", I have to borrow a Pavelism: "Right on, Pavel!"

10/10 BJones RKC
By Brett Jones / San Diego, CA

Phenomenal! If you have any questions regarding Kettlebells and Kettlebell training then you need this book. Broken down and distilled out to an easily digested and utilized format - Enter the Kettlebell will give you the answers and tools you need to safely and effectively use the Kettlebell. Simply excellent.

10/10 Pavel updated KB book hits the nail on the head!
By "FiremanTom" Corrigan, RKC / Seattle, WA

Got my "Enter the Kettlebell" book today, so my late morning was spent devouring Pavel's latest incarnation for the KB Nation... I think this book nails it's stated purpose as a PTP-version of the RKC Program for KB training. It is an amazing distillation of the how to get the most with the least (i.e. the most bang for your buck). The old RKC book's exercises have been pared down to the very essentials of pulling and pushing. And the three stage progression is the perfect expression of this new, stripped down but highly effective Overall S&C program.

Every move is broken down into easily understood steps. The KB student systematically works his way through them, which makes their technique better and their training safer. It may seem like overkill to some, but as a RKC Instructor since 2003, I've learned that many students benefit greatly from these mastery steps, some of which I've used for a few years. It's much more effective to teach solid technique in the first place instead of trying to correct the common errors over and over.

The pictures of the exercises are definitely better, and the sequencing of them is much improved. The suggested workout routines in Chapter 4 are a big improvement over the original also. The RKC book had 2 main programming options - general guidelines or detailed examples of GS and Military programs. The general guidelines are fine for freestyle workouts, but not for beginners, who need to build a solid foundation of the basics. The GS and Military workouts has many intermediate and advanced drills, which needed explaining, and aren't needed for beginners. As a reference source, these routines were interesting and could be useful, but Pavel's simplified RKC Minimum, Rites of Passage and "Man-building" programs are WAY more appropriate for the beginning and intermediate lifter. They take all the guess work out, but they do allow for some flexibility within the basic framework. Pavel's "Enter the Kettlebell" is the perfect example of "Simple, brutal, effective". When someone asks me about getting started with KB training, all I have to say is get this book and a couple of KBs and you have what you need!

10/10 Pavel Shoots and Scores Again
By Rob Drewry / Battle Creek, MI

Pavel did it again with his new book. Enter the Kettlebell is a must for beginner and experienced gireveks. Beginners get detailed instruction on the movements and program set-up. Those with more experience will be reminded of points long ago missed or forgotten. And, if you're one of those Joes (or Jills) who need everything in a program spelled out for you (like me), Enter the Kettlebell removes any guess work and all doubt. You'll know what to do, when, how much, and when to do more.

Kettlebell training doesn't get any simpler than this. Do not mistake "simple" for "easy". You will be challenged. You will feel pain. But you'll be in better shape for it.

10/10 Pavel has done it again!
By Mark Reifkind / San Jose Ca

Pavel's new book "Enter the Kettlebell" has taken the Art of the Kettlebell to a new level of Zen simplicity.A more detailed sequel to the tersely written original "Russian Kettlebell Challenge"( the book that started it all)"Enter the Kettlebell" streamlines the process of using the KB as a serious stand alone fitness training method.

This book is the perfect reference guide for anyone even thinking about going to the RKC Certification. It should be the training manual,imo.Current RKCs need it as much or more as a reference to the critical movements,progressions and corrections of the most basic RKC movements.

The book is the KB equivilant to the Pavel's outstanding treatise on barbell strength training- "Power to the People",taking the same simple( but not easy) approach to KB training that he took to getting strong with just two barbell exercises.

Cutting through the myriad of possible movements to the most important Pavel teaches how to organize and progress the fundamental movements of the RKC system for real progress with real training over the long haul. Focusing on movement mastery by going deeper into the lifts Pavel shows what the martial art of strength training is all about.

"Enter the kettlebell" is a must read for all kb aficianados and anyone who is serious about the most efficient fitness system around.

Mark Reifkind
Owner Girya Kettlebell Training

10/10 Add to the list of desert island fitness books
By Steve Shear / Lawrence, NY

This book, like the tool it is about, is truly unique. I was familiar with the Dragon Door website. I checked it regularly, and did some research online about ketle bells. By the time I bought the book, I expected that it would just corroborate my assumptions about exercising with kettle bells. Frankly that was not the case at. There was a huge wealth of historic and background info I had not seen anywhere before, as well, drilled down to the particle level instructions as to what to do, how much of it to do, when to do it, and why. If I had to choose a handful of books, with which to be stranded on a desert island (along with my kettle bells of course), this would be on the list.

10/10 70 year old beginner
By Larry Blackstone / Deerfield,IL USA

I have been running,swimming, and weightlifting for many year.I recently purchased a 25 and 35 lb. kettlebell. I then used Pavel's "Enter The Kettlebell" I am really hooked. The book makes it easy to learn the CORRECT way. Proper technique is vital and Pavel knows how to teach.

10/10 Great Book!
By Tom Feltz / Fort Collins, CO USA

I've had my Kettle Bell for several months now and really was not using it to full potential. This book will help me to use my Kettle Bell properly and get a full and safe workout with it. The book is well laid out, is humorous and gives plenty of explainations for each exercise.

10/10 Where Were You 35 Years Ago?
By Wayne Rueger / Mount Vernon, IN USA

It took me 54 years to find what I was looking for--a book and a method to get in shape, lose fat, and have the body and strength I always wanted--Thank you Pavel and "Enter the Kettlebell." Direct, to the point, all I had to add was willpower and committment.
I just started my 10th week with "Enter the Kettlebell", and my, oh, my, has it completely trashed all I thought I knew about "being in shape." I was a D1 baseball player in college in the 70's, and now realize that if I had the secrets of this book back then, I might have ended up in the Hall of Fame. I now realize that I have never been in as good a physical condition as I am now, thanks to this book and the methods within--all within the past ten weeks.
I can't wait to see what I am like after a year. Do yourself a favor, and get the book, and follow it's simple path--you will not be disappointed.

10/10 Great book/ great information
By Lowell Watson / Louisville, USA

I have read this book cover to cover 2 times now. It is easy to understand and teaches the exercises as well as possible without a coach standing there. I was in a gym and one of the instructors came over and complimented me on my swing form. The book is the coach...

10/10 Awesome Program When Playing in the Sand
By Nathan Smetzer / Wooster, United States

I used this program for the last 2 months of my year-long deployment in Afghanistan. The previous 10 months netted me a 12lbs loss. The resulting 2 months on this program netted me yet another 12lbs loss! I was also stronger, ran faster and because of the weight-loss my joints and feet (which were always big problems) felt amazing! This program does not take much time out of your day, and is brutally effective.

10/10 Great Resource for Someone New to Kettlebells
By David Ellis / Summerville, SC, U.S.A.

After several years of traditional free weight lifting I wanted something different. This book is a great addition to the fitness library, especially for someone who never picked up a kettlebell in his life. I review it constantly along with the sister DVD.

10/10 The book that started my love of kettlebells
By Brett Turley / Wollongong, NSW, Australia

Awesome read, this is the book that inspired me to do the RKC and further my education with kettlebells. I haven't looked back.

10/10 Good One keep it up
By Lily Clerke / Austin, NY, US

This book is awesome rating it all 10

10/10 Enter Awesome!
By Chris Nordeen / So, Cal, USA

Read this book if you plan on using kettlebells or already do. It's an easy read loaded with information and cues to clean up your swings, cleans, everything. And it's an excellent resourse keep near your kettlebells for quick refreshers.

10/10 pavel writes with purpose
By Jean-Guy Croteau / mississauga, ontario, canada

I first discovered enter the kettle bell before I truly understood the benefit of kettle bells and with this in depth guide accompanied with a dual sensory mind set I had increase my isometric strength by 10 pounds in the first three days/about one week with rest( tested trough static weight held in front of ones body, my efforts are done with a single arm from 30lb. for 20 sec too 40lb. for 20 sec ). I am currently consolidating my person research and mental stress has limited my physical ability but 2 months later I still have the same strength condition as after first completing only three days of training. I look forward to implementing this program fully into my personal system thank you Pavel.

9/10 great resource
By christopher wenzel / kissimmee, fl, usa

Ive just recently started training with kettlebells and found this book to be an invaluable resource. As with all dragon door products it is always of high quality. Recommended for anyone serious about kettlebell training

10/10 Great Book
By John G Warren / Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Pavel does a great job with explaining the basics of Kettlebell training with a crisp of humor. There is also very good info on injury prevention. Great Book

10/10 Ready Willing and Able
By Curtis Miller / Taft, CA, US of A

ETK will build you into a strong, agile monster with unstoppable power and I'm not kidding not even a little bit.

10/10 Snatches and presses-presses and snatches
By CJ Barger / Valley Acres, CA, America

ETK will make you feel like you can jump over a VW and lift a PU....

10/10 Quick and silent
By J C Drake / SF, CA, USA

Thanks to ETK myself and an amazing group of professionals will speak softly and carry a much larger stick.

10/10 best
By Barbara Mills / Bayou, OH, US


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