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By Greg T. Sheriff's Dept. / California U.S. of A.

As Law Enforcement, I can tell you that if you are not in shape for a fight or have the toughness (physically and mentally) to keep fighting after being stabbed or shot by a suspect, one day you are going to die. I have been working with my kettlebells for a week now following along with the DVD and getting an awesome workout everytime. Pavel's directions are easy to follow and very detailed. HIS ATTENTION TO DETAIL WILL SAVE YOU FROM INJURY...........IF YOU LISTEN ! ! ! ! These are awesome full body workouts that will put you in fighting trim building BOTH strength and endurance. Thanks to you Pavel and the people at Dragon Door for bringing a fantastic OLD SCHOOL tool back to the forefront of REAL fitness here in the U.S.

By Keith "Pappy" Iseley / Snellville, Georgia

In one word, outstanding. The elementary kettlebell routines with a single kettlebell. I lost 20 pounds in a single month just with this basic set of exercises. Best DVD I have ever purchased.

9/10 Best DVD to get you started
By Anonymous / Schererville, In.

I was impressed with this DVD. I felt is was much more instructive and outlined than The Russian Kettlebell Challenge and got me back into lifting kettlebells once again after a 2 year layoff.

10/10 Perfect Companion to Enter the Kettlebell Book!
By Stephen Williams / Arlington, USA

I purchased the Enter the Kettlebell book and DVD combination and I'm really glad to have both resources! Being able to see Pavel performing the different kettlebell moves is invaluable and reinforces the more detailed information presented in the book. I'm using both the book and the DVD to correct mistakes in my form and I'm looking forward to purchasing other Dragon Door kettlebell books and DVDs in the future to advance my training.

1/10 A back breaker
By Richard / Leesburg, VA

Even after easing into the routines, I woke up one morning in extreme pain. It has taken three weeks to feel 80% normal. Keep in mind that I have been working out steady for six months prior to this without incident. I would not recommend this workout.

By Anthony Claudio / ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA

I appreciate the straight forward approach and lack of non essential b.s. Mr. Tsatsouline uses.Great product..Excellent service..

10/10 Becoming a 'man' @ 50! Maybe...
By Guy Bedard - 50 years old(young) / Ile-des-Chenes, Manitoba, Canada

I learned from Pavel's concise and explicit instruction to use a kettlebell safely. Now that I have used the kettlebell safely, I have been able to increase my strength, flexibility and abiity to perform in ways that relular weight trining, running (marathons) or other diciplines could not get me results I needed. I also needed to produce an environment to 'heal' from 49 years of life.

I had a shoulder injury and persistent lower back pain which led to a severe bout of 'plantar fasciitis' last year. I was off for months and getting fat and dumpy not to mention old, I was 49 at the time. In comes Pavel & Dragondoor.

Long story short, "Enter The Kettlebell" has allowed me to produce and environment where everything is better at 50 years of age than it has been for many years.

By the end of 2008 I will 'practicing' with a 71 lbs. kettlebell, to those who have ears, you know what that means. In Russian standards I could be becoming a man at the age of 50! That must in some ways mean that I still am young!

Thanks Pavel for Enter The Kettlebell DVD! It changed my life!

10/10 Rock Solid Intro to Kettlebell Training
By Ron Jones / Atlanta-Los Angeles

Enter the Kettlebell is a rock solid DVD for anyone getting started with kettlebells and for anyone wanting to review the fundamentals that truly make the kettlebell effective. Pavel's straight up style of teaching with his Russian humor make this DVD a must for anyone serious about quality kettlebell training. He gets to the point and keeps it simple while being focused on quality, safety, and of course, PERFORMANCE! This DVD really helped me to properly train my corporate clients on the kettlebell basics of high-performance fitness. Ron Jones, MS, Corporate Wellcoach

10/10 Must-Have DVD
By Fred Spaulding / Hadley, Pennsylvania United States

I liked the book (Enter The Kettlebell) but watching Pavel do the exercises is the best way to learn correct technique. I also appreciate seeing what not to do. Individually the book and DVD are very good and the combination of the two are really great

10/10 Great Introduction to the Kettlebell
By Michael Hoffman / Kansas City, MO USA

I found the instructions in this video to be very technical, direct and Spartan. It helped me to learn the form very quickly, I thought. In fact, working out with a kettlebell works me so thoroughly that I gave away my total gym and the only workout device that I use is the kettlebell. I feel LOADS of pain, but in two months I never once injured myself to where I had to stop. I went from two days a week to six in no time, and now own four kettlebells.

Maybe I should get a commission. I've sold the KB so well at work that five guys (including my boss) bought one. I'd recommend the bell and this video to anyone.

9/10 Kettlebell +Enter the Kettlebell DVD & book = Results
By Nicholas Piotrowski / Evanston, IL USA

I've just started ju jitsu training. The results I've been getting after only 3 months are incredible! I'm stronger, faster and more efficient in my motions. I would highly recommend this set to anyone starting grappling training.

10/10 Kettlebells and Karate, a perfect match
By David Diaz / Medford, U.S.A.

I have been training in Matsubayashi Ryu karate for over 10 years. In July, I was promoted to Blackbelt. As part of the training for my test, I acquired the Enter the Kettlebell book, and got underway on the program minimum. In the past ten years of my training, I had been told, "use the hip, put hip into the techniques," yet no one was able to demonstrate, "putting in the hip," in a way that made sense to me. Four weeks into the Kettlebell Minimum Requirements, and I fully understood what was meant by "putting in the hip." That 35 pound weight is a great teacher, and my karate has improved vastly as a result of the training. I have promoted Kettlebell training in my dojo, among my family and within the public school where I teach.
Reading the Enter the Kettlebell book is fantastic, yet I found that I needed a visual to follow, to insure that my form and execution of the exercises are correct. Since I acquired the Enter the Kettlebell DVD, I have seen a greater improvement in my form, strength and endurance. Also, having the book and DVD serve as great motivators. I have a long commute to work; the book is great for reading on the train. The DVD is a quick watch, and both are incredibly motivating. I am a karateka for life, I shall also remain a girevik for life as well. Thank you Pavel for making me a better man!

6/10 just and introduction, not real exercise plan
By Pierpaolo Preceruti / Albany, NY, USA

i hoped to find more detailed kettlebell exercises and routines.
10% of the book and DVD is interesting, 90% just talking.

5/10 a little disappointed
By John Smith / ILLINOIS

I thought this was going to be a start to finish workout, not just a 45 minute tutorial...I was hoping for a little more...

10/10 Excellent Videol
By Richard C. Goad / Dayton, OH

A good friend of mine let me use his copy of Enter the Kettlebell book. As well written as it is, I still had some questions about the techniques. The video did a very good job of demonstrating the pacing and body angles I had questions about. The effort that went into the production of the video is immediately evident. The set is (appropriately) Spartan, eliminating distractions and drawing the student's focus to Pavel's demonstrations. I am not usually a fan of the live narration with instructional videos, but Pavel shows his experience as a platform instructor as well as his skill and fitness by maintaining his distinctive vocal cadence during the demonstrations. I HIGHLY recommend this video.

10/10 Priceless...
By Sam / Dallas, TX

A good friend at a local gym referred me to the Dragon Door website after approaching him for some pointers on proper deadlifting techniques. After some research into Pavel's instructional products I decided that kettlebell training would definitely be the way to go for my goals. I had originally purchased the Enter the Kettlebell book which is good in itself, but if anyone else is like me, needed something a little more visual. This video is priceless for that instruction. I especially like that Pavel begins by teaching and illustrating stretching techniques and other exercises to get your body used to the movements you will do with the kettlebell. As a medical professional, I can honestly say that Pavel and associates will save alot of people from unecessary injury and pain if these techniques are followed properly. Hats off to Pavel and crew!!!

10/10 Excellent video, a must buy
By John / Anchorage, Alaska

This video is a must watch for anyone interested in kettlebell training. I recommend watching this video before even picking up a kettlebell.

Pavel is blunt and to the point with his instruction. He demonstrates and explains proper form. He also shows techniques to absolutely guaranty your form is correct. I really enjoyed the added bits of kettlebell history and the making of a kettlebell.

10/10 Get Pavelized not pulverized!
By Greg / Eastern Oregon USA

Excellent DVD that really shows one how to use Kettlebells. I have two KB's and will be ordering another one next month. I also have the MARTIAL POWER DVD series which I think is a necessary companion for anyone that is serious about working out!

9/10 Power to the People! for Kettlebells
By Matt Brocklebank / Kakogawa, Japan

I had already read Pavel's Power to the People and The Naked Warrior books before deciding to start training with kettlebells, and was looking for something similar to guide me toward using them effectively. In "Enter the Kettlebell!" Pavel delivers that guide, with a complete plan of action layed out which works for both beginners and advanced kettlebell users. Although containing less information than the book, the DVD fills in the gaps that the book can't cover by letting you see the exercises performed from start to finish, a great help for longer moves such as the get-up. If you're on a budget get the book, and if you can afford both, get the DVD too. Power to you!

10/10 Top Notch!!
By Josh / Idaho Falls, Id U.S.A.

I was looking for some instruction on Kettlebell training as I had never used them before. I wanted to do it right and avoid injury. This DVD covers the basics you need to know to get started with Kettlebells. From safety to technique it's all there. Thanks Pavel for helping me on my way.

8/10 Goofy, But Informative
By Clay Wisner / Houston, TX USA

The "Comrade" bit wears thin after the first dozen or so times Pavel says it, but the exercises are undeniable. This basic group of kettlebell exercises is a concise, full-body workout that you'll feel immediately. It wakes up and works muscles you miss with other weight-lifting routines. Overall, the DVD seems a little short, but the information is invaluable.

10/10 Good work, Pavel!
By Jerry Steckler, D.C. / Evansville, IN USA

I'm new to the kettlebell world, and wouldn't take my chances by wingin this piece of equipment. If not performed correctly you can create some serious problems for your body, and not experience the full benefits of the exercises. Pavel has delivered the goods and the info in explaining step by step the proper way to work the kettlebell. Enter the Kettlebell is a must for anyone wanting to experience a new level of fitness with the kb. Thanks, Pavel!

10/10 Kettlebell Training From an Old guy's Point of view !
By Dale W. Smith / Anoka , Minnesota USA

I am fast approaching 73 years of age and have a very bad back and have finally found a method of training that's comfortable for me . The DVD " Enter the Kettlebell " has provided me with a guide on how to perform the exercises correctly . I can't exercise with the intensity I once had , never the less I can still get an effective workout with the kettlebell. If I had to be critical I guess I would appreciate a workout schedule just to be sure I'm hitting all areas of the body . Thank you for a very good video !I am showing it to my friends and family .

5/10 A DVD of Theory
By Steve / Temperance, MI USA

I thought that this DVD would be a good beginner course to learn all the exercises for kettlebells. So far the DVD's are theory of how the human body enters an aerobic state.

3/10 Not worth the money
By Dmitri Poltavski, Ph.D / Grand Forks, ND

Pavel's DVD was a disappointment and definitely not worth $30 bucks for me. The only useful piece of advice that I gleaned from it (which worked wonderfully by the way) was that during snatches do not try to swing the kettlebell with a straight arm all the way up. It will bang the crap out of your forearm. You are supposed to pull the kettlebell towards you after you swing it to what in Russian is called a "dead point" (the weight is virtually weightless there) and THEN you push the weight up. This way you slip your wrist to the side of the kettlebell and it won't hurt you. That was very helpful, the rest however was fairly intuitive. I had been doing those things myself simply because they felt safer and more comfortable not because I was privy into some Harry Potter-scale secret. I was also expecting some demonstration of a two-kettlebell clean and jerk since at least in Russia it is a standard exercise used in all kettlebell competitions (some even forgo the snatch). Yet no exercises in the video were done using 2 kettlebells. Another thing that made me cringe a few times is the marketing technique used by Pavel when he refers to his audience as "comrades". According to this 'clever' ruse you are supposed to feel part of an obsolete but formerly fierce elite force of the Soviet military. It may work quite splendidly with an average American Joe, but being a Russian myself let me tell you, the Soviet military personnel were generally a pretty weak and unhealthy bunch (still are), definitely not worthy of emulation or adulation.

10/10 Learn from the best
By sergek / New York,USA

If you like to start working out with kettlebell,this DVD best for you.I dont think someone else can explain better then Pavel did.

9/10 Very informative kettlebell DVD
By Michael Bacigalupi / Sedona, AZ

Pavel does a great job of introducing the kettlebell. He gives detailed explainations of how to use the kettlebell including tips for safety and performance. I think it is a great way to get started with the kettlebell. I only wish he had included some precise exercise routines with stated reps and such. However it is very good and I would recommend it to any aspiring "girevik". It has helped me a lot.

10/10 The DVD is very helpful in understanding the basics.
By Greg G. / Wayne, PA

I am a total newbie to this but have exercised and strength trained my whole life. I think the book and the DVD are the minimums you need to get started. I bought the book a few weeks ago and read it on the plane on the way to a long weekend trip. The hotel was lacking a gym of any significance but it did have a nice selection of dumbells, so I tried to immulate the kettlebell exercises with dumbells. I decided quickly that I liked what I was feeling and wanted to give this a try. So a week later I ordered the DVD and kettlebells. I was uncertain of some of my technique so the DVD was very helpful. There were a few things I noticed from the DVD. First I was doing the swing and clean motions a little slower than Pavel. I guess erring on the side of safety with these new techniques. Second and most importantly I didn't really pick up on the emphasis of the hips in the techniques. The way he snaps the hips and tightens the glutes at the top of the movement. He probably said it numerous times in the book but I didn't get it until I watched the video. I dont think kettlebells will entirely replace my strength training but I do plan on incorporating it in a significant way. I also plan to seek out someone who is trained in kettlebells for an occasional class just to check out my technique. Good luck.

7/10 Enter the Kettlebell
By Mark MacKechnie / Justin, Texas United States

Very good introduction to kettlebells, Pavel comes across as a good guy with a sense of humor. I really would have liked a "follow along and work out at the same time" kind of program in addition to how to use the kettlebells. As far as how to use the kettlebells, the DVD was excellent. As far as a work-out, I don't really want to think about what to do next, just follow the instructor kind of program, this was not it. That's the only reason I rated it a "7" out of "10" instead of a "10".

10/10 World Class Fitness Video
By Paul Murphy / Schererville, Indiana USA

Enter the Kettlebell is a world class fitness practice at its best. Pavel is a leader amongst men as well as a pioneer in his art. I really wished I watched the video first before actually purchasing a kettelbell. Being a former military man myself I found Pavels guidance to be quite insightful and informative. This is in no way some foo-foo exercise video. I realized the kettlebell was doing its work right from the very first step, my inner heat switched on like a flash fire.

9/10 It's even for Pilates and yoga guys [sic]!
By E.G.A / Worcester, MA

I suspect Pavel is turning a deep shade of blue, just holding his breath (or should I say his opinion)! But yes, this DVD and kettlebell training have something to offer even to a Pilates and yoga guy!

Now Pavel before you lose it and threaten to never sell me another DVD again, just remember to respect your elders! I'm 58 yr. and you're not ( I lost 97 lbs and you've never had to)! But all that aside, what can be said new that has not been said before, about both kettlebells and Pavel. The intensitiy of the presentation, and training and the humor and instruction are all first rate.

If had to be beaten up by someone (not that I'd like to be), it would have to be Pavel! At the end of the day I'd emerge a better, fitter, stronger, and straighter! And I would owe it all to kettlebells and this DVD (with a bit of Pilates and yoga tossed in).

I do know that I'm not completely alone on this, but kettlebells really do work with Pilates and yoga, and who better to teach this then Pavel (and Andrea).

Thanks Pavel for bringing this gift, and keep those DVD coming! Perhaps you may even see me for the RKC some time before I'm 60 yr. (not all that far off)

5/10 Could of been better
By Richard / Easthampton,Ma USA

Thought i was getting a more advanced video. Ok for new commers

10/10 If you are up to it, this DVD can change your life!
By Brian Roberts / Columbus, Oh

If you are new to Kettlebells, this is the perfect place to start. Being a visual learning, I have watched this DVD over and over to learn the proper way to exercise with my new Kettlebells. I have also enrolled in a Kettlebell class locally which is taught by an RKC instructor. Both have been very valuable to me. It is just real nice to be able to have the DVD as a reference and motivational tool that I will always have with me. I am proud to be a Party Member. Bring the Pain!

10/10 Everything is said to be
By Soto / New York, NY

Pavel gives insightful view into the kettlebell exercises that has kept Russia at the top for such a long time. The DVD takes you through a basics to handle kettlebells, but nonetheless very effective in its simplicity. Although the kettlebells are expensive, in the long run they are worth the money spent. Thank you.

10/10 Don't leave home without it!
By David D / NYC

For those of you entertaining the thought of kettle bell training- STOP GOOGLING ANY OTHER SITES. You need not look any further then Pavel.


Kettle bell training is not for the timid, but anyone can do it.
Pavel concisely lays everything you need to know about KB training, from how to pick up a kettle bell to some extremely difficult exercises. The book and DVD are the perfect companions to get all the minutia you need to perfect your training, be it beginner or advanced.

When your ready to take your training to the next level, the only way to go is Kettle Bells.

10/10 surprised by the intensity
By bennie seigler / turnerville, ga usa

i have been lifting weights for over 25 years and i thought i knew what intensity was. boy was i wrong. i purchased a 35 lb. kettlebell and the inter the kettlebell dvd and i was totally taken back by the work-out i went through. after abouty 15 mins. i was breathing like a freight-train and my heart rate was off the charts. I LOVED IT! now my weight lifting takes a back seat {one day a week} and my kettle bell training is number one. i feel stronger and even more confident after a couple of weeks using my kettlebell with enter the kettlebell dvd. thanks, pavel.

10/10 Meat and Potato Strength Training
By Tim Leckemby / The middle of the prairie, WY

Once again Pavel cuts right to the heart of the matter and gives us a brutally simple template to follow. Notice I said simple, not easy. For the past 4 weeks I've been putting in the work, and all I can say is that if you can dig down and give 100 percent to the party, you will not be dissapointed. As an older (33) athlete looking to get back into MMA and go down a weight class, I have a good strength and conditioning background, which gives me the experience and discernment to spend my valuable time on things that count and cut away things that don't. ETK counts big time with plenty of reward for the little time invested. Thanks Pavel!

8/10 An Excellent Starting Point
By Jim R. / Portland OR

This DVD is very helpful as a starting point to those of us who are new to kettlebell training. I appreciated the emphasis on correct technique. Frankly, I thought the running time was a little short. C'mon, comrade, throw us a couple more drills!

7/10 Great Service Again!
By CW4 Macs Burke / Kirkuk Iraq

I ordered your Enter the Kettlebell DVD hoping to fine tune the exercises I already have included in my work out. Unfortunately this is a very basic DVD with about five exercises truly explained. I would categorize this as a very basic beginner DVD, if you've never used the KB then it might be just the thing for you. If you are even basically expereinced with the KB then this will leave you short. BIG PLUS for DRAGON DOOR though, I ordered my DVD and it was deleivered to me here in iraq within 9 days, perfect condition, and yet again with great tracking and customer sevice. I am again exceptionally pleased with the Dragon Door's customer service, period.

8/10 Almost Perfect . . .
By Nick / Stockton, CA USA

The content of "Enter the Kettlebell!" is fantastic. I have already dropped 10 lbs and feel fantastic. My only complaint (and the reason for the review of 8 instead of 10) was the fact that you have to use Interactual Player on your computer in order to access the bonus materials. Interactual has NEVER worked right on any of my computers, and this DVD was no exception. If you're computer literate, and creative you can access the bonus materials anyway, but this was a pain (and not the good Russian pain Pavel puts us through!) Overall I would definitely recommend this DVD, as well as DragonDoor Kettlebells to anyone interested in getting in great shape without wasting hours in a traditional "metrosexual" gym.

10/10 Great practical DVD, must-have with your new kettlebells
By B. Jackson / Colorado, USA

I am loving my new kettlebells and "Enter the Kettlebell" DVD!

I bought Pavel's book "Russian Kettlebell Challenge" a few years ago, and I did some of the exercises with dumbells for a while. They were fine for cardio, but I was a little disappointed overall. Underestimating the value of kettlebells (vs. dumbells), I went back to my Power to the People barbell work.

Luckily, I came across my kettlebell book a few weeks ago and reread parts of it, resulting in finally ordering some KB's (16kg, 20kg). I would have skipped the video, but reading the section on the Bent Press--not easy to get from the text--convinced me to splurge for it.

I'm glad I did! The video is extremely helpful. Even for the basic swing, it is great to see Pavel himself doing it. And the KB's are *way* better than DB's!! With the proper equipment and my own personal trainer inside the TV set, I am now hooked!

1/10 Beginners only
By Rodney Kopina / Mansfield, Ohio USA

Its a very basic dvd...I thought it was some new stuff...but I was wrong...same old stuff !!!!!!!!!!

10/10 Excellent
By Edward Sloan / South Burlington, VT.

Very thorough instruction. I like the premise of doing a few exercises absolutely,correctly rather than volume of techniques. Either there is coffe or there is no coffee! Pavel has a great personality and sense of humor as well.

10/10 As usual, another great gift from Pavel
By Christopher Malek / North Hollywood, CA

The kettlebell actually felt lighter after watching this, amazing! ETK is very informative for the comrade who has never used a kettlebell before. I am getting a better workout in half the time of free weights, and using a fraction of the space. Also, the supplemental information sent to me provides plenty of variety and pain. I only wish there was a second DVD of punishment, I should have purchased the book as well.

10/10 Look out
By Douglas / Woodbridge, Va USA

When I first was introduced to the KB wookout by a friend of mine I thought well here goe's another get in shape quick system. But the more I read about it and looked at the basic foundation of the workout I saw it for what it really is. This thing is out of this world the video is right on point easy to understand. Big P gives a well rounded block of instruction which lends to a great understanding of the core posture, stance and overall body mechanics of the system. I got 2x35 KB's and I have to tell you that everyday is a KB day and you can take that to that bank.

8/10 Entertaining Entrée to Kettlebell Workout
By Anonymous / Houston

The video provides all the basics required to begin training with the kettlebell. Pavel provides clear verbal and visual lessons on what to do and not do with the Kettlebell. He has a dry Russian wit that had me chuckling while trying to learn the basics. One caution that is not emphasized is that while an average man can handle a 36 lb. kettlebell with your dominant arm, you may need to build up your nondominant arm with lighter weights. This thing is much heavier than you think!

5/10 Enetr the kettlebell-dvd
By Jon Meador / Las Vegas, nv.

I was disappointed that the ladder and all advanced workouts were not demostrated on the dvd. The reason I bought the dvd was to see those workouts to clear up any confusion I might of had from reading the manual. I also accidently erased the E-mail with the free download that came with the purchase and have had no luck in getting the to responed to my requests for them to resend the link.

10/10 Simply Great
By G.R. / NY

Enter the Kettlebell is one of the best excercise instructional videos I've ever purchased. The instructions are clear and straight to the point. After viewing it one time I felt ready to begin my training with kettlebells. Also I must say that the DVD arrived in just a matter of a few days. I must commend the quick delivery. I plan on ordering my products from SDragondoor in the near future.

10/10 WOW!


9/10 Money well spent!
By Mike / Marietta, SC

I was a little skeptical about spending so much money on a dvd (and a 16 kg kettlebell!), but I must say, when I actually got everything out of the packages and started swinging my new toy, I was sold. The dvd is simple and direct, and 16 kg is surprisingly heavy. Think of the $$$ you save in the long run - how much is your health worth, after all?

10/10 very informative
By Chad / Minneapolis, MN

I was actually looking for something more advanced. I did however rate this DVD a 10 just because it is that informative and complete.

10/10 If you JUST got your 1st Kettlebell, get this DVD!
By John / Scituate, RI USA

Pavel shows everything you need to know to master the basics in this amazing dvd. If you dont know what a squat is you NEED this dvd. This will make your kettlebell your weapon of mass gains instead of mass destruction. Don't even attemp to throw your kettlebell around until Pavel (or the RKC Seniors) show(s) you how.

I have seen nothing but gains since I started coming to this website.

Thank you everyone at for making Kettlebells, and everything else, so available to the public.

7/10 Enter the Kettlebell Review
By Bryson / Hawaii

The video was informative and I feel that it is more helpful to see the movements in action than to read a book and look at pictures. I look forward to progressing in this form of exercise. The only thing I felt was lacking was a program from this video. Even a simple program of how many sets or reps would be good for a beginner or intermediate practioner being that this is the introduction for most people.

10/10 I want a new drug.
By Tommy Heslep / Front Royal,Va USA

If I could inject or pop a pill.Thats how I feel about Kettlebells.Hello my name is Tommy Heslep & I'm addicted to Kettlebells.Thankx Pavel for the DVD's & books.

10/10 This video has been the breakthrough I have been looking for.
By Kevin Cunningham / Kyle, TX USA

I bought the Kettlebell challenge, and it was great! However, while working out I had the same basic questions we all have... "how does this work?" "Is this right?" With this video those questions are answered. All I need now is to "enjoy the pain"

9/10 Fundamentals, Fundamentals, Fundamentals
By Luke Dunnuck / Indianapolis, IN

The old is forever new. Pavel teaches the basic fundamentals of kettlebell lifting that I will revisit for years with this DVD. In my experience you shouldn't lift kettlebells without seeing this instruction. I have a set and have been lifting them for a year and just found out that my technique was off and I have been less effective than I should have been. This is a must have if you have a future with Kettlebells.

On a lighter note, you will learn how to annoy your wife by immatating Pavel and his great one liners.

10/10 no more expensive gym fees
By mario gonzalez / chula vista, California United States

Pavel's instruction and a little imagination is all that is needed for a complete body workout. No gym or amount of reps can equal the intense feeling of satisfaction after a kettlebell workout!!! Balshoi spasiba Pavel and za pabiedu !!!

10/10 Quality instruction
By Mark Edwards / Chubbuck, ID USA

My first DVD from Pavel was "More Russian Kettlebell Challenges". I found the delivery and content first rate. I purchased the book version of "Enter the Kettlebell" first and decided to buy the DVD version based on the quality observed in the "More Russian Kettlebell Challenges" DVD. Pavel's attention to detail in presenting the techniques makes this DVD a worthwhile supplement to the book. The DVD is nicely separated into chapters to allow quick navigation to the desired presentation.

10/10 Useful and Entertaining
By Paul J Naredo / Lubbock, TX USA

This DVD is a wonderful companion to the book. It allows the viewer to observe some of the nuances kettlebells possess. Incidentally my 3-year-old son enjoyed the DVD as well. He was cranky until he watched it. He is fasicnated with kettlebells and likes to watch Pavel practice them. He wants to be like dad, and work with kettlebells too. I must start him early so he can grow up to be a man of iron will and strength. This DVD is one of the best I have seen.

10/10 I thought I was in GREATshape until I tried Kettlebells............WOW!
By Tony / Boston, MA

This DVD really helps you with getting the correct kettlebell form. After watching it for one day I was able to do all the exercises the CORRECT way.I was able to tweak my stance and breathing, and in doing so, could quickly feel the benefits and see what I was doing wrong. I have Pavels KB book, which is great, but I feel the video (for me) is the best way to go for seeing the exercises in full motion, rather than a couple of still photos. Pavel gives you great ideas to execute these exercises so you don't cheat and you get all the max benefits from them. This DVD combined with Anthony DiLuglio's workbook(Punch Gym) (which he made to go along with the video, DOES NOT come with it.)is great. I always thought nothing of THE SWING, now I think different. These exercises really push you, and you will see results quickly.....guaranteed

10/10 Excellent Introductory DVD on Kettlebell Training
By John Kangas / Concord, New Hampshire

A must-view DVD for anyone who wants to learn the proper techniques in basic kettlebell exercises. I have been using Russian kettlebells for a few years and my technique in the clean and snatch left me with sore, bruised forearms. Not anymore! Pavel clearly explains and demonstrates the proper methods for lifting a kettelbell. My first kettlebell snatch after watching this video was a significant improvement over any I had done prior. An excellent training tool. Pavel's wit, and his segment on how a kettlebell is made, are extra bonuses.

10/10 Another great dvd by Pavel
By Joe Valdez / Ft. Bragg, NC

I own a couple of Pavel's dvds, and I 'll say this is my favite. He covers the basics in great detail, overall a great dvd for beginning and intermediate kettlebell enthusiasts trying to perfect their technique.

9/10 Good stuff
By Isaac / Virginia, USA

Great for learning the proper technique to using Kettlebells, especially helpful if you don't have access to anyone with knowledge of the subject. The only downside to the DVD in my opinion, is only the basic Kettlebell exercises are covered, and it would not have hurt to put in a few more. Otherwise, great product a wholly reccomended.

9/10 Wonderful Product
By Symmon / Bryan, OH USA

I am a 64 Year old who has bought few of Pavel's wonderful easy to understand, and ofcourse,Practise Books.
The lastest purchase of ENTER THE KETTLEBELL is a Jewel.
Watched is several time and learnt new things each time. I have been doing kettlebell exercises for almost 3 years.I kettelbells, to me, are a great way to built a dynamic and a useful physique.I highly recommend it to people who want a body that is highly functional.
There is one problem I encountered when I tried to watch the DVD on My computer. The intervideo would start the program but loose Audio, Video
sync and then Lock up my PC. I can wactch the DVD on PC if I run it through different Media software.

10/10 Essential Kettlebells for Dummies
By Doug Jarvi / Columbus, Ohio

I am very glad that I purchased the Enter the Kettlebell book and DVD. I had bought the "Power to the People" book and video a few years ago and it changed the way I train (practice) with weights ever since. So I have followed what Pavel has instructed ever since on exercises, weight training, stretching, joint mobility, etc. When I purchased and started to train with kettlebells I entered into a new method of weight training that has strengthened my body in ways standard weight training never could. The Enter the Kettlebell has broken down the basics of kettlebell training to its bare essentials on how to correctly train with kettlebells that his and other RKC instructors previous training books and videos have lacked in the minute by minute detail. This makes all the other training books and videos even more effective because the essential correct form and safety control are the most important components in every exercise and training method. It is not that his and the others training books and videos were wrong, they just missed the essential "kettlebell for Dummies" basic instruction for novices like myself who train on our own. This has helped me to pay attention to the fine details of the swing, snatches, presses and cleans. As always with Pavel and the other RKC instructors safety and correct no nonsense training methods are emphasized in both instruction and demonstrations. Kettlebell practice has literally strengthened and trained my body to safely work with weight bearing activities that require me to be in movement. I am amazed at how it even has helped my digestive system work more efficently. This proves that proper lifestyle diet and exercise do assist in the overall health of the body. Kettlebell practice has helped me to train my body to automatically brace my abs as I perform movements with my body especially when I am lifting and moving various weighted objects. This has literally kept me from injury. Essentially all the exercises and weight training (standard lifting and kettlebell ballistics), stretching, joint mobility, etc. have the same core purpose for our bodies: to strengthen and train them to safely perform all forms of movement with and without weight bearing objects at any position possible for the body to move in. Everyone who trains or wants to train with kettlebells should get this book and DVD. Thanks Pavel and all the RKC instructors.

10/10 Beginer
By Washington / new york

I find this DVD to be very helpful, easy to follow and remember. I'm looking forward to taking Kettelbell training to the next level soon with more Pavel instructional training guides.

10/10 Coffee or NO coffee - Strength or NO strength
By Mark Hanington / Huntington Beach, Ca.

Everyone knows that once you really start pushing the envelope on your current abilities, you need those subtle yet all important tools to move from average to elite performance. They can seem insignificant to the untrained observer, but are better than gold to those who have the faculties to incorporate them.

This DVD cleared up every problem area and sticking point I had. And it cleared up every strain (mostly elbows in my case) that I knew instinctively I shouldn't be feeling. The fine points of technique, PRICELESS!!!

Anyone at any level can benefit greatly from this concise, no fluff, presentation that's the hallmark of Dragondoor products.

Pavel delivers as ALWAYS.

10/10 Enter the Kettlebell-A Great investment!
By Regina Hurley / Ellington, CT

Thank you VERY MUCH for creating Enter the Kettlebell! book and DVD! I am no strength training professional, just someone that enjoys learning and improving with kettlebells. Clear, concise, and straight-forward approach, this book and DVD use to present the material are a large part of what makes this a great investment to learn from and enjoy. The use of illustrations and quick recaps at the end of each section are a HUGE help to visual learners like me. The organization and progression of each exercise, are easy to understand and have helped me improve several of the exercises that are part of my kettlebell practices. The added insights from SrRKCs and RKCs, are just more of what makes this a tremendous value to anyone looking to learn and improve with kettlebells. Also, I enjoy the humor and that there is never any fluff that you have to wade through. Pavel Tsatsouline just tells it like it is. The facial expressions of Pavel Tsatsouline in the "What Not to Do" depictions are priceless! The final part that showed how kettlebells are made, was cool to learn about also. Thank you again!

10/10 Helpful for beginners or experienced KB users
By Joel / Anaheim, Ca

I found this video to be quite useful, presenting not some important heads up for someone new to Kettlebells, but also some hard won wisdom applicable to experienced KB warriors as well.

I had previously purchased Kettlebell videos by Pavel and others, but "Enter the Kettlebell" was a welcome addition to the collection, chock full of information on breathing, posture, and technique which has helped refine my technique, get better results, and get stronger.

The bonus material on the KB manufacturing process made it IMHO a collector's item.

10/10 Feel the pain!
By Chris Brennan / III MEF SOTG Okinawa, Japan USMC

Awesome video. This video really clears up the mechanics of all the important exercises. Pavel is awesome and has the perfect mindset. His instruction is second to none, and his knowledge of Physiology is unquestionable. Every exercise is covered in great detail to include how not to do it, how to do everything safely and correctly, and shows ways to make yourself learn to do it right. If you follow the simple to understand techniques in this video you will be very strong in no time.

10/10 Can't Have One Without the Other
By Kory Dykstra / Gwinn, Michigan United States

Enter the Kettlebell is Pavel's best DVD yet! I am thoroughly impressed with both the DVD and the companion book. Since receiving them I have lost 18 lbs of body fat and two pants sizes. I have also learned that after about three years of "messing around" with the bells, that I have been doing my presses all wrong. I am now "taming the arc", and have already experienced great gains (with I am sure more to come). If you get the DVD, get the book as well; as they are a perfect complement to each other and money well spent for the aspiring girevyk! Watching the DVD and using the book makes it doubly hard to have to wait the time it takes to save the money to go to the RKC course. Get this DVD and companion book, use it, and maybe I'll see you there in a year.

10/10 Very helpful
By Steve / Portland, Oregon

Being able to see the exercises done actively, as opposed to static pictures in a book, is incredibly helpful. You really need to purchase the book/ DVD combo. The book give much more detail on the "why and when", while the DVD lets you visualize the "how".

10/10 Lights, Camera, Action!!!!
By Jim Burns / Bentonville, AR USA

Enter the Kettlebell DVD Review

Currently 8.8 in 20 reviews on the website?

If that is influencing your buying decision? (8.8 out of 10 is a great score in my book!), okay, but I am convinced that this is an essential complement to the Enter the Kettlebell book.

For me, the video presentation is inspiring and motivating. Since I received the book first, my experience was that the video takes the valuable points to the next level by allowing you to see how it?s done. The details presented are crucial to performing with proper form and practicing safely.

Pavel Tsatsouline?s dialog is outstanding. His experience as a teacher comes through and instills confidence as well as determination to succeed. This is tempered with the caveat that jumping into ?the next level? before you are ready is poor judgment and an invitation to bruised forearms, overtraining and so unnecessary.

The joint mobility portions are something you would definitely want to give yourself if you realized you need it. The Sumo Kettlebell Deadlift checklist, the Box Squat mastery drills, the Halo Exercise and the Russian Pump are phenomenal. Since I have had tight hip flexor issues off and on since about 1963, it is a tremendous relief to finally gain some insight into ?taking off the parking brake? in my quest for functional strength.

Incidentally, Pavel?s recommendations for which kettlebells to purchase first were very valuable to me.

Get this DVD if you are going to use kettlebells. You will not be sorry. You can watch it any number of times and continue to benefit from each viewing.

10/10 Kettlebell lifting for DUMMIES!
By Bob Miller Corrections Officer / Idaho

This is the who, what, when, where, why, and how of Kettlebell lifting technique. A must have if you plan of following the book. A+++

10/10 Get on the Bandwagon!
By James Lund / Winnipeg, MB Canada

If you are not on the Pavel Tsatsouline bandwagon yet, what are you waiting for? I have had Enter the Kettlebell DVD for a little over a month now and likely have watched it a least 12 times! How many DVDs do you have that you refer too that much? Don?t hesitate any longer; get this DVD you will NOT be disappointed. There are lots of people selling kettlebell instructional DVDs and manual on the internet, but they are just copying the real master. I know imitation is the greatest form of flattery, but why not start with the best and go from there.

10/10 Enter the Kettlebell DVD
By judith hansen / minneapolis, Minnesota United States

Great for both the ladies and gentelmen!

10/10 Back to basics
By Vladimir / Sydney, Australia

In my opinion, this is what Russian Kettlebell Challenge should have been. The DVD and book compliment each other very well and i would highly recommend to everyone to get both. I especially like the preparation drills leading to proper execution of the exercises. We are talking the basics - swing, turkish get up, clean, jerk and snatch. Pavel compares various stages of Enter the Kettlebell with learning a martial art - you have to keep practicing to get good at it. So many people (myself included) jumped ahead too soon, without learning the basics properly.

In few years time, when you have gone onto more complicated exercises, you will always come back to this program to refresh your knowledge.

10/10 Great DVD -- Perfect Book
By Gary / Underwood, IA USA

Got the DVD and it is again just what I needed. Great book, explained exactly what I needed to know in a fashion that can understand.
I would NEVER hesitate to purchase anything
put out by Pavel.....

10/10 Great DVD
By SSGGLASS / Okinawa Japan

The progression here and on the ETK book make it impossible to screw up. every step of the drills is clearly explained and demostrated.

And the DVD has applications even for experienced athletes. the remedial drills are outstanding. I can not say enough good things about the ETK program. the Rite of Passenge will turn you in to a machine.

7/10 Could be longer
By Rick / So CA

While the videos and voice were clear and to the point the DVD didn't seem to deliver what was advertised. Also, the bonus features needed to be shown on a computer (not mentioned during purchase) and required extra drivers to be loaded. I was much happier with Super Joints.

3/10 Dissapointing
By Brad Windhauser / Minneapolis, MN USA

I didn't feel the video delivered what was promised. It didn't have a simple, straight forward workout plan. It just has exercises that were included in the earlier video I purchased so it didn't have any value for me.

10/10 Another Masterpiece from Pavel!
By MjKRKC / Bowie, MD


Thanks for continuing to share your extensive knowledge in kettlebell lifting and overall fitness. For over 35 years I have trained and studied many martial arts earning black belts in Shai Chiao Chinese Wrestling and Shaolin Hung Fut. I've had the prviledge to study under some of the worlds best in traditional kung fu but have never achieved as much in as little of time from your information. This DVD breaks it down and answers many question better than all your others. Keep it coming and, "Enjoy the Pain"!


8/10 The Place to Start
By Dave P. / Aztec, NM

This is a great place for novices to start. It explains the power and technique to maximize your kettlebell workout. My son (who is not an athlete) was able to easily grasp what I had failed to teach him. He is now able to work out stronger and harder. I really enjoy the no B.S. approach to the correct way to lift and perform the fundamental kettlebell excercises.
The video does not provide a specific routine. It does not outline any specific workout regimine. I initially thought it would give some workout examples. If a regimine is what you are looking for, Anthony Deluglio's Art of Strength series is awesome. I have purchased both. I would recommend Enter the Kettlebel if you are struggling with technique or if you are just getting started. It helped me get back to basics and perfect my form.

10/10 Incredible - This DVD is all that is Pavel: Clear, Strong and Tight!
By MCA / Seattle, WA

This new DVD is everything you need to help launch your Kettlebell workouts. The stretching and warm-up excercises helped me to get into the right positions to get the most out of my swings, cleans and presses. Major impact on the flexibility of my shoulders and my sore back has disappeared. This DVD has great flow from one exercise to the next and not a moment was wasted. Detailed exercise instruction and tips filled in any gaps needed to perform the exercises correctly and with the most effectiveness.

8/10 Excellent in the topics it presents
By jd / Fayetteville, AR

I found the presentation on this dvd excellent in terms of the topics it choose to cover. If you are looking for the ultimate A-Z on kettlebell training, this is not the dvd you need. However, it would be an asset to almost any lifter's library. The attention to detail and the breakdown of each lift is excellent.

7/10 Enter the Kbell review
By Mike Walker / Vancouver, Wa. USA

This is the second Pavel DVD that I have purchased from Dragondoor, the first being the original Kettlebell DVD. I have to say that this is a classier production and much more polished than the original but lacking in content. The original has more exercises in it and actually provides more information for the beginner. The one complaint that I have with both videos is that there are no "programs" provided to follow as a guideline and I think that especially with beginners, this would be helpful. On the positive side, Pavel does provide excellent instruction on exercises that can be done with the k-bell. The video is motivating and fun. And what can I say about the kettlebell and its use other than it is one of the greatest pieces of equipment I have ever used. If I were advising someone, I would say buy the first video, an additional one with some program guidelines, some k-bells, and go at it.

5/10 Could use an organized outline
By JMN / Sayreville, NJ

I know this is probably for the more advanced kettlebell user, but I was looking for a step by step program to work out with. I should have probably purchased the kettlebell challenge or something with more direction until I was more inclined to incorporate different exercises.

10/10 Best Pavel DVD by far
By Joe Pulone / Baltimore, MD USA

This is the best Pavel produced DVD.
I love it and I'm watching it again and again to extract every bit advice to perfect my form.

7/10 Hurt my back
By Don / Atlanta, GA

I tried to to the exercises as described, but really caused a lot of pain to my lower back. I'm sure it works well, but a little more specifics on how to avoid injuring your back would be welcome.

10/10 Excellent Instruction
By Dee De Moulin / San Diego, CA

This DVD will surely become a tool for regular review. Pavel's instruction is concise and to the point. It is excellent not only for beginner's, but as a regular checklist for the seasoned pro to keep him or herself in check.

9/10 Great start to Kettlebell
By Jamie / Maine USA

This DVD from Pavel is very detailed in instruction. I did what I do with most instructional DVDs. I watched it through completly without even touching the kettlebell and then went back and watched it again with the kettlebell in hand and tried out the exercizes. Like everyone else the 35lb feels alot heavier than a contemporary 35LB dumbbell !!

Pavel gives step by step instruction and moves you along with the basic movements. He stresses saftey and moving at your own pace.

I have been a runner since highschool and have never realy lifted weights. I always have had jobs where I have worked hard and figured that I had enough functional strength. I first lifted weights as rehab for shoulder reconstruction 6 years ago. I am impressed at how much of an all over body workout you get from this. As a runner I am impressed with the cardio workout I get from the kettlebell. I have been working out every day after work for the last 2 weeks and I see improvement already. I realy look forward to working out with this thing. My rest days are on my days off and I look forward to another work week so I can swing the bell for another 5 days!!

The only reason I gave the DVD a 9 instead of a 10 is that the Rite of passage is not on the DVD. I have ordered the book and I am waiting on that to start my ROP. My wife who has been a runner and yoga practiconer for years became interested. I got her a 20lb so she can play as well. I have since ordered the ETK book and the DVD and book "From Russia With Tough Love" for my wife.

10/10 Solid Instruction
By C. McEwan / Wyandotte, MI USA

Very specific and detailed instruction. Very helpful for beginners like myself.

10/10 Excellent!
By Thomas / Thousand Oaks, CA

Very informative - the real deal. Using the book & the DVD in tandem works great!

10/10 An excellent guide
By vining / Illinois

The movements are easy to follow and there is no obnoxious music. Pavel does a great job

9/10 Great into. to Kettle bell basics
By Anonymous / Pleasanton, California

Having been a Trainer for over 20 years, I've tried many types or styles of strength/fitness training with an extensive background in Bodybuilding.I'm now opening my own Personal Training studio and will definitely incorporate what I have learned and been practicing since viewing this wonderful DVD. Pavel is "the man" when it comes to this form of overall body conditioning. Very comprehensive and concise delivery, hope to continue to educate myself through more advanced versions.

10/10 Very useful info - good presentation with a fast, no-nonsense flavor to it.
By Anonymous / Portland, OR

I enjoy Dragon Door's DVD presentations featuring Pavel for various reasons, but this latest one is in a class of its own. Pavel is informative and entertaining. The program works, is no-nonsense, and fast-paced and hard-biting. The feature about Kettlebell manufacturing was very interesting as well. Even the set design and lighting added to the "industrial grind" flavor.

Another 10 for usefulness/result, production and presentation!

8/10 Good Buy
By Anonymous / Location withheld

Liked this one more than most. Lots of exercises.

10/10 The Kettlebell manifesto
By Plumb Woreout! / Armadillio Country, What was once America

Watched some kettlebell tutorials online, looked at the different styles and methods of all the goo-roos, decided pavel was the one i would learn from, I obtained the book at a local bookstore, ordered the DVD from Dragondoor. Both are first class. The video production and the book are really well implemented, and Pavel is has a great "schtick" going there that is funny as well as very instructional. I think that the book and the video are must haves for every library - the "Manifesto" of the Kettlebell.

8/10 Clear introduction to using the kettlebell
By Steve Austin / Denver, USA

This DVD demonstrates the basic moves in using a kettlebell. Not much tlme is taken to show each move but the demonstrations are clear. The DVD illustrates the same material found in the book, "Enter the Kettlebell".

10/10 Perfect companion to the book.
By Ben Jenkins / Boston, MA, USA

I can't say enough good things about the book ENTER THE KETTLEBELL, which I've reviewed here with a 10 out of 10 on the site. The DVD amplifies what's great about the book: it illustrates in a fool-proof manner how to master the core kettlebell moves, which taken by themselves are put into a workout program that's been the most effective and most minimalist program to get strong and lean that I've ever tried.

The DVD should really be studied numerous times just like Pavel's book. Any question you have about any facet of the kettlebell's core exercises are answered here. The book breaks down every motion of e.g. the snatch, but the DVD truly exemplifies the fluidity of the movement. A great package.

10/10 entertaining and the right advice
By Grant Petersen / Walnut Creek, USA

I have another KB vid in whch the guy spends 10 minutes telling you how to warm up. That's as far as I got with it. Quite boriing.
PAVEL's is the opposite. He grabs you right off the bat. The instruction is clear, he is funny, engaging, and easy to rewind and watch again. I've gotten a lot of good out of it.
It's way better than I expected, and my expectations were high.

10/10 Excellent dvd.
By Mark Nisonger / price, usa

The DVD was excellent! Detailed instructions on everything from how to use their kettle bells to how to not get injured. I'll be ordering the rkb's shortly!

9/10 Great introduction to Kettlebells
By Jon Gonzalez / Las Vegas, NV, US

I bought this DVD to learn how to better use my kettlebells from the master of kettlebell training. This DVD isn't a workout DVD, but rather a training DVD that teaches you the different movements using a kettlebell. He breaks it down fairly easily to understand. I picked up a few pointers after watching it a few times and see what I was doing wrong. If you're new to kettlebells and can't have a certified trainer teach you the proper movements, then this is the next best thing.

10/10 Excellent all round advice
By Dave Rao / Boston, MA, US

I really like that Pavel never lets his guard down on safety with his guidance in this DVD. He clearly knows exactly what he is talking about, is drop dead serious when it matters and has a sense of humor too. I took on the use of kettlebells to add something new and different to my workout portfolio and couldn't have done both productively and safely without his direction. This is a must DVD to have.

7/10 If you're new to kettle bells, yes ...
By Michael Hunter / Economy, USA

There's something almost embarrassing about the "tough-guy/evil Russian" schtick, and it's laid on thick in this video. That said, his demonstrations are good for learning and refreshing the "body-memory" for correct form. He suggests, and I concur, get personal training, especially if you're just beginning with kettle bells.

If you're on a budget and the choice is between a personal training session with an RKC trained instructor and this video, go with the former. This video is for beginners, but is most helpful after at least one introductory lesson. Then, as you slowly build kb into your routine, watching this DVD will help you keep focused on correct form. Once you've mastered the kettle bell, (in my case, this may take a while :-), you will probably not want or need to watch this.

If you're a serious beginner, get the book, get the video, get personal training from an RKC instructor, get good kettle bells, and have fun.

10/10 Great for Beginners!
By Christopher J / Greenville, SC, USA

This is the perfect video for beginners, but you MUST do EXACTLY as he says, EXACTLY as he does, and listen carefully. If you do that, this will be a great video for you. If you don't have the patience to master the proper form and safety before tacking the full routine, then as Pavel says, stick with the machines, you big sissy! In short, the material is good if you do it properly, and build your load gradually.

As for the "Comrade/Russian" shtick, it may annoy you if you lack a sense of humor. As for me, it's part of what makes the video enjoyable and wouldn't change it one bit. Think of it this way; There is nothing wrong with a trainer who has a little bit of character.

Again, I am a beginner, and this video is perfect...for *me*. I've not done any formal or informal weight training in many many years. If you already have some experience with kettlebells or weight training in general, then I can see how you might not get as much out of it.

I gave it a 10/10 for it's content, though I do believe that $30 is a bit much for a video like this. If it helps, think of it as a "Lazy Tax" or motivation to get the most out of it.

10/10 You Won't Find Info on this DVD through YouTube!
By John C / El Cajon, USA

This DVD is truly a complementary half of a 2 part set: The Enter The Kettlebell book and DVD. The DVD shows exercises and technique in fluid action, while the book details important things to remember while you are doing the exercises and shows key bits of an exercise in still photos. For teaching how to do a snatch, clean & press, or Turkish get-up, there only so much a book can do by describing the actions with written words and still photos. On the other hand, I find myself "tuning out" the key points that Pavel is saying on the DVD while I am concentrating on watching him perform a swing, or whatever. That's what I mean when I say that the ETK book & DVD compliment each other. There is a discussion in both the book & DVD about "Russian body language." For me, that just sunk in more when I read the book, than from watching the DVD - but the information is reinforced when watching the DVD.
A bonus in the DVD is a video about how kettlebells are made in the factory.
Like I stated in the title, the detailed information in this DVD can't be found by watching a bunch of YouTube videos on kettlebell exercises.

10/10 Kettle Bell Training will change your life!
By Travis Haynes / Columbus, OH, USA

As a martial artist for over 20 years, and a health care professional, I've been exposed to a wide variety of fitness and training modalities. Kettle Bell training I feel is the best combination of strength, cardio and mobility of any system on the planet. And PAVEL is the master. The video was informative and funny and a great place to get started on a journey of health and fitness that you can literally do your entire life. I have recently found a kettle bell gym that I have now joined and feel that this is a life changer for anyone willing to answer the challenge. Thank you Dragon Door and thanks Pavel for your ground breaking work. You guys really are CHANGING LIVES for the better! I can't think of a more noble cause or a higher compliment one can bestow upon a teacher. Thanks again!

10/10 Pavel rules!
By Albert Trudeau / Paris, USA

This DVD by Pavel should be the first DVD in your kettlebell "toolbox". NO beginner (or intermediate) should be without it! I cannot count the number of times that I have viewed this DVD on my computer. I still reference back to it when I feel that something is amiss in my 'back' or 'shoulder' health. It usually is something to do with getting into sloppy form. Pavel is very entertaining also :)

9/10 Excellent Companion To The Book!
By Nick Kiussis / Brunswick Ohio, U.S.A.

I find it very helpful to have a visual example to accompany the book. Usually between the two I feel I come away with a very solid grasp on proper technique. The only way that I could see myself learning better was to actually be in the presence of a RKC instructor. Obviously I would recommend the DVD to anybody who is purchasing the book. They would not be disapponted.

My only critique would be that it would be nice if there was more of a demonstration of the top part of the Clean...particularly manuevering the hand around the K.B. for proper racking. And also I would have liked to have seen a more step by step breakdown on the Get Up. I was able to go to You Tube however and there were RKC instructors who made vids so that is no real biggie and is my only critique.





10/10 Great resource
By Ian Bock / Dayton, United States

This DVD is great for anyone who wants to learn the best, most basic moves from the master himself. His explanations are easy to follow and perfectly illustrate technique and body mechanics for all the moves. Great stuff! Keep in mind though, this is not a "workout DVD" in which he puts you through the full paces of a workout. He simply instructs you on the proper form and techniques for each move, along with extras on KB sizing, manufacture, all that fun stuff. It's a DVD version of the definitive instruction manual on Russian KB training. Enjoy!

10/10 A must have
By David CornwellHarrodsburg / Harrodsburg, USA

Pavel's demos and detailed explanations have helped me use the kettlebell correctly and safely. Would not suggest anyone beginning to use kettle bells to do so without owning this DVD.

9/10 Great Video to Start With
By Al Konigsfeld / Spokane, WA

While I found the whole Soviet thing a bit corny, Pavel does a great job at teaching the details. He teaches the most important kettlebell exercises, with emphasis on how to do them correctly and avoid injury. This video is a must if you are new to using kettlebells.

10/10 A must-have for any Kettlebell enthusiast
By David Whitley, RKC / Nashville, TN

The Enter the Kettlebell DVD is far beyond the original RKC video. Pavel has done an excellent job in the evolution of his teaching methods and this DVD clearly reflects that. Tons of great tips and clear demonstration plus a very interesting segment on the making of kettlebells.

10/10 Great Instructional DVD - Wrist Bands No Longer Needed !
By Kirk Newsom / Dallas, TX USA

Your instructional "Enter The Kettle Bell" DVD was Great! I have been swinging Kettle Bells on my own for about a month now, but I always seem to bang my wrists while performing the Snatch. But the DVD's simple demonstration on the correct form has allowed me to improve my mechanics to a very smooth non-banging motion that has enabled me to perform much more Reps. I'm 48 years young and feel myself getting fit & stronger everyday. My only regrets are that I didn't know about Kettle Bells when I was a H.S. Wrestler. I am almost certain that I would of at least made it to my State's Wrestling Finals or maybe even won the title in my weight class if I knew what I know now.

Thank You Comrade !

6/10 Essential but has problems
By Robert / Alexandria, VA USA

It shows you how to make the basic moves without hurting yourself, however it does not give a good idea of what sets of moves you should start out doing.
I cannot get the disk to work in an XP PC. Autorun does not work, and the instructions on the disk do not match the contents of the disk.

10/10 Forget every other Kettlebell DVD
By Gavin Murphy / Dublin IRELAND

I had watched many other instructional kettlebell DVDs which were 'workout' DVDs and which were in their own right very good. However Enter the Kettlebell is the only one with clear consise safe instruction on the use of kettlebells. Perfect for beginners and those who think they know what they are doing! A definate 10/10 and a big thumbs up to Pavel. Dont expect a workout but expect confidence and quicker payoff from your workout. The accompanying book is also great.

10/10 Helpfull Traing Tips
By Danny L.Kalender Sr. / Chico,California USA

Thank you Pavel and DragonDoor for offering the DVD to demonstrate exercises using the Kettlebell & warmup techniques to properly stretch muscles.

10/10 Enter the Kettlebell
By Gary / Brooklyn, NY USA

Powerful, informative, consise

5/10 Good instruction, light on material.
By J. Giebel / Leesburg, VA

The instruction was good but not enough on technique. For example, preventing the destruction of your forearm during the clean. With only a few lifts covered, each technique should be better clarified.

10/10 Quit Cryin!
By Ryan Foust / Indianapolis, IN

Let's look at what this DVD is supposed to do. Its made to show you in a fluid fashion how to do each of the movements in the usage of the kettlebell, not tell you everything out there possible. The ones that cry because it doesn't suggest how many sets and reps to do, think for that yourself! If you work out, you should know what you can and can't do. The DVD is very much a mimic of the book in both script and movement, but since the kettlebell is a fast acting, all motion tool, I'd suggest this well over the book. This doesn't make the book obsolete, but its almost impossible to truly understand the movements without getting this with it. Highly recommended for beginning kettlebell users and anyone looking to polish up on their technique.

9/10 Functional Strength
By Mariano Sore / Vancouver B.C.

After receiving Pavel's Enter The Kettlebell from Dragon Door I immediately popped it in the DVD player to see how I could improve my kettlebell form and routine. I had been working out with a 35lbs kettlebell for six months and and the info on the DVD really put everything in perspective for me. It teaches you how to execute each move properly, and gives you that eat nails attitude you need when progressing to a kettlebell workout. I am a practical self defense teacher and have always been fit through using free weights and body exercises, but kettlebells put all of that to shame. There is simply nothing out there that even compares to this AK-47 of fitness. My functional strength and cardio went through the roof once I started to do kettlebell workouts mixed with body weight exercises. I have now progressed to a 53lbs kettlebell and at 34 years of age am fitter then most guys in there 20's who workout as well. Thank you Pavel and Dragon Door, next I have my eyes set on a kettlebell workshop to get certified and get my business to the next level!!

8/10 Good intro to Kettlebell basic
By Bob Weakley / Evansville,IN USA

I really like the way all the proper way of handling the kettlebell were perform by the instructor. Everything was easy to follow and everything was explain as you follow along the DVD,ITS A MUST HAVE IF YOU WANT TO BE SAFE AND LEARN THE PROPER WAY.

10/10 Learn and fine tune
By Gary Berenbroick RKC / Berwyn, PA

Each exercise is presented with a logical progression on how to safely perform them along with corrective techniques that make it almost impossible to mess them up. Great for those new to kettlebells and people with experience

10/10 the starting line
By tim thomas / connersville,in usa

pavel was very clear on the kettlebell.from how to lift properly and and audio was very clear.pavel has good sense of humor and has alot of kettlebell knowledge.if you are going to workout with kettlebells then this vidio will help you at the starting line!!!!!

8/10 A Very Well Produced Excercise Instruction Video
By Justin Swanson / Hendersonville, TN

I got my hands on a set of Kettlebells and figured I'd go as close to the source as possible to learn how to use them properly. I had seen some Pavel books and videos quite a few years ago. I ordered this DVD and they had it to me in a few days which was fantastic. He is still the same Pavel with the dry sense of humor, but the presentation is that much better on this Enter the Kettlebell DVD. He does a great job explaining the movements and keeps it fun and entertaining. My only problem is that he does not lay out enough suggestions on how to put together an actual program or routine with the Kettlebells. Thank God I got my hands on the Enter the Kettlebell book as well, which gives a lot more direction on how to start a routine with the kettlebells. I could have done without the "Making of a Kettlebell" feature. A biography of Pavel and his background training the russion military would have been a lot more entertaining. The bonus video content online would have been nice on the actual DVD as well.

10/10 You need proper instruction before you train.
By Mike Murphy / Indianapolis, IN USA

I think it is a great training aid. I had watched various training demo's on youtube, and thought I'd just buy a kettlebell and start on my own. The first day I hurt myself. The next day my DVD came in. I watched it and saw exactly what I had done wrong. Lucky for me it only took three trips to the Chiropractor to fix my back. I've been training following what I learned on the DVD ever since. This method certainly works great.

10/10 There's more to KettleBell training than meets the eye...
By John Saxon, Actor / Los Angeles, California

If I could I'd recommend it to President Obama. I understand the President likes to workout. He could keep a KettleBell by his desk and do five minutes of Swings in between the massive work of being President.

9/10 Pavel gets you going!
By Frank / Middlebury, VT

This is the perfect introduction to kettlebell training basics. The instructions are clear and concise in order to have you swinging your kettlebell very soon...!

7/10 price to high
By Benjamin / Summit Valley, California

The dvd is great as far as explainning how to do the excercises. After viewing I feel it's priced alittle to high for just that.

8/10 Conflicts with the book "The Russian Kettlebell Challenge"
By Tom McCord / North Alabama

A few years ago I bought the book "The Russian Kettlebell Challenge". In that book it advises you to "dip" your knees when doing a clean or press. In the video it says emphatically not to dip your knees. So which is it?

Also the video could have suggested some exercises routines for beginners.

10/10 kettlebells are for real men
By Jeffrey L Carlson / From MN but live in Colorado Springs CO

Just by doing 5 sets of each workout such as Turkish get-up,swing,clean, clean and press, and the snatch for as many reps as could really smoked my butt. I would recommend this video to any one.

9/10 good start
By Allen Bright / Garden Grove, CA USA

The DVD is fun and concise. I am enjoying my work-outs. Pavel is alotta fun.

10/10 Happy Comrade
By michael harris / los alamos, New Mexico United States

Simple, informative and it works. I have lost weight and gained strength while keeping the routine simple. Something I wasn't able to do with machines and fancy bodybuilding routines.

10/10 Amazing! A Perfect Complement to the Book!
By Ray Lass / Chicago, IL USA

I bought the Enter The Kettlebell book about three months ago and started the Program Minimum with reckless abandon! In a few weeks I could feel and see results from the simple, yet effective workout. After getting the DVD companion, though, I am amazed at how more effective my workouts have become! Seeing the movements by the Master himself makes all the difference...if you want to see massive gains with your kettlebell workouts, you need to get the ETK DVD.

10/10 Short, simple and to the point.
By Sergey / NY

Like all of Pavel's products it is short, simple and to the point. No fluff just cold hard strength training. A necessary companion to the Enter the Kettle bell book. Feel the pain, see the difference and experience the power.

9/10 Great for absolute beginners
By Marlee Bisbey, I just started! / Tucson Arizona

This was a great DVD for the rank beginner I am. Good to have a reference for technique when I'm working out at home without my instructor.

10/10 Kick ass workout
By I'm a Officer and I'm also on the C.E.R.T team / Fort Pierce, FL USA

I knew Kettle Bell weights works but the way Pavel explains it and the safety of the object...I would have never known if I didn't buy this Video I plan to buy more but this one still kicks my butt right now...and I've been lifting for years. It has helped my flexibilty and strenght a great deal a must buy.

9/10 A definite companion to your RKC Certification
By Philippe Til, RKC, Action Fitness, Inc. / Los Angeles, California United States

I'm RKC certified, and have the extremely well written manual handed during the workshop. I spoke with Pavel personally who suggested ETK along with the Naked Warrior, because there is always room for improving the basics. More so, I found the book/DVD offers, as Pavel promised, the tools to be able to press a heavier kettlebell (my goal is to go for RKC II and I am not close to pressing a KB 1/2 my body weight), and I've already increased my PR! Recent RKC grads may find the Turkish Get-Up taught at the RKC to be more thorough (e.g. focus on the high bridge), but that's the beauty of attending the RKC workshops: the system is a living entity and ETK might, IMHO, be not as current as what you'll learn during your workshop, but that's only on a couple of points. I wish I had ETK to prepare even better than I did for my certification. No-nonsense and Pavel presents everything in a tough, yet humorous way.
Follow the program for your Rite Of Passage, as well as the Program Mimimum and you'll quickly be on your way to be a better athlete/coach/human being.

Suggested companion: the Naked Warrior.

10/10 Very comprehensive workout guide.
By / Southend-on-sea, Essex, UK

Pavel shows the right and wrong way to workout with Kettlebells,
How to avoid injury and how to get maximum benefit from each exercise,
If you are just starting out with Kettlebells Purchase and watch this DVD before you purchase your Kettlebells as this will show you what is invovled and how to use them safely and thus avoiding injury and what weight Kettlebells you will need to purchase, ENJOY !

By Frederick J. Cheeks / VA, USA

This DVD taught me the fundamentals of how to use my kettlebell and as a result I can stretch a lot easier and can see the results in my leg and back strength. Pavel consistently talks about correct form and function as he demonstrates each exercise which has helped me as I perform the exercises at my gym and at home. Bravo!! This is truly a total body exercise.

10/10 A great introduction to kettebells!
By R. Godinez / California

This is a great addition to the purchase of your first kettle bell. Pavel, despite his intentionally humorous persona to the contrary, is NOT one of those macho personalities who encourage beginners to seriously hurt themselves by trying to do things with a weight they can't handle. Pavel covers the basics thoroughly in this video, and I can tell you that after just a week of easing into these exercises to familiarize myself with how to safely manipulate the kettlebell, I *already* feel stronger and tighter throughout my torso and core muscles, and my thighs and knees also feel more sturdy and balanced. I purchased the 16 kilo kettlebell and am waiting to attempt a full Turkish getup or snatch until I feel fully competent at the other basic exercises, which, as Pavel says in "Enter the Kettlebell" are the core training with the kettlebell despite the proliferation of other exercises available. I also suggest the "wood chopper" exercise, however, as a great workout for the obliques. Thanks to Pavel for continuing to be such a great ambassasador of the kettlebells to us "Amerikanskis!" Order this DVD and let the kettlebell renew your life, health, and spirit!!!

10/10 How do you use these cannonballs with a handle?
By Luke / Denver, PA USA

A simple and well laid out program on how to safely and effectively use kettlebells.

10/10 Great DVD to get started
By Grant Lofthouse / Melbourne, Australia

Highly reccomend buying both the dvd and book, because there are things not covered in the dvd that are in the book and visa verca.

10/10 Swinging Iron Made Easy
By Derek / Philadelphia, PA USA

Many kettlebell moves appear basic. Swing the kettlebell, lift the kettlebell, stand-up while holding the kettlebell. Btu Pavel breaks down each move in a way that's easy to understand and recreate so that you're doing everything the best way possible. Absolutely no guesswork involved. He also beautifully lays out the attitude and regimens that should accompany kettlebell training. I pop this dvd in nearly every day before I work out and watch what I need to review so that I get the most out of what I do.

10/10 Basic, Basic, Basic!
By Bob Grasso / RI

Pavel is awesome but this DVD is really basic. I love the kettlebell concept but hoped that the video would have included an instructional workout. I felt like I paid $30.00 to learn how to pick up a kettlebell and how they are made. Buyers should know this in advance.

5/10 Good foundational disc, not so great for the more advanced
By Dr. Josh / St. Louis, MO

This dvd is very good for foundational form with basic kettle bell exercises, period. If you are a more advanced trainer, this may be a bit dissapointing.

10/10 Improved golf swing
By steve / Honolulu, HI USA

I've been training for only a few weeks, but I feel more power in my golf swing from my lower body rotation, and I'm sure the increased strength in my upper body helps also.

8/10 I entered the Kettlebell
By Butch / California

The Kettlebell was recommended to me by a friend. I have tried many ways to get back in shape. This looked interesting, so I ordered the DVD.
It is very informative. I have begun doing the exercises and stretches and could tell from the first set this is for me. It took some time to get the form correct, but the DVD was great in explaining how to properly do the exercise without hurting yourself. I have a very bad back and can do the exercises without hurting my back.

10/10 Wish I had this knowledge before
By Gary Hall / Fayetteville, Ar. USA

I bought the book first then bought the DVD. I learned a lot from this DVD and the book. I have a powerbell but will soon be purchasing kettlebells. The knowledge I received from the DVD helped me continue with kettlebell training as the instruction I received with the powerbell leaves a lot of the intricacies out. These are important things you need to know or you will injure yourself.

10/10 Perfect Companion to the Book
By Daniel / Carson City, NV USA

I enjoy this DVD as it really helps to visualize some of the finer techniques Pavel discusses in the book. It shows you exactly how you should be performing the mechanics of the swing, the getup, the clean, clean & press and finally the snatch.

Buy them both in order to get the full benefit of kettlebell lifting.

10/10 Pavel is Awesome
By Tim Matthews / Rapid City, South Dakota United States

I really enjoyed listening and watching Pavel. He did a great job of demonstrating many Kettlebell moves.

While the video is for what it is, it was not what I was looking for. I am just beginning with the Kettlebell and I was looking for a DVD that would go through a workout or two. What would you recommend? I think I should have purchased his book as well.

9/10 outstanding!
By adam / berlin, germany

really excellent introduction to using kettlebells.

top marks for safety, top marks for form and step-by-step instruction.

great production values, which really helps in looking at the form, great mix of humour and serious safety reminders when necessary, lots of useful tips which really get into the technique required for safe kb use. excellent for building confidence.

i would have preferred a little more information on how long to practice each progressive step for, but it's a minor point in an otherwise great explanation of kb use.

highly recommended!

4/10 Short on information
By LMF / California

Being fairly new to kettlebells I expected this dvd to be full of step by step instruction. The demonstration and explinations are good but limited. More than half of this short dvd is for more advanced techniques that I am not ready for. There is to little here for the price.

10/10 Great Workout for any beginner
By Paul Gordon / Southeast Alabama

My review of the other one was done first, but I recommend both of these for anyone looking to gain strength and lose weight fast and without a partner to "spot" for you during some barbell workouts. It's not easy to workout alone, but this one makes it interesting and effective as well as fun listening to Pavel's comments throughout the workout.

8/10 Enter the kettlebell dvd review
By Coach D / Lincoln, NE

I thought the dvd was going to have a little more info on it. Maybe a beginner workout or something, not just instructions on how to do the movements. I know it's a beginner dvd, but it's REALLY beginner.

6/10 A primer for the basics
By Russell / Tallahassee, FL USA

The title says it all: it's a good introduction to basic moves and kettlebell safety. If you want to get some good tips for handling the kettlebell, demonstrations of the proper technique for executing a few core exercises and some stretches that are beneficial to kettlebell training this is a good video. If you expect a workout "program" to follow you will be disappointed. I ordered the video as a companion to the book in the hope that it would help clarify the somewhat confusing manner in which structuring workouts are covered in the written material, only to learn that it doesn't go there at all. If the DVD had been put together with a run-through of a couple of sample workouts and skipped the part that shows how kettlebells are made it would be of much greater value to the beginner. If you are familiar with the basics and just want help structuring workouts there are better resources available for free on YouTube than are to be found in this DVD.

10/10 Fills in the visual blanks left after reading the book.
By Lee Orozco / Fallon, NV

Trying to learn proper form for the kettlebell exercises from reading the book is possible, but the use of the video in conjunction with the book reinforced my understanding of the exercises. In addition, Pavel's dry wit keeps the video from being just a "look at me do the exercise" video.

8/10 The core training in a nutshell
By Rahm / Sydney Australia

Pavel has packed all the core knowledge in a 45 minute video. The most important techniques are explained in a elegant way without any bells and whistles. The techniques explained will provide any beginner with strong foundation to pursue elite kettlebell program.

9/10 Enter the Kettlebell
By Glenn T Litzau / Washington ( the state)

I recently purchased my second item from Dragon door, Enter the Kettlebell. I purchased Extreme Cardio Kettlebell first after a couple of weeks I started having joint issues. I knew right away these were a result of bad alignment and not doing the exercise right. I then bought Enter the Kettlebell, outstanding! Pavel's instructions and the way he talks made this a lot of fun. It corrected my faults and now it is full speed away.Please anyone who has not lifted kettlebells buy this first. My only complaint was how they shipped it, if the had put it in an envelope and sent it US Post it would have been cheaper and I would have it in days. It took over two weeks by FED EX

10/10 Wonderful for Beginners
By David Ellis / Summerville, SC, U.S.A.

Pair this DVD with the sister book and benefit from the full picture. I have my wife compare my form versus the DVD and give me feedback.

1/10 I wouldn't recommend this DVD.
By Edwin Morris / Palm Springs, America

I would recommend Keith weber's extreme 2 kettlebell workout. For anyone looking for something powerful.

9/10 This Guy is the Real Deal!
By Erik Steel / Dallas, TX, USA

After watching this DVD, I have to admit that I previously had no idea how to properly use my kettlebells. This DVD should be mandatory viewing material for anyone, and EVERYONE, that wants to truly understand proper form, safe movement, and overall mastery of the kettlebell.

9/10 Very good, very clear.
By Andrew Cottle / Houlton, Maine, USA

This is a clear and precise explanation of basic KB exercises. It gets right to the point, showing the viewer the correct form for The Get Up, Clean and Press, snatch, etc.. Additionally, I find Pavel's whole "Soviet tough guy" routine fairly hilarious. I can't believe it wasn't meant to be tongue-in-cheek. Overall this was a helpful purchase and IMHO, worth the price.

10/10 Great place to start you're KB training
By Chris Nordeen / So, CAL, USA

Pavel is like no other, I liked the book and understood it but the DVD filled in any questions I had. Don't just get he book or DVD get both, the book will be a reference forever and the DVD is fun to go back too as well.

10/10 Great DVD, great kettebell history
By Will Jackson / Park Forest, Illinois, USA

Pavel is very informative and somewhat entertaining but excellent in his description on the techniques of kettlebell. Highly recommend this DVD.

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