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RKC II: Russian Kettlebell Instructor Certification Workshop

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RKC II: Advanced Kettlebell Skills for Enhancing Power, Building Strength and Improving the Quality of Your Movement

RKC II: Russian Kettlebell Instructor Certification Workshop
New York City, NY, United States
September 25 - 26, 2021

Taught by Master RKC Dan John

Tuition: $1,199.

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Workshop Code # wpkb361
Register on-line or call 1-651-487-2180 for credit card orders.

SteveHolinerCoachingHKC Goblet SquatDragon Door’s mission for the RKC II, is to turn out highly competent, knowledgeable, skilled instructors who place a premium on strong, safe, health-based movement—for themselves and their clients. We consider the ability to move well, model well and teach well to be of equal importance to the instructor’s strength and endurance capacities.

A hallmark of Dragon Door’s RKC I and RKC II programs is the insistence on intelligent programming and safe progressions—for the long-term development of both health and strength.

Graduates of Dragon Door’s RKC I possess the skills to perform and teach the fundamental lifts in the kettlebell trainer’s repertoire.

Graduates of the RKC II will possess the skills to perform and teach the next most important set of kettlebell lifts—while refining and enhancing their RKC I competencies.

Key to the RKC II, will be an understanding of the progressions needed to help even the "average" client achieve "above-average" results—and continue to develop their health and strength for years to come.

Rob Miller Bent PressInvest in Dragon Door’s RKC II to:

  • Enhance your kettlebell training expertise
  • Deliver highly effective kettlebell training to a wider spectrum of clients
  • Boost your income as a kettlebell trainer
  • Establish yourself as a leader in the kettlebell-training world
  • Join and network with an elite group of high-level kettlebell instructors
  • Fine-tune your essential RKC skills
  • Develop significant new levels of power, strength, conditioning and physical resilience

Master the Weighted Pull-Up

  • Learn how to channel the power from your abdomen and hips—like a one-inch punch, without kipping—into the pull-up
  • Master the secrets of the "hollow position" critical for having a strong pullup finish—and power in combat sports
  • Learn how to make the pull-up an exceptional abdominal exercise
  • Elevate your pull-up power with the hanging leg raise
  • Discover the key differences in training your pull-ups for 1RM or reps 

Master the Weighted Pistol

  • Master the pistol in record time with an accelerated pistol mastery program built from the RKC front squat
  • Learn how to troubleshoot the typical problems such as a limited range of motion, knee strain, a short waist, a large stomach or thighs, and the inability to maintain balance

Master the Clean and Jerk

  • Learn the HardStyle jerk specifically designed for high power applications
  • Master a safe shock absorption technique that is one of the best known builders for the lower quads
  • Dramatically improve your sports agility with a special second dip technique
  • Understand what you must do to avoid motor learning confusion between your jerks and presses

Master the WindmillMaster the Windmill

The windmill is a powerful drill for shoulder and rib cage mobility and an excellent stretch for the hips.

  • Learn safe and effective windmill technique
  • Get a tool kit full of lead up and remedial drills
Master the Bent Press

It is hard to find an exercise that does more for the upper body than the bent press. An incredible lat builder, the bent press also develops shoulders extraordinary in their mobility and resilience, and powerful triceps. A Big Bang exercise of the first magnitude.

  • Learn safe and effective bent press technique
  • Master the proper strength and mobility progression and lead up exercises for this advanced drill


Important: review the complete RKC level II testing requirements before you register.

To See What Kind of Quality You Can Expect at Dragon Door’s RKC II Training, Read What These Participants Had to Say The Most Recent RKC Level II Workshop:

Luke Tipple, Marysville, OH, Collegiate strength and conditioning coach

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Luke Tipple, M.S., CSCS, USAWS, S.C.C.C has been a member of the strength and conditioning staff for The Ohio State Buckeyes since 2005. Prior to OSU, he worked in the private sector training college and professional athletes in the area of speed, agility, and strength development.

I have taken multiple certifications (CSCS, /USAW Senior, SCCC, TPI, Westside, Crossfit, TRX II). Dragon Door’s HKC, RKC Level I and II workshops really do a great job of making sure students leave with a high level of understanding of the subject covered and continuing to educate after the course with the newsletter, forum etc. Would certainly recommend the course.

Very positive. The instructors were knowledgeable, interactive, and had different ideas and experiences to fix issues. Hearing multiple ways to reach/teach was very helpful. Andrea Du Cane, Max Shank and Phil Ross all have a superior level of knowledge. Felt very comfortable with any of their coaching.

Great course. Really enjoyed the weekend and am leaving as a better strength and conditioning coach.

Anne Johnson, Tucson, AZ, Capitalist

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: 12 marathons, tons of triathlons, 5 years of kettlebells and CrossFit. RKC, CF Level 1, CF Endurance. Air Force reservist (18 yrs. Lt Col, still drilling) and PhD in operations research (systems & industrial engineering). Co-owner of DNA Personal Training/CrossFit 520, Tucson, AZ. Real Estate investor, mother of 2 elementary school kids.

The RKC Level II Instructor Certification seminar contributed to my understanding and practice of kettlebells in the following five ways:

  1. I learned numerous progressions to help a range of clients build up to goal movements (e.g. pull up).
  2. Instructors helped me refine my own techniques so I can better teach others.
  3. I became acquainted with my t-spine!
  4. I learned how to include creativity/variations to add challenges and more fun for clients.
  5. learned simple cues for teaching and correcting.

RKC II was physically and mentally challenging. My knowledge of kettlebell practice was exploded through practical, hands-on teaching, and my challenge now is to put my new arsenal of training options to work in my studio.

What five aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

  1. T-spine movements – mine needs work!
  2. Simple and practical instructional segments followed by practice – audio/visual and active learning.
  3. Modifications/variations – plenty of options from which to choose.
  4. Attention given to range of client ability/discussion of practical application to different populations.
  5. Networking – learning about other practices.

Quality was outstanding – Andrea Du Cane, Phil Ross and Max Shank are an incredible team, and I relished the chance to learn so much so fast from true experts. They walk the talk, and never hesitated to share, help, correct as needed.

Quality: top 5%. Extremely practical and empirically based (which I find more useful then training based on research that measures irrelevant responses...)

The scope was good – enough info to be worth the investment, but not an unmanageable amount. I will be able to put it to work immediately!

Click here to register for the RKC2 Certification


Karen Kurtz, Haddonfield, NJ, Kettlebell & Functional Movement Instructor

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: HKC, RKC I, Active Isolated Stretching-Aaron Mattes Method, TRX, CK-FMS, Naked Warrior, et. al.

It was an all-encompassing workshop that covered level II skills, correctives, progressives and addressed programming design for the conditioned male or female athlete as well as the average "Jane or John" who is picking up bells of the first time.

What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

  1. Max Shank offered very meaningful, simple, straightforward advice for stretches, progressives and corrective and kettlebell form that was easy to follow and learn.
  2. Andrea Du Cane did a very clear presentation of the windmill progressives that was very helpful.
  3. Phil Ross offered many options to make kettlebells challenging, incorporating super complex movements that engaged the core in an elite hard style execution.
  4. The choice of the presenters, who came from different training back grounds enriched the learning experience greatly

Overall – a great experience! Thank you!

Moritz Rammensee, Munich, Germany, Personal Trainer

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: RKC, FMS Lvl1, Primal Move Fundamentals Level 2 and Regeneration Instructor.

It was a great workshop in an awesome, relaxed learning atmosphere with nice people and very good instructors.

All instructors have a huge background knowledge and experience in what they’re doing and teaching and you could feel that throughout the whole weekend! It was great learning from you! Thanks a lot!

In comparison to the RKC by Pavel, I’ve been to, the whole atmosphere was much more relaxed and you could focus on the actual content rather then worrying about if you sit down correctly or not. It was an awesome learning environment and instructors gave you the feeling that they actually care about you and are there to help/assist you.

It was a great experience! Thanks a lot!

Andrea Du Cane Coaching

Lisa Kyte, Delray Beach, FL, Fitness Manager, The Polo Club of Boca Raton

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: RKC1, ACE Personal Trainer, Power Pilates, TPI, Previous Health Club owner, 17 years Personal Training

RKC Level 2 is an incredible experience! I worked hard, made new friends and had a lot of fun.

Excellent! I really enjoyed the knowledge and expertise from all three RKC Master Trainers. It’s interesting to learn from instructors with completely different backgrounds and philosophies but applying them to kettlebell training. Max Shank, Phil Ross and Andrea Du Cane thank you!

The most thorough certification out there. You don’t just pay your money and get a piece of paper. You have to actually work at it, dedicate time to training and test out on the skills we learned in Level I and II.

Click here to register for the RKC2 Certification


Brady Jones McComb, MS, Teacher

The RKC Level II Instructor Certification seminar contributed to my understanding and practice of kettlebells in the following five ways:

  1. Extreme detail for safe and effective progression for all types of clientele.
  2. Fixing the problems I had developed since my last cert.
  3. Stressing the proper style of teaching to get the most out of clients.
  4. How to simplify the movements I’ve been complicating with my clients.
  5. Programming programs for the individuals’ needs and wants.

The only weekend better than RKC I, was RKC II. I’m headed home stronger and better at instructing my clients. I feel l learned from the best this weekend.

What aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

  1. Assessment, fixing problems simply, re-assessing.
  2. Detail on how to make each progression better.
  3. Instructors were extremely hands-on rather than talking at us.
  4. Instructors didn’t try to break anything that wasn’t broken.

Quality was excellent in my opinion. Instruction had a lot of energy and kept us engaged throughout. The new manual is superb. I love the detailed progressions, which will only help my classes and myself become a better instructor.

I’ve only received topnotch instruction at my level 1 and 2. This style of teaching is the most efficient way to increase excellence in physical activity realms. I’ll be able to use this with all of my people.

Thank you for providing this service. I believe in learning form the best in the world, if possible. This style of workshop is appreciated.

Laura Robertson, Minneapolis, MN, Personal Trainer

Walking away from the RKC II, I feel empowered with knowledge and inspired again to push even further with myself and my clients.

Each instructor was very knowledgeable. Each instructor had their own way of teaching each movement/skill. So if I did not understand one I could learn from the other. Each instructor was professional and enjoyable.

For me the RKC II was the perfect blend of physical strength and mental strength. For example I remember feeling physically destroyed during my RKC I so much so I couldn’t consume all of the knowledge. However, I have been to the opposite as well. All book and lecture not enough movement to keep me engaged.

The new manual is great, very easy to use as a reference. Also clear-cut.

Jeff Ehrike, Oshkosh, WI, Gym Owner

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: All-Conference, All-Area High School Athlete (Football, Baseball, Basketball), All-American Collegiate D3 Track Athlete (Sprints), College Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science/Kinesiology, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA, RKC & Power Plate Certified

  1. Reminded me and retooled my skills.
  2. Gave me different views from more perspectives.
  3. Enhanced my ability to properly teach my clients/members at a high level.
  4. Gave me additional methods to screen individuals for their strengths and weaknesses to ultimately be able to optimize their functionality and health.
  5. Allowed me to meet many very intelligent individuals in the field and share and bounce ideas off of them.

Overall, I really enjoyed my RKC II experience! The small group interaction was very insightful and beneficial. Not only to me but also to each and everyone of my members which will only lead to a more successful business.

I thought Andrea Du Cane, Max Shank and Phil Ross were very knowledgeable and helpful to my development. Not only as an instructor, but also as a business owner. Their three personalities and strengths really complemented each other. I felt that together they gave us all a very broad perspective that hit on everything. The opportunities they gave us to ask questions to them individually and get their feedback was priceless in my opinion.

What I liked about the RKC II material was it makes sure we’re physically sound, but it’s not overwhelming to the point where we break down. The manner at which this course was ran, really allowed me to absorb the material. I like how the RKC takes a more physically demanding approach to weed out the weak and unwilling. But once you show you’re capable of that, and show you’re serious about being a professional... then it’s more knowledge based (with some physical demand obviously). I think this was all perfected with my RKC I and RKC II experience.

Well done!

I also really enjoyed the fact that we also were able to have a little fun here also. The personalities of the instructors (Andrea, Max and Phil) really kept things light and enjoyable. We still learned a ton but making it fun and enjoyable allowed us to be a little more relaxed and also made the instructors appear more approachable. It wasn’t a goof off session or anything, just allowed work to be done with a little humor along the way. That’s a recipe for success in my opinion.

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Daniel Ribeiro, Maui HI, personal trainer

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: Jiu-jitsu Physical Education degree

Forever, it made me a better instructor and ensured better service to my clients. Really amazing, beyond my expectations. You guys are great!

Rob Exline, Houston, TX, Gym Owner

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: RKC, CrossFit Level I, USAW 1, Brown Belt in Chun do Kwan.

The RKC Level II Instructor Certification seminar contributed to my understanding and practice of kettlebells in the following five ways:

  1. It contributes to deepen the level I skills as well as add on to them.
  2. Great reminder of full body tension and the importance core activation as well as lat recruitment and glute recruitment.
  3. It is also a good reminder of how much I don’t know as well as always be a student.
  4. Excellent transfer of the techniques learned into other movements and implements.
  5. Definitely a great environment to learn from the instructors as well as other students.

Very positive experience and definitely liked the small group atmosphere. It made for a much more intimate and student centered atmosphere.

What five aspects of the workshop did you find most useful and why?

  1. The new manual is well organized and useful.
  2. Wealth of knowledge amongst the instructor core.
  3. A good mix of simple corrections and complex movements.
  4. A nice non-militaristic atmosphere more conducive to learning.
  5. The module progressions and the layering.

A clear wealth of experience and knowledge. Clearly Andrea, Phil and Max have a deep understanding of the kettlebell movement as well as human movement.

Max – has a very keen eye to definitely get to a simple and effective solution to a movement issue.

Andrea – has a very deep understanding of this system as well as an understanding of how to apply the RKC system to special populations.

Phil – is very welcoming and eager to use his knowledge and experience to make people better!

As expected the training and material, are high quality, laser focused and very practical to sue. I am always impressed with the quality and practicality of these certifications.

Amanda Pezzullo, Chicago, IL, Personal Training Manager

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: 4 Year Gymnastics Scholarship @ University of Missouri, NSCA-CSCS, SCCC-CSCCa, RKC L. 1, FMS L. 1, Powerplate L. 1, Pre/Post Natal Certified

It was great to review level I as many of us haven’t been watched by precise eyes in a long time. RKC II was a great review of level I material and packed my "toolbox" with an enormous amount of additional moves and mobility work. It gave me an opportunity to refine my skills.

The RKC II Certifications surpasses any other type of certifications because you are learning how to coach. They won’t certify you unless you can coach someone through a movement and you shouldn’t be coaching someone through a movement unless you can do it yourself.

Click here to register for the RKC2 Certification


Carlton Brown, Etobicke, Ontario, Canada, Personal Trainer

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: CPTN Personal Trainer, ISSA-SPN, Pitness Kickboxing Canada – Level III Instructor, Russian Kettlebell Challenge – Level II Instructor.

All instructors were great – very knowledgeable. RKC has always been the best personal training course year after year.

Edward Maulhardt, Port Hueneme, CA, Trainer

ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENTS: High School football all league, JC football all WSC in Track all WSC.NASM PT, CEC, RKC

Nothing but professional and encouraging. The best money I ever spent. Very knowledgeable in the fact of training safely. The material was well covered never felt lost and there was always someone to help in a positive manner. I just want to thank you guys for changing my life and motivating me to do more in the future.



Entrance Requirements:

  • Pull-up/Chinup 5 reps for Men, Flexed Arm Hang for Women (20sec)
  • Snatch Test
  • Retest all RKC I Drills as Doubles (minus snatch and getup)

Exit Requirements:

  • Weighted Pull-up for Men, Single Pull-up for Women
  • One Arm Military Press: See weight classes
  • Pistol
  • Pull-up
  • Windmill
  • Double Jerk
  • Bent Press (teach and review, not pass or fail)

Not Tested, But Taught:

  • Single Arm Push Press
  • Variety Pressing Drills (See-saw, Bottom Up, Single Leg, Kneeling)
  • Walking Swings


Men Open Class

Bodyweight, Lbs. Kettlebell, Kilos
145 lbs or less 28 kg
146 to 175 32 
176 to 190 36
191 or more 40 
Women Open Class         

Bodyweight, Lbs. Kettlebell, Kilos
110 lbs or less 14 kg
111 to 124 16 
125 to 139 18
140 to 164 20
165 or more 22
Men Masters
(50 to 64 years Old)
Bodyweight, Lbs. Kettlebell, kilos
145 lbs or less 24 kg
146 to 175 28 
176 to 190 32
191 or more 36
Women Masters
(50 to 64 Years Old)
Bodyweight, Lbs. Kettlebell, kilos
110 lbs or less 12kg
111 to 124 14
125 to 139 16
140 to 164
165 or more
Men Seniors
(65 Years Old or Over)
Bodyweight, Lbs. Kettlebell, kilos
145 lbs or less 22 kg
146 to 155 24
156 to 175 28
176 or more 32
Women Seniors        
65 Years Old or Over)
Bodyweight, Lbs. Kettlebell, kilos
110 lbs or less 12kg
111 to 139 14
140 or more 16
The above numbers can be achieved by following the programs laid out in Master The Kettlebell.

In the pull-up you will be required to start from a dead hang, pull up without kipping, and finish by touching the bar with your neck or chest using the thumbless overhand grip. Women will be tested with their bodyweight only. Men will be required to hang a kettlebell on a foot (a weight belt is not allowed). Kettlebell sizes: 24kg for up to 220 pounds bodyweight; 16kg for over 220 pounds. Men masters (over 50 years old): 16kg up to 220 pounds; bodyweight; 12kg for over 220 pounds.

In the pistol you must be able to descend at least to parallel and come up exercising control. You may hold a counterweight. Successful performance of the pistol with one leg is sufficient.

Successful performance of the windmill, bent press, and push press with one arm is sufficient.

The jerk will be tested with two kettlebells of the size required for the snatch test.

RKC II Preparation Advice

A large percentage of RKC II failures are due to tight shoulder girdles and thoracic spines. The following books and DVDs are recommended for preparation: Kettlebells from the Ground Up, Resilient, Return of the Kettlebell Secrets of the Shoulder.

The Strict One-Arm Military Press


  • Performance of the C&P with one arm is sufficient.
  • Chalk is allowed.
  • The candidate will clean the bell with one hand.
  • The candidate must initiate the press with the fist of the working arm below chin level.
  • The candidate must press the kettlebell overhead to a full lockout for one repetition.
  • The candidate must be standing still during the entire press attempt.
  • There must be a distinct pause between the clean and the press, the candidate and the kettlebell motionless.
  • The knees must be completely locked during the attempt.
  • The candidate must demonstrate full control at the lockout. The candidate and the kettlebell must remain motionless until the head referee’s "Down!" command.

What disqualifies an attempt?

  • Failing any of the above standards.
  • Using the legs in a push press fashion.
  • Bouncing the kettlebell off the chest.
  • Downward movement of the kettlebell after the pause between the clean and the press.
  • Raising one or both heels, moving one or both feet.
  • Leaning sideways so the press turns into a side press. Look for the elbow angle: if it increases at any point during the attempt without a simultaneous elevation of the bell, the candidate has leaned away from the kettlebell and thus has turned a strict press into a side press.
  • Excessively leaning back during the attempt.
  • Rolling the kettlebell onto the shoulder.

The Tactical Dead Hang Pullup


  • The candidate must perform one strict dead hang pullup with a kettlebell hung from the foot.
  • The bar shall be set high enough not to allow the candidate’s feet to touch the ground when hanging with the arms and legs straight.
  • The grip must be thumbless overhand. The width is not specified.
  • The candidate may use a box or similar object to reach the bar.
  • There must be a distinct pause in a dead hang before an attempt is made.
  • The elbows must be straight at the start; the legs may be straight or bent.
  • The neck or chest—not the underside of the chin— must touch the bar at the top position.

What disqualifies an attempt?

  • Failing any of the above standards.
  • Kipping, Swinging
  • Raising the femurs above parallel.

If you fail any of the above tests, you will be given three months to retest with a Master RKC, Senior RKC, or RKC Team Leader. Your RKC II Instructor certificate will not be issued until you have passed all the tests.



Regardless of how recent your Level I cert is, in addition to the above Level II requirements you will be retested for Level I: the technique in the six Level 1 basics and the five-minute snatch test. This will recertify you as a Level I RKC for two more years.

If you fail any of the Level I tests you will not be certified as a Level II instructor, even if you have passed all the Level II tests. You will not be recertified as a Level I instructor either.

If you fail any of the Level I tests, you will be given two months to retest with a Master RKC, Senior RKC, or RKC Team Leader.

RKC II Certification Workshop

Saturday, September 25—Sunday, September 26, 2020

Sat: 8:30—6:30, Sun: 8:30—4:30

New York, New York



Tuition: $1,199.00

$300.00 fee for cancellations or transfers, no exceptions.

No refunds on cancellations after September 16, 2021

Workshop Code # WPKB361

Workshop reference: RKC II, NYC, Sept 2021

• Register and pay by March 26, 2021, fee is only $999 (Save $200.00)
• Register and pay by June 25, 2021, fee is only $1,099 (Save $100.00)

* Registration deadlines are 11:59PM Central time.

Click here to register for the RKC2 Certification


Certification Location:

Momentum Fitness
246 Columbus Avenue Cellar Level
New York City, NY 10023
Host: Marco Guanilo
Phone:(917) 426-3492

This workshop limited to 20 participants.

Workshop price does not include room & board or meals.

A map for the location and a list of convenient hotels/motels will be provided to all registrants.

Workshop Site Cancellation

Workshop sites may be cancelled up to 7 days prior to the beginning of the scheduled workshop session for any reason. When a workshop is cancelled or postponed, candidates will be notified immediately and will receive a complete refund of all workshop fees or be allowed to transfer at no penalty to the new dates or another course of their choosing without penalty. 

Refunds for credit card transactions processed online will be refunded back to the credit card within 2 weeks after the cancellation. If workshop registration was not completed online or the refund cannot be processed online, a refund check will be mailed within 4 to 6 weeks after the cancellation.

If cancellation is required, Dragon Door is not responsible for any expenses (travel or lodging) incurred beyond the registration fees. We recommend against making non-refundable travel plans. 

Note: We will be providing you with kettlebells to practice with at the training, but these kettlebells are not included in the price of the certification. 

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